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grown up element in them and be�er graphics to enhance the reality of the effects. Some�mes it seems harmless, but we are wrong because all this can affect the learning of kids and their growing if I remembered once as I step into my their parents failed watch with them and grandma’s house I saw two of my li�le guide them along. cousins age 7 and 3 si�ng on the floor, crossing their legs and leaning toward Many parents neglect their kids in this the television. On it was a cartoon call area and spend lesser �me with them be‘The Sponge Bob square pants’ aired on cause of the demand and the rising living standard of Singapore; kids are put to look Nickelodeon channel. a�er by their maids or grandparent. (See I was really surprise that they did not Ar�cle on ‘Baby Si�ng TV’) call me as they usual does whenever I stepped into the house. This �me I called Today, the phenomenon of globaliza�on their names but their eyes are s�ll star- had changed our society dras�cally; culturing at the plasma TV, I though I was so� ally, economically and even geographically. so I called by their names again and this Westernisa�on had swap throughout the �me the 7 year old answered in frustra- globe, because they are the largest media �on manner. So I try to get into conversa- provider many culture and values in dif�on with her and asked her if it’s Sponge ferent na�ons are slowly being erase off especially the younger genera�on. Bob on TV, and she said ‘Duh’. am very excited to share ‘Tube’ magazine with you. Tube which is also known as television has been a big influence today in our genera�on.

I remember vividly once as I was having my lunch at home and I turn on the television and turn to MTV channel and start watching a drama called Laguna Beach. The drama portrays different young individual ge�ng involved in cliques, sexual tempta�on, adulterous acts and some teen’s issues. Sad to say this is how most of the young people in our country like, ge�ng involve in pre-marital sex and abor�on The media like TV had always been a use- gets the highest rate of all �mes. ful tool for kids learning in their early age. For example Sesame Street, during my In spite of all the bad content that are �me in the 80’s and the 90’s and today’s around, the Television had provides us High Five a Australia Band that allow kids with entertainment and relaxa�on especially a long and hard day of work, Kids to learn through music and dance. educa�onal programs give kids another interes�ng tool in their learning and also Today, cartoon‘s content had more How on earth did she get the American accent? Where did she learn it from? That actually kept me thinking for quite some�me un�l one day as I did a mass media research project for one of my module on Disney movie, and found out that today’s language used in cartoons today are a lot more and hasher than before.



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grown up element in them and be er graphics to enhance the reality of the ef- fects. Some mes it seems harmless, but we are wrong because al...

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