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NEWS MAGAZINE ISSN 0113-4965 • March 2008

Film Evening

Friday, March 14th, 7.30pm We are showing

Paaskefrokost Easter Lunch

“The Dance with Regitze” Saturday, 29th March, 1p.m. A Danish film with English subtitles.

Free film plus coffee and cookies for members - donations welcome.

Non-members pay $5

Come to the

Open House

Sunday, March 2nd from 2pm

Come and meet your friends or get some new ones – Everyone is welcome!

The Danish Society, 6 Rockridge Ave, Penrose

Enjoy a wide variety of hot and cold Danish dishes together with drinks from our bar! Price per person $30. Children under 15 - half price

See Insert for payment details

Wednesday Morning Group First meeting for 2008

Wednesday, March 26th

Coffee & cake from $2.50 Advance Notice

Sunday, April 20th


10.30 we start with coffee 11.00 Carsten and Jill Dansted on Denmark and Europe revisited. All Men and Women of any age welcome.

Bring your suggestions for further meetings’ speakers. Bring Lunch to eat after the meeting while enjoying friendship.

THE DANISH SOCIETY (INC) P. O. BOX 12 279 - PENROSE 1642 6 Rockridge Ave., Penrose, Auckland Phone 580 3103

SUBSCRIPTIONS (2008 Financial Year – 1st Oct 2007 to 30th Sept 2008) Member: Senior rate: (65 & over) Youth rate: (18 to 25) Children under 18 Family discount: Less

Contact phone numbers

The Danish House Valhalla, Leigh

580 3103 09 422 6194





are held on the first Wednesday of each month at 7.30pm

480 9883


TREASURER Roger Knights

021 858 248

COMMITTEE MEMBERS Mia Barr Antony Barrett Kurt Marquart Finn Nielsen Marion Stewart

528 2469 634 1159 444 0939 476 0244 625 5533 480 8282

EDITOR “NEWS MAGAZINE” Pam Logan 480 9883 9 Puawai Place, Northcote, Auckland E-mail: PRODUCTION John Stewart

480 8282

MAILOUT Helle Scott

521 2844


528 2469

Other Addresses

ROYAL DANISH CONSULATE GENERAL P.O. Box 619, Auckland 1 Fax 537 3067 Phone 537 3099 THE TRADE COMMISSION OF DENMARK Harbour View Building, 152 Quay St, 7th Floor P.O. Box 2154, Auckland 1 Fax 307 5207 Phone 379 3119 THE LUTHERAN CHURCH 1 Harris Rd (P O Box 85-014) Mt Wellington Phone 579 4490


RATES Off-peak Adult Child Member $10 $5 Guest $30 $20 Whole house daily rate $120 Peak Member $15 $7.50 Guest $30 $20 Whole house daily rate – excluding Christmas season Flat rate $270 Off-peak = Mid-week only excluding Christmas season & school holidays Peak = All school holidays and all weekends. Christmas season = Christmas Eve to the end of Anniversary weekend. The Whole House is available during the Christmas Season, but will incur an extra $50 a night premium rate, bringing the daily rate to $320. The house can only be hired for 7 days at any one time. Children are 18 and under and under 5 stay free.

Call the Booking Officer: Marion Stewart, 88c Coronation Road, Hillcrest P: 480 8282 E: 2


524 6016

SECRETARY Rolf Siggard

$60 per member $50 per member $50 per member Free $10 per couple

Working bees are held on the weekend of the second Saturday of the month.


meets every 2nd Tuesday. Call Christina on 360 4389 for venue.



meet at 7.30pm on the second and fourth Tuesday of every month.



An Open House is held on the first Sunday of each month from 2pm. meet on the first and third Wednesday of the month - 11am to 3pm

Meets on the fourth Wednesday of every month at 10.30am.

QUICK CHECK CALENDAR March Sun 2 Wed 5 Sat 8 Fri 14 Wed 19 Wed 26 Sat 29 April Wed 2 Sun 6 Sat 12

Open House Card Players Valhalla working Bee Film Evening Card Players Morning Group Easter Lunch Card Players Open House Valhalla working Bee

Danish Classes Wednesdays 7pm Private lessons are available on Saturday mornings. For more information call Connie Kristensen Phone 0274 151 565

Wed 16 Fri 18 Sun 20 May Sun 4 Wed 7 Fri 16 Fri 16 Sat 17 Wed 21 Sat 24

Card Players Film Evening Bingo Open House Card Players Film Evening + Family Dinner Valhalla working Bee Card Players Snaps Party

Danish House Hall Hire Rates

Members rates for hiring the hall for the whole day at the Danish House, Penrose. Sunday to Friday inclusive $100 Saturday: $150 Half a day is $25 less. Funerals – no charge. The bond is $150.00 per booking. The booking/holding fee of $50.00 is deducted from the total cost.

Call the Booking Officer: Lorraine Nielsen, Phone 625 5533

Committee Contacts & Convenors for Working Groups Committee Contact Working Group Cultural Card Players Karen Yates Danish lessons Danish Mothers’ group Christina Bengtson Folk dancing Library / Videos Society history Welfare (Cards & Flowers) Danish House Bookings Maintenance Members Membership Roger Knights Communication Editor Webmaster Other Clubs Presidents/contacts Karen Yates Marketing Socials Bar Lena Burlon Socials Valhalla Bookings & Maintenance Richard Logan Development

Convenor Phone Lise Jensen 625 8969 Connie Kristensen 0274 757 565 360 4389 Finn Nielsen 625 5533 Helle Gilderdale 478 7016 Karen Yates 524 6016 Vibeke Courtney 576 3150 Lorraine Nielsen 625 5533 Carsten Dansted 524 2047 Rolf Siggard email: Pam Logan 480 9883 Lena Burlon 528 1116 Karen Yates 524 6016 Finn Nielsen, Keld Burlon 625 5533 Mia Barr 634 1159 Marion Stewart 480 8282 Richard Logan 480 9883

Danish Society News Magazine March 2008

Karen’s Corner

From the President – February 2008 Dear members of the Danish Society It is not long ago since we all welcomed the beginning of 2008, while relaxing and enjoying the holiday and the stunning NZ summer weather. All that is now but a memory as the year is well underway.

Planning and action Much has already happened. The committee has had a planning session and has outlined the direction for the year. The regular business of the Society is now in motion again. We welcome Vera Taylor as our book keeper. She is working closely with Roger Knight, our Treasurer on accounts and things financial. In Danish House the floor has been spot-sanded and two coats of special polyurethane applied. At Valhalla work on the new railing for the sea steps is well on the way. This is to be followed by new steps. There will be opportunity to purchase name plaques in the near future. Do watch out for the information in the Newsletter. It did not miss my attention that the Steps Project has been led by Eric Nissen, who together with other members (mostly over 70 years of age) have worked tirelessly and given of their time and effort during the week. You are to be truly thanked. This is after all the history of our Danish Society here in Auckland. My challenge to all members who have Valhalla at heart and take the pleasure to enjoy this unique setting and who are not contributing to the effort of its development is to get involved in the working bees. If you do not have the time, in what other ways can you contribute to this cause?

Paaske Frokost, Easter Lunch is what we can look forward to this month. This year we are working together with young Danes from The Cocktail Club to put this on. It should be very enjoyable. Do make it a priority to come along and meet members and friends. New members especially are encouraged to experience this very Danish tradition. Our Film Evenings have started for the year, as have the Card Players and the Wednesday Morning Group will also meet this month. The Danish Mother’s group is in full swing, as are Danish Lessons and Folk Dancing will also be underway soon. As I write this, the Danish Film, Drømmen, shown the night before, is still occupying my mind. What a surprise to meet a room full of movie buffs enjoying the film on a hot summer evening. I was left with a great sense of pleasure for being there. There was the unexpected pure enjoyment of becoming engaged by the film, the colours of rural Denmark, the acting, the story and the language were very satisfying (having had a summer holiday with very little Danish language). Films are so good to stimulate the spoken language and when it is Danish and well spoken, what a delight! I can personally recommend the film evening for extension of Danish language, interesting films and friendly company. All films have English subtitles. I look forward to 2008, together with you, in the Danish Society here in Auckland, where you can see much is going on. Venlig hilsen Karen

Social Programme well on its way

Easter is already on the way. Fastelavn in our very Danish tradition has been celebrated with great pleasure and fun. That was particularly for the children but the adults enjoyed it too. Danish Society News Magazine March 2008


From the Valhalla Booking Officer An important message to all members who use Valhalla

Valhalla is reliant on members to participate in the working bees, to help maintain this precious resource for all members to use and enjoy. As you use Valhalla regularly we would like you to consider giving us your time, when you can, and join us on some of our working bees. It does not have to be the whole weekend; many choose just a Saturday to come and help. Please consider this request and help us keep Valhalla a great place for you to bring your family and friends.

Booking Procedure Some of you may not be aware of the booking procedure when booking Valhalla so now is a good time to readdress this so that you know the protocol. 1 You can only book 11 months out from the date you wish to book, i.e. if you wish to book for 20 January you cannot make a booking until 20 February. 2 It is “First in, first served�. The first members to ring me in the correct time criteria will get the booking. 3 The booking remains a pencil booking until I receive the deposit. 4 You have one month to pay the deposit otherwise the booking will be lost and it is open to any other member. In most cases I will ring as a courtesy to say I had not received the deposit and the booking is about to be lost. If I cannot reach you or do not hear back from you the booking will be cancelled. 5 Only members can book and that member must be staying at the house during the booked time. If your membership is out of date or unpaid I cannot take your booking request. 6 I’m happy to take standby bookings or alternative dates, if the date you want is already booked, knowing it could change. This happened 4 times this month with nearly everyone ending up with their preferred dates in the end, which was satisfying for everyone. 7 The Occupancy sheet must be completely filled out; irrelevant of whether you booked the whole house or just rooms. It is important for me reporting to the committee and in particular the AGM to know exactly how many Members vs Guests stayed and which rooms were occupied. 8 The key, occupancy sheet and money must be returned to me within 5 days of your stay. I hope this helps you understand the booking procedure and the expectations from both parties.

Electronic Banking If you wish to use the electronic banking system both the Treasurer and I are very keen that you use this method. This can be used for your deposit and the final payment of your stay. You will still need to post the key and occupancy sheet back to me. The rules are simple: 1 Make it clear on the banking records your name and that it is for Valhalla. 2 Most important: Inform me, preferably by email, the amount and date you have paid so that I can receipt it my end and send you a booking confirmation (if it is a deposit). This receipt is sent to the Treasurer to be matched against the deposits received. 3 I can send you the bank account number if required.

Occupancy Valhalla was well used over the summer holidays with December showing an increase in the number of occupants compared to 2006 and January had slightly lower occupancy but with a higher return of income. Marion Stewart 4

Danish Society News Magazine March 2008

New Committee member: Kurt Marquart

14th Scandinavian Festival 27-29 March 2009

Alexandra Park Function Centre, Greenlane Programme planning is developing well. Right now we need help from able Scandinavians to get this Festival going. This festival is for the people, by the people, just like we run the Danish Society. Any success will be because of volunteers’ input. Here is a list of skills and people we need at this point of time. As we progress we will need further help which I shall let you know of. Actors and those interested in developing a dramatic presentation Children’s programme leader Sports leaders for football, Danish roundes and children’s sport events Technical skills to assist with DVD, TV’s etc. Sponsors to contribute to the overheads We also need current information about Denmark and Scandinavia that we can run constantly on TV’s and computer screens. Do you have such information?

Now that I have retired from paid work and am able to organise my personal time a little better, it is a pleasure to be back on the Danish Society committee. The previous time was back in the early 70’s when everything was a lot easier – the accounts were simpler and the newsletter only a page or two. Most of you know that I was born in Copenhagen and came to New Zealand with my parents and brother in 1951. At that time the society met at the Manchester Unity rooms in the Queens Arcade (off Queen Street) with ten to fifteen Danes turning up every few months for coffee, wienerbrød and some dancing. Since my parents were very keen supporters of the society I attended a lot of the events over many years – folk dancing, fancy-dress parties, revues, dinners and outings. I married Carol in 1964 and we embarked on a three year OE around Europe, working in Denmark, England and Canada. In 1977, with two small children in tow, we moved to Minnesota for some years and Brussels for over five years, with a stint in Caracas. In 1987 we returned to our home in Kiwiland and settled into the local routine with our extended family around us once more. I am very active with local community issues and sit on several other committees including the Scandinavian Festival 2009. I look forward to contributing to our society once more. Kurt

Please be in touch Now, with Karen 524 6016 or write to or The Secretary, Scandinavian Festival 2009, C/o PO Box 12279 Penrose 1642, Auckland Do look at the website that Kurt Marquart has set up Fastelavn at Danish House Danish Society News Magazine March 2008


Danish House Report New polyurethaned floor surface The newly polyurethaned floor certainly looks better than last year. It is not perfect but will last for three to four years when it will require total sanding and new coats to be applied. You will understand that this process is very costly. Let’s keep looking after the floor surface, taking care of the shoes we wear and the way we shift furniture on it. There are always things required for a house. This year we need serving spoons, at least 10 large serving spoons, for buffet dinners. Maybe you can help.

Maintenance The usual regular maintenance of house and garden is scheduled throughout the year to ensure the best condition. Carsten Dansted will continue to attend to maintenance issues and Graham Wright takes

responsibility for the garden. Thank you so much both of you. I am hoping to have two Working bees to pay attention to extra cleaning necessary in the months of May/June and September/October. You will hear more about this. Don’t leave it to some one else, do come and join in when you see the notice. Next year in 2009, attention needs to be given to the painting of the walls in the hall, library and vestibule. Perhaps we have some painters in our midst that could assist. The refrigeration system that we are using also needs to be reconsidered. Again there may be some experts in our midst. I would love to hear from you. In summary, it is important to spend some money on the House so that it is maintained, while at the same time being able use the skills and knowledge of members to provide information and assistance on best possible outcomes. Karen Andersen Yates

Scenes of Fastelavn

Danish author’s new book Danish author, Peter Hoeg, has had a new novel published. His last novel, “Miss Smilla’s Feeling for Snow” was made into a movie. The latest novel, 10 years in the making, is “The Quiet Girl”. Its theme is spiritual awakening through the power of music. 6

Danish Society News Magazine March 2008

We need your help!

at the next Valhalla Working Bees

8-9 March 2008

11-12 April 2008 (2nd weekend of the month) 17-18 May 2008 (3rd weekend of the month) 14-15 June 2008 (2nd weekend of the month)

We are seeking your support to carry out a whole range of jobs (inside and outside). Our main focus over the next couple of months is on upgrading our steps but we also have other jobs to do. Any help is welcome. Some volunteers come for the day whilst others stay the weekend. If you have never been to a working bee, why not come for a visit.

If you are able to help in any way, please contact Richard Logan, 480 9883 (Home)

Valhalla Working Bee - February 6-15 - Steps, steps, steps I am pleased to report that the Society had another successful working bee in February with 16 people coming and going over the 10 day ‘steps’ upgrade working bee. The members whether young or old or very old, started coming from Waitangi Day through the weekend and through to the following Friday. The main focus and our visible achievement was the completion of a new side on the wooden steps to Pa (Ocean) beach. The new side and rail is substantial and makes the existing side look flimsy by comparison. It is a great improvement. We started on Waitangi Day with getting the first of 48 posts for that side dug into the rock cliff and this was no mean feat since the weather was generally the hottest it has been (high 20’s Celsius). Fortunately the wood had all been pre-cut by Eric Nissen and delivered during January. We were also fortunate to be able to borrow our neighbour’s (John Courtenay’s) ‘Mule’ which we used for carting all the wood and cement from the house to the steps and for letting us use his power. We also followed John’s advice and accessed the steps with the Mule from his property beside his house. As John was in residence throughout, he was able to monitor progress, discuss the world with the team and periodically suggest to different team members when they weren’t working that they could drive the ‘Mule’ over to his new carved seat on his headland. John was generally as excited with progress as we were. All members present found the work hard-going due to the very warm weather and to the hardness Danish Society News Magazine March 2008

of the ground. We quickly found that the post hole digger was no help in the process due to the hard clay and rock encountered. Whilst most people were working on the steps, lots of other jobs were also done during the working bee. This included reducing our rabbit population by two thanks to Randy a shooter who came late on Friday and left early Saturday. Unfortunately the three house rabbits were asleep during his visit but were up after he left playing happily on the lawn in broad daylight. Because the steps upgrade is such a big project we hope that at the next working bee we will be replacing the original side to the steps and perhaps in the following working bee put down the new replacement steps. The Committee is currently investigating the costings for ‘plaque’ nametags so that anyone including those who have names already on existing steps can buy a nametag on the new steps. The price of the new steps has yet to be determined by the Committee. Sometime over the next few months I would encourage everyone to buy a new step. This is all part of our fundraising to improve our wonderful property. The old steps will be reused when we come to build a decking at the top of the steps and at our lookout over the Cove. My thanks go to all those who participated in the working bee, especially to Eric Nissen, who is the project manager of the steps upgrade and with a small team of helpers, was present for all ten days. Richard Logan, Valhalla Convenor (Development) 17 February 2008 7

Welcome to New Members

Velkommen til nye medlemmer: Lena & Scott Laurenson (Ellen & Max) Lilly Sorensen

Foreningsnyt Hjertelig til lykke til: Congratulations to the 24 members who have birthdays & the 9 couples who have an anniversary in March especially Awan Irawan som fylder 35 år d. 9.3.2008 Grethe Rasmussen som fylder 75 år d. 11.3.2008 George Whitby som fylder 60 år d. 20.3.2008

SILD Order now for Winter by March 1st

Buckets: Red or White or White with Dill $50 each (about 1.5 kg net) Send order & cheque payable to Danish Society c/- Ruth Ungemuth 36 Gerard Way, Remuera, Auckland 1072. Ph 528 4401

14th Scandinavian Gathering Friday 27 to Sunday 29 March, 2009

Alexandra Park, Greenlane, Auckland The Festival of Scandinavia and The Scandinavian Gathering Web site: Preliminary information can be found at Register your intention to come and your particular interest as below. Either register through the website sec@ scandinaviangathering, or write to: The Secretary Scandinavian Gathering 2009, PO Box 12 279 Penrose, 1642, Auckland. 8

In Memoriam Mona Anderson

It is with deep regret and sadness that we have to inform you of the death of Mona Andersen, wife of Viggo, on the 3rd February, 2008, in Denmark. Mona and Viggo returned to Denmark five years ago after Mona got sick. They lived in New Zealand for 46 years. Viggo was President from 1972-1976, and they were both very active in club activities. They had celebrated their golden wedding last year and all the family were with Mona in her last days. Kjeld and Gina Kristensen.

Wanted – a NZ penfriend

Dorte Sandorff (from Næstved, Denmark) is 57 years old, a nurse, grandmother and a keen photographer (see TrekEarth website). She already has 8 penfriends but would like to write to someone in New Zealand. Her son has married an Australian who lives in Perth. She is currently in New Zealand for a 3 week holiday. Her contact details are: Dorte Sandorff, Herlufsvaenge 7 4700 Næstved Denmark tlf. +45 55 77 58 90 tlf. +45 20 84 58 50

Danish opera singer has died

Inga Nielsen, a Danish, soprano opera singer, has died at the age of 61. She made her first recordings when only 9 years old. She performed in Milan, Vienna and Covent Garden. In 1993 she sang with Placido Domingo.

The next magazine deadline is March 10 All contributions welcome – in Danish or English. (Arial Narrow font, size 12)

The magazine can also be read (in full colour) online at Note: ads for events must be in a calendar month before the event. Pam Logan (Editor) Danish Society News Magazine March 2008

Paaskefrokost 29.03.2008 The Danish Society and the Danish Cocktail Club would like to invite you to the yearly Easter lunch Venue: The Danish Society 6 Rockridge Ave Penrose Time: 1pm Enjoy a wide variety of hot and cold Danish dishes together with drinks from our bar!

Price per person $30.00 Children under 15 - half price If you are able to help prepare food or help with the arrangement please contact Mia on 634 1159 or -----------------------------------------------------------------Adults Children under 15 Total cost Sent in by: __________________________________________  I have enclosed a cheque  I have paid online on the date: _______________ Please send this slip by 13.03.08 to: The Danish Society PO Box 12-279 Penrose 1642 “Soc2903” If you wish to pay online, please credit our account: 12 3036 0671539 000 1st reference (please write): ”Soc2903”, 2nd reference (please write): “your name”


Wednesday, March 26th “The Dance with Regitze” Come to the Saturday, 29th March, 1p.m. Come and meet your friends or get some new ones – Eve...