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Movie Night Spring Dinner Friday, September 17th, 7.30pm ISSN 0113-4965 ● September 2010


Come and watch a great movie on our big screen.

Free film plus coffee and cookies for members donations welcome. Non-members pay $5.

Advance Notice

Over 60s Luncheon Party Sunday 31 October, 1pm See insert inside for booking details

Advance Notice


Sunday, November 28th Come to the

Open House

Sunday, September 5th from 2pm Come and meet your friends or get some new ones – Everyone is welcome!

Coffee & cake from $2.50 (Next Open House – October 3rd)


Saturday, September 18th, 7pm Shake off the winter blues and join us for dinner.

3 course meal will be served: Entrée – Salmon and vermicelli Salad with sweet chilli Sauce Main - Spring lamb served with potato gratin and a medley of vegetables Dessert - Baked apple served with liquorice icecream Coffee and petit fours Cash bar to buy wine, beer, etc. ***

Price : members $35.00 guests $45.00 *Book and pay by Monday 13 September* (no registrations accepted after this date)

Phone Annette Jorna on 630 8722

or email her on

- see insert for payment details -

Wednesday Morning Group Wednesday, September 22nd, 10.30am

Sara Jaeger – Educated in Denmark – working outside of Denmark

10.30 am Coffee and chat 11.00am More formal part of our gathering Bring your Lunch to enjoy after the meeting. All welcome


SUBSCRIPTIONS (2010 Financial Year – 1st Oct 2009 to 30th Sept 2010)

P. O. BOX 12 279 - PENROSE 1642 6 Rockridge Ave., Penrose, Auckland Phone 580 3103

Member: Senior rate: (65 & over) Youth rate: (18 to 25) Children under 18 Family discount: Less

Contact phone numbers

The Danish House Valhalla, Leigh

580 3103 09 422 6194



PRESIDENT Inger Mortensen 443 5105 Email: VICE-PRESIDENT Marion Stewart 480 8282 Email: TREASURER Roger Knights 021 858 248 Email: SECRETARY Rolf Siggaard 528 2469 Email: COMMITTEE MEMBERS Antony Barrett 444 0939 Kim Basse 473 6455 Kurt Marquart 476 0244 Finn Nielsen 625 5533 Dawn Nissen 625 7396 EDITOR “NEWS MAGAZINE” Pam Logan 480 9883 9 Puawai Place, Northcote, Auckland E-mail: PRODUCTION John Stewart 480 8282 MAILOUT Helle Scott 521 2844 CHANGE OF ADDRESS Kurt Marquart 476 0244 E-mail:

Other Addresses

ROYAL DANISH CONSULATE GENERAL P.O. Box 619, Auckland 1 Fax 537 3067 Phone 537 3099 THE TRADE COMMISSION OF DENMARK P.O. Box 2154, Auckland 1 Fax 307 5207 Phone 379 3119 THE LUTHERAN CHURCH 1 Harris Rd (P O Box 85-014) Mt Wellington Phone 579 4490 DANISH CHURCH NEW ZEALAND INC. Pastor Anja Grønne Mathiassen Ph 03 464 0218


Peak Members Guests Adults $18 $30 Children $9 $20 Off-Peak Adults $12 $30 Children $6 $20 Whole house daily rate Off-peak $120 Peak rate $270 Christmas season $320 Functions $320 Off-peak = Mid-week only excluding Christmas season and school holidays Peak = All school holidays, Christmas season and all weekends. Christmas season = Christmas Eve to the end of Anniversary weekend. The house can only be hired for 7 days at any one time. Call the Booking Officer: Marion Stewart, 88c Coronation Road, Hillcrest, NSC P: 480 8282 E: 2

$60 per member $50 per member $50 per member Free $10 per couple


An Open House is held on the first Sunday of each month from 2pm.



meets every 2nd Tuesday. Call Christina on 021 161 3159 for venue.

are held on the second Monday of the month at 7.30pm



meet at 7.30pm on the second and fourth Tuesday of every month.



Working bees are usually held on the weekend of the second Saturday of the month. meet on the first and third Wednesday of the month - 11am to 3pm

Meets on the fourth Wednesday of every month at 10.30am.

QUICK CHECK CALENDAR September Wed 1 Sun 5 Sat 11 Tues 14 Wed 15 Fri 17 Sat 18 Wed 22 Tues 28 October Sun 3

Card Players Open House Valhalla Working Bee Folkdancing Social Night Card Players Film Evening Evening Party Morning Group Folkdancing Open House

Danish Classes Wednesdays

Beginners 6.30-7.30pm Intermediate 7.30-8.30pm Private lessons are available on Saturday mornings.

For more information call

Connie Kristensen

0274 757 565

Tues 6 Sat 9 Tues 12 Fri 15 Sun 31 November Sun 7 Fri 19 Sat 20 Sun 28 December Sun 12

Card Players Valhalla Working Bee Folkdancing Social Night Film Evening Over 60s party Open House/Julebazaar Film Evening Christmas Party AGM Children’s Christmas Party

Danish House Hall Hire Rates

Members rates for hiring the hall for the whole day at the Danish House, Penrose. Sunday to Friday inclusive $100 Saturday: $150 Half a day is $25 less. Funerals – no charge. The bond is $150.00 per booking. The booking/holding fee of $50.00 is deducted from the total cost.

Call the Booking Officer: Antony Barrett, Phone 444 0939

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Convenor Phone Oluf Basse 534 2798 0274 757 565 Connie Kristensen Christina Bengtson 021 161 3159 Kurt Marquart 476 0244 Finn Nielsen 625 5533 Helle Gilderdale 478 7016 Karen Yates 524 6016 Vibeke Courtney 576 3150 Antony Barrett 444 0939 Kim Basse 473 6455 Kurt Marquart 476 0244 email: Pam Logan 480 9883 Lena Burlon 528 1108 email: Finn Nielsen, 625 5533 Annette Jorna 630 8722 email: Marion Stewart 480 8282 Erik Nissen 625 7396

Danish Society News Magazine ● September 2010

From the President’s Desk - August 2010 Kære Alle, I think Spring is definitely just around the corner. Despite the depressing rain and all the cancelled children’s soccer matches, the air is warming up, and it’s getting lighter. It seems perfect then to have a Spring Party. Please have a look elsewhere in the magazine for details of the dinner party coming up on the 18th of September. It is an excellent opportunity to get together for some delicious food and great company. The dark winter months have been whiled away quite nicely with some lovely events. We have had a successful Skt Hans, a great Mid-winter Christmas Party, a very hyggelig Mothers’ Group’s Midwinter Christmas Party, The Folkdancers’ Winter Warm-up (I sense a theme here!), as well as wonderful film evenings and more. I love the feeling that our Society and our Danish House is a hub of activity.

Bean Counter required

Just around the corner is also our AGM. Actually, it is on the 28th of November, but by the time you read this, it is not too early to start thinking about who you would like to see on the committee, or consider whether YOU would like to stand. Roger Knights has been our very valued treasurer for some time now and has done an excellent job of it. Now he feels it’s time for someone else to have a go at it. Do you have what it takes, or do you know someone

who you think does? We welcome nominations for this very important position on the committee. Roger has indicated that he would like to stay on the committee and will be available to help the next person ease into the job. Rolf Siggaard took over from me as secretary for one year. He has indicated that he is willing to stand for secretary again. We also need to elect three other members onto the committee. Antony Barrett stepped onto the committee as suppleant for one year when Keld Burlon resigned. Antony has indicated that he is available for re-election. Kim Basse has been on the committee for two years. She’s also happy to stand again. Dawn Nissen has been on the committee for two years, she is not available for re-election. If you would like to stand for any of the positions or would like to nominate someone, please contact Rolf Siggaard with the details. It would be great to have a little introduction of the person in the magazine or with the agenda when it goes out, so members can read a little about the people being nominated. I look forward to seeing you at the Spring Party or at one of our other events one day soon. Med kærlig hilsen Inger Mortensen

Young Over 60’s Luncheon Sunday 31 October at 1pm, Danish House

Come along and enjoy open sandwiches with all the usual trimmings. Tea and coffee to follow. Cash bar for all your drinks. Good food and good company goes well with a sing-along or two! Price: $15.00 per person Please book by Friday 22 October with Annette Jorna on 630 8722 or email *See insert for payment details September 2010 ● Danish Society News Magazine


There is plenty to buy at the Danish Society shop Ring Oluf Basse 534 2798 for shop opening times  






Movie Review Friday September 17th at 7.30pm We will be showing


Synopsis: When the critically acclaimed actress Thea Barfoed ends her rehab, she confronts a hard choice. During her heavy drinking period she divorced and lost custody of her two boys. Now she wants them to be a part of her life again. Christian, her ex husband is quickly softened by her tough manipulative but charming figure and agrees. She has to prove to her self and to him, that she is worth the try. But the hard life on stage, and the ghosts of the past slowly come knocking on her door. Starring: Paprika Steen, Michael Falch, Sarah Marie Maltha, Lars Brygmann and more.



 40g.

A history of the Danish House for the past 10 years was presented to the club at the 10 year celebration of Danish House, Penrose on February 27th & 28th. Copies are available to members for $4.00 each. Get your copy at an Open House or other Danish Society event. 4

Danish Society News Magazine ● September 2010

The Mark of Denmark The Royal Danish Ballet is one of the oldest ballet companies in Europe.  It originates from 1748 and is based at the Royal Theatre in Copenhagen.  It was established in response to the great popularity of the French and Italian style of dance.  From the very start, some of the best dancers and choreographers were employed by the Royal Danish Ballet.

works became Important. However the Ballet remains loyal to its classical roots, earning a reputation as one of the finest groups of ballet dancers in the world today.   Sent in by Carlo Mikkelsen

The Royal Theater Ballet School was established in the latter part of the 1700s, and one of the earliest dancers was Anine Frolich.  The first master is credited with choreographing  “Amors og Balletmesterns Luner”, the world’s oldest ballet and it is still performed with the original choreography. This ballet remains part of the company’s repertoire. The ballet master from 1828 to 1879 was August Bournonville, who for a halfcentury choreographed over fifty ballets, of which more than ten are still being performed. After his death, one of his successors, Hans Beck, established the Bournonville School to teach contemporary dancers the traditions of the old master. Another great period of the Royal Danish Ballet came in 1932, when Harald Lander took over.  He was trained in the U.S. and the Soviet Union. He adapted both traditional dancing and choreographed original works, for which he won international acclaim.  In the latter half of the 20th century, the Danish Ballet went through another transformation.  Modern

The principal dancer in the photo is Flemming Flint who was the principal dancer in the 1960s/70s. Subsequently he became the Director.

Royals expecting twins Crown Princess Mary due to give birth to twins in January. The Royal Palace has this afternoon disclosed that Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary are expecting twins. The birth is set to take place in Rigshospitalet some time...

The pair already have four-year-old Christian and three-year-old Isabella. The Copenhagen Post Published 06.08.10 16:02

The Royal Palace has this afternoon disclosed that Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary are expecting twins. The birth is set to take place in Rigshospitalet some time in January, according to an official statement from the Palace. The news follows press speculation earlier this week that the Crown Princess was pregnant, after numerous pictures of her in loose-fitting clothing had appeared. September 2010 ● Danish Society News Magazine


Looking for work while in New Zealand From: Lissen Højrup Munch mailto: Sent: Monday, 19 July 2010 6:08 a.m. To whom it might concern . . . I turn to you because my family and I are planning to live half a year in New Zealand. Our preliminary plan is to live in three towns (north, center and south). We are in New Zealand from early October to late March. My husband is working for a Danish company while we are in New Zealand and I am about to seek contacts for jobs at Danish employers in New Zealand. In this context, I would like to ask if you have knowledge of companies, projects or other who can use a Dane in New Zealand. Furthermore, I would like to hear about possible “playgroups” for our children. We will stay each place for 6 - 8 weeks. Do you have knowledge of groups or places where we can go with our children to play with other kids? (Our kids are 1 and 5 years old). Normally we would go to the playground but it would be nice if they can come to a place where they can play with the same children for a couple of hours a couple of days a week. – like a kindergarten . . .

I very much hope you can help me with contacts that may lead me on! Thank you in advance for your help! Sincerely, Lissen Højrup Munch I am a trained architect and have a short education in construction engineering, but all kinds of jobs have my interest. My education and my personality gives me following competencies: I’m a generalist. I work independently targeted. I find new paths to new goals. I can put myself into the complex issues and have a good analytical ability. At the same time I have the ability to plan and co-ordinate. As a person I have the ability to create networks and am good at teamwork. I am persistent and thorough and have a strong aesthetic sense. I make a difference. Previously, I worked for acknowledged companies: Årstiderne Architects A/S, Friis & Moltke A/S, Skanska, Dansk Supermarked, IKEA, and was a research assistant in the School of Architecture in Aarhus.

Folkdancers at the Winter Warm-Up


Danish Society News Magazine ● September 2010

We need your help! at the next Valhalla Working Bees 11th-12th September 9th-10th October

We are seeking your support to carry out a whole range of jobs. Our main focus will be to do outside jobs such as completing the steps, cleaning, weeding and planting etc. There is always house-cleaning to do as well. Any help is welcome. Lunch is supplied by the society, therefore we need to know the number of participants by Wednesday 8th September.

If you are able to help in any way, please contact Dawn or Erik Nissen on 625 7396

Step plaques still available If you want your name or your children’s or grandchildren’s etc names to be on a step going down to the ocean beach at Valhalla, there are still some steps available for plaques. The plaques are $50 each. Contact Marion for more details. Phone: 480 8282 or Email:

Danish House Social Activities Left: A large crowd turned out on Friday, August 20th to see the film “Headhunter” Below: Fun and games for all ages at the annual Bingo afternoon on Saturday, August 21st Below left: At the Winter Warm-Up Saturday, August 14th

September 2010 ● Danish Society News Magazine



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Congratulations to all the members who have birthdays and the couples who have an anniversary in September especially Matthew Grindstead som fylder 35 år d. 6.9.2010 Kaj Futterup som fylder 60 år d. 14.9.2010


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25th 26th & 27th February, 2011

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at Norsewood

Til den Danske Forening Mange tak for de skønne blomster jeg modtog til min 95 års fødselsdag. Venlig hilsen Elva Rasmussen


Til den Danske Forening ������������� �������������������������������������� ����������������������� Tusind tak for de skonne blomster jeg modtog pa ����������� ������������������������������ hospitalet. Venlig hilsen ����������� ������������������������ Tove Larsen ����������� ������������������������������ To members of the Danish Club ������������ ���� ������������������������������ Kathie ���������������������������� Christiansen’s family wish to thank you most ���������������� sincerely for your part in the many cards, messages, ������������������� ������������������������������� �� ����� �� flowers and food we received following our very sad ������������������� ����������� loss. We will miss her - thank you for caring. Thank you so very much. ����������� There was a wrong website link in the article about Gill Wilson (Kathie’s sister) ����������� Bishop Monrad in last month’s magazine. ������������������������ ����� ����� The correct link is ‘’�������������� To the Danish Society, Committee and Members ����������� (or simply ‘’). ������������������������� We would hereby like to say many thanks for the ������������ Kurt Marquart beautiful yellow flowers we received on our Golden Anniversary. With kindest regards ����������� Lise and Bjarne Elowsson ����������� �������������


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Monrad Website Correction


������������ Thank you to Inger Mortensen, Randi Beck Edwards,�������� ������������ Rita Jaegersborg, Carlo Mikkelsen for items sent in, and also to Bronwen Arlington & Pam Logan for ��������������������������������������������������������� ����������� May Larsen, photos in this month’s magazine. ����������������������������������������� widow of Aage Larsen, passed away on 26th July.

In Memoriam

She was born on 24th November 1918. �������������������������� The next magazine deadline is Sept 16 Finn Rasmussen’s mother , All contributions welcome – in English or Danish (with a Elva Rasmussen, short summary in English). passed away on Wednesday 4th August after a ����������������������� The magazine can also be read (in full struggle with cancer. Elva was 95 years old and has ������������������� colour) online at been a member of the Society for more years than Note: ads for events must be in a calendar we have records of. month before the event. Elva and her family came to New Zealand in 1957. Pam Logan (Editor) Ære Være Deres Minde.



Danish Society News Magazine ● September 2010


The Annual Over 60’s Luncheon The Danish Society 6 Rockridge Ave Penrose Sunday 31st October at 1 pm Come and enjoy the wonderful Danish ‘Open Sandwiches’ Coffee & Tea to follow Bring cash to buy beer, snaps and other drinks from our bar

Price per person $15.00 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -cut here- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Number of “over 60s”______________Total cost__________________ Sent in by (print name): ______________________________________ Contact phone number: ____________________  I have enclosed a cheque  I have paid online on the date: _______________ Please send this slip by Friday 22 October to: The Danish Society PO Box 12 279 Penrose “Soc3110” If you wish to pay online, please credit our account: 12 3036 0671539 000 1st reference (please write): Soc3110 2nd reference (please write): “your name” (AND Please ensure all previous references are cleared.)


‘Spring Dinner Party’ 

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September newsletter from the Danish Society, Auckland, New Zealand