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Daniel’s 15 Years


First Year I was born on Sunday, March 14, 1999. I was born at 8:28 p.m. at the Women’s Hospital in Winnipeg. On the day I was born, I weighed 8 lbs. 1 oz. and I was 20 inches tall. I was born 6 weeks early and my mom and I stayed in the hospital for 2 weeks after I was born. My eyes were blue and my hair was blonde. I was a little late in starting to eat other foods as I started to grow, because in the first year, I was in the hospital a lot with intestinal problems. By the end of my first year I had already had 3 surgeries. I loved bath time, pulling my mom’s papers to the floor and crumpling them. When I was tired and my mom was holding, I used to hold onto her ear. My favorite baby foods were peas and yogurt. My favorite stuffed animal was a little bear that my Auntie Angela gave me. When I was a baby, I used to stop whatever I was doing and stare at the TV whenever the intro music to the Fresh Prince of Bel Air started. I would stare at it until it was done, and go back to what I was doing when it stopped. I had my first haircut when I was 11 months old. For my first birthday I got a revolving lamp and a word -learning chart.

Second Year

I started walking when I was one year old. My first words were pretty and juice. When I was 18 months old, I started climbing on the furniture, learning to run and jump. I like to ride my tricycle at 23 months. My favorite story were Cowboy Critter, Whose Face? Pooh’s Face, this book had a little mirror on it. Green Eggs and Ham, and the Quiet Book. I still have the Quiet Book. My favorite foods were Cheerios, ice cream. The game I loved most was playing hide and seek. And I loved playing in the bath. I really liked going swimming with my mom. I used to call Auntie Angela, Ya Ya, Ya….and I used to call Uncle Walter, Gugie Ga. When I was 2 years, I started going to daycare. I used to go to Aleph Bet, North. Some of my friends from Aleph Bet that I have gone to school with are Emma Boroditsky and Ari Hoult. On my 2nd birthday, my Auntie Angela and Uncle Walter’s daughter Ashley was born…so we share the same birthday. I also got my first pair of glasses when I was 18 months old.

On my 3rd birthday, I got a helmet, because I loved to ride my bike, but also because every time I hurt myself, it was always because I banged my head on something…so my mom used to say that it would be more safe if I just wore a helmet all the time! I also got a swimming pool for our backyard because I loved to swim. I learned to dress myself when I was 3 years old. Our neighbors had a little boy the same age as me. His name was Chase. Chase had 2 older brothers who used to play with us a lot. One time, when the 2 older brothers were pulling me and Chase in the wagon, they came up with the idea to tie the wagon behind their bike. We lived on a Cul-de-Sac with only a few houses, so hardly had any traffic. While my mom was inside, knowing that I was okay with the boys, heard me and Chase periodically laughing and squealing. When she came out, she saw the older boys riding really fast and then turning and stopping fast which made the wagon whip around fast which made the wagon stop fast and throw us off. We thought this was really fun…my mom and Chase’s mom didn’t.

Third Year

Fourth Year I learned to ride a bike without training wheels when I was at daycare, because I used to ride the bikes there around the gym with the older kids. When my mom was talking to the daycare worker about getting training wheels on a bicycle, the worker said “he doesn’t need them”. My mom asked what she was talking about and so the worker took my mom into the gym where I was trying to copy the older kids trying to do wheelies in the gym on a 2-wheeler! When I was 4, I took my first plane ride with my mom to Vancouver. We had a very early flight, with not a lot of people on the plane. My mom says from the time we sat down on the plane to the time we landed all I kept saying as I was looking out the window, was “this is so fun eh mom? Isn’t this fun! This is so fun mom…isn’t mom…this is so fun!” Everyone on the plane thought I was so cute. I also went to play group, which is where I met my friend Lexi.

When I was five years old, I started Kindergarten. I also switched daycares, and started going to Aleph Bet South, at the campus. My first day of school, I had just had to start to wearing a patch over one of my eyes. My teacher, Morah Nancy, had everybody make and wear a patch over one of their eyes as well. In Kindergarten, we had school buddies. My buddy was Jeremy Shore. The thing him was he seemed really tall. My first play date with a school mate was with Sam Kroft. He came over to my house. I also remember the 100 days of school.

Fifth Year

Sixth Year Grade One. I remember us getting ready for our Chaggigat Ha-Siddur. I remember our teachers trying to get us ready for it and practicing and practicing. It was so much. My mom and dad and my Auntie Sue, Uncle Paul and Auntie Angela and Uncle Walter came. When I was 6 years old, I loved playing soccer. A lot of my friends from school played soccer together and I remember having a great time when we played.

When I was 7 years old, I had to have another surgery. It was the last one that I’ve had since then. By then, I had, had a total of 8 surgeries. I remember us getting ready for our Chaggigat Ha -Torah. When I was 7 years old, in the summer time, I went to BB Camp for the first time for 3 nights. I loved camp! Johnny and Jerel were my counsellors. Our cabin was Cabin 4 Hard Core. Jerell played for the Wesman, but he had us all convinced that he played for the San Antonio Spurs in the NBA. We thought that was so cool. When we came on the bus from camp, when I got off the bus, I was very upset. My mom asked me what was wrong, worried that I didn’t have a good time…and I said that I was mad because we only got to for 4 days.

Seventh Year

Eighth Year

When I was 8 years old I remember in Grade 3 going on our imaginary trip to Israel at school. That year, our soccer team won the city championship. I really started getting involved in all types of sports that year. When I was 8 years old, it was the year that we could go to BB Camp for 1 week. When I was at BB camp that year, we had our fist cookout. I was so excited about it. I loved it. From that time on, after my first cookout, I’ve been waiting and working towards going on AC, which is this year.

Ninth Year

When I was 9 years old, it was our first year of wearing uniforms at school. I really didn’t like wearing a uniform. One time, when we were playing football in the field at school, I got tackled and my glasses flew off my face. Sam went to help me up and grab them, and ended up stepping on my glasses breaking the arm off and popping the lense out. He felt really bad, but it was really too. At BB camp, we had our first 2 weeks at camp. We had our fist overnight which was 2 days and 1 night, because it got shortened because the weather was so bad. I also switched from playing soccer to playing flag football. I really liked flag football. I remember coming home from playing football, covered in dirt.

Tenth Year

When I was 10 years old I wanted to switch playing flag football to try baseball. That year my coaches made me catcher for our team. I still play catcher today. I discovered that of all the sports I’ve played, baseball was and still is my ultimate favorite. In the summer time, I spent a few weeks at Clear Lake with my aunt and uncle. We stayed in the same cabin that mom and her family rented when she was a kid, for almost 20 years. We also found out that Sam and his family stayud in that same cabin as well, with his family. Over the years, in the summertime, my mom would take me and my friends to the beach or the waterpark. We still like to do that too.

Shortly after I turned 11, I started taking my lessons to prepare for my Bar Mitzvah. A whole bunch of us from school used to go together once a week for a group lesson. I think we used to drive Cantor Tracy crazy with our laughing and giggling That year we had the start of all our Bat/Bar Mitzvah’s‌it was a lot of celebrating. At 11 years old, I went to camp for 3 weeks for the first time. It was awesome! We went on an overnight for 5 days. We also had our grade 6 grad that year. I thought it was cool because me and my friends were going to be in high school the next year. There was a lot of preparing us for high school by my teachers and parents.

Eleventh Year

Twelfth Year

Was a very busy year. Getting closer to my Bar mitzvah, I was still doing the group lessons and private lessons as well. All the planning for my bar mitzvah was getting very busy. My bar mitzvah preparations were getting pretty intense. The week before my Bar Mitzvah I got sick and remember doing my practicing with Cantor Tracy over the phone. We spent quite a few hours that week on the phone.

Thirteenth Year My bar mitzvah made me more aware of the kind of Jew I want to become. It sparked an awareness of being Jewish for me. Not to mention, it was a great party High school was very different from elementary. It was a year of a lot of changes and transitions for me and for all my friends. I played baseball a lot and playing in the city championships and the provincials. Baseball has become the sport I am passionate about. I had developed a reputation with the other teams as a really strong and good back-catcher.

Fourteenth Year

I played a lot of different sports when I was fourteen. I still played baseball, which I’ve become pretty good at. I played volleyball on our school team. We played in the finals I also played basketball. I played ultimate, we placed 5 in province. At BB camp, we went on a 10 day canoe trip. I really liked the paddling, the camping, set up our campsites, cooking. One night was a real adventure, when we couldn’t set our site because it was too late and we had to ask some cottagers if we could stay in their shed. They said yes we could. We slept in our sleeping bags on the floor. It was so cold we all had to huddle together to try to stay warm.

Fifteenth Year

I’ve only been 15 for a couple months. I started Air Cadets this year and I got promoted to Corporal. In the spring, I had a chance to go up in a glider and actually fly the glider. I went on a survival weekend in the early spring when it was still pretty cold at night time. We walked a total of 36 – 42 km that weekend. I can’t wait to see what the rest of 15 will be like.


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