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AFTERWORD GOD’S WORD© visualises a historical and continuing debate which encompasses countless question of authenticity and validity of the many Holy Bible English translations. Which is the right version? Which is the most truthful? Why are there so many translations? Most specifically, has adaptation of scripture changed or diluted God’s word? GOD’S WORD© like all scripture, is open to interpretation, vindication or opposition. All these opinions deserve to be noted. “Most translations are good translations, and it is more realistic to say that different translations are more suited for different purposes.” “We cannot remove a translation from the history of translations once they have been done, although in some cases we may like to.” Neil Rees from the British & Foreign Bible Society

“Whenever I read an Agatha Christie novel, I trust that the publisher did not alter the plot against her wishes. When you elect MPs, you trust they will not let stray cats cast the ballots. When a Bible translation is published, people stand behind their efforts. If those efforts can be legally hijacked and altered, then who will trust them?” Biblica, The International Bible Society

“Be careful about which Bible you use for your primary study. The changes in the new translations can destruct your understanding in many areas without you even realising it.” Stephen Flurry from Trumpet Magazine

All comments are in direct reference to GOD’S WORD©. This project was created with the belief that there has been too many translations of the Holy Bible, most of which have been produced with the best intentions, but do not always offer new insights in to scripture. The last thought belongs to Stephen Flurry who best explains why this debate will never end and why there will seldom be a last or perfect translation: “scholars simply cannot fully agree with the work of other scholars.” Stephen Flurry from Trumpet Magazine

God's Word Copyrighted  
God's Word Copyrighted  

A graphic exploring the possible destructive power of copyright.