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Refibra™ by Lenzing Lenzing achieved a milestone in the textile industry by developing a new fibre based on cotton scraps and wood. Refibra™ — whose slogan is Reduce, Reuse, Recycle — is the first cellulose fibre featuring recycled material on a commercial scale and is an important part of a push for new solutions in the textile industry towards the goal of a circular economy. At Lenzing, developing circular business models in the fashion industry ensures the decoupling of business growth from pressure on ecological resource consumption. It reduces the need to extract additional virgin resources from nature, lessening the net impact on ecological resources.


Martine Jarlgaard & Provenance Designer Martine Jarlgaard, software company Provenance, Fashion Innovation Agency and A Transparent Company are collaborating for the world’s first showcase of fashion supply chain transparency using blockchain technology, which is a secure, distributed database. This groundbreaking project will track the production of garments made from sustainable British Alpaca fleece, from the animals themselves, to the spinning by Two Rivers Mill, through to final realisation in the sampling studio, Knitster LDN. Provenance’s blockchain model enables publicly accessible, decentralised, secure information storage and has the potential to become the social media of product origin and storytelling, built on robust data. By assigning each garment a unique digital token, Provenance verifies every step of the production journey, providing the platform for omnichannel communication.



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