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A hospital have always a complex programme and rigid standards. The main necessity is to associate these requirements and need of efficiency with comfort, security and reliance between doctor and patient. An essential point is to eliminate the impression of a confinement that most general hospitals present, and plan permanence areas with quality.

Beyond the logical functionality of the hospital, the architectural advantage of the project is the visual permeability between internal and external sides and the easy flow of one ground to the other





A landscape project for a school is very singular, and gardens, playgrounds and free areas need to be distributed and to conciliate along the school area. In this case, a big difference of ground altitudes allows working with terraces, each one having a different programme, such as playgrounds to orchard or contemplative landscape.

In the past, degraded areas because of the big ground altitude differences resulted in lots of underused areas in the school

These are potential areas to allocate for fruit trees and access to other points of school.


The Buddhist temple have a construction tradition that lasts for many years. By the way, it permits a lot of interpretations and inspirations. In this project, some elements such as concrete in place of conventional roofing and ally structure with sealing elements based on rice paper walls, gives a different perspective of Buddhist temples and, at the same time, respect to the traditions and religion principles.

Same traditional aspects, but different materials and techniques that allow a great natural light incidence and ventilation for a better energetic performance

Steel and wood materials work together to propose a new kind of structure and openings that substitute the traditional wood and rice paper


The places in a city that can tell us more about it history is where everything started. In this case, the harbor region is one of the most important in Cuiabå’s city. Nowadays it is a helpless and disarticulated area but, at the same time, it is possible to see and feel the culture and the importance of this neighborhood to the city that calls for more help.

Next to the river and many streams, the urban mesh presents a non-orthogonal layout, with a lot of potential space and many areas of protection, but they all are not articulated. Looking at these maps, it is possible to see how would be interesting to connect the two big areas of the neighborhood.

We propose many areas of interests for population that could be connected with routes provided of different pavement, afforestation, gardening and urban furniture, elements that do not exist today. Reform squares and turn underused areas into fun and culture for population. Wood elevated walkways make a permeability between the sidewalk, the area of protection and the river. However, the most important objective with all those guidelines is to respect and rescue the culture of a so important part of the city.


In our society, we are always looking forward comfort and wellness. This project bases on how it is possible to provide these amenities to the users. The new facilities and friendship areas will certainly provide to the employees an environment where they will feel happy and able to develop better and faster their activities.

Friendship areas occurs in the entire building without a well-marked repetition, but with a logical distribution With a clear definition of flow of cars and services access, the ground floor are opened for a pedestrian transition between public and private


Here in Cuiabรก, Brazil we have a very warm weather, so it is necessary to concern more about projects strategies for thermical comfort. But like almost cities we need also to think about luminic and noise comort.


SECOND GROUND FLOOR Roof projection extended and pergolas protect the solar radius incidence. At the same time, smaller windows permit the ventilations but it decreases the area of window that the solar radius can pass through. Thick walls faced to the street protect the internal environments of the traffic jam noises and help to avoid the internal heating of the house

Solatube Mezzanine and roof openning

Ambiental strategies

Mezzanine and a roof opening create a system that allow the warm air to go up and out of the house, consequently cooling the environment, and this opening allow a natural lightning that happen again with the SolatubeTM, a system of mirrors that captures the sun light and reflex inside the house


On a university competition of spaghetti bridge that can support more weight, we had the opportunity of doing a multidisciplinary activity with civil engineering students.

Everything started on the paper, with calculations and sketches. After this process every component of the bridge was done and then fixed to each other giving the shape of the final result




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