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spring 2019


The Art of Cultivating Simple Pleasures and Living Well

A Masterful Garden


As spring brings warmer weather to Kansas, with it comes many changes in daily life. Warmer weather rejuvenates nature, blanketing the landscape with plants of all types that have been sorely missed throughout the winter months. This pleasant transformation wills people to step outside and reunites people with their favorite outdoor activities. Combining the effects the changing seasons have on people and nature, gardening remains a favorite pastime that reemerges with the arrival of spring. Gardening is a multifaceted pursuit that can enrich a person’s life in many ways. While mistakenly thought of as merely a hobby for retirees, gardening has been welcomed by a wide range of people since it can fulfill many Continued on page 10.

Spreading inventive decorations and interesting collectibles among a wide variety of plants adds visual interest that changes a garden’s feel as new environments unveil themselves. Above, clockwise from left: 1] Surrounding a pool with an assortment of tropical plants creates the perfect environment for enjoying the water. This arrangement, created by Meadowlark Landscape and Design, includes many exotic plants to produce the right ambience. Nestled amid the tropical setting, a herringbone wall stretches along the head of the pool. Inspired by the stone walls scattered throughout England, the juxtaposition of this version set among tropical plants embodies personality. 2] Framed in shrubs, a hiding cherub watches the garden. Part of a four-piece collection, the remaining figures are placed around the garden’s perimeter. 3] Beautiful scrollwork on this antique cast-iron fencing and gate from Eclectiques, made in an Ohio foundry in the late 1800s, creates an enchanting border separating the carefully planned sections of the garden. A special thank you to the homeowner who shared this garden and gave the highest praise for the efforts of Meadowlark Landscape and Design, 880.8027, for their artful work, attention to detail, and creating and maintaining this beautiful garden. You are also invited to discover an extensive collection of antique architectural art and garden pieces at Eclectiques, 200 S Emporia, 734.9678 Celebrate a rainbow of flavors with easy, delicious, and fresh-as-spring recipes. See page 14.

number 39 2 Peaceable Kingdom: planting a haven for honeybees is a gardening goal 2 Shades of Green: the no-mow movement is making your lawn long gone 4 Quiet Spaces: the soothing sounds of water bring serenity to any landscape 6 Art Gallery: an exhibition of fine art from a remarkable local artist 8 `A La Carte: the sweet freshness of spring comes to life in a lemon bundt 15 Spotlight: an exciting new fashion blogger makes the scene in Wichita

The Front Porch Wichita

A Peaceable Kingdom

The Latest Buzzings about Bees Early in March, one welcome sign of spring arrives in homeowners’ mailboxes: glorious garden and seed catalogs galore!


Offering a complete range of interior design services including new home construction consultations, space planning, fabric, furniture and rug selections, and whole home or individual room makeovers. I look forward to helping you make your home warm, beautiful, comfortable, and inviting.

ore than one person, soooo tired of winter, excitedly pores through these periodicals, planning the perfect garden. But, in all that planning, remember to make room for the littlest insects of all that make a big difference in the garden, in the health of Planet Earth, and, perhaps, in the survival of humankind: Bees. There are nearly 20,000 known species of bees. They’re found on every continent except Antarctica, in every habitat imaginable that contains insect-pollinated flowering plants and vegetables. Some species, like the mason bee, are solitary, and some, like honeybees and bumblebees, live socially in colonies, on the ground, or in hives. Beetles and butterflies are also pollinators, but the humble honeybee is the most efficient pollinator by far. Most people don't realize that there were no honeybees in North America until colonists brought hives with them from England to the New World. Did you know that honeybees must gather nectar from approximately two million flowers to make a mere one pound of honey, but the average honeybee will make only one-twelfth of a teaspoon of honey in its lifetime? Furthermore, a honeybee can visit some 50 to 100

Lizanne Guthrie | Residential and Business Interiors Call or e-mail for an appointment 682.6612 | lizanne@designstudioltd.com DesignStudioLtd.com

You can help out honeybees by planting a bee-friendly garden and providing them a peaceful place to rest, pollinate, and forage. Plant flowers in patches, since honeybees prefer to focus on one flower type at a time.

Design Studio, Ltd.

Helping our clients create visually stunning and naturally soothing surroundings—both inside and out—for over 30 years! ◊

Continued on page 3.

Shades of Green

Try to Imagine: Your Lawn Gone! Spring is in the air—and that can mean only one thing. “This year,” the homeowner vows, “I’ll get a head start on the lawn.”


nd so continues America’s obsession with grass. Americans spend roughly $60 billion a year on what’s known as the turfgrass industry. Lawns account for some 40.5 million acres of grassland, larger than the entire State of Iowa. More surface area in the United States is devoted to lawns than to irrigated crops, such as corn or wheat. The concept of “lawn” originated around the sixteenth century in England, where the aristocracy had the financial means to employ a veritable swarm of groundskeepers to maintain huge swaths of their estates. The lawns were huge and sprawling, ideally comprised of one grass species, subject to stringent weed and pest control, watered profusely to preserve its prized green color, and regularly mowed. Flash-forward to the present: So exactly how is lawn maintenance in the year 2019 any different from that

You want to keep your pool sparkling and ready to enjoy. Our fully-equipped service department specializes in pool maintenance and repairs. WE DO IT ALL! Weekly Service Equipment Repairs and Upgrades Automation Hot Tub Maintenance

Water Testing and Chemical Sales Vinyl Liner Replacements Auto Covers and Safety Covers Pool Openings and Closings

Customer service is our number one priority and we aren’t afraid to go above and beyond to give our customers an enjoyable backyard oasis. Weekly service starts at $62.95. Call Averi Edwards at 316.260.0763 to discuss all your pool care needs. Visit our Design Center located at 118 E 13th St. N in Andover | Call 316.260.0757 for a Free Quote Complete Maintenance and Pool Updates. Residential & Commercial. EdwardsPoolConstruction.com 2

Reminiscent of the grand British estates of yore, this American lawn instead embraces the contemporary “No-Mow” movement, in that it manifests a profusion of stone elements, flowers, and greenery with nary a blade of grass to mow in sight.

Continued on page 5. Spring 2019

The Front Porch Wichita

Distinctive Design


he Kitchen Place was able to create dramatic changes to this lovely Wichita home by carefully rearranging spaces and removing bulky elements of the

past. By designing an open floor plan to maximize the space of the adjacent room and hallway, the kitchen is now much larger and more appropriate for this family’s active lifestyle. The complete makeover included a custom knotty cherry island that comfortably seats six, and is topped with 6 cm thick granite as well as a glass tile backsplash that was also used to create a shimmering wall for the newly installed wine center. The final touch was added by utilizing a wide plank flooring which creates a seamless flow from the kitchen into the adjacent hearth room. Working with the creative team at The Kitchen Place these homeowners now enjoy a wonderfully functional kitchen and a distinctive new look that exceeded their expectations.

316.682.2268 M–F 8AM–5PM 3234 E Douglas, Wichita, KS The-KitchenPlace.com

A Peaceable Kingdom, from page 2. flowers during a collection trip and can fly as fast as fifteen miles per hour. A colony of bees consists of 20,000-60,000 honeybees and one queen. Worker honeybees are female, live for around six weeks, and do all the work. The queen bee can live up to five years and is the only bee that lays eggs. She is the busiest in the summer months, and she lays up to 2,500 eggs per day. (Now, that’s a truly busy bee.) So how do you attract these winsomely prodigious pollinators to your garden? If you plan—and plant—your dream garden early this year, you’ll have bees abounding during the growing season. Consider setting out some year-’round ground cover, such as leafy annual coleus, to give “your” bees some respite from the heat to come. Also, place shallow water-filled dishes around your garden, or keep a small fountain running, so they can sip water as needed. And, of course, no pesticides! As one of your first plants, you’ve got to try colorful bee balm—or monarda—a perennially

The honeybee is the only insect that produces food consumed by people, honeybees have been producing honey in the same way for 150 million years, and honey boasts antiseptic properties good for burns and cuts.

Beautifully restored 7,000 square feet in the heart of the Douglas Design District is new home to THE KITCHEN PLACE.

delicate beauty that boasts rugged longevity, whose whorled flowers feature lavenders, reds, or pinks. Speaking of color, bees also love yellows, blues, and purples in both flowers and flowering vegetables. Such flowering plants as tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, and zucchini naturally produce a superb salad. If your garden plans are ambitious, think about planting flowering fruit trees, whose blossoms will not bear fruit for the first, say, three years, but whose blooms will attract bees from miles around while the trees mature. While you’re at it, try to plant single-petal Continued on page 7.

A lighter two-tone palette creates a soothing, spacious interior With a move-in deadline looming, this homeowner was quickly put at ease by CertaPro Painters of Wichita.


his homeowner was literally ready to move into this home when she contacted CertaPro Painters of Wichita. She laughs now when she recalls, “I asked them what can you paint in three days? And lo and behold, they got it all done, even finishing the kitchen ahead of schedule! I liked the layout of the home, and although it was relatively new, I felt the dark walls made the rooms appear smaller, and didn’t give them that bright, airy atmosphere that I wanted. Fortunately, their color consultant was great in helping narrow it down to just a few choices. And once the colors were chose, the crew showed up and got it done.” “In fact, the crew was wonderful to work with. They were helpful and really good sports working around the movers. They even fixed some places that had been painted by the previous owner, but needed touching up. It all happened in just a few days, but I never felt the stress that you’d think would come with such a project. To top it off, I

The main living area and kitchen were given a cohesive look with a soft, Repose Gray (SW7015). The trim and doors throughout, as well as the cap on the stairway, kitchen half wall, and fireplace mantle were given an enamel finish in Snowbound (SW7004), as were the upper kitchen cabinets. The lower cabinets are a darker shade of gray. The bedroom is now a much more serene sanctuary in a soft shade of blue, Tradewind (SW6218). “CertaPro completely transformed the space,” says the homeowner.

was moving in just before Christmas, and my family was coming to celebrate in my new home.” The new combination of a soft gray and white lends a bright, but serene ambience—just what the homeowner wanted. Now after a hard day at work she can come home to a naturally Below: Before, the rooms appeared smaller with a mix of colors and stronger shades; from brown in the bedroom to a green in the dining room and kitchen, that also had oak cabinets. “soothing, calming” space. “I would definitely recommend CertaPro to anyone wanting truly professional painting,” she says. “From start to finish they were so dependable. They definitely delivered!” Contact CertaPro Painters of Wichita and discover the difference for yourself. Schedule a free quote online at wichita-east.certapro.com, call 316.440.0161, stop by their new office at 3959 N Woodlawn Court, Ste 3, Bel Aire, KS, or e-mail kmoldenhauer@certapro.com

Spring 2019


The Front Porch Wichita

You Deserve a Beautiful Smile!

Smile Design Center Complete Smile Enhancement Packages Teeth Straightening Professional Kör Whitening

Your local family-owned dental office Dr. Lowen Leatherman, D.D.S., P.A. Dr. Aaron L. Leatherman, D.D.S. Doctors of Dental Surgery 316.685.5121 | 3837 North Woodlawn LeathermanDental.com

Quiet Spaces

The Calming Nature of Water

We love what we do and it shows!

Water holds a special place in the lives of all humans.


ife sustaining for plants and animals on earth, water nourishes and cleanses our bodies, inside and out. Essential to human survival since the dawn of man, it’s no surprise that simply being near water relaxes us. While water’s aesthetic qualities are abundant, hearing water promotes relaxation as well. Steele’s Landscapes, a local company specializing in landscape art involving water, can create the perfect waterscape that showcases the beauty of water as well as the soothing sounds that make water so relaxing. Known as “The Water Boss,” Jason Steele, owner of Steele’s Landscapes,


Wichita’s number one landscape artisans. We specialize in one-of-a-kind artisan landscape designs— including ponds, water features, and stone work. Whether you’re looking to build from the ground up or to rehabilitate your existing design we’re sure to exceed your expectations.

The landscape of your dreams is waiting. Although based in the greater Wichita, Kansas area, we work anywhere. We’ve done projects in Arizona, California, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Nevada. No job is too big or too far away for The Water Boss! ®


incorporates water in all of his award-winning designs. And his passion for placing water in unique and appealing settings is apparent, earning him the “Helix Pond Contractor of the Year.” His thoughtful designs complement the homeowner’s tastes and highlight the natural landscape while seamlessly integrating function and flow. One of the most tranquil sounds associated with water comes from a simple source: the waterfall. Steele’s Landscapes fashions pondless waterfalls that are not only beautiful but require little maintenance, allowing homeowners to enjoy the therapeutic sounds of running water rather than worrying about constant cleaning and filtration costs. Relaxing to the sounds of nature’s most abundant resource can be a humbling experience. Steele’s Landscapes’ water-based works of art make water a centerpiece in a home’s landscape, making every setting an exhibition in curb appeal as well as a stoic retreat that rewards homeowners with the untroubled sounds of pure serenity. Discover the soothing sounds of water with a custom installation by Steele's Landscapes, view their projects and videos online at steelelandscapes.com, or call 640.7083 to schedule a consultation. 4

Spring 2019

The Front Porch Wichita

A duet of colors and styles creates an intertwined timeless style Kitchen Tune-Up designed an expansive new space and gave this home a perfect balance of form and function.


hese Wichita homeowners were in need of a major remodel. They had been hemmed in by a dated floor plan that was full of walls, creating awkward individual rooms and a small kitchen space that was clearly far from being functional. It had only extended as far as the first pendant over the new island now hangs. The entire living area was cut into separate spaces. A wall with a fireplace separated the kitchen from the living room, the entry into the kitchen was cut off by a wall for a formal dining area, and the new sitting area overlooking the pool was a breakfast nook behind another wall. With a “must-have” list in hand they reached out to Rachel and Adam Phillips, owners of Kitchen Tune-Up. They wanted space to entertain and a style they could “Adam and Rachel were phenomenal,” says the live with for years to come. homeowner. “The work they did was amazing. Now we have a beautiful open space that is so much more functional.” After removing the fireplace and all the extra walls, the process quickly unfolded to reveal a beautiful new kitchen, sitting area, and an adjacent spacious dining and living room. Two colors and two styles were deftly combined for the new cabinets giving the kitchen a warm and streamlined look. The grey-stained knotty alder cabinets were given a dark chocolate glaze, lending them a warm undertone. The raised panels and molding on the doors add a sophisticated accent. The knotty alder was given a truffle stain for the island and those cabinets are a clean Shaker Style. They coordinate with the copper backsplash accents including the beautifully designed copper plate installed above the range.

Shades of Green,


from page 3.

done in the sixteenth-century? You yourself probably don’t have a personal swarm of groundskeepers to meticulously maintain your lawn; even “better,” you probably have to do all this never-ending, laborious work yourself. However, the amiable ongoing competition regarding which of your neighbors boasts the best lawn on the block in fact has a devastating impact on the environment. Every year, all across America, homeowners lavishly pour 3 trillion gallons of water a year on their lawns, foolishly squander 200 million gallons of gas—for all that mowing—and drench their lawns with 70 million pounds of pesticides. However luxurious those pampered lawns may feel to bare feet, they unfortunately offer zero habitat for wildlife, pets, plants, and pollinators—honeybees, bumblebees, beetles, and butterflies—that contribute to a healthy and diverse ecosystem. Birds, as an example,


An oversized, double pantry was built around an extra deep refrigerator on one end of the new kitchen. The expansive island and countertops are topped with an exotic Yucatan granite that features strong swirls of grey in a rich creamy background giving it a dynamic, dimensional appearance. The farmhouse sink adds to the rustic tone inspired by the extremely distressed knotty alder flooring, and the rubbed bronze hardware adds a restrained finish. The homeowners were extremely pleased with everything Rachel and Adam did. “They knew exactly what we wanted, and delivered,” says the exceptionally pleased homeowner. Schedule a consultation appointment with Kitchen TuneUp inside their new showroom at 3545 N Hillside St. (inside Metro Applicances). Call 316.558.8888, e-mail rphillips@ kitchentuneup.com, or visit online at kitchentuneup.com.

Bees absolutely love blue, purple, and yellow flowers and plants. Keep these colors in mind when planting your flowerbeds, instead of a futile, water-wasting, chemical-laden lawn. Honeybees will easily spot their favorite colors and buzz over to check ’em out.

may innocently eat berries and seeds that have absorbed pesticides from the ground, and rainwater runoff from all those lawns can carry pesticides and fertilizers into rivers, lakes, streams, and oceans via your local sewer system. Continued on page7.



Film Screening and performance by
















www.WichitaJazzFestival.com Spring 2019

Nelson Designs offers assistance in the full design of your home or office. Visit our showroom, bring pictures, or call for a consultation today. Our desire is to make you happy with your choices and enjoy the process of transforming your house into your home! 8340 E 21st St • The Shops at Tallgrass • 613.3450 • NelsonDesignsLLC.net 5

The Front Porch Wichita

Jackie & Bill’s Drapery & Interiors

Invites you to Celebrate Spring at Jackie & Bill’s Hunter Douglas Gallery with 20% off Hunter Douglas Window Coverings April, May, and June!

Plus, experience for yourself an entire home fitted with Hunter Douglas PowerView® window coverings at the 2019 Spring Parade of Homes Paul Gray Homes 8211 E. 33rd Ct. South, Wichita Kansas April 27 & 28 • May 4 & 5 • May 11 & 12 jbzinteriors.com • jbzinteriors.net

Serving Wichita and surrounding areas since 1966. Custom Window Treatments Call for a Free Estimate

316.942.2044 3135 W. Douglas Wichita, KS 67213 Mon–Fri 9–5:30, Closed for lunch 12:30–1:30 Sat 9:30–12:30

1702 S Laura • 264.7900 • gncorp.net Major water damage required a complete remodel of the main floor of this home. The new kitchen is beyond better—it’s gorgeous!

If you can dream it, we can build it. Exceptional and dependable workmanship, integrity, and quality.

Gift Certificates for a spa treat are always a perfect choice for your special someone!

Providing expert care and service in a refined and relaxing environment. Excellent nail care with a full range of services and the highest quality nail care treatments. Pamper yourself today—you deserve it!

10096 E 13th St N Ste 106 In The Waterfront 316.440.4403 Open Mon–Sat: 9 am–7 pm Sun: 12–5 pm

Art Gallery

Front Porch the

spring 2019


The Art of Cultivating Simple Pleasures and Living Well

Welcome to The Front Porch Wichita! We invite you to join us as we share ideas for homes and gardens, swap some recipes, meet some interesting people, and chat a little about this and that. And if you happen to have a front porch that you’d like us to see, please write or call us. We’ll be more than happy to stop by, and maybe even sit a spell. To view on-line, please visit: TheFrontPorchWichita.com

National Poppy Day® May 24, 2019

Support your local businesses whenever possible. Please let participants know you saw them in The Front Porch Wichita!

Local artist Bill Groffier captures the essence of Wichita in his series, "AuthentiCity." Seeking out the character of local homes, city streets, and buildings, Groffier shares his aesthetic view of Wichita. Discover more original art, or commission a piece, by visiting Groffier.com.

Editor: Kathy D. Heaton Contributing Writers: David Caylor and Kat Schneider Contributing Graphic Designer: Hai Tran Publisher: Patrick D. Wherritt

The red poppy is a nationally recognized symbol of sacrifice worn by Americans since World War I to honor those who served and died for our country in all wars. It reminds Americans of the sacrifices made by our veterans while protecting our freedoms. Wear a poppy to honor those who have worn our nation’s uniform. All donations received will be used by The American Legion Family for their programs that support veterans, the military community and their families.

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Daniels Publishing, Inc. | 2250 N. Rock Road, Ste. 118-J | Wichita, KS 67226 | 316.687.1968


Spring 2019

The Front Porch Wichita

f Brunch Menu | 7am to 2pm



Who’s Ready for Spring Cleaning?

Call Cindy’s clean team to do the cleaning for you. We love what we do and it shows.

Cindy has been in business for over 16 years and has a team that is superb, thorough and professional. We pay attention to every detail so your home is picture perfect. Consistency is key to providing quality services for my customers throughout the years. You can feel safe and secure with Cindy’s Clean Team maintaining your home with professionalism and attention to details.

Call Cindy Granados 316.305.0295

Those who rely on Cindy’s team always find it a joy to come home!

Let us customize our services to fit your needs. CindysCleaningandDetailing.com

A clean home is a refreshing, serene, and happy home!


A Gift Certificate Gives All Year Long.

400 W. Waterman Street, Wichita, KS 67202

A Peaceable Kingdom, from page 3. flowers, which bees seem to prefer to more multi-layered flowers, like peonies. Instead, choose Queen Anne’s lace, black-eyed Susans, or coneflowers, since they’re ’way easier for pollen-gathering. And the honeybee-attracting lure of native perennials can’t be overestimated; plant one, such as butterfly weed, poppies, and lilies, and you’re done. Speaking of honeybees, there’s some very good, but guarded, news about colony collapse disorder (CCD). This “national emergency” seems to have peaked around the year 2007 and then faded as mysteriously as it began. To date, researchers acknowledge that the puzzle has never been entirely solved, and five years have elapsed since they’ve observed a credible case of colony collapse among honeybees. Whether CCD is caused by parasites, such as the varroa mite; pathogens, including deformed wing virus; poor nutrition, such as over-reliance on mono-crops; sub-lethal exposure to pesticides; or overlapping conditions and interactions not unlike segments in a cosmic Venn diagram, no one knows with certainty. Think of CCD as a false alarm, an early warning, or a second chance; if honeybees were to go extinct, it’s said that humankind would not survive more than four years, because bees are responsible for pollinating more than eighty percent of organic life. Given that news travels around the world at the speed of light these days, policymakers may have wised up to the threats facing bees and responded accordingly. But in your modest garden microcosm, you yourself can model best practices for the macrocosm that is Mother Earth. More good news! Wichita’s Botanica is set to build an educational and functional bee house later in spring, to be called the Alexander Bee House, which will augment the beehives already producing the raw honey that Botanica sells in its gift shop. For more information, visit botanica.org. n

Shades of Green,


from page 5.

And if all that weren’t bad enough, you have to go through the whole rigmarole again, next year, and the next, and the next, seeding and watering and fertilizing and weeding and edging and leaf-blowing and lawn-mowing, to keep your pristine lawn up to snuff. Fortunately, there’s a growing lawn-alternative movement afoot that, some folks say, will of necessity make the uber-wastefulness of the manicured, manufactured lawn obsolete in the next ten to fifteen years. It’s dubbed the “No-Mow Movement,” and some like-minded homeowners are pledging to convert part or all of their lawns to at least a less-maintained plot of land. Such steps include unmowed grass that is left to grow wild or at least unkempt; low-growing turf grass that needs little grooming, which often means a fescue blend; naturalized terrain, the grass being replaced with native plants or groundcover; and edible plants—vegetables and fruit-bearing trees—to replace the water-wasting lawn. Just imagine: What if your neighborhood were defined, not by a consistency of homes, but by a diversity of no-mow designs, each exhibiting a practical, far less laborintensive, eco-friendly variety of landscaping, much like an appealing patchwork quilt seen from above? Now imagine that your weekend-consuming, endlessly expensive lawn is lawn gone. Imagine! n Spring 2019


The Front Porch Wichita

Reading Fundamentals


Join us for a summer literacy program for ages 5-12. Jump start your child’s reading success at this 6-week, introductory-level summer school session that teaches fundamental skills needed to begin reading, writing and spelling. • 24, one-hour sessions • small groups of 4 children each • Monday-Thursday, 1 hour/day

June 17-Aug. 2 • Call Fundamental Learning Center to enroll today. 316.684.7323 | www.funlearn.org | 2220 E. 21st St. N., Wichita, Kansas 67214

'A La Carte Lemon Coconut Bundt with Fresh Blueberries


sing fresh lemon juice and zest makes this cake delicious, and the olive oil makes it incredibly moist.

Cake 3 cups unbleached flour 2 teaspoons baking powder 1 teaspoon baking soda 1 teaspoon salt 1 1/2 cups coconut sugar (or granulated sugar) 2/3 cup olive oil 1 can low-fat coconut milk (approximately 14 ounces) 1/3 cup fresh lemon juice 2 teaspoons vanilla extract 1/4 cup lemon zest 1 1/2 cup shredded unsweetened coconut Lemon Topping 3 1/2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice 1 1/2 cup powdered sugar 1 pint fresh organic blueberries, washed Preheat oven to 350. Lightly grease a 10-inch Bundt pan, or if you are making mini-Bundts, prepare 12 pans. In a small bowl sift together the flour, baking powder, baking soda, and salt. In a large mixing bowl, gently whisk together the sugar, oil, coconut milk, lemon juice, and vanilla. Add the dry ingredients to the wet about a cup at a time, stirring well after each addition. Stir in the lemon zest and coconut. Pour the batter into the Bundt pan(s), being careful to not fill more than two-thirds of the way. Bake the full-sized Bundt for approximately 45-55 minutes, or until a skewer comes out clean. The edges will just be starting to pull away from the pan. The mini-Bundts will bake in approximately 25 minutes, but keep an eye on them depending on your oven. Remove from the oven and let cool in the pan completely. When cool, place a serving plate over the pan, gently flip it over and carefully slip the cake out of the


WWII Memorial

Korean War Memorial

OUR MISSION To transport our WWII, Korean War, and Vietnam War veterans to Washington, D.C. to visit those Memorials that commemorate their service to our country at no cost to the veteran.

Raising funds to send Kansas Veterans back to Washington, D.C. to visit their War Memorial that was built in their honor by a grateful nation!

Vietnam War Memorial Statue

George Grenyo, USN

PLEASE SUPPORT THIS NOBLE CAUSE! MAKE A GENEROUS DONATION. To donate visit www.kansashonorflight.org

Auto Smart, Inc., 5751 W. Central Ave., 942.2200, is a proud sponsor of the Kansas Honor Flight program, matching donations up to $500 made at Auto Smart on a monthly basis.

pan .Can be prepared up to this point a day ahead. Simply cover lightly and let rest in a cool spot, no need to refrigerate. To prepare the topping whisk the fresh lemon juice and powdered sugar together, and let sit for a few minutes. Adjust as necessary adding additional lemon juice or powdered sugar to taste. The lemon juice topping can also be made ahead of time, but wait to drizzle it over the cake just before serving. Garnish with a generous spoonful of blueberries and enjoy! Serves 8 to 12. n

Spring 2019

The Front Porch Wichita

Frou Frou


Boutique Shopping | Jewelry | Home Goods

The Shops At Tallgrass 8340 E 21st St N Suite 600 {316} 651-0771

Spring 2019


The Front Porch Wichita

A Masterful Garden, from cover needs besides fresh air and moderate exercise, such as relaxation, self-expression, and helping families be more self-sustaining by growing their own food. At its highest level gardening becomes an artform that requires more involvement than meets the eye, with much taking place away from the soil. Designing a layout, collecting adornments, and studying botany all add depth and keep serious gardeners passionate year round. This lovely, local garden showcases all the aspects of gardening at its finest through expert planning, attention to detail, and years of experience and dedication. The expressive, unique curves that pattern the parterre capture the eye as the prominent display in the garden. Like the majority of the work in this garden, it is the creation of local experts at Meadowlark Landscape and Design. Experiencing this garden as a sum of its parts requires a diligent eye to spot the numerous personal touches and art collections on display that have taken years for the owner to collect. A collective standout that draws the eye is the pair of topiary rabbits. Also created by Meadowlark, these impressive works of art command attention from every visitor. Part of the homeowner’s overall design, they are complemented by a rabbit sculpture made of wire and filled with Sphagnum Moss. The Leporidae that call this garden home are evidence Continued on page 11.

The well-manicured yard, rock-lined flowerbeds, and luscious boxwood hedges that flank the entranceway alert guests that extraordinary gardening is part of the home’s overall appearance. Upon entering the garden itself, an artful assortment of art and plant life is the key to a well-designed garden. The placement of large rocks recreates the natural world inside the garden’s walls. Subtle pieces like cement rabbits and various dishes and pans lend an old-world feel to parts of the garden and, combined with the herring bone wall and Oakleaf Holly, help transport visitors to a relaxing country setting far removed from the urban environment outside the garden’s walls. Children in dramatic poses, featuring lifelike expressions, add humanity and breathe life into the garden. The bronze statue under a verdant canopy suggests an interaction with nature, an important aspect of every garden. Pan, the Greek god of the fields, groves, and wooded glens, supports the theme of connecting with nature. The thoughtful inclusion of the demigod nods to the importance of spring with his close association with the season.


Spring 2019

The Front Porch Wichita

ECLECTIQUES 200 S. Emporia | 316.734.9678

Be sure and visit our new, regularly updated website www.EclectiquesWichita.com to view hundreds of pictures of our quality antiques and vintage inventory in all price ranges. We are at the shop most days, but please call ahead to verify the shop is open for browsing.

Jer r yRWhite@sbcglobal.net

Meet Sonos Amp— The versatile amplifier for powering all your entertainment from your bookshelf speakers in your study to your entertainment system in the family room. With streaming capabilities and software updates, Amp is made to last and improve over time. $599.

A Masterful Garden, from page 10

The wall planters, as well as the large iron urns throughout the garden, are antiques cleaned up and given beautiful powdered coatings by the Lorac Company, Inc., located at 624 E Harry , 263.2565.

of the careful planning and coordination involved in creating a superior garden. Facing the parterre are four weathered statues, found on an old Kentucky horse farm, that can easily be overlooked. The cherubs pay homage to the arts, consisting of an artist, writer, musician, and craftsman. Not drawing too much attention, these statues represent the idea of using personal touches that make creating a garden an exercise in self-expression. Another unique display of self-expression are the coquilles that accent the separation between many of the beds. The homeowner found these shells in Wamego, KS but they are originally from the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair: Columbian Exposition. The white shells are perfect accents that contrast the red brick, and their inclusion shows how the owner is always searching for improvements. While creating a distinctive space that displays the owner’s favorite pieces is important, the plant life remains the most expressive aspect of any garden. This garden contains a collection of some of the most exotic plants in Wichita. Every shrub, flower, tree, and vine has been chosen for its individual characteristics but, Continued on page 12.

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Meet Sonos Beam— Wall to wall sound for medium-sized rooms. Simple to set up, easy to use, and loaded with practical features that just make sense (like voice control and Alexa). Not to mention a full range of sound—perfectly harmonized highs and lows to make your entertainment experience one you’ll want to go back to over and over again. $399. Meet Sonos Play:5— Sonos’ biggest home speaker with the boldest sound. With superior stereo sound and fantastic bass response, Sonos Play:5 delivers a listening experience that is sure to please the ear. Add in Sonos’ trademark easy-to-use app and speaker-to-speaker syncing and you’ve got a recipe for listening perfection. $499. Follow us on Facebook for updates, new products, great sales, and special events.

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A Masterful Garden, from page 11 when placed in a larger setting, contributes to the overall look and feel of the garden. The garden boasts an assortment of roses and most are from British rose breeder David Austin, whose creations continue to add beauty to the world even after his death last December. Each rose is bred for color, fragrance, size, and blooms, every part is thought about during their growth. The vines that cling to the outer walls of the garden are part of the owner’s vision for the garden as well. Trained into a wallhanging espalier, Firethorn (the commonly used English translation for the Pyracantha) performs multiple tasks throughout the year. Covering the walls makes the garden completely surround visitors, swallowing them in plant life. The vine also provides homes for returning birds and beneficial insects that help tend the garden. The orange berries that come on during the fall and last through the winter may be the most impressive part of the firethorn. Few berries possess such vibrant colors; set against the garden’s verdant landscape, they are clearly a thoughtful addition with aesthetic and practical value. Continued on page 13.

Pillars standing in one corner balance form and function: Their neoclassical style offers tall, sturdy anchors for vines. The grand pillars do not take away from the attention to detail found throughout the garden. The paths are covered in crushed oyster shell that complements the coquilles that line the beds. A well-furnished, elegant garden room lets the sun in while offering access to the garden, providing a place equally suited for entertaining guests as spending a moment in solitary reflection. One side of the room opens to the front lawn and the other to the parterre, another impressive arrangement created and maintained by the dedicated Meadowlark Landscape and Design crew. Boxwood hedges are contoured in flowing spirals that are splendid when viewed in their entirety from above. Nestled among the shrubs sits a large light fixture that acts as a centerpiece that the homeowners gifted themselves as their wedding present and houses a bed of magnificent roses. The significance of the sentimental gift is obvious and much of the layout in this section purposefully draws attention to it, as seen by its prominent placement within view of the garden room. Detail makes exploring this garden a truly rewarding adventure; The walkway leading around the home highlights how every aspect is perfectly balanced and kept in perfect geometric proportion. Balance and continuity hold the garden together and point to the importance of design, evident in the architecture of the home and garden room spilling over into the pool shed.


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anie and Dave Chisholm started out in 1978 as a professional window covering installation service and custom drapery workroom, branching out in 1994 to sales of all facets of custom window treatments. They pride themselves in offering quality products at competitive pricing, quick turnaround, child/pet safety consciousness, and professional measuring and installation. Extraordinary Style, Exceptional Design We offer distinctive styling and thoughtful attention to details for today’s interiors.

316.689.8585 1719 N. Rock Road, Ste. 109 Voted Best Customer Service 2 years in a row by Houzz

Call 686.8417 for appointments

Located behind Natural Grocers in the Rock Road Business Center

JanieChisholmDesigns.com janie@janiechisholmdesigns.com

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A Masterful Garden, from page 12 A fascinating area of gardening is learning about the plants on display. The owner of this garden labels each species with a card bearing the plants’ Latin names, similar to Botanical gardens and nurseries. Delving into Botany can be daunting for the uninitiated; however, many books are available at local libraries or booksellers to aid the aspiring gardener. Botanical study not only helps the gardener choose which plants to include, it also offers a way to maintain interest and stay motivated while waiting out a harsh winter that keeps the gardener indoors. Springtime means the outdoors will become a focus for many Kansans. As the weather warms and the land becomes lush and green once again, admire the changes taking place. Also take note of the gardens that come to life this time of year and consider the efforts taken by those who choose gardening as a pastime. This breathtaking presentation encompasses the highest level of designing, creating, and caring for a garden, with many years of learning and experience on display. While each plant and object is unique, the owner has the vision and desire to bring them together to produce an astonishing backyard Eden. However, whether novice or master, and regardless of size, the rewards of gardening are plentiful to anyone willing to pull on gloves and pick up their implements and enjoy nature. —David Caylor

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Gardens are alive, and masterful gardeners remind visitors often. As the seasons change, the Pyrancantha covering the exterior walls undergo change as well. During the summer it remains green, then colorful bursts dot the white walls as orange berries bloom in autumn. Pyracantha is an expressive plant chosen as much for its liveliness as for its clingy personality. Topiary adds to a living, breathing environment by stimulating the imagination. This garden shelters two large, artistic rabbit-themed creations, and numerous smaller pieces, to present a major theme throughout. The sculptures embody the idea of a living garden. Made of live, growing plant life, they require fresh air, sunlight, nutrients, and water—just like their animal counterparts. With a third rabbit watching guests enter an open portion of the yard, the garden is a veritable warren, and many bunnies are surely eyeing any fallen Pyracantha berries.

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The recipe for this refreshing, not-too-sweet Lemon Bundt Cake is in `A La Carte on page 8. Dishes, table settings, and linens courtesy of Frou Frou, The Shops At Tallgrass, 8340 E 21st St, Ste 600, 651.0771.


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Cozy up in outdoor spaces designed with atmosphere and style. Fire is the perfect element for ultimate enjoyment and entertaining.


t’s official, spring will be here soon and we’ll be breaking out the pool towels and cleaning up our outdoor patio furniture getting ready for the season! One of the most fun things to do on a cool spring evening is to get out the marshmallows and hot chocolate under the stars on a clear night. The best part? Gathering around a cozy outdoor fire with family and friends. It can be quiet and romantic for you and that special person in your life, or it can be that fun and festive atmosphere where your family and all their friends want to get together and hang out. That fire element can take on many shapes, from lanterns to fire-pit tables to full masonry fireplaces, even fire that dances on the water, in and around the pool. A large variety of fire and water-feature options can be found at Treescapes. The new Sunbrella blanket throws are the

perfect way to snuggle-up in front of your favorite fire feature on a cool evening. “Unique” and “fabulous” are standard characteristics of Treescapes-The Outdoor Living Center and BigWave Pools’ custom outdoor living designs. Celebrating 22 years in business this year, owneroperator and chief designer David Martine’s signature style

is “over the top” and it shows in every aspect of his business. From the friendly and knowledgeable expert design staff in the showroom to the talented and skilled production crews in the field, one common theme rings true: DREAM*DESIGN* BUILD. With 21 years of design experience, quality craftsmanship and excellent customer service in the Wichita area, Treescapes–The Outdoor Living Center, and BigWave Pools is set apart as the industry leader in the Central Kansas Region. Whatever your outdoor living needs, their experienced staff can make your ultimate “outdoor living” dreams come to life! Stop by their newly remodeled moderntransitional showroom located at 1202 N Andover Rd., Andover, call 316.733.6388, or visit online at TreescapeIt.com.



nspired by the warmer winds of spring, we’re introducing you to the remarkable Thy Phan, an on-trend Wichita fashion admirer, stylist, and blogger. Thy graduated from Wichita State University, where she earned the BA degree in marketing. Influenced by such fashion icons as Vera Wang and Jeremy Scott, Thy wants to travel the globe to discover, then blog about, the ever-changing, fascinating world of fashion. She started her blog, Your Daily Cup of Thy, not only to advocate for female empowerment but also to encourage her readers to understand the import of fashion. That concept can free them to feel beauty, elegance, and strength in everything they wear. n


Photography by Greg Rubbert. Clothing and jewelry from Frou Frou, in The Shops at Tallgrass, 8340 E. 21st St., N., Ste 600, 651.0771. Location Nelson Designs, next door in The Shops at Tallgrass, 613.3450. Rye & Lye sunglasses from Kent & Roxie's Spectacle Shoppe, 306 N. Rock Road, 686.6111.

spring toppings Spring 2019

inally, it’s time to put away the trench coats, scarfs, and gloves to shop for new items amid the spring collections. As the blogger for Your Daily Cup of Thy, I was able to work with a couple of locally owned stores to choose a medley of pieces sure to be popular. My first stop was Aspen Boutique, whose manager, Mariah Campbell, showed me a plethora of beguiling selections that showcase can’tmiss fashion. Inspired by the ’80s and featuring grays, lavenders, blush, and classic navy blue, tops and tunics are shorter and display intricate patterns and cutouts. Onward to the next boutique, where I had the opportunity to work with Betsy Morrison, the owner of Frou Frou. During this visit, I was astonished by the variety of items that they had in stock that included jewelry, clothes, sorority gear, home decorations, and whimsical greeting cards. Betsy told me that this year’s trends will include acrylic jewelry, denim, embroidered tops, and anything boho-related. As Betsy and I discussed spring fashions, we hit upon the idea of doing a fun photoshoot with Belinda Gross of Nelson Designs. We chose the furniture store itself as the site because it’s the epitome of vibrant, contemporary, and aesthetic panache—as well as trendy furnishings. The photoshoot turned out to be a wonderful experience, and the photographer, Greg Rubbert, did a fantastic job capturing our outfits. For this shoot, I paired a Renuar Blue Wash cardigan, a white blouse, Charlie B linen elastic stripped linen pants, and a long necklace to enhance the overall look. Belinda wore all white to showcase the vibrant colors of her bright and beautiful fringed silk kimono. Her Charlie B pair of black and white striped slacks were accented with a Charlie B linen white shirt and statement necklaces. For my second outfit I chose another Charlie B outfit; white denim pants and a pink jacket accented with a pair of Rye & Lye's stunning new frames. So whether you are looking for fun fashion or searching for comfortable pieces to add to your wardrobe, discover Wichita’s local shops and see how they can uniquely personalize your shopping experience! Follow Your Daily Cup of Thy—thyxphan.com—to see a kaleidoscope of perspectives worldwide through the fabulous eyes of fashion.

Photography courtesy of Aspen Boutique and their stylists, who are ready to help you find yours. Clothing and jewelry available at Aspen Boutique, located at the corner of Douglas & Oliver, 682.6784.


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Spring is Coming to Life in the Courtyards at Brookfield!

I’m so excited to welcome you to my community!


he trees are turning green, summer birds are appearing, families of deer are being spotted, wild turkeys are strutting—it’s such a beautiful country setting! Brookfield is a wonderful place to call home. I invite you to come out and visit this newest Epcon community, just 37th North & Greenwich minutes from the fastest growing retail area in Wichita. I’m here every day from Jemelle Holopirek 1-5 and would love to show you through our beautiful furnished models and 316-617-7982 spacious clubhouse. With 9 different floorplans to choose from, in a wide range of prices starting in the mid-$200’s, you’re sure to find a plan that’s perfect for you. And, if you want to enjoy this summer at The Courtyards at Brookfield, chose one of our move-in ready models. The Epcon lifestyle is the best! • Ground Floor Living with zero steps • Provided Exterior Maintenance • Wonderful, friendly neighborhoods Our communities are not about selling a house, but selling a lifestyle. I can’t wait to help you find the perfect home! Jemelle Holopirek, Community Specialist

Watch for our Grand Opening April 25-28!

All Epcon Communities Open Daily1-5 p.m.

316.243.6161 Move-in Ready Homes in Every Community • The Courtyards at Elk Creek • (45th & Rock) • The Courtyards at the Oaks • (Rock & 63rd (Patriot) Derby) • The Courtyards at Estancia • (37th St N & Ridge Rd) • The Courtyards at Auburn Hills • • The Courtyards at Auburn Lakes •

(Off 135th between Maple & Kellogg) Marketed by Summit Properties

Life, lived your way in a beautiful Epcon Courtyard Community! www.epconcommunities.com

From yesterday’s classics to today’s new vehicles Auto Smart continues to raise the bar in automotive repairs and maintenance Those in the know have discovered this family-owned business has an authentic, friendly, welcoming atmosphere and—best of all—integrity, value, and superior service.


lthough humble about what he and his company have contributed to Wichita, owner Scott Bahruth is very proud of the people who make up Auto Smart and the work they do. Everyone is concerned with finding a good auto repair facility. That’s why once you do find people you know you can trust, you tell your friends, and come back. Scott’s technicians have been with Auto Smart for years. That’s one of the reasons he continues to have a loyal following. Knowing your mechanic may not mean a lot to some people, but over the years we’ve realized that the better you know the people who work on your car, the more you can trust that repairs will be done as perfectly as possible. That’s the kind of service customers have come to expect from Auto Smart, and that’s just fine with Scott. “Our business has always been more like an extended family,” he says. “We feel the same way about our customers. They stop in one day a stranger, and soon they become a regular.” Scott’s loyalty to his employees also contributes to the success of this business. In fact, recently, he licensed his K-15 location to his long-time friend and loyal employee Biff DuBose, who has Scott’s son, Zach Bahruth, as well as Scott’s former technician, Isaac Street, on his crew. Regardless of which Auto Smart you visit, you’ll find all the technicians adhere to the highest standards. The Automotive Service Excellence Like many automotive technicians, Scott (ASE)-Master Certified technicians use today’s and his crew also have a special passion for latest automotive technology, and are equipped to what are now referred to as “Classic Cars.” handle all repairs on foreign and domestic cars and trucks. They know that your vehicle “We can work on anything from the car is a major investment, and that your you drive everyday to your classic custom family’s safety is riding on its perfor- vehicle. But for those who drive a classic, mance. That’s why they care for each or are looking for authentic repairs and customer’s vehicle as if it were their restoration to these ‘oldies, but goodies,’ own, keep records of all service and we’d like them to know that we’re ready to repair work, and notify customers meet their special needs,’ says Scott. Most importantly, however, is Scott’s Auto Smart proudly sponsors Kansas Honor Flights. Every month via e-mail when routine maintenance should be scheduled. strongly-held commitment to provide reathey match up to $500 of what is donated at their business. 16

sonable and quality automotive maintenance and repair services with the best warranty—3 years parts and labor—and the highest regard for ethics and fair treatment for all. In fact, it’s a part of Auto Smart’s Mission Statement, along with their promise to never make money a higher priority than the safety and satisfaction of their customers. Whether you bring your automobile, truck, or classic car to Auto Smart, Inc. you’ll find an entirely different attitude—a business you can rely on and where everyone is always welcomed with a friendly smile, free wi-fi, and freshly brewed coffee in their clean, comfortable waiting room! Give your vehicles the best service at Auto Smart, Inc., Wichita’s local familyowned, and professional automotive repair shop, located at 5751 W. Central Ave., on the corner of Central at I-235, 942.2200. Open Mon–Fri 7:30–6:30. For Internet specials be sure to check out their website, AutoSmartKansas.com. Spring 2019

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Master Garden Spaces, Honeybee Havens, Reducing Lawns, Soothing Water Gardens, Local Art, Spring Recipes, Fashion Blogger

Spring 2019 The Front Porch Wichita  

Master Garden Spaces, Honeybee Havens, Reducing Lawns, Soothing Water Gardens, Local Art, Spring Recipes, Fashion Blogger