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Surviving an internship can be easy if you eat enough croissants.

Introduction This is my guide to suriving an internship at Slashstroke Magazine, a publication you’re probably pretty familiar with if you are a student at Middlesex. The magazine is really handy for if you want to be involved in the real creative process of a small magazine. Unlike other internships at huge publications, you will have the experience of e-mailing the designers and PR agencies directly, organising, styling and creatively directing the shoots and generally having a more of ‘a say’ in how the magazine is presented and will finally look. I guess this will be less of a guide, I’m just going to tell you things that happened during my time at the magazine and a few running jokes etc. that kept us all amused in the studio.

A Problematic

Magazine Name One of the most frustrating but funny elements of the job would be that every time you went to a PR agency/designer/ company that had never heard of the magazine, they would always call it the wrong name. Variations included: Flash Stroke Slash Stoke Lash Stroke Slash Poke Soon it had got to the point where not only were the staff spelling it/saying it wrong, but we just started making up new names for the magazine. One of the editors, Zoya, spent one day just finding out what the magazine sounded like in different languages. The funniest probably being Chinese which sounded a bit like.. ‘SLAASHA-STRUUKER’

The Office Diet The studio operated a very strict rule of having at least one packet of biscuits in the studio at any one time - this was one of the many eating habits around the studio, others included: Many, many croissants, Pain au Chocolat’s (pastries in general) A variety of wraps filled with vegetarian things Amazing sandwiches from the cafe down the road Lots and lots of Berocca

Here’s an excerpt from the /- website explaining the company: ‘SLASHSTROKE MAGAZINE IS PRODUCED BY THE SLASHSTROKE DESIGN GROUP. THE MAGAZINE IS A COLLABORATIVE PROJECT BETWEEN THE SLASHSTROKE TEAM AND MANY CONTRIBUTORS. THE MAGAZINE ONLINE AND IN PRINT ARE NOT FOR PROFIT PRODUCTIONS. AS WITH SLASHSTROKE DESIGN GROUP OUR AIM IS TO CREATE A WIDE, DYNAMIC AND OPEN WORK ENVIRONMENT TO EXPLORE, EXPERIMENT AND CREATE’ Beyond this explanaiton, Slashstroke is a magazine which brings in more organic ways to produce a magazine, using the cheap and accessible things around the team, they create new and fun ways of displaying information. They appropriate old techniques in new ways and new forms, and have a very specific style - when you see a shoot or project done by the /- team, it is very obvious and distinctive. David Poole is the Creative Director, Helen Delany is the Art Director, Lucy Fine is an occasional stylist for shoots. The rest of the staff included myself, my good friend Warren Leech (who has now gone off to work for i-D), Diana and Zoya.

About Slashstroke

What’s In My Bag? Here’s a list of essentials to survive the long, tiring, and sometimes irritating days that await you in your internship.

A bottle of water, or usually Diet Coke in my case, as i’m so high fashion, A book to read on the tube, I had Grace Coddington’s Autobiography finished in no time, Your iPod for when you wanna bash tourists out the way in anger on Oxford street and can’t deal with their screams, My macbook, essential because this is what I’d be sending all the e-mails to the press and designers from. Your oyster card, may seem an obvious one but I couldn’t count the amount of times I’ve got to my local tube station and realised I’ve left it at home. A super-chic backpack to carry everything around, I alternated between my trusty KTZ and American Apparel ones.

“ To “ To “ To

S L I resemble a G be

T T Y ” Shoreditch Twat

L I T Z ” glamarous, high-fashion

T R O U T S ” be undesirable, a trout

“HOT TO TROT” The best compliment you could recieve

The Lingo “ C H E R ” Obviously the queen of the world’s name is going to get thrown around. “ S H A D E ” To insult, a lot of this was thrown around the studio on a daily basis. “HIGH FASHION PARISIAN” Somebody who is making them eat it. “ C U T E ” A word used to describe everything, even if you don’t like something, it’s still cute.

People We Worked With Martine Rose Menswear Designer Trine Hav Christensen Womenswear Designer Yulia Tzesar Photographer Noel Stewart Milliner Ekaterina Kukhareva Womenswear Designer Models1 D1 Models M&P Models Nevs Model Management Next Model Management Modelling Agencies American Apparel Beyond Retro Retro Notting Hill Clothing Stores Electronic Sheep Knitwear Brand Stef Cook Illustrator & more..

A Snapshot


Daniel Wigham


A Survival Guide by Daniel Wigham, to help you with your internship and tell you about my experience on placement.

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