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December 12, 2013

To Whom It May Concern: Daniel Thu is an extraordinary character in ways that words will fall short in explaining; yet if you are reading this I hope it will be sufficient in making you realize the best decision you can conclude to is employing this individual. You have an astonishing opportunity within reach that does not come around often. It is not hyperbole to say that in a situation that requires hard work, no one works harder than Daniel. With his seemingly endless amount of work-energy and his zonedout-stage of full dedication and focus, he has continued producing over-the-top quality work without ever missing a single deadline. This has been critical in many successstories, such as his team, in which he was co-piloting, winning the District 13 section of the National Student Advertising Competition and placing in the top 11% in the country, and also in being awarded Best in Show for his work with Hawaii International Film Festival. His background with The Norwegian School of Creative Studies gave him a curious creative mind that opened several doors for him, including transferring to Hawaii Pacific University, which further developed his arts of writing, design, presentation production, and visual imagery such as photography and videography, and editing thereof. His design keep captivate people with it´s edgy and unusual form, as he treasures the weird and the curious to solicit brand interactivity with all clients he encounter. Daniel Thu is an international honor student, the Secretary of Lambda Pi Eta and a member of Alpha Chi, member of the registered student organization Akamai Advertising Agency, and a new member of Ad2 Honolulu, a division of American Advertising Federation for people “32 and younger”. Daniel graduated from Hawaii Pacific University as Summa Cum Laude with an impressive 3.98 GPA, which reflects his constant dedication to academic excellence. Above all is Daniel´s integrity. Every decision, every action Daniel makes come out of his deep and genuine concern for his peers and the organizations he represents. His questions take ideas further, his honesty keeps ideas on track, and his dedication brings projects to excellent conclusions. You would be fortunate to have Daniel Thu on your team. Don´t miss the opportunity. Sincerely,

John Doe

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