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Diccionario Inglés-Español

Daniel Zavala Contreras


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Diccionario InglĂŠs-EspaĂąol

Daniel Zavala Contreras


1. arrive llegar Example:We expect visitors to arrive soon.

2. ask preguntar Example:I didn't ask about his work

3. become Convertir Example: Mary has become an excellent engineer.

4. break Romper Example: The boy was seen to break the window

5. begin empezar Example:The movie may begin soon

6. build construir Example:Birds build nests

7. buy comprar Example: Tom wants to buy a car

8. call llamar Example: I'll call an ambulance

9. catch atrapar Example:the catcaughta mouse

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Diccionario InglĂŠs-EspaĂąol

Daniel Zavala Contreras

____________________________________________________________________________ 10. clean limpiar Example:Clean your room

11. cook cocinar Example:Shehascookedrice

12. dance bailar Example:EricaandLuishave dancedall night

13. drink beber Example:Do you drink coffee?

14. finish acabar Example: I will finish my homework

15. fly volar Example:This bird can't fly.

16. go ir Example: You should go out tonight.

17. have tener Example:I have a backache

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Diccionario InglĂŠs-EspaĂąol

Daniel Zavala Contreras


18. learn aprender Example:Peter began to learn English

19. like gustar Example:Esther like watching TV

20. lose perder Example: Did you lose anyone?

21. play jugar Example: Paulplays soccer

22. sell vender Example:They sell eggs at the supermarket

23. sing cantar Example:She can sing very well

24. speak hablar Example:Miguel speakEnglish

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Diccionario InglĂŠs-EspaĂąol

Daniel Zavala Contreras

____________________________________________________________________________ 25. study estudiar Example:I am going to study 26. take tomar / llevar Example:You may take the book

27. talk hablar Example:I want someone to talk to

28. travel viajar Example: When I travel, I prefer to travel by air

29. watch ver Example: He likes to watch TV

30. work trabajar Example: Bill had to work today

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Diccionario ingles-español