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Mosaik Design & Remodeling Top Home Remodeling Company in Portland

Outline  About Us  Why you need Our Service  Services We Offer  Contact Us

About Us  Mosaik Design and Remodeling is one of the Top Home

Remodeling and Interior Designing Company, in Portland.  We have interior design professionals who have expertise

with interior designing and renovation works.  We have hands on experienced professionals who are

capable of solving various complex designing challenges through creative thinking, communication and leadership.

Why you need Our Service  Our Goal is only the best quality materials and truly

professional subs were to be used.  Our professionals know how to understand your goals and work along with you to satisfy them in given time and budget.  We offer 33% faster and reliable work with 6% cheaper cost and uncompromising quality in work.

Services We Offer We offer Services Like Bathroom Remodeling  Kitchen Renovation  Basement Remodeling  Living Space Design and Home addition  Home Remodeling  Interior Designing 

Home Remodeling & Interior Designing  Remodeling home gives you a new home at the same place where

you live but the stress is far lesser than shifting the whole thing  Working with Interior parts, we can add new pieces to your

existing ones or design an entirely new space with new furniture, art, window treatments and other accessories and create a space that truly fits you  When you work with us, we can manage this entire thing and get

your goals accomplished with our ideas.

Contact Us ď‚— To know more about Home remodeling services reach us


Address: 0112 SW Hamilton St Portland, OR 97239 Ph: 503-406-6179

Mosaik Design & Remodeling - Top Home Remodeling Company in Portland