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recommendations to help the planet and animals

species in danger of extinction in Colombia


Pink dolphin pink dolphin lives in Amazon its main dangers are fishing nets and polluted environment, these dolphins usually travel in pairs


Manatees the manatee is endangered by consuming his meat or stroke with boats

giant armadillo

is endangered by consuming his meat, make some instruments and armadillos are collectables.


The jaguar is endangered by deforestation and the use of their skins to make clothes, shoes, carpets, bags and belts

rainbow toucan

rainbow toucan is endangered by the destruction of their habitat and illegal capture


sloth bear is endangered by illegal use as a pet and meat consumption

golden frog golden frog is endangered by the destruction of their habitat this frog is highly poisonous

Turtle River Turtle River is in danger of extinction by eating their meat and eggs as well as by its shell

Spider Monkey Spider Monkey is endangered by the cutting of trees and deforestation

Orinoco caiman Orinoco Caiman is endangered by the pollution of the water by industrial waste and illegal hunting for his skin