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  I’m an Industrial Designer who is always looking for innovative projects that represent a challenge for me as a professional and have transcendence for all the people involved. I have worked mainly in product development, since it is the design field, I’m passionate about. As a person I’m known for being committed to all the projects I get involved, I have a great capacity for teamwork, planning and strategy.


  27 /07/93  Cra 66 # 23A - 42 int 5 apto 802, BogotĂĄ   (+57) 3144258217

 Â  Industrial Design Pontifical Javeriana University Â? Advanced Management Program Pontifical Javeriana University Â? Branding, Brand Design and management Pontifical Javeriana University


  SolidWorks 3DMax Rhino

Advanced Intermediate Intermediate

Â? Â? Illustrator Photoshop

Advanced Advanced

Â?   After Effects Flash

Intermediate Intermediate

 � -Co-founder of a technological development company for the security and defense industry. -Research and development of Pandora project. -Corporate image development and social media management.


-Cofounder. -Research, design, production and testing of systems for neutralization of landmines. -Corporate image development.

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somnia -Cofounder. -3D modeling and printing service for parts on demand. -Product development based on 3D printing. Since much of my experience is in entrepreneurship, I have had to assume functions from the development of corporate image, through marketing strategies, to the development of functional prototypes of high complexity. Experience added to some freelance work mainly on graphic development and 3D modeling.

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­ ‚ƒ ­ EspaĂąol „ ­ English_____________7.0 (IELTS) „ ­ IItalian____________A2 (PUJ)


-Cofounder . -Design, manufacture and sale of design products related to the concept of “Rojo lifestyle�. -Development of graphic pieces for social media.

‹Â?ÂŒ‰ÂŽ ‚ ˆ

-Follow-up of the land acquisition process of the First Line of METRO project in BogotĂĄ. -Reports, presentations and graphics. -Control and supervision of process terms compliance.

‡ˆ Ž ‡ˆ ‘

€Â?    Â?Â… € Land Technical Director Bogota Urban Development Institute Cel: (+57) 3014010001 Â? ƒ ƒ† Â?Â… Industrial Designer METRO of Bogota Company Cel: (+57) 3015247033

Profile for Daniel Villarreal

Daniel Villarreal's CV 2019  

Industrial Designer Daniel Villarreal's CV 2019

Daniel Villarreal's CV 2019  

Industrial Designer Daniel Villarreal's CV 2019