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Alain Dargham

Dear friends, It is almost a year since our last reunion and I am very excited to catch up with you in Kiev. For the ones that can't make it this time, I sincerely hope to see you next time. It is better late than never! I am looking forward to receiving more newsletters before our reunion. Here is my belated one!

News about myself It’s been 9 years since we came to Geneva and it feels like yesterday. We continue to be very happy over here. My kids (twins) are 10 years old and they are having their 1st communion celebration on may 27. I extend my invitation to those who can make it and can join us during our celebration on Sunday, May 27 at 5:00 for an apéro and light dinner at the Chateau de Bossey in Bougis- -Bossey (VD) Earlier this year, I joined Credit-Suisse basketball team to participate in a regional corporate championship. At first, it was fun and we played good games. Later on, It just felt a bit too competitive to my taste and not easy keep up with the younger players...So now I am seeking to join more casual games to play.

Business update As you may all know, I continue to work for Arab Bank and to manage and oversee investments across different asset classes. Our flagship real estate fund grew to EUR 144 Million, delivering 10% return per annum to investors since its inception. We closed two weeks ago a landmark deal with AIG to finance our fund’s assets with CMBS. Late last year, our fixed income fund has been awarded the highestavailable 5-Star Overall Morningstar Rating™ on the basis of its riskadjusted returns for the past 3-year period. Funds awarded a five-star rating rank globally in the top 10% of risk-adjusted returns in their category.

We are currently working hard at the bank to build a stronger competitive advantage through enhanced local responsiveness of our services in the Middle East and dierentiated investment advice. It is the STAR model all over again! We spent the year implementing new 5S with the objective to decentralize private banking operations and we have made some progress and two small acquisitions along the way. We are not done yet! we are hoping results of the transformation starts to show early next year. We are intending to leverage new technologies to enhance employee engagement and improve clients’ satisfaction. We are also expanding our investment platform to include private markets opportunities such as Private Equity, Venture Capital, Private debt and direct investments. We have a lot of traction in these services and we also hope to break even next year. As Susanne mentioned, I am still active at IMD ACE and have recently joined the IMD Geneva Club to nurture a community for ACE in Geneva. IMD ACE’s mission is to promote the development of business ventures/start-ups, to make entrepreneurship accessible to Alumni and to foster an ecosystem aimed at facilitating the mentoring and funding of business projects as an engine for innovation and growth.

Books recommendation I would rate " The Power of Now" among my top 10 List...The book is intended to be a guide for day-to-day living and stresses the importance of living in the present moment and avoiding thoughts of the past or future. Its core message is that people's emotional problems are rooted in their identiďŹ cation with their minds. The book has a power to transform human consciousness. I am happy to discuss and share thoughts with people familiar with the book. I am now reading " Flow" written by Milahy Csikszentmihalyi

News from the Cohort I am in contact from time to time with Ghigo, Fabio, Susanne, Beat, Zhanna, Aike, Martin and more recently with Mario. My usual and frequent destinations are Luxembourg, Paris, London, Milano, Amsterdam and Dubai. I will be happy to meet any classmate living/relocating to any of these cities. I would like to thank our host "the Kiev team" for organizing such a great program...