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OUGD504 Design Boards




The logo is based on a passport stamp, as it fits in with the theme of travel. It also needed to work amongst a lot of processes so I tried to keep it simple. It’s called a Journey Through Print.

To create a print pack. I decided mine would be distributed throughout college and help students know more about the printmaking processes that are available to them.

I wanted to combine travel and print to tie in with the title ‘Journey Through Print’. It’s something people are familiar with so will recognise it, and shapes the design and language of the project.

Titillum Web Titillum Web

Colour Scheme

Font Choice


I decided to use black for everything I could to keep it consistent, but for the illustrations I had to use colours that suited the poster best - for example I needed to use metallic foiling and fluorescent ink.

I used Titillum Regular for the bodycopy and Titillum Black for the headings. I wanted a sans serif because it is clean, modern and what you see throughout travel signage.

The audience is 1st and 2nd year LCA students that don’t know a lot about the printmaking processes available to them and want a bit more information to become more comfortable.

Design for Print


OUGD504 Design Boards

Tickets These are the starting point of the journey, and have brief information on them about the processes to get you started. They will be distributed in the classroom. There is a sample of

what the process looks like on the logo. If you want to take a process further you can then look at the posters to see what else can be produced.

They are in the style of tickets because this is what you get at the beginning of a journey and so fits in with my concept.

Design for Print


OUGD504 Design Boards

Posters These posters are in a variety of processes to show the viewer what can be achieved with them. They would be distributed around the college towards the printroom so that you can complete your

journey there. I made them in the style of travel posters, and all of the illustrations and headings continue that theme. By using lighthearted headings, I have created a more friendly and

approachable tone of voice to make people feel more comfortable about doing the processes.

Design for Print


Icons These are in the shape of the digital icon you see on maps which are familiar with younger people, the audience. They will be dangled above the equipment in the print room on waxed thread so

that people know what equipment to use and whereabouts it is for each process.

OUGD504 Design Boards

Design for print  
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