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Heather Copeland Amy Dawson Richard Feist RON


W HAT EV E R T H E W EAT H E R, VOT E H EAT H E R Fo r BSU St ude nt P re s ide nt!

Only 55% of you are satisfied w ith the SU. I promise to improve your exper ience here by: -Reducing emails through a ‘W eekly SPAm’ newsletter that you can sign u p for -Promote SU events better and to all campus’ -Creating student welfare reps along side StARs to help with your non ac ademic issues -Form a Mature Reps Society, h elping to create a closer community for all stud ents -Campaign for more rehearsal space and create a new room booking system -I also promise to continue cam paigning for issues that may not have been completed by my predecessor.

Vote Heather for a Student’s Union to be proud of! Voting opens Wednesday 6th March For questions contact:

Your Uni Needs You! With an ever changing SU, Campus developments and the recent raise in Higher Education Fees I believe that it has never been so critical of electing a new President to guide us through these changing times. By electing me as SU President you would be getting someone that cares about the students and the students experience while they are at university, whether it be academic or extra-curricular. Electing someone that understands what the student community wants and needs. I have the drive, motivation and leadership skills to help guide us through these changing times.

Vote for change and stability If elected: 

  

I would improve visibility of the Sabbatical team. It would allow people to be able to put a face to the name and see in the flesh the people they elected to represent you. This would involve getting the sabbatical team and mainly the President out of the office and around campus and meeting the students. Students within Housing and Community. This can be achieved by better interaction with the council and student letting agencies to help students get the best deal for their housing. As the council are planning to stop any more student houses being developed the student voice needs to be heard loud and clear. Student interactions within the community need to increase. Representation. I hope to represent you to the best of my ability. This will be to help enhance your learning at the university and make sure that you enjoy it. Listen to students. My door would always be open and I will be available to take on board everything brought to me and try my best to apply it to the SU’s role. Helping to guide the Student body through the campus developments. There are large changes happening on campus. I believe that more information is needed for the students and the students ideas and view will continue to need to be taken into account. Lastly and most importantly I will always put you first. This is the most important role as it will involve me standing up for you and what you believe in.

The Students Union needs to keep adapting to the changing Educational world and I believe that I am the person who can take it where it needs to go.


Matt Collins Matt Coot Shaun Dodson Holly Jenkins RON

Count on Collins – Vote Matt Collins for YOUR Vice-President Activities Hi, I’m Matt Collins and I would love to be Your Vice-President Activities! I have been a course rep for my subject, as well as President and previously Treasurer of an amazing sports team. In these roles, there have been challenges met and problems faced. There’s always a solution and always a middle My Aims: ground! Now I want to bring those skills of problem solving and team building, as well as  I aim to reform the team gym applying my devoted work ethic to the sessions available, giving teams the position of Vice-President Activities. chance to develop and make the most of this opportunity. A vote for me is a vote that can make all the difference to our national image and your  I aim to create a one-to-one system experience as a student. A vote for me is a with each society and team, to vote to develop the teams and societies that create more personal time with shape the people that Bath Spa Students YOUR Society or Sports team. become.  I aim to improve communications Too often, I’ve heard people feel Our with University staff to make sure University is inadequate; that we aren’t a you have access to all of the ‘sports’ University; that we don’t have the facilities at YOUR University’s same opportunities; that we are in the shadow disposal. of the University of Bath. My overall aim for my term in office is to find and innovate ways  I aim to give SpaLife even more for OUR teams and OUR societies flourish opportunity to cover and report on and develop. We deserve to be recognised on the things that matter to you – The a national scale and with the development and Students! talents of SpaLife, the opportunities to experience amazing places with our international trips and our on-going  I aim to continue to improve commitment to representing our University Fresher’s Week, to show new through BUCS - we can do just that! Spartans what a place Bath Spa can be for them, as well as bringing more ‘one night only’ events to YOUR Student’s Union – making Vote Matt Collins for the most of a great venue!

Count on Collins

Vice-President Activities!

Who Am I? I’m a final year Creative Writing undergraduate and the current Head Producer of SpaLife TV. Five Years – that’s how long I’ve been at Bath Spa University. Those extra two years have given me time to encounter all the different activities that people want to experience alongside studying. I want to use this knowledge to help you enjoy your time here. Inclusion for all – I have a disability and I no longer drink alcohol, so I know how difficult it can sometimes be to get involved in activities at university and I want to make it accessible to all. Fantastic Media Group – SpaLife is not yet being used to its full potential and I want to change this. As Vice-President of Activities, I can use my experience with SpaLife TV to oversee the transformation of SpaLife into a fully functioning media unit that will give excellent employability skills to anyone wanting a career in the media.

• •

Build upon the excellent work done by the current Sabbatical team Make sure that you all enjoy your time here – this will include actively encouraging the setting up of more societies and sports Promote and encourage more volunteering opportunities – especially those that offer employability skills Make sure that all campuses have equal opportunity to get involved in any and all activities The RAG group will have my full support and assistance to continue their excellent work Fresher’s Week and Re-Fresher’s Week will be fantastic – it can be BIGGER and it can be BETTER Continue the fight for Wednesday afternoons to be dedicated to sports and societies

Ensure that SpaLife will continue to evolve and that all students with ambitions for a career in the media industries will have opportunities to gain invaluable experience with SpaLife Encourage more attendance at sporting events to ensure our teams have the support they need to make Bath Spa proud. Encourage and organise a variety of events to take place throughout the year – including making use of the Walled Garden Most importantly, all the societies, sports teams, SpaLife, the RAG group, and all the Just-V volunteers will be fully supported so that you all have the opportunities to get involved and enjoy your time at Bath Spa University.

If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail: Alternatively, find me on Facebook or Twitter.

Hello Bath Spa! I am Shaun Dodson, I currently study geography. I am a fun, approachable and easy to talk to person. I am running for Vice President for Activities.

Why me as VP for Activities? I have been at Bath Spa for 3 years now and I have been heavily involved in sports and activities and with this role I can stay involved in sports and activities and help improve all societies and make sure that every member of a society enjoys their experience to fullest. Last year I was the Vice President for Rugby which has all the similar skills needed for VP of Activities. From being Vice President I have learnt to be extremely organised, having financial control and boundaries, and I have a genuine key interest in helping all activities at Bath Spa develop together and move forward as a whole. My organisation learnt in this role will also be key to help organise the many trips throughout the year, the Easter tour to Salou and the year round events such as Summer Ball. Another important role as VP of Activities is being involved and running RAG (Raising and Giving), last year the rugby society raised £2985 for Help for Heroes, as Vice President I was involved in raising money for our charity through ideas such as; money collection, Calendar shoot and Car washes. My aims as VP for Activities? 

I want to sustain the work that has already been done already by the Students Union and also build upon it through supporting societies and helping them grow.

To be 100% involved with every society and activity that the university offers.

Greater communications between the ground staff and the SU so pitches are kept well maintained and useable.

More Links between sports societies; a day where everyone tries each other’s sports e.g. Rugby Vs Football.

Continue to work closely with the volunteering groups currently in place and increase participation.

To develop new sports teams and societies.

Who am I? Why me? & Why this role? Bath Spa! Im Holly Jenkins; approachable, enthusiastic and I try to always have a smile on my face! I’m currently in my third year and I cannot begin to tell you how much I’ve loved my time at Bath Spa University. I feel I have embraced the University lifestyle, I’ve volunteered, ran a society, been a student representative (for almost 3 years!), applied myself academically to my Media Communications degree and I’ve socialised a lot! The three peaks challenge was invigorating and mentally stimulating, something I’d never done before! In 2011 I was lucky enough to be the Fresher Buddy for pope, getting to know the new fresher’s and helping them settle in was a brilliant experience! The trips have been unforgettable, Paris 2011 and Amsterdam 2012 were the best days of my life, we made memories to last me a lifetime; and this is exactly why I want to be your VP! I want to be a part of making those memories for YOU, all of these experiences have been due to the hard work my president and vice president’s put in, and now id love the chance to give something back and sustain their hard work! What can I offer? I want to make the university experience enjoyable for everyone, Il ensure that you have the ability to express YOUR concerns and a chance to voice your opinions. I want to make the SU even more of a place of enjoyment from Fresher’s week events right through to the Summer Ball – I aim to enrich YOUR experiences!

I will aim:  

  

 

To continue to encourage students to run and maintain their own societies To organise enjoyable and exciting trips. I know how worthwhile and fun these trips are. As VP I would definitely continue to provide trips and excursions to a variety of places looking in to Prague, Austria and further afield – id love to organise a surf trip to France! To provide motivation, enthusiasm and encouragement at all times – as VP I will strive to be the best ‘point of call’ to all students if they needed help or advice. I will continue to promote the RAG society whilst actively encouraging other local enterprises to take on Bath Spa students as volunteers for work placements and experience. To organise expeditions such as The Three Peaks Challenge, I will also look to build links with World Challenge and aim to arrange an expedition with them. Arrange music festivals and support Bath Spa University bands! Sport is an great factor of university life – I will make every effort to try and increase funding and facilities where possible! I want to launch a weekly online blog featuring sports commentaries, videos and news – this would help build links between SpaLife and all societies – a brilliant opportunity for students to get involved with university events, it would be for students ran by students Continue to fully support all SpaLife ventures and develop it further. Ensure that EVERY subject has its own society with social networking already in place for first, second and third years to join; this would include all arts including Photography, stretching to the sciences such as Biology.

As VP Activities and Participation I will put all my effort into supporting and encouraging students to participate in a range of societies, clubs and events, regardless of their personal tastes and interests. By voting for me I will ensure that your university experience is enriched by planning events, tours, trips and sustaining the successful running of all societies and clubs.

- Darryl Harris - Emma Weskin - RON

DARRYL HARRIS FOR VP WELFARE As a 3rd Year student due to graduate this year, I feel this opportunity is too good to miss out on. If elected, I will strive to be a voice for the students and guide them through the upcoming changes of our beloved University.

If elected, I will… 

Examine the longevity of the Buddy system to create yearlong welfare officers.

Re-examine the information Freshers are given before arriving at BSU, making sure they receive useful telephone numbers and understand what the University can fully offer, e.g. Doctors etc.

An integration of unity between every BSU campus through an encouragement of sharing work.

Introduce a 3 strike rule for Landlords to ensure every student receives the best accommodation possible.

Work with the Sabbatical Team to guide students through the changes happening in and around the SU.

Be an approachable source for students to utilise regarding Welfare and support.

As a current student I feel that my manifesto reflects not only my own

st  Encourage Careers Officers topeople target 1 and become 2nd year friends students experiences at BSU but that of the I have with.

well as 3 make sure everyone gets the best at This as University hastoharboured the best 3 years of my lifechance and I intend, rd

the career deserve graduating. if elected, to putthey every effort after into ensuring that everyone who attends will feel the same.

Change is coming…let me be your voice.

WHO AM I.... Hello Spartans, I’m Emma Weskin your current Vice President Welfare and Campaigns and would love to be re-elected into the role for a following year. SINCE BEING IN THE ROLE I HAVE.... • Introduced Housing Reps • Assisted in the provision of a permanent Student Support and SU space at Sion Hill • Aided the plans to restructure and reshape the SU • Ran numerous campaigns, including Alcohol Harm, Personal Tutor campaign and campaigned against Article 4 Direction • Worked with the university and the Council on amendments to Additional Licensing • Ran Bath Spa's first ‘Rate Your Rental’ survey • Helped organise a community street party • Introduced Bath Spa’s very own agony aunt, ‘Aunt Aggy’ • Worked with students to organise Bath Spa’s first Multi-Cultural Festival ‘Diver-City’ IF RE-ELECTED I WILL AIM TO.... • Develop the role of the recently introduced Housing Reps • Develop the Campaigns Team • Continue to work on the development of the Personal Tutor system • Support the Liberation Representatives in order to aid in the fulfilment of their aims • To continue to work towards changing the negative attitude of how students are perceived in the community • Continue to support and develop the upcoming changes to the union WHY YOU SHOULD VOTE FOR ME.... By re-electing me; you the students, will have a sabbatical that understands the role and has gained a year’s worth of knowledge and experience. Unlike a new candidate I will not need the summer to train up and can use that time more effectively to plan for the year ahead. I have thoroughly enjoyed this year. If re-elected I promise to continue doing my best and carry on representing and supporting you!

- Lee Millington - Georgie Sykes - RON


Lee Millington

Running for Position:

Clubs and Societies Officer

Who WhoAm AmI?:I?: I’m I’ma asecond secondyear yearCreative CreativeWriting Writingstudent, student,President Presidentofofthe theWelsh WelshSociety Societyand andTreasurer Treasurerofof JournoSoc. JournoSoc.I really I reallywant wanttotomake makethe themost mostofofthe theopportunities opportunitieshere hereand andcontinue continuetotoget getinvolved involved with withthe theUnion Unionmore moreand andmore, more,until untilI’m I’moffoffinto intothe thebig bigwide wideworld! world! What Whatwill willI be I bedoing?: doing?: I’llI’llbebeassisting assistingthe theVice VicePresident Presidentinintheir theirduties, duties,which whichincludes includessuch suchthings thingsasaschairing chairingthe theAU AUand and Societies meetings, doing admin work such as making decisions about money (funding, minimum Societies meetings, doing admin work such as making decisions about money (funding, minimum membership membershipfees, fees,etc.), etc.),and andhelping helpingrun run‘Sports ‘Sportsand andActivities ActivitiesFor ForAll’ All’– –ananimportant importantcampaign, campaign,asasit will doubtlessly attract newnew members to your groups! it will doubtlessly attract members to your groups!

Why WhyShould ShouldYou YouVote VoteFor ForMe?: Me?: Good Goodquestion. question.I think I thinkit itcan canbebebest bestsummed summedupupwith withthree threeofofmy mybest bestqualities: qualities:

Sticking thewords wordsofofBilly BillyOcean, Ocean,‘When ‘Whenthe thegoing goinggets getstough, tough,the thetough toughget getrough!’ rough!’ Punctuality! Punctuality!I get I getjobs jobsdone donewhen whenthey theyneed needtotobe. be. AA lways lwayslooking lookingtotoimprove. improve.I’llI’llbebelooking lookingtotoimprove improvemyself myselfand andyour yourexperience. experience.

I want the best for your Clubs & Societies and, if you do too, vote for me.

I would like to be Clubs and Societies Officer for Bath Spa University. I am keen to take on the responsibility that the job role requires and am excited and enthusiastic to be working in a team with other union staff members. I am currently Social Secretary for the netball society and enjoy the responsibility and involvement that I currently have within the club; I am also involved with the running of Take Me Out this year and was on the Summer Ball Committee last year. If I had the honour of being awarded with the Clubs and Society Officer position I would be interested in further development of the sports teams. Being in the netball team myself, I feel I have an insider’s view of what improvements and developments could be made. I would also like to work with the Vice- President Activities to improve clubs and societies and create more of a community between the different sports teams. I am a big fan of events planning, and have taken it upon myself to arrange many successful sporting socials along with other student events in Bath such as ‘Student Traffic’. I would really appreciate the chance to demonstrate that I am an enthusiastic and hard working person that would be a great candidate for the Clubs and Societies Officer. Georgie Sykes 223118

- Sarah Kanan - RON

Empowering Students to inspire the world. “We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.”

Sarah Kanan For Environment and Ethics Officer Vote at


A vote for me is a vote for: - Being active in the national environmental and promoting global citizenship - Conflict free university

- Supporting the wider international student community by focusing on students that have to live under oppressive regimes.

I am a second year student currently studying study of religions single honors. I want to raise environmental and ethical awareness nationally and internationally starting here at Bath Spa University. I feel that it is very important to promote global citizenship as I believe it is our responsibility to preserve our plant for the future generation. I am the current environment and ethics officer and have been working towards our university becoming ‘conflict free’, meaning that our university does not support unethical products or international regimes.

- Robert Gould - RON

Robert Gould – Equal Opportunities Officer 2013/2014

Having been involved with the Students’ Union in various roles, as a course and then a department representative, as a freshers’ buddy and on various campaign and events teams, I feel I would be wellpositioned to take on a role with more responsibility within the SU. Equal Opportunities Officer is a role that appeals to me as I strongly believe that equality versus discrimination is simply the difference between right and wrong. Having a diverse range of friends and acquaintances, alongside being gay myself, has taught me that labels can be a tool or a weapon, and at Bath Spa we are getting it right, using these labels to support rather than oppress our students. I have always made a point of not being defined by my sexuality, not because I’m ashamed, but because I see myself and others as simply ‘people’. However, for students that draw support from their chosen Liberation Group, I believe the Union can do even more to support and further the chances for equality. I want Bath Spa to be a space in which all students, no matter how they define themselves, can feel safe and comfortable. As welleducated, engaged young adults, we are the best positioned to lead the fight for equality for everyone, and if I can help that in any way, I want to.

- Elliott HowarthJohnson - RON

Elliott Howarth-Johnson, Your new Media Officer! SpaLife is our very own media brand and something I think us students really enjoy having. Although I haven’t directly been involved in SpaLife before, I am a creative media student and know how to get projects done. I’m a good people person and I manage the 2nd’s Football team so I know how to lead large groups of people. The outline of what I want to do as Media officer is as follows:  Improve the accessibility of SpaLife – SpaLife creates so much interesting media for students to engage with however I don’t currently feel it’s being distributed in the right way. I want to make it easy to interact with SpaLife via Social media.  An improved website – SpaLife deserves its own website, so if elected I would oversee creating a website solely for SpaLife for you to enjoy.  Involvement – I would like to see SpaLife getting more involved in the different societies at bath spa promoting them and showing what our great university has to offer.

- Cecily Mumby - RON

- Daisy Holder - Abigail Maskill - RON

I’m Daisy Holder. You’ve probably seen me around the campus, I am pretty distinctive. (I’m the one with yellow hair and crutches.) I have been your disability representative this year, and in this time I have had a close relationship with the Student Union President and both Vice Presidents, and strive to continue this next year. I have just returned from the National NUS Disabled Students conference, and so I know all of the campaigns that the NUS are planning to implement for disabled students in the coming year. I have also been able to network with other disabled representatives and equal opportunities officers from around the country, as well as the NUS disabled students committee so our university will be able to share campaigns with other universities and colleges around the country, and gain advice based on what other institutions are doing. Next year, I would aim to bring the disabled community at our university together to talk about experiences and listen to concerns, whether about physical or mental disabilities. I also aim to show that deciding to define yourself as disabled is not a bad thing, and show anybody who needs it where they can find all the necessary help. I also want to make societies and clubs more accessible, as a social life is just as important for people with disabilities as being able to work towards a degree. I feel I would be a great candidate for re-election, as I’m approachable and friendly, and have personal experience of mobility impairment, hidden disabilities and illnesses, and mental health problems. I strive to learn more about disabilities I don’t know as much about, and I will be attending a regional disability conference soon to learn more about disabilities I’m not so well versed in. Please vote for me so I can continue my work for the Students’ Union.

Hi, I’m Abigail Maskill and I’m a second year student of Art and Creative Writing, and I’d like to be your Mental Health and Disability representative for next year. I’ve been in the role of Mental Health representative this year, so I already have some experience in the role, but there’s so much more that I want to do. My aims as your representative next year:  

To increase awareness of the services provided by student support. To work with student support to provide more effective help for students with mental health problems, including implementing a drop-in clinic and improving the appointment system for counsellors Continuing to work with the university to make the Newton Park and Sion Hill campuses as accessible as possible for disabled students. Awareness campaigns! I believe that education is the way to liberation when it comes to issues surrounding mental health and disability. As you can tell by my subjects, I am a creative person, and I hope to run campaigns that are more interesting and arresting than posters and cake stalls. But posters and cake stalls are good too. 

- Reiss McGuinness - RON

Reiss McGuinness for LGBT Rep.

I have recently become very interested in LGBT issues after researching gender, identity, sexuality and the relevance of labeling people in the LGBT community. I have been active for a long time in political campaigns, running the Bath Spa Activists society, and engaging with political campaigns outside the university such as the NUS national marches, TUC marches and student demonstrations.


Now I want to focus my experience on this specific area I have been extremely interested in for a long time. I feel that it needs to be elevated within the university. As LGBT rep I will:  Hold regular meetings on the history of LGBT struggle, roots of discrimination and its source.  Put on events involving the education of people about transgender issues.  Arrange educational events about, often ignored, asexuality and polyamory

 I will make sure to put on events for LGBT history month and  Transgender awareness week  Organise and get as many people to as many Pride/LGBT marches and events I can  Hold stalls, cake sales etc. popularizing events and LGBT issues.  Put more action into the LGBT group.  Most importantly listen to feedback, I want to hear what you have to say, and get as many people from different groups as possible involved in our events.

- Sam Lawton - Rachael Weal - RON

Sam Lawton for Religions and Beliefs Rep ‘There are many paths to the top of the mountain, but the view from the top is the same.’ This Hindu quote sums up my attitude towards religion. I take an eclectic approach to religious practice, because I feel that all religion is a basic force for good in the world. This is why I am running for the post of Religions and Beliefs Representative. In this role, I shall continue the ongoing work of the previous representative by promoting a holistic and balanced attitude towards belief through the regular forum. The forum is an opportunity for students to listen to speakers who share their experiences with their personal religion, and to discuss these in an academic setting. I also plan to expand the Quiet Space, both in its promotion and overseeing an effective transition to a permanent location. This will occur as soon as the new academic buildings are completed. I plan to do this to ensure that there is always a space where students can go to meditate, relax, or just to de-stress. I am a supporter of international human rights. This is already demonstrated by my participation within the organisation,, an LGBT rights movement, and Amnesty International. I believe that no one of any religion should be discriminated against as a result of their beliefs. This sums up why I should be elected as the next Religions and Beliefs Representative.

Hey guys,

My name is Rachael and I am a second year Art and Creative Writing student. I am interested in becoming your new Religions and Beliefs rep as I would like to encourage understanding between the religious students and non-religious students and bring a greater sense of community. We have a great breadth of religions and beliefs within our university, and I would like to show these as something to be especially proud of. The main focus of my representation as your Religions and Beliefs rep would be to promote equality. I am a great listener and communicator, and am always keen for a discussion, listening to both sides of the argument. I am receptive to the needs of others, and am very proactive and like to get the job done.

Things I would like to focus on are:      

Creating a sense of combined community between those of religions, and those not of religions. Making more of a presence for all religions and beliefs within the university. Arrange opportunities and days for multi-cultural events. Continue work on creating a multi-faith prayer space within the university. Try to get in touch with religious groups outside of the university, and put people in touch with them, if desired. More information made available to all students about religions and beliefs.

Thanks for your time, Rachael. 

- Kai Patel - RON


Stephanie Booth Cat Christie James Patrick Ewan Soubutts Rebecca Vickers RON

Vote Stephanie! for MPA School Rep

My name is Stephanie Booth and I am a second year Dance student. I am currently an academic rep and would love the opportunity to be the School rep for the MPA department!

As School Rep I would like to: - Campaign for more space! As practical courses we need much more space available for classes and rehearsals. - Collaborate with venues in town and local areas to provide more performance opportunities and connections.

- Attempt to integrate between MPA courses to build a better working relationship and opportunity for collaboration.

Hi, I’m Cat, currently a second year music student at Bath Spa. I am running for School of Music and Performing Arts Rep because I am very interested in how the school is run and I feel I could help to improve it for students and lecturers alike. You should vote for me because… 

 

 

I would aim to combine the interests of students from all departments in the school to make sure all opinions across the school are heard and recognised. I want to make it easier for students on different courses in the school to contact each other for collaborative projects, whether for Uni work or side projects. I will take issues to the necessary board as well as working with you to find solutions. I already have experience representing the music department this year as a department rep, representing the views of Music, Commercial Music and Creative Music Technology Students at various meetings. I am open-minded and very happy to convey other people’s problems and suggestions as well as my own. I’m friendly and approachable and as much as I will make myself available for students to come to, I will also make the effort to get in touch with students in person and via networking.

Thank you for reading and I hope to represent you in the future.

Visit to vote!

Vote James Patrick To represent the School of Music & Performing Arts I am running for MPA rep to make your time at this school a more enjoyable experience. I believe that if everyone works together and voices their opinions and feedback we can improve the school. If elected I promise to: • Improve advice and guidance from lecturers on how to improve our work. • Increase the levels of communication throughout the school to ensure projects run more smoothly. • Strive to see that the school can update some of their facilities that could benefit from some attention. • Work with you to find solutions to any problem or query you may have. • Encourage collaborations between different courses and years. • Seek opinions and information on matters that concern yours and the school’s well being. • Resolve any issues that my predecessor Any questions? Contact me at may not have completed. • Ensure that you receive the most from your experience within the school.  


Rebecca Vickers Second Year Drama Student The position of Music and Performing Arts School Rep Experience Drama Rep Department Rep I have successfully dealt with issues students have had e.g. Space and created more opportunities such as Theatre trips. During this time I have been able to feel what it is like to represent the student body and this has now made me even more eager to develop my skills and represent the School.

Why Me? It’s my first time running for School Rep, but I am ready to do the work and I am up for the challenge. We need someone who is strong, creative, determined and dedicated. That’s why I am the best candidate for the job. I can bring new energy and ambition to this position. If you let me, I am willing to fight on your behalf to ensure we get the best. We as students deserve the best opportunities and facilities the university has to offer and with your help I am confident that I can make a difference. If you put your trust and confidence in me I promise I will do everything in my power to represent our common interests and goals. No voice will be unheard. I would like the chance to prove myself and to prove that I can work hard to benefit you. Thank you for your consideration.

- Kasia Pugh - Sean Sloan - RON

Kasia Pugh For School of Humanities and Cultural Industries Rep Second year Film and Screen Studies student Course Rep for two years Councillor at Secondary School Subject experience in Film, Media and English

“Passionate about working with you to help you”

If elected… I aim to:  Ensure that your concerns about your course are voiced and addressed promptly  Ensure you have the advice and support you need for all of your subject modules  Ensure you feel that you are getting the best value for money learning experience from your degree

Vote at: th th 6 - 8 March 2013

Sean Sloan for Humanities and Cultural Industries School Rep I have been a Student rep for the past three years, firstly as a course rep moving to department and then school rep. In all of these roles I have been a strong voice for the students of Bath Spa University. Already I have been involved with taking student’s complaints and grievances before the English department and the School board, all of which have been resolved quickly to the satisfaction of everyone involved. I have also sat on the SU council for the past three years helping to make responsible decisions for all students of Bath Spa. If elected I will continue with all these duties only with more scope and a louder voice for students. I will campaign for better feedback for exam results with the goal of making sure that students get the same one to one time with their lecturers for exams, as is already in place for essays, presentations and other assignments. Simply informing students of their grades is unacceptable as students must have the opportunity to improve in all aspects of their degree. I will also constantly seek out feedback from students throughout the academic year making sure that all concerns and complaints are brought before the relevant departments and are quickly resolved. I will pay special attention to any students that feel that they need help due to personal difficulties or mitigating circumstances. A vote for me is a vote for a confident and representative individual that is considerate and responsive to all students’ needs.

- Jo Allen - RON

Experience:  Second Year Education Studies Student.  Harington Buddy 2012.  Head of Secondary School Council.  Summer Ball Committee Member.

Passionate about working hard to help you!

Jo Allen For School of Education Rep Vote at

VOTE 6TH – 8TH MARCH If elected I aim to: 

Ensure that your opinions and worries are valued and addressed.

“I am an approachable and confident individual who is passionate about working with you to help you. I am dedicated and hardworking and will

 Ensure that you feel supported in each and every module you take.

work to the best of my ability within

 Ensure that you all feel you are given the correct guidance with assignments so you can feel confident in yourself and your work.

improve the level of support and

this role. I am already working to

guidance we are given in certain modules, and will continue this with your support.”


Matt Collins Heather Copeland Daisy Holder Holly Jenkins Reiss McGuinness Cecily Mumby Kai Patel Sean Sloan Ewan Soubutts Emma Weskin RON

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