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What does being a part of Danish Food Cluster mean to you?

NETWORK Easy access to new business

Being a member makes it easier to network with others in the food sector through formal and informal meetings. It gives you a better chance to meet people who share your vision when it comes to food and to share knowledge and experience.

Lisbeth Ankersen Owner

Furthermore, Danish Food Cluster is a great facilitator in creating visibility within the field, and thereby creating greater focus on the food sector and food in general. Danish Food Cluster facilitated initial contact with Dansk Supermarked, with whom we have an excellent collaboration today.

of Danish Food 88% Cluster members have experienced increased value in their business in the form of networking and knowledge sharing

INNOVATION Business opportunities

Royal Greenland is a member of Danish Food Cluster because we believe in innovation as a driver for growth. As a modern processing company we depend on new products to generate value for the consumer and us, and in Danish Food Cluster we find many of the drivers for innovation: Inspiration, network and new partners. As Director for Market Development & Marketing I am a part of the clusters Round Table for Open Innovation. Here I meet with other innovation professionals from the food business, exchanging ideas and knowledge to improve the innovation capabilities and business for all of us.

Hanne Kvist

Director for Market Development & Marketing

60% of cluster members

in general have created concrete innovation in the form of products or processes*

74% of cluster members

have experienced increased branding and visibility through their membership of Danish Food Cluster


Find and be found

Our membership of Danish Food Cluster is an important element in our strategy regarding networking. We find it very important to be visible in the right contexts. The contacts we have gained have resulted in new collaboration partners within development, research and sale, both national and internationally.

Kristian Ottesen Managing Director

Our membership means that we have come into contact with organizations we did not know before. Partners have also discovered us through Danish Food Cluster. We often profit from increased visibility. Danish Food Cluster is a very strong forum for innovation.

BENEFITS OF A CLUSTER 4x As member of a cluster you are four times as likely to become innovative

75% 3/4 of our members have expanded their network through their membership

12,000 12,000 companies in denmark were part of cluster activities in 2015

>130 members

Industry, government & knowledge institutions

Activities and initiatives for members of ALL sizes

No. 1 in food innovation

Members represent 75% of industry turnover

CONTACT DANISH FOOD CLUSTER Want to hear more about being a member of Danish Food Cluster? @foodclusterDK Danish Food Cluster

Thomas Hornbæk Jakobsen

+45 61 77 06 82

*Performanceregnskab 2016 - Cluster Excellence Denmark

Membership - Danish Food Cluster