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Chapter Chatter DANK Chapter Milwaukee Activities, Membership Recognition, and Election By Jane Nacker DANK Chapter Milwaukee DANK Chapter Milwaukee had another busy Fall. The Milwaukee DANK Chor, directed by Dr. James Norden, performed at the Estabrook Bier Garden on August 16. They were also asked to sing with the Schwaben Männerchor for their concert on October 31. They are actively practicing for the upcoming Christmas concerts. The Milwaukee DANK Folk Dancers, directed by Doris Mueller, performed for the Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi residents on October 6, and for the Our Lady of the Angels residents on October 16. DANK Chapter Milwaukee held a combined Membership Recognition meeting and Election on October 25 at Sacred Heart Croation Hall. Membership Secretary Ursula Günther coordinated the membership awards. Members with 5 to 50 membership years were recognized with a certificate and coordinating DANK pin. Those receiving certificates and anniversary pins were:

25 year: Lester Butz, Michael Brunner 30 year: Doris Mueller, Gertrude Missun, Gertrude Kaegler, Sabina Magyar, David Walsch 35 Year: Marika Cartier Magyar 40 year: Erika Guth Degner, Joan Kessler, Frederick Kessler 45 year: Anna Hammermeister, Margerita Wilson, Dr. Theodore Bruns 50 year: Ingrid Sutton, Ingeborg Magyar

DANK Milwaukee Board. L to R. Seated: Treasurer Victoria Ohde, Secretary Sally Shearer, President William Bessa, 1st Vice President Don Wohlfeil, 2nd Vice President Brigita Roth. Standing, Advisors: Jack Williams, Gerhard Roth, James Schmidt, Ursula Günther, Edwin Günther, Holger Sommerfeld, Jane Nacker, Deanna Sommerfeld, Heidi Günther, Jill Shearer, Irene Brunner, Doris Mueller, Ed Mueller. Not pictured: Gene Brunner.

Membership awardees pictured, L to R. Seated: Wendel Feiter, Theresia Tarjan, Ingrid Sutton, Anna Hammermeister, Ingeborg Magyar. Middle rows: Nana Feiter, Julie Reichert, Helene Gyarmaty, Joan Kessler, Gertrude Missun, Gertrude Kaegler, Michael Brunner, Doris Mueller, Sabina Magyar. Back: Frederick Kessler, Lester Butz, James Schmidt. 5 year: Erna Willis, Julie Reichert, Valerie Swenson, Helga Mahn, Robert Mann, William Pulkinen 10 year: Nana Feiter, Wendel Feiter, Gretchen Fischer 15 year: Helene Gyarmaty, James Schmidt, Christine Wist 20 year: Bradley Ohde, Clifford Wilson, Theresia Tarjan, Ingeborg Bohnsack

Next, members voted for the DANK Chapter Milwaukee Board. Results for two year terms are as follows: President William Bessa, 1st Vice President Don Wohlfeil, 2nd Vice President Brigita Roth, Secretary Sally Shearer, Treasurer Victoria Ohde. Advisors to the Board are: Gene Brunner, Irene Brunner, Edwin Günther, Heidi Günther, Ursula Günther (Membership Secretary), Doris Mueller (Dance Director), Edward Mueller, Jane Nacker, Gary Roth, James Schmidt, Jill Shearer (Chor President), Deanna Sommerfeld, Holger Sommerfeld, and Jack Williams. After a busy day, everyone enjoyed camaraderie, a buffet dinner, and beverages. New members joined, and others signed up to volunteer or try out the dance group and Chor. DANK Chapter Milwaukee is on Facebook! See photos, videos, and chapter news. “Like” us at dankmilwaukee.

Dank journal dec jan 2016  
Dank journal dec jan 2016