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Product Development

01 Think Home

The core objective of this project was create a kitchen designed specially for micro apartments, designed thinking in a optimal space, premium and unique. The final purpose of this project is be able to provide to the user practicality and status in their daily life. It was created through the approach of multifunctional and technological products, with a high esthetic development in order to provide elegance and exclusivity.

Lights and transparencies make that the color of the food gives color to the refrigerator.

Light icon indicates the function of each drawer, lights up when its touched

Quick access: Special drawer for storing frequently used food.

Fridge: Space to keep solids, fruits, vegetables, cheeses and eggs.

Freezer: Space to store meats and every kind of food that needs very low temperatures.

Drinks Drawer: Drawer for drinks only bases its vertical shape on the general measures of food bottles, such as sauces, dairy products, and soft drinks.

The main characteristics are based on: - Modularity: The space is divided by functions, which supply specific needs of the kitchen: 1. Cleanliness 2. Storage / Coffee maker, 3. FRIDGE (as a punctual product development), 4. Cooking, 5. STORAGE / EXHIBITION / DRYING OF THE DISHES (as a punctual product development), 6. Dish washer 7. Wine cellar. - Home automation: as an automation tool through sensors and implementation of energy saving technology, optimal storage, lighting and safety in handling.

When the drawer is open a set of lights is automatically activated inside.

It counts with a special and very fast fridge for beer, in 5 minutes the beer is completely cold.

02 Literato Nicaragua

This project is distinguished for create a space full of experiences, a bookstore where you can lost yourself in the joy of reading, also has rest and reading areas with the expectation of having an aspirational and differentiating effect.

It is a minimalistic bookstore, a modern and contemporary space, where diversity and variety are always present.

His approach was made in Rhinoceros 3D, the technical drawings of each piece was carefully created for each area of the library, with suggestions of raw materials and processes for the future production. This space is effective and have a realistic adaptation in the city of Managua, Nicaragua.

03 Camarinal

It is a line of home products, which looks for highlight and innovate the artisan job called Veneer in chaff, this consist in a way for decorative coating with vegetable fibers, particularly with the wheat steam, that is previously arranged in lamellae and applied with glue directly on the surface of the objects that you want to decorate.

31 cm





35 cm

30 cm

4 cm


29.66 10. cm

12.09 12.24 13.93

28 cm


15 cm


21 cm




This line of products is made up of a flower vase, a fruit bowl and a candlestick. The inspiration of this line of products is based on Killer whales, a marine animal from which the basic lines are extracted to create a visual and formal pattern.

The creation of the flower vase was possible thanks to the collective work with the artisan Jesus Narvaez. His production process started with the molding of the basic form in polystyrene for the subsequent application of fiberglass, Jesus Narvaez was responsible for implementing the pattern only in chaff as an innovation of the technique because in this case there was no surface of support to shape the material.

04 Digital channel furniture It consisted in design a fitment that allow the activation of a digital channel as a marketing strategy of the Bank of BogotĂ

It should be flashy, cheap and is able to test the behavior of the bank users against the implementation of technology in the activation of their accounts.

The project was made in 3D Rhinoceros Modeling and the subsequent production, had additional great challenges such as the design of a dispenser that through it system would allow from the bottom up, remove a single card at a time, this was achieved through a system of springs with a constructive relationship of lace. The project was supervised and approved directly by the Vice President of the Entity, Luis Carlos Sarmiento Jr.


05 Viori

Skin system for exterior windows, oriented to office buildings in Bogota. This system allows the environmental and lighting comfort for the user within their work area. Reduces the health affectations because of the inside contamination and controls the entrance of light, avoiding a glare of the building.

Air + Light + Automation

Checks Solidworks flow simulation project report

Relation between volume/surface

Surface area vs % of titanium dioxide ÂżWhat volume of air and in what percentage does it purify it?

1.1 m3/s 1,44m2



Idealmente con un tiempo de exposiciĂłn de


5m2 0.57m2


0.11g 70%

Eafit University Study For every 5m2 of surface, it requires 1g of titanium dioxide

Percentage of light entrance

1 pm



Activation of Ti 02 by UVA rays NOX

Destruction of NOx

Photocatalysis by titanium dioxide - Tio2

Evacuation of excess because of rainwater.

Light entrance 100% without the module

Folded module


Open module


Atmospheric pollution

Natural phenomenon based on a chemical reaction that is created by the action of sunlight.



Incidence of light Controlled exploitation

As an industrial designer I had to realize the pilot prototype in size of 1.20mx 1.20m, it was designed with metalworking processes, assembly systems through hinges and rivets, as well as the implementation of light and pollution incidence sensors for thus alternating its functionality in an automated folding system with Arduino.

06 Stand Agroexpo Agrarian Bank

The core value of the proyect is provide a purpose of marketing activation in a stand located in the "Agrarian Bank", entity that is participating in a prestigious and important year fair called Agroexpo. The design was looking forma highlight the abstraction of the logo through the shape and the inclusion of the entreprise colors.

07 Luminous ADD´s The objective of this project was to design a facade ADD for the Offices of the Bank of Bogotá that will provide a premium and differentiate communication through much more sober materials and colors. These ADD´s were produced in black die-cut alucobond with the bank logo in high relief acrylic glass with a front finish in a plate of stainless steel and LED lighting, these ADD´s were installed in different offices nationwide.

Branding & Graphic Materials

01 Mobile office branding

María Prieto

Artisanal productive unit “ woven in two needles”


Corporate identity María Prieto.

03 Innovation Hub Development of graphical pieces, the creation of logos for monthly events of meetings innovations.

In the company of important national and international designers, assembled to converse and to debate on different topics of the design at present.

Development of graphical pieces like support to realize community management


Zacatelimon Restaurant Nicaragua.


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