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ON THE COVER 30_THEY CALL ME TWO-FACE-SETH. Meet PV‟s biggest, Youngest, most versatile new star. 36_BACKSTAGE PASS to Dudes & Divas 40_FOOTLOOSE NOSTALGIA from Johan Le Roux. 20_DRESS YOU UP. The ULTIMATE fashion team raids the drama class… 14_HOLIDAY SURVIVAL GUIDE. Beat the boredom. 42_THE BEST VOICE AT TREBLE FEST. Chatting to Peter Crafford. FEATURES 16_PV DON‟T BREAK. Another big merit to our name. ENTERTAINMENT 08_THE ULTIMATE REVIEW. Movies, books and music to keep you entertained this holiday… FOOD 18_BELLISSIMO. Make pasta from scratch. REGULARS 02_MASTHEAD. Who did what… 04_LETTER FROM THE EDITOR. Praise song. 06_DEPUTY‟S LETTER. 46_LAST PAGE: Hettie Etikettie se eksamenwenke!

ON THE COVER Seth van Graan photographed by Diana Kühn and styled by Daniël Geldenhuys. Read the full story on page 30 by Lana de Beer.

DANIËL GELDENHUYS Editor In Chief Creative Director Fashion Director CHANTÉ CHARLES Deputy Editor Features Director features editors LANA DE BEER NATASHA BICKNELL BRYONI CURRIN entertainment editor ZANDILE NDAYI lifestyle editor TAMRYN VAN WYK food editor CLEO CONACHER photographers DIANA KÜHN SARAH HOWARD-BROWNE KEVIN SCHNIDER KIM SWARTS head proofreader M G STEENKAMP

Parel Vallei High School

95 Parel Vallei Road, Somerset West 7130


PRAISE SONG All photographs on this page and opposite, except the one of the red head herself (BOTTOM RIGHT) by Kim Swarts.

Take a look at the collage of photos on the opposite page. It is a montage of cover and fashion shoots which I am extremely proud of. Of course each one of those pictures has a story… and for me, the hero of all those stories is Kim Swarts. It all started the day I told Esther van Zyl to pack an extra bag of clothes to take to Fraserberg because “I think I‟m gonna start a school magazine and there must be a fashion shoot in our premiere September issue.” Kim, being the stage manager of our drama production, soon found out and asked (forced) me to hire her as photographer. It was settled. The first of many conflicts began when I had one of my most creative/genius ideas ever: for the first outfit of “Far, Far Away” (Ultimate September 2010) I would put Esther and some other random clothes in a tree. “I refuse to do it,” she said. “It‟s the stupidest idea ever. I refuse to take this picture.” I would get this same speech seven months later at 15 On Orange when I wanted to shoot Michelle Laubscher with her head inside a lamp. I‟ll admit these ideas sound a little crazy now. (Kim will be reading this and smiling/laughing/calling me up to say „I told you so‟). And so our complicated work relationship continued. Five covers and six fashion spreads later, you don‟t have to remind me what an excellent partner in crime (that‟s a pun on the fact that we‟ve „shot‟ so many people) Kim is. I am sad to say that she has done nothing for this issue… Matric is a real head-in-the-lamp kind of year. So,this letter is to tell her how much I appreciate her. With only two issues to go after this one as editor-in-chief, I want to thank her for all her enthusiasm. Kim is the person I have worked the most closely with on this magazine for the longest period of time. It has been a pleasure. Wishing EVERYONE good luck with exams and may you all have a long, drawnout, never-ending, late-sleeping, nothing-doing, hot chocolate drinking, presently absent-minded HOLIDAY! xoxoD^^

Below an outtake (fail) shot of the „clothes in trees‟ idea from „Far, Far Away‟ Bottom: The girl behind the lens: Kim Swarts.


THE PAINFUL, ROTTEN TRUTH I believe it was the same look that Dumbledore gave young Harry when he told him about You-Know-Who. It is a combination of sadness and a warning of ill things to come. Now you may ask: who gave you this look and why? The answer is simple: my dentist. It appears as though through neglect, the state of one of my molars had deteriorated to the extent that it would have to be extracted. In my defense, I only started running and screaming outside of his practice. The significance of this may seem irrelevant. (When I was lying in that awful blue chair, I assure you, it was not.) I have always had a great hesitance to dentists. I was not afraid of the procedure (a bold lie). Then what had me clenching the armrests and hoping for the best? An undertaking can often seem easily do-able in the beginning, especially when it does not have to be done immediately. (I know this is the path many follow with school projects.) However, the faster the due date approaches, the bigger the problem becomes and the greater the consequence becomes for you. In my case, I left my tooth alone to sort itself out or simply disappear. The endings never happen like that, do they? The feeling of apprehension also strikes when someone mentions exams. That is when I realized a common ground between the two. Both times, the idea of them turned out to be far more frightening than the actual thing itself. When the dentist finished the extraction, it shocked me. I, in sheer disbelief, asked, “Is that it?” I spent the day relieved and kicking myself for not having done it sooner. Naturally, there were consequences. The pain only hit me later and I made a vow to never allow it to happen again. I assessed what I went through to look for future warning signs. The list came to inaccurate perceptions, denial, realization, fear, desperation, reluctant cooperation and then intense relief. Inaccurate perception: I laughed it off. Denial: the task did not exist because I refused to let it. Realization: …oh. Fear: I began to break out into cold sweats. Desperation: I went to a friend to escape. Reluctant cooperation: my friend helped by not helping and it was done. Intense Relief. My advice from this entirely painful process is that nothing is too trivial to be left alone for long. After a while, that project is enormous, your jaw aches, time runs out and you have to face the music. The advice in this issue cannot be caffeine inspired. I have to stay away from hot or cold drinks or foodstuffs. Pain is enough inspiration. I shall leave you with this: your time is limited so make the best of it. Get a head start on your projects, review your study material and brush your teeth every morning and night. I promise to stay by your side through bad teeth and hefty workloads but it is ciao for now.

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Holiday blockbusters, books and bands. +New superheroes and princesses.

From secret government organizations to new superheroes, big robots and a final burst of good old-fashioned magic, ULTIMATE picks the top four exam/holiday blockbusters of the winter season.



On 10 June catch Matt Damon and Emily Blunt trying to escape their destiny in a very Inceptionlike film: The Adjustment Bureau. Should be interesting… It all ends for Harry and company on 15 July in the eighth and final installment of the Potter phenomenon: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II. Book now. Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively go green on 22 June in a brand new* superhero movie franchise: Green Lantern. *New to the big screen, not the comic books.

Back again, but without Ms Fox, on 1 July for their final battle it‟s the transformers in Transformers: Dark of the Moon. So now they can get to work on a prequel… 

BOOK STILL WATERS by NIGEL McCRERY Review Chanté Charles R118.96 @

The scene opens with Iris Poel, devoted grandmother, tending to her garden plants. The temperature is inconceivably high and she could feel her body doing whatever possible to try to cool down. A strange feeling starts to consume her, as rational thinking leaves her. Her granddaughters incessant whines and seemingly uncaring nature suddenly drives her over the edge. In a surprising controlled outburst of anger, sweet and caring Iris does the unthinkable. Years later, DCI Mark Lapslie is called in on a case where his force found a body. Everything seems like the macabre routine and yet something does not feel right. Perhaps his condition gives him sense of foreboding. Mark suffers from synaesthesia. Simply put: he can taste sounds. Now he must use all of skills to track down a killer whose trademark is homicide through poisonous plants. Still Waters is exceptionally thrilling, to the point of fearing for the characters‟ lives. One watches as Mark struggles to act normally in environments where random sounds flood his mouth with, often awful, tastes. The unfairness of how he is made to live inspires a strong urge to survive. Then there is the malevolent character of Violet or named whatever identity she steals. Readers will find themselves desperately searching to find some explanation for her actions. This is what sets the book apart. There is no reason behind her schemes. She simply does these acts as she feels she has to. A death here and there is a vital part to her lifestyle. The recommendation of this book goes to all who are looking for a great psychological thriller. Be warned that it is not for the fainthearted. As one delves into the deeper layers of it, the nail-biting suspense continues to build, reaching dizzying heights. At the very end, you certainly will be shocked to the core. In addition, one finds that the old lady walking across the street no longer seems as innocent anymore. After all, they may just be Violet Chambers, waiting to make her next move. 

PANIC! AT THE DISCO Album title Vices and Virtues Genre Alternative Rock Review Zandile Ndayi R145.95 @


Born This Way, Judas, Edge Of Glory, Hair… and many more anthems we‟ll be pumping through our sound systems for the next year. Mamma Monster‟s third and final album (just kidding, there will be more) is here! Note to die hard fans: the deluxe edition is coming soon, so don‟t buy just yet… 

LADY GAGA Album title Born This Way Genre Pop Review Daniël Geldenhuys R165.95 @

Vices and Virtues, the third album from Panic at the Disco, is also the band‟s first album since their lyricist, guitarist, and bassist left the band in 2009. The band was then only left with two members: Brendan Urie on vocals and multi-instruments, and Spencer Smith on the drums. The loss of their lyricist was a great loss to the band but it also opened Brendan Uries‟ songwriting box as he took leadership in the band‟s vocal and songwriting department. Urie‟s lyrics touched on themes of manipulation and confusion. Brendan decided on the name of the album when he saw how the lyrics related to the seven deadly sins. The album took the band two years to complete - and more time in the studio saw the band trying new forms of musical experimentation. The album can also be credited for its musical styling. The band‟s song New Perspective also appeared on the movie Jennifer‟s Body and was inspired by the band‟s new experiences after they moved to Topanga. "We're living near the ocean and going surfing every day, which we've never done before. We tried to get that out in the song, I guess.” The albums lead single The Ballad of Mona Lisa expresses personal struggles and convictions many years prior to its official production for Vices & Virtues and speaks to the listeners‟ emotions. This is one album no one should miss out on. Grab a copy and support good music. 



Ladies and gentlemen, the time has come again for the men and women with fantastic abilities (no, not those four) to take to the screen in a dazzling array of telekinesis, telepathy and fiery power. Yes, X-men: First Class has arrived. The league of extraordinary men welcomes a new addition to their cast. Charles Xavier or Professor X, renowned for his ability to pry information from others‟ minds, comes to life through James McAvoy. Off the shores of Port Glasgow, James Andrew McAvoy was born on 21 April 1979. He debated Catholic priesthood before deciding that drama was his true passion. He did his all (including working at a bakery) and graduated from the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama in 2000. We have seen this lovable bad boy in films such as: The Chronicles of Narnia: the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (as cute Mr. Tumnus), The Last King of Scotland, Atonement and WANTED. The many credits he has under his belt include the BAFTA for Best Actor, London Film Critic‟s Award for Best Actor and National Movie Award for Best Male Performance. His Golden Globe nomination for Atonement should also be noted. Ever the performer, he takes to the stage in many productions, the most occurring of which is as Romeo. (He coincidently is the voice of Gnomeo in Gnomeo and Juliet.) Unfortunately, this heartthrob has a wife, Anne-Marie Duff and a son Brendan. No matter, he could read my mind any day.



I‟m not British. So I didn‟t know a whole lot about Catherine Middleton before her wedding day when I watched the live BBC coverage… Turns out she‟s a real down to earth, private school, all rounder kind of girl. Everyone‟s fun-loving friend… and now she‟s the newest edition to the royal family. Nice! The dress, an Alexander McQueen by Sarah Burton, truly reflected Catherine‟s elegance and royal restraint. It seems she is not only a perfect addition to the royals but also best equipped for the paparazzi frenzy that will follow her for the rest of her life. Let‟s face it, although she had a truly Disney style wedding (the only exception being that the kisses in the Disney movies are way more graphic) and will never have to worry about money or people pulling emotional rank, she is going to have to endure a lot of scrutiny from the press. Most of her privacy is out the door and if she puts one foot wrong in the public eye she‟ll have to deal with bloody repercussions. The point is, whatever happens, you can be sure Catherine is doing it all for love. And that is modern romance. 

Holiday Survival Guide Holidays mean one thing FREEDOM! But after a week into the holidays we‟re visited by an old pal called BOREDOM! With these tips your holiday will be anything but bland! By TAMRYN VAN WYK Thank goodness the world didn’t end on the 21st of May, because these up-andcoming movies are to DIE For!

The Godmother: Madea’s Big Happy Family. Faced with unruly children, family Illness, drug dealing and family secrets, Madea a.k.a The Godmother is who you call to for help. Starring: Bow Wow, Tyler Perry and Loretta Devine. Release Date: Friday 01 July

Kung Fu Panda: The Kaboom of Doom With the appearance of the evil Lord Shen, who wants to destroy China, Po must discover his strength to overcome Lord Chen and save China. Starring: Jack Black, Lucy Liu, Jackie Chan and Angelina Jolie. Release Date: Friday 10 June This is by far The Best website Man has ever created! Spend countless hours playing and taking: The Idiot Test, The Impossible Quiz and THE RED BUTTON! His website will have you drooling over your PC for days!

Sharing the Love with Primi Piatti Do yourself a favour and “SHARE THE LOVE” – Sundays and Mondays after 5pm.

CHOCOchinos For those chilly evenings… INGREDIENTS 1 x tsp of coffee 1 x tsp cocoa 3/4 tsp vanilla essence 2 x tsp sugar a little milk 3/4 cup of boiling water METHOD 1. Put coffee, cocoa and sugar in one cup 2. Pour in boiling water 3. Add the vanilla essence 4. Add milk to fill the cup 5. STIR!

Tour Cape Town for only 120 Bucks!

See them “For the First Time” This will definitely be The Highlight of your Holiday! The Script – Live in S.A. One night only. 26 June 2011. Grand West Casino. “For the first time..Whoo Whoo Hoo Whoo Hoo”

Purchase your tickets NOW! 

Cape Town‟s The Topless Tours The City Sightseeing Bus will take you on a scenic tour of Cape Town for only R120 for an Adult one Day ticket. Busses meet everyday at 09:10 in front of the Two Oceans Aquarium! Grab your friend and make it a day around our beautiful Mother City.

BRYONI CURRIN‟S incredible story of yet another Parel Vallei victory!

From left: Sean Cilliers, Bryoni Currin, Matthew Higgo, Malcolm van Aardt


ast year Malcolm van Aardt, Matthew Higgo and Sean

Cilliers took part in the annual Model Bridge Building Competition. They built a bridge out of sticks, string and glue that managed to support 40kg. Unfortunately they did not place, but they refused to give up. They decided to enter the competition for this year again and try a different strategy… On 16 April 2011 the guys went to Canal Walk to participate in the Model Bridge Building Competition once again. Together they formed the 3-person team required and I went along as their 'supervisor/Learner Council Representative.‟ Each team represented their school. We were one of ±18 teams and we were of course representing Parel Vallei. When we got to Canal Walk Malcolm and I decided to have Double-Shot Espressos from Mugg & Bean. After needing to wake up at 6 on a Saturday morning it was going to be a long day. It started off with teams needing to register by 08:20. This was followed by a 30 minute Bridge Lecture in which we were basically given tips of what we shouldn't do if we wanted to build a successful bridge. It was quite interesting, but we knew it all already. We were then given all our materials needed to build the bridge: 25 wooden sticks (4mm x 4mm x 600mm) Epoxy Glue (a limited supply) 3m of string Large soft board Pins (only allowed to be used to mark out the design on our board) Pegs (only allowed to be used to hold joints together as they dried) A mini saw


The wooden sticks that we were given were extremely brittle. If you compress them even slightly, length ways, they bend… and too much compressive force will cause it to break. If you pull them however, they don't break. Because of this the bridge had to be designed so that tensile forces are exerted on the sticks and not compressive forces. (If you‟re not quite following, that‟s okay.) The distance that the bridge had to cover was 80mm. So put two rulers end to end add 20cm and that was the span of the bridge. Not a very easy task to do with such weak sticks. After receiving the materials we had from 09:00 till 14:30 to build the bridge. It sounds like more than enough time, but you'd be surprised how much needed to be done. The sticks needed to be cut to the exact size for the base and glued together. We also had to cut 10mm long pieces to use as separators between the sticks, because you need more than one stick in order for it to be strong enough, but you are not allowed to stick two sticks completely together. When 14:30 came around we were done, ready for the testing and feeling very confident. The glue then needed a few hours to dry and harden properly. While the teams and judges waited for the glue to dry we all went to a restaurant where the organizers of the competition provided us with lunch. After lunch we got time to walk around Canal Walk, I really enjoyed that part!

The judges placed the bridges in the order of what they thought was weakest to strongest, ours was right in the middle. At 17:00 it was time for the testing of the bridges to take place. We sat with our fellow competitors and watched the bridges go up on the weighing contraption. One by one the bridges went up and one by one they broke under the weight. With every bridge that broke we got more confident and more excited. Then it was time to test our bridge. I stood on the side and took a video, Sean stood watching the bridge while Matthew and Malcolm loaded the weights. The weights have to be loaded on one by one and the faster you load them the better, because then it's like you aren't giving the bridge any time to weaken. The first weight went on and the counter started. The weight that the judges estimated for our bridge was 60kg. Once it got to 60kg they said that we needed to take it easy, but Matthew and Malcolm didn't listen. They kept loading the 10kg weights. 80kg, 90kg, 100kg! Our bridge was the first one to reach 100kg and we, along with the crowd and judges, were very excited. They kept loading the weights and the bridge kept holding. 180kg, 190kg, 200kg! I couldn't believe what I was seeing. This bridge made out of nothing but sticks, glue and string was doing great. Then finally, as it reached 210kg, it broke. The final weight is then whatever the weight was before the last weight was put on. 205kg was our bridge's final weight. It was unbelievable! We were so excited and smiling from ear to ear. Every bridge that was tested after ours was a nail-biting experience as we waited, hoping for it to break, and they did. With the last bridge left to be tested and our bridge still being in first place we knew we had at least come second. The last bridge went on and broke before it reached 180kg. As that bridge went down we realised we had won. The judges then announced: "Parel Vallei High School has won the competition with an outstanding 205kg!" I cannot even describe the excitement that filled us in that instant. As the winners of this competition the team is going to take part in the National Model Bridge Building Competition in Johannesburg in August this year.ď Ž


Bellissimo! A step-by-step guide to YOUR OWN authentic, FRESH PASTA. Trust the thousands of ITALIAN Mamas: fresh is BEST! By Cleo Conacher

YOU’LL NEED…  400g Flour  200g Semolina – You’ll find this ingredient in the maize and flour aisle of your store. Keep your eyes peeled!  7 eggs  Pinch of Salt  3 Tablespoons of olive oil.


2 3 5

Mix the flour and

semolina together in a large bowl.

Add the eggs and salt and

incorporate a small amount of the flour surrounding the eggs with a whisk. Add the olive oil and

mix it into your eggs and form your mixture into dough.




Lay your dough onto a flat,

floured surface and knead it with gusto until the flour is completely worked in and has a firm consistency.

Roll out your delicious pasta with


a tool of your choice, shape it and Enjoy a taste of Italy! flavour it to your heart’s content. DO Ravioli, Spaghetti Bolognaise, NOT OVERCOOK YOUR PASTA!! REMEMBER: Fresh pasta takes about Cannelloni, you name it!  half the time that dried pasta takes to boil.

OPPOSITE PAGE: FASHION HAS ENTERED THE BUILDING. Start the party with a bold burst of (slightly tacky) nostalgia. It breaks the tension and gets your guests lose! THIS PAGE: COLOR BURST One bright statement piece can shock you into a passionate love for fashion.

ASIAN WARRIOR. Defy expectations with Louis Vuitton‟s 2011 Asian feel. It‟s fresh and oh so very cool.

JAIL BIRDS. The costumes from Stefan Benade‟s 2010 Glansgod production have a distinct „convict‟ feel which is excellently pulled off with a distinctly bored expression. Detention is no fun.

DRAMATIC ARTS. You‟ll find the iconic „happy face/sad face‟ logo in all theatres… and on the faces of two girls wearing minimal clothes with a Greek feel…

ANIMAL. Call her a bunny because of her handmade head piece, or a mermaid because of her shimmering tail‌ one thing is for sure: sheâ€&#x;s a party animal.

MAKING A STATEMENT. Don‟t be afraid to accessorize a conservative outfit with something bold. The only thing to worry about is what your mother will say… gasp.

“WAITING ON THE WORLD TO CHANGE.” War is no party. Remember that when you‟re rocking the constantly evolving military trend.

THIS PAGE: HOLD UP. Put your hands in the air for next season‟s stripe trend. Gloriously played out at Prada‟s Spring/Summer show, we realize we‟re getting a little ahead of ourselves, but a party knows no season. OPPOSITE PAGE: SWAN LAKE It‟s no easy task to remain innocent as the black swan taps her fingers of temptation on your shoulder… PRODUCTION Daniël Geldenhuys. MODELS Lieze Nel and Tamryn van Wyk. HAIR AND MAKE-UP Sarah Howard-Browne. SPECIAL THANKS to Annelie Strauss and Willem Steenkamp.

They call me


Parel Vallei has a new star by the name of Seth van Graan. It‟s his first year in high school and already he‟s won PV‟s Got Talent and landed a lead role in this year‟s musical, Dudes & Divas. He will be playing the part of club owner, Manny‟s (Charl Cillie), boombox carrying nephew Hughie who is trying to make some pocket money by helping out in the jazz club. Sounds like a pretty easy part right? Wrong. He has to sing two songs, Radio Gaga and Wired For Sound, and boy can. he. sing. He started singing at the age of 6 while he was living in Watford, a place on the border of London, England. The kids bullied him because of it. Thankfully he ended up moving to Somerset West and attending Beaumont Primary where he was more accecpted. He joined the choir in Grade 6, left, and joined again becoming the soloist. Naturally. He was one of the main cast in their musical, The Lion King, last year which turned many heads. (I thought he should have done his photo shoot dressed in his Lion King costume but, sadly, he didn‟t go for it.) His friends know him as the guy who will befriend anyone, Seth-the-loud-boy and the irritation. But most importantly, as two-faceSeth because while he was in England, he developed an accent but when he moved back, he was surrounded by his family and friends so he developed two accents. “One minute I would speak in an English accent and the next in a „coloured‟ accent.” The school knows him as the „ladies‟ man‟ after the PV awards. He defends himself by saying, “I only got that award because I have a lot of friends who are girls and during initiation Paolo would always see me walking with a different girl.” Yeah I‟d like to believe that but when I asked him how many girlfriends he‟s ever had, it took him a minute or two to calculate. The answer is 8 by the way and no, it‟s not the cute, puppylove kind of relationship because when I asked that, he looked at me as if I were crazy and said, “Nah that was once in Grade 4.” Go figure.

“One minute I would speak in an English accent and the next in a „coloured‟ accent.”

“You don‟t wanna be walking around with only one pair of shoes.”

He‟s got quite a dignified taste when it comes to food. The best burger he‟s ever eaten was a brie cheese, bacon and avocado burger at La Romantica. I approve since it qualifies as a BACON AND CHEESE BURGER. I asked him to pick any place where he could go and he answered with, Cape Town Stadium. Patriotic I must say. He was there during the world cup and it was quite the experience. The vibe and company really left some lasting impressions. When forced to pick a place outside South Africa, he chose New Zealand because of the wilderness plus he‟s quite a fan of the Maoi tribes and aspires to learn more about them. Is he only talented in music? Of course not. He currently plays for the u/14 A Rugby team. His family always believed that he would be a rugby player because when he was born, he had really wide shoulders and weighed 4 kg! Shoes are the main fashion icon in his life. He never leaves the house without an extra pair of shoes because, and I quote, “you don‟t wanna be walking around with only one pair of shoes.” His favourite brands include Nikes, Allstars and anything Italian. The two great inspirations in his singing career are John Legend and British singer, Adele. Two of his favourite actors are Jessica Alba because “she‟s hot” and Will Smith. When he finishes high school, he wants to go to UCT to study Jazz. He thinks it would be amazing to make a record and get famous but he would really rather be a music teacher. Are we seeing the makings of a new Mr Combe? 



“Die dikke domme daaitjie duizel druk die dom onnosel donkie dwars deur die drie dubbele doring draad.” Try singing this tongue twister over and over again, each time higher than the time before, until you hear the shatter of a nearby glass object (possibly a window) and your oesophagus feels like it has turned into cement. If you manage to succeed, then you might just be able to keep up with the cast of this year‟s musical, The Dudes and the Divas. I am aware of the fact that I‟ve probably spelt a few of the words in this phrase wrong, but it‟s taken me quite a few rehearsals to memorise the gist of it, forgive me. Anyway, the point of this article is to give you a small idea of what happens at a Dudes and Divas rehearsal and what you can expect in the not-so-far-away future. I have a minor part in the chorus of this musical, but that has not stopped me from feeling the magic. Mrs Manthey has spoken quite a few times about the amazing vibe there often is amongst the cast of a musical and I am definitely starting to feel it. There are some really talented people in our school I tell you. It makes one proud. A typical day at rehearsal starts off with a couple of voice exercises (usually the dikke domme one as well as a few others that help to loosen the jaw bone and warm up the tongue). After this, we break up into groups to practice various songs or dances. The dances are almost all choreographed by pupils from our school. Rhubarb rhubarb rhubarb. This is a phrase that is often used to fake chatter between cast members on stage. I bet you are dying to try it out in front of a mirror now. Yes, although we may not have auditioned to act, all cast members are expected to be able to fake a conversation or flirt with someone they may not know from a bar of soap. This is how you make friends in a musical. You cannot have a silent conversation with someone about vegetables and not become acquaintances at least.

I would say that our musical rehearsals are filled with a good balance of hard work and fun. People pitch up in pyjamas, soccer tournaments take place in the sports hall during breaks and pizzas are ordered by hungry individuals during long rehearsals. It‟s not all one big party though. Musicals don‟t just happen overnight and a lot of time and effort is being invested. Everyone seems prepared to go the extra mile though; it‟s pretty special to be a part of this, well worth every sacrifice.

The main cast members of the musical are very entertaining. There are some interesting romantic scenes, and they often have the whole cast in stitches. Mrs Manthey is doing an amazing job, directing the whole thing. She, Mrs von Mollendorff and Mrs Steyn are so full of enthusiasm it‟s contagious. Their patience is extraordinary. Sometimes we have to sing a song over and over again until the words become embedded in our skulls (if you happen to hear a cast member humming the same tune over and over again, please refrain from hitting him/her over the head with your maths book). If you‟ve read this far, you are probably waiting for me to reveal the storyline or something. All I‟ll say is that it is going to be good. And you should be excited. Rhubarb. 

NOSTALGIA Johan le Roux remembers PV‟s 2006 musical production: Footloose He‟s a Parel Vallei old dog (though definitely not old) and you may remember him as the guest speaker at 2011 Love Week‟s „Plastic Love‟ day. He‟s now wrapping up his studies and co-hosting a show on Radio Helderberg. Daniël Geldenhuys finds out more… WHAT IS THE THING YOU REMEMBER MOST CLEARLY ABOUT FOOTLOOSE AFTER 5 YEARS?

We did a song called Mama says and it was a song that Ren's (the main guy) friends sang. I haven't done any acting before Footloose so I was very nervous in the beginning. But every time we did that song it was a lot of fun and the whole cast pretty much ended up on the stage. Kind of took the nervousness away. Probably my best memory from the musical. WHY DID YOU AUDITION? DID YOU ALWAYS WANT TO BE IN A MUSICAL?

To be honest i never thought that I would be in a musical ever. I just auditioned because my group of friends convinced me. WHICH CHARACTER DID YOU PLAY?

I was one of Ren's (main guy) group of four friends. WHAT SPORT DID YOU DO AT PV? DID IT EVER CLASH WITH THE MUSICAL?

I played rugby, cricket, tennis and did athletics at PV. Sport never interfered with the practices but I did force my family to cut our June holiday short as I had to be back for rehearsals. HOW DID YOU EXPERIENCE MRS MANTHEY AS A DIRECTOR?

Mrs Manthey was an excellent director. She was very passionate about the musical and maintained a good balance between allowing us to have fun and being strict when she needed to be. YOUR STRONGEST ASPECT IS: SINGING, ACTING, OR DANCING?

Well, back when I did the musical I wasn't strong in any of those aspects. Before the musical I had no experience in acting or dancing and the only singing experience I had was when I sang in the choir in Gr 2. A few years after the musical I started singing again. But during the musical Mrs Manthey

and Von Mollendorff had to do a lot of work with me. WHAT DID YOU LEARN FROM BEING IN FOOTLOOSE?

I gained a lot of confidence from Footloose and I also learned that singing/dancing/acting is a LOT of fun. WAS FOOTLOOSE A SUCCESS? WHY?

Yes, definitely. Not sure about ticket sales but I think almost every night was sold out.

“singing/ dancing/ acting is a LOT of fun”


Uhm, I am not aware of any slip ups that I made onstage. I however did forget to switch my mic off one night when I was back stage but I don't think it was audible. BASED ON THE ENTIRE FOOTLOOSE EXPERIENCE, GIVE US A LITTLE PREDICTION OF HOW DUDES AND DIVAS WILL GO DOWN…

With Mrs Manthey as director, PV's music department as the band and PV's gees the musical will be a great success. I am not sure of what the story line behind the show is, but I know with those three elements it will be as good and better than Footloose. YOU WERE ON THE LEARNER COUNCIL IN YOUR MATRIC YEAR. THE GRADE 8S MUST HAVE LOOKED LIKE BABIES AT THE TIME. DO THE MATRICS LOOK LIKE BABIES TO YOU NOW?

No, I can't believe how everyone has grown up. When you are in matric the age gap feels massive, but as you get out of school everyone seems on the same level, even people who are still in school. So no, I am proud of my gr8 babies and how they have grown up. WHAT DID YOU DO AFTER SCHOOL?

Study. . . Johan le Roux in Footloose: Above (RIGHT) with Bradley Manthey (LEFT) and on opposite page (RIGHT). Below right: the cast of Footloose.

Catch Johan every Wednesday night on Radio Helderberg 93.6fm from 21:00 - 00:00


At the moment I am in my final year of Theological studies. I also started a tutoring business called 2Uition which is doing really well. I also do some presenting on Radio Helderberg, write some articles for the District Mail and referee rugby games during the winter season. Other than that I often speak/preach/share at random events like school assemblies and I am also (if all goes well) starting as a youth worker at a church in SW in July.

Like Evanescence… …but male. … and BETTER. That was the general opinion about the lead singer of 3rd World Spectator, Peter Crafford at Culture Week‟s TREBLE FEST. Lana de Beer finds out a little more and isn‟t surprised to discover that they seem to be the next big thing. Photographs KEVIN SCHNIDER

INTRODUCE YOUR BAND MEMBERS, TELL US SOMETHING RANDOM AND UNIQUE ABOUT EVERYONE INCLUDING YOURSELF… Hi I‟m Peter Crafford the vocalist and I am a comic book geek. I collect action figures as well. We have André Wentzel on drums and he is an avid fan of aviation. Justin Versfeld is on lead guitar and he is a bonsai tree specialist. Louis Kühn is on bass guitar and he can play rugby. The rest of us can‟t. HOW DID THE BAND GET STARTED? We started fiddling around with songs way back in 2006, but only got around to professionally focusing on being a band in 2008. We sat down and made a conscious decision to work hard to get the band going and myself, André and Justin have been together ever since then. DESCRIBE YOUR BAND’S STYLE… We have various influences, ranging from Rachmaninov to Britney Spears. Because we enjoy a variety of music genres don‟t be surprised to find a piano ballad and a progressive rock song on the same setlist. WHO WRITES THE MUSIC IN THE BAND? I write the majority of the music and lyrics, but between myself and Justin we have written about 3 songs together. HOW DID YOU COME UP WITH THE NAME 3RD WORLD SPECTATOR? The name originates from a clothing shop in Johannesburg that existed during the 80‟s. The name forms a crucial part of the sensory experience we try to create with our performance, as it serves as a conversation piece, and becomes rather interactive. DO YOU HAVE ANY ALBUMS OUT? WHERE CAN WE FIND THEM? Our debut album „The Theory of Everything‟ will be released by July/August and will be available in every music retailer. Otherwise you can visit our Myspace and Facebook pages to get some of our older songs for free. WHAT/ WHERE HAS BEEN YOUR MOST IMPORTANT SHOW SO FAR? Without a doubt when we performed at The Virgin Mobile V Fest preshow alongside Maroon5 and OneRepublic at the Coca-Cola Dome. We were still a young band but playing in front of ten thousand people when you are that young is rather humbling. I HEARD YOU ALMOST GOT CHOSEN TO BE THE OPENING BAND FOR 30 SECONDS TO MARS LAST YEAR. WERE YOU CHOSEN TO AUDITION OR COULD ANYONE? DID YOU MEET THE BAND? TELL ME MORE… We were informed that we were on a shortlist by Big Concerts and we were judged on our performance at V Fest. Unfortunately we didn‟t get chosen, and funnily enough none of us attended the concert, although we are huge fans of 30STM. WHAT ARE YOUR BAND’S GOALS FOR THIS YEAR? At the start of the year we got signed by Universal Records so we are finally releasing our debut album, accompanied by videos and hopefully a lot of touring and playing at festivals.

“Don’t be surprised to find a piano ballad and a progressive rock song on the same setlist.”

WHICH INTERNATIONAL BANDS CAN YOU COMPARE YOURSELVES TO? WHO INSPIRED YOU? We get compared to bands like Muse and Radiohead a lot, which is flattering as those bands inspired me to start making music. Nowadays I listen to bands like Thrice, Silverchair and Glasvegas. They are awesome songwriters and musicians. AT WHAT AGE DID YOU START SINGING? DOES YOUR VOICE RUN IN THE FAMILY? I started singing when I was 7, doing choir in primary school for about 2 years. Then I started playing chess and left the choir until I was about 16. I started doing solos, and the bug bit me. From there I started taking it seriously but I never received any formal training, just pushing and practicing my voice everyday to expand my register. WHAT DOES YOUR DAILY ROUTINE LOOK LIKE? DO YOU EAT/DO ANYTHING OUT OF THE ORDINARY FOR YOUR VOICE? I do everything you shouldn‟t do before singing such as drinking Coke and eating dairy products, so I‟m the worst example of what do with your voice. I do vocal warmups and scales before every show though, because you can hurt your voice very easily. It‟s a very fragile muscle and needs to be looked after. WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE THING ABOUT PERFORMING? It‟s a bit of release to get onstage and start singing. It becomes very therapeutic, especially when the audience gets into it and you start feeding off their energy. WOULD YOU EVER THINK ABOUT A SOLO CAREER? We have spoken about it, but for the next few years I‟ll be squarely focused on the band. WHAT IS YOUR VIEW ON REALITY SHOWS SUCH AS IDOLS? DID YOU EVER CONSIDER AUDITIONING? I did the Afrikaans version of Idols on Kyknet in 2006 and ended up in the Top 20. Nothing prepares you for that competition and my voice was still very rough. Although it was an honour being part of it, it‟s an experience I wouldn‟t want to repeat again. DO YOU HAVE ANY INSPIRATIONAL ADVICE FOR ASPIRING SINGERS? Firstly make sure you can sing. Nothing is more disheartening than living with the misperception that you can sing, when in reality you can‟t. If you have established this, make sure you have the ability to listen to yourself. This is crucial for any singer. Then just train your voice, as it is a muscle and needs the same amount of honing as with any other piece of your body. IF YOU COULD GO ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD, WHERE WOULD IT BE? Italy. Fast cars, beautiful women, incredible architecture and art and amazing food. The weather isn‟t bad either. IF YOU COULD HAVE LUNCH WITH ANYONE, DEAD OR ALIVE, WHO WOULD IT BE? Mahatma Gandhi, Freddie Mercury and Stephen Hawking. WHAT DO YOU USUALLY WEAR? At home, I wear only the most comfortable clothes (hoodie and jeans). For work I wear semi formal clothes, and for performances I usually wear different jackets, t-shirts and skinny jeans with boots or sneakers. It differs depending on the mood. DO YOU DO ANYTHING ON THE SIDE? (STUDY, WORK ETC) I‟m a graphic designer during the day, working with branding and marketing at a big national company. WHAT DO YOU SEE YOURSELF DOING IN 10 YEARS? Hopefully still making music, but hopefully not looking desperate, irritated or tired. 

Die dame wat nie skroom om die regte soeplepel te gebruik nie, wat nie terugstaan vir die korrekte handligtegniek wanneer sy „n drankie nuttig nie, en wat nie dood gesien wil word in die verkeerde tabberd nie, het vir u „n paar nuttige, dog noodsaaklike eksamentydwenke. 1. Studeerwerk is vanselfsprekend die belangrikste element van die eksamen. Juistement daarom is dit uiters belangrik om met al u konsentrasie te studeer sodat u nie die verkeerde hoofstuk vir „n vak memoriseer nie. Dit kan moontlik veroorsaak dat u in „n Biologie-eksamenvraestel die anatomie van die menslike liggaam met dié van „n padda verwar en antwoord dat babas uit eiers gebroei word. ( Dit kan dan ook die resultaat wees van die onkunde wat onder vandag se tieners bestaan en waarom hulle voortplanting verwar met iets soos swem, wat naweke vrylik beoefen kan word.) 2. Maak te alle tye seker dat u u oë op u eie werk hou gedurende die tydsduur van u eksamen. Eksamen is inderdaad „n tyd van evaluering en u eie kennisterugvoering en daarom is dit uiters smaakloos om u oë te laat dwaal na u naaste se antwoord aangesien u nie deesdae meer u naaste se kennis soos u eie kan vertrou nie. 3. Eksamen is nie die plek of tyd om die lokaal te skandeer vir die nuutste, aantreklikste spierpaleis of katelkoningin wat u kan uitvra vir die naweek se bioskoopsessie nie. U mag dalk net in „n dagdroom verval wat sal veroorsaak dat u miskien in „n nat sweet op u bekwylde ongeskryfde vraestel mag wakker word. 4. „n Eksamenlokaal is „n plek van stilte en vreemde, irriterende, intieme of onaardse geluide is beslis nie gepas nie. Veral as die geluide met „n spesifieke klankie en reukie gepaardgaan. 5. Hou te alle tye in gedagte dat wanneer u „n vraestel beantwoord, dit nie „n forum is om u opinie te lig of op skrif bitsig te raak met u onderwyser nie. By wyse van spreke is dit juistement die lafaard wat ink as sward, maar oog as skuld gebruik. Dit sal u beslis nie punte vir kreatiwiteit of manhaftigheid besorg nie. 6. Laastens is dit dan juistement uiters smaakloos om die eksamenlokaal met „n sosiale internetnetwerkblad te verwar. Dit is beslis nie gepas om in „n eksamenlokaal skinderstories en studiemetodes uit te ruil tussen vrae wat beantwoord word nie. Daarvoor is GESIGBOEK beskikbaar. WAAK egter teen die versoekinge van gesigboek; aangesien vyf minute in ure op gesigboek mag verander waarin studeertyd daarmee heen gaan. Gesigboek en die aantal vriende op die netwerk mag jou dalk op sosiale gebied help presteer, maar gaan jou weliswaar nie met „n rapportprestasie laat wegstap nie. Populariteit is nog nooit juis persentasiegewys gemeet nie…

Geliewe jong dames en here, Alle sterkte met die eksamen en vakansie. Moet egter nooit huiwer om die uwe Hettie Etikettie se raad en hulp in te roep indien u uself in ‘n etiketsverknorsing bevind nie. Onthou te alle tye, etiket is nooit op vakansie nie EN ‘n stukkende dame is allesbehalwe mooi! Groetnis! Die uwe Hettie Etikettie


Check out our EXCLUSIVE BACKSTAGE PASS to DUDES & DIVAS and meet one of the STARS of the show, SETH VAN GRAAN. Old dog JOHAN LE ROUX remembe...

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