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PREFACE GOD’S WORD© is a unique translation of Genisis from the Holy Bible. Inspired by the two-hundred and thirty-three English translations GOD’S WORD© begins to explore the premise of the written word of God and its possible flaws. The unique nature in which the Holy Bible is copyrighted has lead to extensive debate between scholars and official church representatives. The New Living Translation® states it was to written to provide an “understandable, accurate translation of the Bible for every person.” The New International Version® states it was written to “serve the Church in evangelism and discipleship by providing God’s Word so that people around the world may come to faith and life in Jesus Christ”. Similarly each other translation claims to provide a unique perspective on the Holy Bible’s scripture. The debate, fuelled by copyright law, has raged for centuries. The King James Version; all rights in respect of the Authorized King James Version of the Holy Bible are vested in the Crown in the United Kingdom and controlled by Royal Letters Patent. Only the Royal Printers are authorised to print the KJV, Cambridge University Press or Oxford University Press. The KJV has ninety-five percent Anglo-Saxonised words (one or two syllables), whereas newer versions have to use a higher frequency of Latinised words (most commonly three to four syllables) due to the patent protecting the KJV. Dr. Henry M. Morris, the Founder and President of the Institute for Creation Research believes “The King James Bible is the most beautiful, the most powerful, and (I strongly believe) the most reliable of any that we have or ever will have, until Christ returns.” Translations can often read with conflicting messages, in some cases they miss vital wording that are known to define inherit Christian values and beliefs. Here we see two translations of Mark 9:29 and the differing words of Christ: KJV

“This kind can come forth by nothing, but by prayer and fasting.”


“This kind can come out only by prayer.”

The NIV has no mention of fasting unlike the KJV, this is just one example where scripture has been diluted. However, like most translation inconsistencies, this can be explained. The KJV uses the Received Text or Majority Text which is moderately recent. It has been argued these texts are less accurate than the text used for the NIV, it instead uses the UBS or Nestle Greek Text. The NIV is edited from the apparent most accurate manuscripts

God's Word Copyrighted  
God's Word Copyrighted  

A graphic exploring the possible destructive power of copyright.