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Matthew Savage Photography Collaborative project, to design a website for a photographer to showcase his work.

Matthew Savage Photography: Home Page

Home Page The home page is straight to the point with selected images from each album as the background image. Arrows are available to change image, and quick links are provided to the appropriate album on each image.



Matthew Savage Photography: Navigation

Navigation When you hover over the Work link, a drop down menu appears with all of the albums available, with headings. This is a quick way for the user to choose what they want to see as it doesn’t direct them to another page with the albums on.



Matthew Savage Photography: Andorra Album

Andorra Album When you choose an album, full screen images are shown with arrows to swipe through the set. This image shows how a portrait and a panoramic image would look like. Pagination is on the top left of each image so the user knows how many are in a set and whereabouts they are.



Matthew Savage Photography: Contact

Contact Instead of having a separate page for the contact information, you can just hover over the Contact link in the navigation. This drops down the biography, email, facebook and publication details. It is a clean and quick solution.



Matthew Savage Photography: Mobile

Mobile As the site will be responsive, here is the mobile version of the home page. This shows how the navigation will look, and the proportions of the text and image.



Photography By Matthew Savage  

Website design for Matthew Savage

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