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Cooked Bacon


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Bacon 24-7 We have produced bacon since 1912. Therefore, we are entitled to call ourselves bacon specialists. When we produce bacon, we strive to ensure that the ďŹ nal product



is of high quality. Therefore, our focus is always on ensuring both the good taste and a high food safety in the production. Tulip Bacon is with us 24-7;

at the breakfast table, on the go, when working, in the pauses, when you need a little snack or when you need solid food.


Cooked bacon Our cooked bacon is sliced from a whole piece of belly which has been cured, dried, and smoked over beech wood. All our raw materials are thoroughly controlled; thus, we only buy raw materials from inspected and certified suppliers.

After having smoked the whole piece of belly we slice it and fry the slices in the oven until they are perfectly crispy. We guarantee a nice and homogeneous frying to ensure that all slices are crispy, tasty, and very convenient. At last, we pack the bacon slices in a

 Great taste  Time-saving – from packaging to menu in no time  Easy to handle  Easy cooking  No cleaning and waste



controlled atmosphere, that makes the slices easy to separate. We have more ways to fry our sliced bacon such as Bake-off Bacon, Fully Cooked Bacon and Heavy Cooked Bacon.

All products can be used without further cooking. However for the Bake-off Bacon we recommend You to preheat the oven to 180 °C and warm in 12 minutes. Item no.: 80006030 80006031 80006032 80006033

Product: Bake-off Bacon Fully Cooked Bacon Heavy Cooked Bacon Heavy Cooked Bacon-Lardons

Storage Chilled Chilled Chilled Chilled

Shelf life at min 7 °C 70 days 70 days 70 days 70 days

Items per carton 4 x 1 kg 6 x 500 g 6 x 500 g 6 x 500 g


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Supplier Tulip Food Company has developed into one of the largest meat processing companies in Europe.

with ongoing market research we strive to create strong concepts and meal solutions for everyday use.

Since 1887 we have been dedicated to producing market leading and innovative solutions for consumers and customers alike.

Food safety is a top priority at Tulip Food Company and a large team of food specialists is dedicated to ensure compliance with both legal and customer requirements through high focus on consistency of quality.

Our range of products are sold in more than 120 countries worldwide – through our own sales teams or through a worldwide network of distributers. We welcome a close and engaging dialog with our customers and together

This is the reason you can continuously rely on Tulip Food Company as a professional partner in growing your business.

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