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NEWS MAGAZINE ISSN 0113-4965 â—? February 2011

Film Evening Friday February 18th, at 7.30pm

Come and watch the first film of the year

JULEFROKOSTEN “The Christmas Lunch� Starring : Anders Berthelsen, Kim Bodnia, Martin Brygmann and more

See review on page 3. Coffee/ cake and a hyggelig aften Free film plus coffee and cookies for members – donations welcome. Non-members pay $5.

Advanced Notice Wednesday, April 20th, 8pm More details in next month’s magazine

Come to the

Open House

Fastelavnsfest Sunday,

February 20th, 2pm. “SLĂ… KATTEN AF TĂ˜NDENâ€? Hitting the barrel full of surprises Come on kids, come and give it a bash

There will be FASTELAVNSBOLLER and games for the kids



Sunday, February 6th from 2pm

25th 26th & 27th February, 2011

Come and meet your friends or get some new ones – Everyone is welcome!

Coffee & cake from $2.50 (Next Open House – March 6th)


at Norsewood and Dannevirke


SUBSCRIPTIONS (2011 Financial Year – 1st Oct 2010 to 30th Sept 2011)

P. O. BOX 12 279 - PENROSE 1642 6 Rockridge Ave., Penrose, Auckland Phone 580 3103

Member: Senior rate: (65 & over) Youth rate: (18 to 25) Children under 18 Family discount: Less

Contact phone numbers The Danish House Valhalla, Leigh

580 3103 09 422 6194


Committee PRESIDENT Inger Mortensen 443 5105 Email: VICE-PRESIDENT Marion Stewart 480 8282 Email: TREASURER Roger Knights 021 858 248 Email: SECRETARY Rolf Siggaard 528 2469 Email: COMMITTEE MEMBERS Antony Barrett 444 0939 Kim Basse 473 6455 Kurt Marquart 476 0244 Finn Nielsen 625 5533 Louise Robertson 410 0108 EDITOR “NEWS MAGAZINE” John Stewart 480 8282 88c Coronation Road, Hillcrest, North Shore 0627 E-mail: MAILOUT Helle Scott 521 2844 CHANGE OF ADDRESS Kurt Marquart 476 0244 E-mail:

Other Addresses ROYAL DANISH CONSULATE GENERAL P.O. Box 619, Auckland 1 Fax 537 3067 Phone 537 3099 THE TRADE COMMISSION OF DENMARK P.O. Box 2154, Auckland 1 Fax 307 5207 Phone 379 3119 THE LUTHERAN CHURCH 1 Harris Rd (P O Box 85-014) Mt Wellington Phone 579 4490 DANISH CHURCH NEW ZEALAND INC. Pastor Anja Grønne Mathiassen Ph 03 464 0218

RATES FOR VALHALLA Peak Members Guests Adults $18 $30 Children $9 $20 Off-Peak Adults $12 $30 Children $6 $20 Whole house daily rate Off-peak $120 Peak rate $270 Christmas season $320 Functions $320 Off-peak = Mid-week only excluding Christmas season and school holidays Peak = All school holidays, Christmas season and all weekends. Christmas season = Christmas Eve to the end of Anniversary weekend. The house can only be hired for 7 days at any one time. Call the Booking Officer: Marion Stewart, 88c Coronation Road, Hillcrest, NSC P: 480 8282 E: 2

$60 per member $50 per member $50 per member Free $30 per couple



An Open House is held on the first Sunday of each month from 2pm.

meets every 2nd Tuesday. Call Christina on 021 161 3159 for venue.

COMMITTEE MEETINGS are held on the second Monday of the month at 7.30pm



meet at 7.30pm on the second and fourth Tuesday of every month.

Working bees are usually held on the weekend of the second Saturday of the month.



meet on the first and third Wednesday of the month - 11am to 3pm

Meets on the fourth Wednesday of every month at 10.30am.

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Film Evening Summer Party Morning Group Open House & Danish Church Service Valhalla Working Bee Committee Meeting Jazz Evening, Dixieland Gipsy Band Open House Committee Meeting Valhalla Working Bee

Danish House Hall Hire Rates Danish Classes Members rates for hiring the hall for the whole day at Wednesdays

Beginners 6.30-7.30pm Intermediate 7.30-8.30pm Private lessons are available on Saturday mornings.

For more information call

Connie Kristensen

0274 757 565

the Danish House, Penrose. Sunday to Friday inclusive $100 Saturday: $150 Half a day is $25 less. Funerals – no charge. The bond is $150.00 per booking. The booking/holding fee of $50.00 is deducted from the total cost.

Call the Booking Officer: Antony Barrett, Phone 444 0939

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Danish Society News Magazine ● February 2011

From the President’s Desk - February 2011 Kære medlemmer, Et rigtigt godt Nytår til jer alle – a very Happy New Year to all of you. Welcome back to a new and exciting year in the Danish Society. Well, it seems like it is a long time ago, but the previous magazine was already on its way to you after the AGM, so I would like to start with a few words about the meeting. First of all, thank you to the members who came to the meeting. We had a good and productive afternoon, followed by a lovely family dinner put on by Dorte Soelmark and her helpers. The AGM is obviously your chance to help shape the things that happen in your Society and to elect the people you would like to see on the committee. I have to say a huge thank you to Louise Robertson who was elected onto the committee as well as those who made themselves available for re-election. It was touch-and-go there with nominations for a couple of the positions! You will find a photo of the new committee elsewhere in the magazine. Life membership is a way of recognising and acknowledging a member’s commitment and contributions to the Society. It is important to realise that awarding one member takes nothing away from anyone else. It is in fact an invitation to you all to think about who you might like to see nominated and why, and letting the committee know so that we can consider it for the next AGM. Awarding someone with life membership is not only for the person being awarded – it is also for the giver: the committee and the Society. The committee was looking forward to once again utilising the rule which says that a member for life can be considered on recommendation by the Committee and endorsement by a General Meeting. It was therefore with great pleasure that we were able to nominate and award Lily Sorenson as a life member. We now have the following life members: Lily Sorenson, Bent and Else Bryder, Marianne Frederiksen, Ruth Kirk, Berghild Kristensen, and Elli Olsen. Thank you very much to the members who filled out a green sheet about volunteering. As mentioned on the sheet, we would like to create a database of volunteers for various events, and although a database of 18 members isn’t exactly huge, it’s a good start. We look forward to being able to contact you for events as they come up. We are in desperate need February 2011 ● Danish Society News Magazine

of someone who would like to organise our socials events. Annette Jorna did a brilliant job last year but would very much like either help or preferably someone who would like to take over. The organiser is not the person doing the cooking etc but more like an “event organiser” who makes sure there are enough helpers in the kitchen, decorators etc, decides what the theme should be, puts the advert in the magazine etc. It would be great if we could get a team rather than one person who is responsible on their own. Please contact me or any of the committee members if you think this is something for you. I look forward to seeing you at some of the events coming up in the next few months. Med kærlig hilsen Inger Mortensen

Movie Review Friday February 18th at 7.30pm Come and watch the first film of the year

JULEFROKOSTEN “The Christmas Lunch” Synopsis: First when Anders Bo begins his new job as a car salesman, he is given the special task of infiltrating the small competing car shop, Holger’s Auto during their annual Christmas party and steal their customer file. As Anders Bo romps through the commotion and antics of the celebration, he realizes that his assignment in fact relates to an old family feud and that the odd and funny characters working there might have more to offer than meets the eye. In the middle of Christmas pudding and Christmas cheer Anders Bo suddenly learns to listen to his heart. Starring : Anders Berthelsen, Kim Bodnia, Martin Brygmann and more 3

Jnb\d<a^\d<Ze^g]Zk+)** You might like to pull this out and put it on your fridge. Please remember that you can also check events on our website’s calendar and of course look for more details in the magazines throughout the year. All of the following are subject to change and more events may be added:

Feb 6th Feb 14th Feb 19th Feb 20th

Open House Committee Meeting Habbadam (Danish folk musicians) (to be confirmed) Fastelavn

Mar 6th Mar 7th-9th Mar 14th Mar 19th

Open House Valhalla mid-week working bee Committee Meeting BBQ / Spit-roast Summer Party

Apr 3rd

Open House, followed by Danish Church Service Valhalla working bee Committee Meeting Jazz-Evening, Dixieland Gipsy Band (Danish Jazzband)

Apr 9th Apr 11th Apr 20th

May 1st May 9th May 14th

Open House Committee Meeting Valhalla working bee

Jun 5th Jun 11th Jun 13th Jun 19th Jun 25th

Open House Valhalla working bee Committee Meeting Skt Hans Mid-Winter Christmas Party (smoerrebroed)

Jul 3rd

Open House, followed by Danish Church Service Valhalla working bee

Jul 11th Jul 17th Aug 6th Aug 7th Aug 8th Aug 13th Aug 14th Aug 27th

Committee Meeting Bingo Winter-Warm-Up, Folkdancers Open House Committee Meeting Valhalla Working Bee Mothers’ Group Mid-Winter Christmas Dinner-Party (not smoerrebroed)

Sep 4th Sep 10th Sep 12th Sep 25th

Open House Valhalla Working Bee Committee Meeting Young Over 60’s Lunch

Oct 2nd Oct 8t Oct 10th

Open House Valhalla Working Bee Committee Meeting

Nov 6th Nov 7th Nov 7th-9th Nov 19th Nov 24th

Scandinavian Julemarked Committee Meeting Valhalla Mid Week Working Bee Christmas Party (smoerrebroed) Bishop Monrad Celebrations at Te Papa, Wellington Bishop Monrad Celebrations at Danish House AGM followed by family dinner (to be confirmed) Committee Meeting

Nov 25th Nov 27th Nov 28th

Jul 9th

Dec 4th Dec 11th Dec 16th

Open House, followed by Danish Church Service Children’s Christmas Party Christmas Carols

Karina Nielsen has sent a photo she had taken at the Children’s Christmas Party of Matt and her with Julemanden and his wife and the - at that stage at least! - latest additions to the Mothers’ Group’s membership. Julemanden is holding Linda Williams’ little girl Jaiya born in late October, and Julemanden’s wife is holding Karina’s little newborn Amelia. Included is a photo of proud big sister Helena as she holds Amelia for the first time. 4

Danish Society News Magazine ● February 2011

The Mark of Denmark As a Danish patriotic icon, “Istedloeven” (Isted Lion) has, despite its short history, a most facinating past. The battle of Isted field took place on the 25th July, 1850 during the 1848-50 war with Germany. The start of the battle did not go well for the Danish Army, but due to excellent leadership and endurance, it ended with an historic Danish victory. The casualties on both sides were very heavy, with Denmark loosing over 3600 soldiers and the German Army about 2800 men. It is recorded as the bloodiest battle in Nordic military history. After the war, and in graditute to the Danish Army, a nationwide collection was made with the aim of establishing a lasting monument to remember the battle, and final victory. The task of creating the statue was given to Hermann Bissen, who at the time was a leading Danish sculpter. His work was a lion with a stately expression, sitting on a plinth and guarding the Danish war graves. On the sides are the profiles of four leading Danish officers, to the right are Oberst H. Helgesen and Generalmajor F.A. Schleppgrell, and on the left side Oberst W.H.F.A. Laessoe and Generalloejtnant G.C. von Krogh, the latter was in overall charge of the Danish Army during the battle. The front bears the inscription “Isted, den 25 juli 1850 det Danske folk rejste dette minde“.

When Denmark lost the war in 1864, the monument became a German war trophy and was moved to Lichterfeld military academy in Berlin, where it remained until after the end of World War II. The area where Istedloeven was kept was in the American zone of Berlin. A reporter from Denmark, who was visiting at the time, saw the statue and realised the importence of having it returned home. With the unofficial help from some American officers, he arranged for the statue to be transported back to Copenhagen on a U.S Army truck. Subsequently, at a public ceremony on 25th October, 1945, Istedloeven was again handed back to the Danish people. For almost 55 years it remained at a museum in Copenhagen, but on the 150 year anniversary of the Battel of Isted field, the Lion was placed at Soeren Kierkegaards Plads in Copenhagen, where the silent guardian of Danish military history again radiates the tranquil dignity for which it was created. Sent in by Carlo Mikkelsen

First pictures! Tiniest royals ready for home Hundreds of well-wishers gathered in the lobby of Rigshospitalet to look on as Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary presented their newborn twins for the first time. The 38-year-old Tasmanian-born Mary gave birth to a son and daughter on Saturday, January 8th, her third and fourth children. The twins were born less than half an hour apart. The first, the son, was born at 10:30, and the daughter was delivered at 10:56. The boy was 47 centimetres long and weighed 2674 grams. The girl was 46 centimetres long and weighed 2554 grams. Both have dark hair. Mary and the twins reportedly remained in hospital for a week while the boy was treated for jaundice. As per Danish royal tradition the couple will announce the names of the newborns in about three months’ time, at the babies’ christening. February 2011 ● Danish Society News Magazine

The proud parents said they were looking forward to returning home to re-join their two other children.

The newborn princess (right) and prince (left) slept through most of their first public appearance. 5

3;FB;FF;0O< IGGCNN??/?JILN Bjarne Elowsson has joined our team on the Subcommittee primarily to look after the maintenance of the house. He will be an integral part of the team with his wealth of knowledge and experience. Thank you Bjarne for taking up the big shoes Erik has left behind. At the AGM we presented Erik Nissen with photo album full of photos taken of him during the working bees up at Valhalla. In amongst the photos was a poem written especially for Erik. It was our way of saying thank you for the wonderful care he took of Valhalla. It was requested the poem be published in this newsletter which I have added to the end of this report. We still have many projects to complete at

Book Review

My Life as a Writer by Erling Jensen I thoroughly enjoyed reading this fifty-page booklet. Not only is it full of snippets of Erling’s life as a writer, it also contains a number of his short stories, poetry, travelogues and reports to hold the reader’s interest. Also included in the book are his articles entitled Qualities of a Successful Short Story, Writing in the Christian Vein and Playwriting Tips – all of which are excellent teaching material for the aspiring writer. Erling is an accomplished author and playwright, whose concise and warm style of writing is worth reading and studying. Much of his work is thought provoking, and his historical pieces are particularly well researched. I highly recommend My Life as a Writer to all those who enjoy a good, informative, easy-to-read book. You won’t be disappointed. Reviewed by Debbie McDermott Books are available at a special price of $10, including postage from: Erling Jensen, 19 Ranui Station Rd, Ranui, Auckland 0612

Missing magazines We are still missing a volume of the “News Magazine”. If you have the volume (in a black cover) from April 1973 to April 1991, please return it to the committee or its shelf in the library as soon as possible. Thanks. 6

Valhalla, however I am happy to report the Well and Waste water projects have been completed. They were big projects and a long time coming but now we have beautiful clean clear water that is very safe to drink and a waste water system that will cope with the high and low occupancy levels. We have a few other projects to consider of which I will report further next month after the Danish Committee have agreed and approved our plans. Thank you to all the members who have returned their keys and payment within days of their stay at Valhalla, it is appreciated. Marion Stewart

*WNP¹X5TJR How do you thank a man like Erik? He loves Valhalla and took great care of it. There wasn’t a project he couldn’t do, A man of great talent we all aspire to. The working bee came up with a great notion, Of rebuilding the new steps going down to the Ocean. Not an easy job on such a steep slope, But nothing fazed Erik, we knew he would cope. A brand new kitchen was next on the list Bjarne wanted one person to help assist. So Erik was called to give him a hand, And for a month was Bjarne’s right hand man. Erik took over the working bee jobs, While the women slaved away over the kitchen hobs. Not far from Erik’s side was his best mate, Dawn was there at nearly every working bee date. He built car-parks and decks and was there on the spot, To give advice and guidance to those who knew not. He was always calm with a great smile all day, And kept us active and busy as we went on our way. On behalf of the Society we’d like it known, How we appreciate the dedication and care Erik’s shown. We wish Erik, with all our heart a speedy recovery, And I know he’ll be back to call me Boss Lady Marion Stewart, November 2010 Danish Society News Magazine ● February 2011

We need your help! at the next Valhalla Working Bees 7th-9th March, mid-week 9th-10th April We are seeking your support to carry out a whole range of jobs, both indoors and outdoors. There is always house-cleaning to do as well as weeding etc. Any help is welcome. Lunch is supplied by the society, therefore we need to know the number of participants by Wednesday 8th December.

If you are able to help in any way, please contact Palle Olsen on 09 426 6840, 021 255 0911 or

3;FB;FF;/?JILN Great strides forward at Valhalla Over the last 33 years it has been tremendous to watch the great improvements that have been done at Valhalla. In 1977 the club took over an old house that had not been modernised. The house basically sat in a paddock, no trees, no landscaping. The only ‘improvement’ was the existence of about 20 plus substantial Pohutukawa, that were dotted here and there in the pasture. Maybe if it had been another group that had purchased the property improvements would have been moderate but it was the Danish Society. A group of people who have always shown themselves as having vision and dedication for making improvements to their club. Over the years, countless members from four generations have worked on the property to give us the result we have today. It has been a great effort. Although lots has been done there are still things that we can do to improve Valhalla further and add to the experience of our members. We still need to finish of areas in the grounds, such as track drainage & improvement, and the facilities at the house can still be improved further. As they say; “many hands make light work”, so hopefully lots of Valhalla users can February 2011 ● Danish Society News Magazine

come and help at the working bees this winter. The Valhalla Sub-Committee has made some changes to the working bee format this year. Working bees will run from April through to October thereby freeing up 4 weekends for members to book for their use. We hope the working bees will be larger which always make them very social and lots of fun. Hopefully all users can find a weekend or a day to help improve their facilities at Valhalla. If you are a Valhalla user think about when you will be able to come up and ‘do your bit’ during this winter. See you at Valhalla. Palle Olsen


Foreningsnyt Congratulations to all the members who have birthdays and the couples who have an anniversary in February especially Connie Kristensen som fylder 54 år d. 1.2.2011 Louise Robertson som fylder 52 år d. 4.2.2011 Kahn Bury som fylder 59 år d. 5.2.2011 Tina Hejrskov som fylder 43 år d. 12.2.2011 Tui Hannah Dunlop som fylder 55 år d. 17.2.2011 Robert Grundy som fylder 43 år d. 19.2.2011 Gudrun Latham som fylder 64 år d. 19.2.2011 Grant Phillips som fylder 61 år d. 19.2.2011

Thank You Letters En stor tak til vor komité Naar en digter mangler de rette ord flyver tanker mellem himmel og jord. Den, der skriver digte, tager duften af en rose, fanger ikke fuglens flugt. Det er som at slaa et slag i luften! Prøv bare at beskrive rødvin og frugt. Men vi husker jeres hyggelige fester og takker komitéen som glade gæster. Erling & Glenice Jensen

Contributors Thank you to Pelle Olsen, Rita Jaegersborg, Carlo Mikkelsen, Marion Stewart and Inger Mortensen for items sent in, and also to Inger Mortensen and Pam Logan for photos in this month’s magazine.

The next magazine deadline is Feb 21 All contributions welcome – in English or Danish (with a short summary in English). The magazine can also be read (in full colour) online at m. Note: ads for events must be in a calendar month before the event. John Stewart 8

In Memoriam

Many members will be sad to hear of the death of

Niels Nielsen who passed away on 23 December at the age of 89. He had been an active member of the Society since the 1950s and a keen card player. Aere vaere hans minde.

The Danish Church New Zealand Inc. Such an important part of our life is to know where we belong. That is the reason we are members of the Danish Society. From time to time we need to meet up with fellow Danes because we have so much in common. Now having the Danish Church in New Zealand gives us another focal point to celebrate. Our Pastor Anja Grønne Mathiassen will come to Auckland three or four times a year to conduct services at the Danish House. I can assure you that each time you will enjoy a thought provoking sermon giving food for thought when it comes to our spiritual life. Such stimulation in our own language could be something many of us Danes have been missing! The humour will always be just under the surface - as when Rita and I last time attended a sermon in Denmark. Pastor Eilif Christensen in Herlufsholm Church was half way into his sermon and the mobile phone of an elderly gentleman sitting just down from the pulpit rang. He turned very red in his face. Eilif looked at him and said: When you have finished speaking to the Lord I would like his number, please! Thanks to Pastor Anja you can now have your children baptized and confirmed in Danish. The preparation for confirmation will be via e-mail, phone, and meetings when Anja is in town. Anja also conducts Danish marriages and - as many from Denmark have done - you can chose a nice beach, or any other place you fancy, as your “wedding cathedral”! When the day comes where we must go to higher places Anja will also be able to take care of our Danish/English funeral. Our Church belongs under The Danish Church Abroad and The Danish Seamen’s Church and is under ecclesiastical supervision by the bishop of Lolland-Falster! The Danish House in Auckland provides the ideal frames for the Danish Church and I do look forward to meet you at our Easter service the 3rd of April. Anja will also be attending the Scandinavian Festival in Norsewood late February. She will wear her traditional Church gown so you can easily recognise her. Please walk up to her and have a chat about your situation and what the Danish Church in New Zealand can do for you! Best regards Niels Jaegersborg Chairman of the Danish Church New Zealand Inc Danish Society News Magazine ● February 2011

The Danish Society (Inc.) Auckland

Notice of Special General Meeting DDF_A5_ThankYouCard.indd 2

7/5/07 8:41:16 AM

to be held at Danish House, Rockridge Road, Penrose

on Thursday 17th February 2011 at 7.30pm Agenda: 1. Election of secretary

Background: Unfortunately, our secretary, Rolf Siggaard has given us his resignation as below, and in accordance with the rules of the Society, we therefore invite you to this Special General Meeting to elect a new secretary. We welcome nominations for the position either in writing in advance to the president, or at the meeting. 19 January 2011 Hi All; I have today advised Inger that Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m resigning from the Committee of the Danish Society Inc. Inger will investigate the practicalities around this; however my resignation is immediate. I have sincerely enjoyed being part of the Committee and wish you all the best. cheers, Rolf

Med venlig hilsen

Inger Mortensen President


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