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REVIEW The story starts with Cammie in Boston to visit Macey who is on the campaign trail to get votes for her father’s vice-presidential campaign. During Cammie’s stay, she, Macey and Preston (the son of the presidential candidate) are attacked on a rooftop, after the itinerary is changed. The girls barely make it out and are badly injured, after diving into a laundry chute. After the attack, Cammie remembers that one of their attackers was wearing a ring that she recognized but couldn’t place. When Macey returns to Gallagher Academy, she is injured badly with a big yellow bruise and a broken arm. The Secret Service agent placed with Macey for her protection is Cammie’s aunt Abby (Abigail), who Cammie had not seen since before her mom quit the CIA, and before her dad died. Macey has to leave the school to help her father get votes in Cleveland, Cammie, Bex and Liz are reluctant to let her go, but they have too. Mr Solomon takes the junior CoveOps class on a trip to Cleveland during the event. During the trip, Cammie runs into Zach while at an event. Cammie is confused about what he wants but decides not to press the issue, especially since he disappears when a secret service agent finds them. In order to protect Macey, Cammie, Bex and Liz go undercover at a political function, they use invites and ID that Liz procures for them, in a way that Cammie decides she doesn’t want to know, to get in. Cammie sees Zach and realizes that he was also in Boston in disguise. She tries to get him to tell her the truth but he won’t. While talking with Bex and Liz later, Cammie and Macey realize that their attackers were not surprised that the girls could perform impressive defence techniques. Cammie recalls one of the attackers saying “Get her.” and they realise Preston was not the target, as he was not even supposed to be on the rooftop, Macey was. Liz points out that no one knows the truth about the Gallagher Academy, that the attackers shouldn’t have known, but thinking about Zach’s words about her father’s death, Cammie replies, “Someone knows.” The girls keep thinking about the strange but familiar ring that one of the attackers wore until Cammie remembers during a Covert Ops class with Mr Solomon where she saw the mysterious symbol. She drags both of her friends to Gillian Gallagher‘s (the school’s founder) sword and shows them the symbol. Liz says this explains why she couldn’t find the symbol for any modern group: “They’re old,” she says. Reading the history, the girls discover that the man who first attempted to kill Lincoln (Iosef Cavan) was part of a group called The Circle of Cavan, and that the sword Gilly used to kill him was his own. The girls realize that the Circle of Cavan must want to kill Macey, because she is Gilly’s descendant.



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