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Icebreakers Go Mobile Most of my students are digital natives. Still, they do not use technology as a learning tool. That`s why I feel that I need to make use of the devices they bring into class and the ones I have at school to enhance learning and model some learning strategies. The tasks proposed here are not new, but I show apps that can add a digital twist and help us use the technology we have at hand.

I know what you didn’t do last summer Lower intermediate and up Students` own devices Any voice recorder app Students record sentences about their last vacation. One should be a lie. Students share in pairs, and try the guess which sentence is the false one.

Humming Any level iPads App - Ibuttom Give iPads to half of the students in class and ask them to open an app called Ibuttom. The ones with the tablet have to choose a song and prepare to hum it. Pair up students and have the partners guess what song the students with the iPads are humming.

What’s True? Intermediate and up iPads App – Linoit Students should write 5 sentences about themselves and add images and videos. They should preferably write something funny or unusual that most people wouldn’t know, but one of the sentences must be false. Individual students project their work and answer questions the whole group asks. Then the group has to decide which sentence is false.

My Picture Any level App – Sketchcast or Educreations

Procedure: Students draw a picture of anything they believe would represent who they are. When they finish, they should go around the classroom explaining their drawings and the reason they chose them.

First Lines Students` own devices Ask students to use their phones to find a song they enjoy and choose a line. Pass an iPad around and have them write their lines. Project all the lines on the board and have students try to sing as many songs as they can. Keep their work for further reference on what kind of songs your group enjoys.

Portraits Lower intermediate and up Photobabble or Morfo Tell students to take their own pictures and record a short introduction about themselves. You might provide some questions as a guideline to help them get started. Have students pass the tablets around and listen to all the introductions. Then as a whole group, have students say what they can remember about people in class.

Word-Clouds App – Cloudart Use Cloudart to make a word-cloud with words about yourself. Show your cloud and have students guess how the words relate to you. Have them use the app to make their own clouds and share with the group. Then, have the group try to guess as many pieces of information as they can about their classmates.

Creating Posters Pic Collage Show students posters (classroom rules or what kind of teacher you want) and tell them you`d like to hear what they have to say about it. Ask students to use Pic Collage to create their posters and project their work on the board.

15 Second Video Ask students to create 15 second videos that introduce themselves on Viddy. Then allow students time to present their work. Ask the whole group to say what they remember about each and every person in class.

Creating Avatars Morfo Ask students to create avatars with Morfo with a brief introduction about themselves. Ask them to include personal information and music preferences. Have them share their work and try to find things in common.

App Swap Ask students to share some of the apps they have and would like to use in class.

Captions Over Have students take a photo or choose one from their library and write their favorite saying or motto over it. Share students work and ask the whole group which ones they remember by heart.

Storytelling Cameras Tell students that they will need to take photos that tell a story. Organize the groups and have them use the pictures to create a story. Have students share their work and vote for the most creative one.

Ice breakers go mobile  

Ideas to use Mobile technology during ice breakers in language classrooms.

Ice breakers go mobile  

Ideas to use Mobile technology during ice breakers in language classrooms.