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Design Boards

Travel Agents Presence A mini brochure and bag were created to be used in a travel agents such as Kuoni, who deal with a lot of the smaller cruise lines. The brochure will allow potential passengers to see what the ship has to offer as well as some itineraries. They can then take it away in a branded bag so other people can see it too. The agent will also be able to go through itineraries and more information on the website.

Online Presence The main way people will browse the cruises will be on the website. This needed to provide content in an easy to digest layout as it can be overwhelming with the amount of information to look through. It provides information about the ships, where they are at the moment, all of the destinations and excursions, about the company, and allows the user to search and book a cruise.

Cards While onboard the ship, passengers will need a seapass which allows them to pay for everything as well as debark and embark the ship. Passengers can also use loyalty cards while onboard to get deals on ice cream and soft drinks. Business cards were also created to be placed in the travel agents as well as the onboard reception.

Onboard Presence The brand is continued onto the ship, with door signs, loyalty cards, merchandise such as t-shirts and shopping bags.

Design Boards