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The Art of Cultivating Simple Pleasures and Living Well


autumn 2019


he Art and Craft of Home


Usually, you hear about people building a home, then finding furniture to go with it. Well, one local couple whose passion is Arts and Crafts furnishings did just the opposite: Having gradually acquired pieces they loved, the duo finally built a home that perfectly showcased their treasures. The Arts and Crafts movement arose as a natural reaction against the sterility of the Industrial Revolution, which had facilitated all sorts of shoddy, machine-made, and mass-produced merchandise. This new movement advocated a higher standard of craft, one in harmony with nature and in tune with the virtue of work done by an individual’s hands. Although the heyday of the Arts and Crafts movement lasted only from the 1870s to the 1920s, the honesty of design it brought to the table has proven timeless. Continued on page 10.

Some lesser-used nuts shine in hearty and delicious dishes you’ll want to prepare many times during this upcoming holiday season. See page 14 for recipes.

The timeless style of this newly constructed bungalow has been kicked up a notch. Clockwise, from left: This home features a low-pitched roof line, stained-glass transom windows, and limestone columns framing an intimate, inviting front porch. Many elements of Arts and Crafts décor, like this cypress-and-clouds tile, are all about celebrating the natural world. The homeowners found two of these tiles years ago, and finally paired them with period pillow tiles in teal to create a stunning fireplace surround.

number 41 2 Peaceable Kingdom: feeding birds can nurture a way of life 2 Shades of Green: houseplants clean indoor air naturally 4 Beautiful Finds: treasured ornaments become vintage décor 5 Poetry Corner: celebrating the scents and tastes of the season 6 Spotlight: Wichita women find ways to give year ’round 7 Noteworthy: putting pen to paper encourages thoughtful writing 1 1 Quiet Spaces: gain perspectives on the art of walking 13 Health & Fitness: discovering a restorative retreat within

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A Peaceable Kingdom

Why Feed Birds? America's popular hobby serves both nature and the soul alike.

S Design Studio, Ltd. Helping clients create visually stunning and

naturally soothing surroundings—both inside and out— for over 30 years!

Wishing you and yours a beautiful and peaceful holiday season. Lizanne Guthrie | Residential and Business Interiors Call or e-mail for an appointment 682.6612 |

ometimes, we take it for granted that everybody likes to feed their birds After all, it is among the most popular leisure activities in America. Lots of people feed birds here in Kansas—it’s one of the biggest hobbies there is. But why do it at all? And, what does it take for someone to get started? First, there are no rules and procedures. None! There is no club to join (unless you want to), there’s no “must” wearing apparel, and you don’t have to travel anywhere (again, unless you want to). Getting started is as simple as hanging a birdfeeder in your yard, and filling it with fresh seed that our birds like. Your interest will probably build from there. If you were to ask someone why they feed birds, he or she’d hem and haw a bit before answering something like “it’s fun”. It just makes you feel good— you instantly become part of nature when you put out a bird feeder. A few avid birdwatchers have a way of making the rest of us feel insignificant. It doesn’t matter, however, if the bird you’re seeing is a Northern Whether you opt for multiple feeders or Harrier, an Amer- a feeder with multiple stations, birds will ican Goldfinch or flock to a consistent supply of quality an Indigo Bunting. seed with a high fat content, especially That may or may not as the temperatures drop. Continued on page 3.

Expert planning lets Edwards Pool create Shades of Green Kansas’ most impressive, unique pools Plant Power Waiting too late to have this awardwinning company start your dream pool may leave you high and dry!


lthough thoughts of diving into a cool, invigorating pool usually don’t enter the mind until after winter, waiting until spring to start a pool project can adversely affect your chances of taking a summer dip. With this in mind, Steve Edwards, owner of Edwards Pool Construction in Andover, Kansas, reminds those planning to construct, renovate, repair, or service their pools to start early. The water-filled works of art from Edwards Pool Construction take time to create, as do standard pools, so it’s best to start now instead of after winter. “Spring is our busiest time” Edwards notes, “and many projects are already underway by then.” Edwards can build something for any budget, from a regular-sized pool to a state-of-the-art custom project, but every creation requires master planning. And with more than thirty years of experience, Edwards knows best when he says “it takes time to do it right.” To complete their projects Edwards Pool Construction builds breathtaking dream pools even when you can see your breath during the winter months. They work year round and can work on-site unless the ground is frozen. By the way, the ground never froze last year and pool projects continued throughout the winter, resulting in many delighted customers opening their new pools in time for summer. Early planning not only ensures a perfect pool is ready by next summer, it also allows time to protect your current pool from the dangers of cold weather. Edwards Pool Construction offers a complete winterizing package, including blowing the lines out, adding antifreeze, pulling the freeze plugs, adding algaecides, and testing the water to protect your pool’s finishes. Right now is 2

Edwards Pool Construction specializes in unique designs and stunning features that make their creations true works of art. Top to bottom: Waterspouts create movement that adds more life to an already beautiful swimming environment. Artfully combining fire and artificial light makes this majestic pool a nighttime oasis. The stone and brick setting perfectly complements the landscaping, making this custom pool fit its surroundings as if nature placed it there.


“Look around Leaves are brown And the sky Is a hazy shade of winter.” —Simon & Garfunkel

utumn’s glorious displays of reds, yellows, and oranges are short-lived and naturally yield to the dispiriting winter palette of muted monochromes: browns, greys, and oatmeals. The connection between winter’s shortened daylight hours and seasonal affective disorder has been recognized for some time now, but there’s a lesser-known winter-month correlation between houseplants and better overall health that needs publicizing.

also an opportune time to make necessary repairs, check the condition of your pool’s coverage, and conduct an overview of pool equipment and condition in preparation for next season. Remember, regular maintenance extends the life of equipment, keeps finishes in good condition, and prevents problems before they cause damage and lead to costly repairs. Don’t wait to start constructing the pool of your dreams Many houseplants can naturally cleanse the stale, toxic air in or have your current pool serviced. Visit Edwards Pool your home. And they add a cheerful pop of green! Construction online at, It’s a fact: During the winter, the air in your home is stop by their design center at 118 E 13th St. N, Andover regularly more polluted than the air outside. Its well(at the corner of 13th St. and Andover Rd.), or call caulked windows and insulated walls successfully resist any 316.260.0757 for a free quote. Continued on page 5. Autumn 2019

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An Island Masterpiece Sets the Tone for This Stunning Kitchen


he Kitchen Place had more than enough ideas to implement the clean, open look these homeowners desired. To begin, they created a spectacular custom two-tiered 115"-long island, creating ample space for preparing and enjoying delicious meals, as well as defining the spacious area in the home’s open floor plan. The back of the island is an acid-washed steel plate. The bar is topped with Wengé wood from Africa by SPEKVA (Denmark). The kitchen side is topped with 3 cm Silestone Eternal Charcoal Suede quartz. The dark finishes complement the contemporary Hallmark Cabinets from Salt Lake City which are in two tones of light beige. These elegant custom cabinets are made from maple eco-wood, wire-brushed with a stone finish. The finishes lend a sublime overall appearance and incredible feel to the touch. The pièces de résistance are the top cabinets. The aluminum framed doors are push-to-open with an easy lift-up. If that weren’t enough, they also hold backpainted European matte glass finished in a custom beige color that extends the two-tone motif. To complete this state-of-the-art kitchen, it was outfitted with sophisticated and highly functional Miele appliances. The Kitchen Place showroom has one of the largest displays of Miele outside any Miele Experience Center. This new kitchen is a perfect reflection of The Kitchen Place’s high level of service and quality—highly functional, superbly sophisticated, and exactly what their clients wanted.

316.682.2268 M–F 8 AM–5 PM 3234 E Douglas Wichita, KS 67208

A Peaceable Kingdom, from page 2. come later. All you really need to know now is that there are several very good reasons to start feeding birds. Feeding birds is environmentally responsible. Anything you can do to give nature a helping hand is good for the world. It’s “green.” It’s inexpensive. Very few hobbies are as inexpensive as feeding birds. Part of the reason is that it’s done in your own yard—no travel required. It’s calming and relaxing. Few things are more blissful than looking out your window at several carefree birds on your feeder, knowing that you’re responsible for their food. It’s educational. Seeing things like mating rituals, eggs hatching, “pecking order” at feeders, fledglings being taught where to get seed, etc., is profoundly instructional. It controls bugs. Since most birds eat bugs by the thousands, birds are cheaper and safer than whatever chemical you’ve been spraying.

It’s physically undemanding. Even if you have difficulty walking (or almost any other disability) you can handle birdwatching. It helps them stay in their habitat. Your house probably sits where some birds used to live—eliminating their food sources and habitat. Mine does! We owe it to them. Getting started doesn’t take much effort at all. Just put out a birdfeeder (or 2, or 3, or 4), and go back inside. A word of advice: get feeders that are well designed and well-built. Few things are as discouraging as a feeder that falls apart during the first squirrel encounter, or one that doesn’t last through a severe storm. Fill it, or them, with good-quality, fresh seed (the kind that our birds like) and just sit back and enjoy.—Cathy Clausen n Cathy Clausen and her husband Nick Clausen own the Backyard Nature Center located in The Shops at Tallgrass, 683.2121. It has been in operation for over 28 years in Wichita. They are avid backyard bird watchers, nature lovers, and Master Gardeners with the Sedgwick County Extension Service. Nick and Cathy stress the importance of enjoying the native wildlife and can help enhance your own backyard nature experience.

Curb Appeal—the ultimate reason for a fresh coat of paint. By giving these homes a refreshed and refreshing update, CertaPro of Wichita lets these residences put their best face forward .


our home’s exterior is the first thing that guests or potential buyers see when looking at your house. What’s more, it’s the first thing you see when you come home every day. Does it make you as happy as it once did? People often underestimate the power of paint, and adding a brand-new coat of paint can make your residence look rejuvenated. The folks at CertaPro Painters of Wichita know plenty about painting—exteriors, interiors, residential, or commercial—and they’ve earned the respect and trust of a vast number of customers in the greater Wichita area. That’s because owner Ken Moldenhauer and his expert team treat every place like it’s their own. They consider it a privilege to help you make the best decisions. For example, maybe the color you chose for your home’s exterior a few years ago has become outdated. Exterior color paint trends come and go, so in order to keep your house looking its best, CertaPro’s complementary color consultant will help you choose new colors that will increase curb appeal and make your home look much more inviting. Ken also knows that painting is more than just design aesthetics. He addresses the other concerns that come up when you decide to repaint your home’s exterior, such as chipped and peeling paint, cracks in caulk, and gaps or shrinking wood. From the estimate, when all your expectations and questions are addressed, to the team who performs the work, every step is taken to make sure you get the job you deserve. However, you don’t necessarily have to wait until the paint on your house peels and chips. Be proactive and paint your home’s exterior before it shows major signs of wear to avoid dealing with Contact CertaPro Painters of Wichita and discover the difference for unsightly paint. Addressing it now will likely yourself. Schedule a free quote online at, call save you from dealing with bigger problems 316.440.0161, stop by their new office at 3959 N Woodlawn Court, down the line. And it’s sure to put a smile on your Ste 3, Bel Aire, KS, or e-mail face every day when you come home! Autumn 2019


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Beautiful Finds

Vintage Holiday Decor Christmas tree ornaments abide as an enduring holiday theme in these retro recreations.


hristmas tree ornaments are among the most treasured and collected items of decoration in most American homes. Passed from hand to hand during the annual transformation of an ordinary evergreen into a sparkling and spectacular pièce de résistance, these ornaments resonate with associations even richer than the fragrance of the tree itself. Perhaps this enjoyable phenomenon occurs because Christmas ornaments are brought out only once a year and thus eternally retain their allure; emerging infrequently from their tissue chrysalises to alight briefly like brilliant butterflies on green boughs, they do not tarry long enough to foster the boredom of familiarity. Or perhaps it’s because they are in fact unique heirlooms handed down from generation to generation, glimmering emblems that link the past, the present, and the future. Since they evoke vivid memories and handed-down stories that family and friends ritually exchange while decorating this year’s tree—memories and anecdotes that will be passed on to generations yet unborn—they are more valuable than any heirloom sideboard for enriching the cultural fabric of your family. Regardless of the reason, Christmas ornaments have been a source of universal delight since their advent. While few families today own antique glass, tin, paper, or wood ornaments, they probably do possess at least a few treasured heirloom decorations passed down from grandparents or parents. Felicia Serrioz, co-owner of A&M Superior Upholstery, happens to be a devoted collector of antique and vintage Christmas ornaments. In her imaginative and artistic hands, these ornaments find renewed life, transformed into newly found and deeply familiar ornamentations.—n


ouglas Photographic Imaging (dpi) is a custom photographic lab that has been serving professional and amateur photographers alike for almost 42 years. Owners Ric and Nancy Wolford know that their niche in the industry is unique. Not only do they still process color and black and white films, they offer almost any photographic service available, from traditional to digital. One of dpi’s specialties is photo copying and restoration. Whether it’s old, darkened tintypes, cracked bubble photographs, or faded color prints, negatives or slides, dpi can improve them! They can bring back color and even recreate parts that are missing or damaged. Prints can be made on traditional photographic paper as well as fine art paper, canvas, or metallic paper.

Douglas Photographic Imaging 2300 East Douglas Avenue 316.264.3013

The joy of Christmas past is the theme at A&M Superior Upholstery shop. If you think you’re awe-struck by their holiday window display, wait until you step inside and see what co-owner and clever artist Felicia Serrioz has created! Her charming, one-of-a-kind Christmas trees start with a vintage porcelain planter base and grow with carefully selected old-fashioned glass ornaments. Her specialty wreaths are available in a variety of sizes. Enduring works of art, they’re destined to become family heirlooms. The holiday spirit inherent in her festive designs, fashioned out of vintage ornaments, makes them welcome additions to any home’s holiday décor. The vintage ornaments embody the Old-World charm prized by collectors and designers alike. These handcrafted, one-of-a-kind creations fuse the ornaments’ sizes, colors, and patterns in settings that are as enchanting as they are timeless. These delightful collectibles can be purchased directly from Felicia Serrioz at A&M Superior Upholstery, 106 N Hillside, 316.262.2076. But hurry, they’re also limited in number!

WWII Memorial

Korean War Memorial

OUR MISSION To transport our WWII, Korean War, and Vietnam War veterans to Washington, D.C. to visit those Memorials that commemorate their service to our country at no cost to the veteran.

Raising funds to send Kansas Veterans back to Washington, D.C. to visit their War Memorial that was built in their honor by a grateful nation!

Vietnam War Memorial Statue

George Grenyo, USN


Auto Smart, Inc., 5751 W. Central Ave., 942.2200, is a proud sponsor of the Kansas Honor Flight program, matching donations up to $500 made at Auto Smart on a monthly basis.


Autumn 2019

The Front Porch Wichita

A remodel respects this home’s integrity Kitchen Tune-Up designed stunning features that make this home shine.


he kitchen in this residence was just one part of this nearly whole-house remodel, but it set the tone for everything else. When homeowners Terry and Sharon Fry decided to move ahead with the makeover, they were adamant that any updating would respect the nature of their custom home. They couldn’t be happier with the results. Working with Adam and Rachel Phillips at Kitchen Tune-Up proved a perfect fit for the Frys. They were able to keep the original cabinet boxes, but all the doors were replaced with new intricately designed maple doors which were given a custom color that is an impeccable match to the existing cabinet boxes, as well as the open shelf that remained above the range. The black glaze lends a beautiful shimmer and complements the new walnut floors. The same custom color-matching process was used for the new doors installed in the entertainment center on either side of the fireplace in the adjoining hearth room. For an even flow, Kitchen Tune-Up used the same cabinet design in renovating the master bath and laundry room. Sharon’s favorite part is the fabulous new island. “It’s much larger than what we had before. I realized I rarely used the sink in the original one, and it only had room for two

Shades of Green,


from page 3.

exchange of air, and it thus becomes a musty, germ-laden incubator. Luckily, an easy remedy is available; many common houseplants can clean and improve the quality of indoor air. A couple of decades ago, NASA investigated whether or not houseplants could purify the air in space facilities. They discovered that many could indeed filter out 87 percent of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), as well as other contaminants. For example, the snake plant is one of the best for filtering out formaldehyde, which is common in cleaning products, tissues, and personal care products. The peace lily cleans indoor air of many environmental impurities. And the red-edged dracaena removes xylene, trichloroethylene, and formaldehyde, which can be brought in through lacquers, varnishes, and dry-cleaned clothing. Other houseplants that cleanse indoor air include the aloe vera, spider plant, English

stools. Now we can comfortably seat four,” she says. “And the best feature is the set of seven beautiful deep drawers,” as she opens them to display everything she needs to enjoy the new kitchen. “The Yucatan granite Rachel chose for the island matches the travertine backsplash that we kept, and it features a lovely design, like a ‘river’ running through it,” she adds. These homeowners couldn’t be more delighted with their home makeover, and they note that the greatest compliment they received was from designer Roseanna Kidd of Roseanna’s Creative Illusions. “She walked in and exclaimed, ‘These cabinets are exquisite!’ I couldn’t agree more.” The Frys credit Kitchen Tune-Up with creating a beautiful ambience throughout, being wonderful to work with, and, most importantly, showing so much respect for their home. Schedule a consultation appointment with Kitchen Tune-Up in their new expanded showroom, 3545 N Hillside St. (inside Metro Appliances). Call 316.558.8888, e-mail, or visit online at

ivy, Chinese evergreen, jade plant, and golden pothos. A good rule of thumb is to use at least one houseplant per 100 square feet of indoor space. And houseplants can additionally purify the air by pulling contaminants into your potting soil, where root-zone microorganisms convert VOCs into food for the plant. All these are tangible improvements, but perhaps just as important are the intangibles. Houseplants have the capacity to soothe frayed nerves, slow the breath, relax the muscles, quiet the mind, and enhance the quality of your life. Green is a cool color and is thus thought to calm, heal, and refresh. It helps to relieve inflammation and lower blood pressure. By releasing some 97 percent of the water they take in as moisture vapor, houseplants increase oxygen levels and humidify indoor air, which means fewer vexing episodes of dry skin and fewer respiratory illnesses, including colds, dry coughs, and sore throats. The humble houseplant not only alleviates many seasonal ailments, but introduces a welcome pop of green to battle those bleak winter blues.— n

Poetry Corner


In November, the smell of food is different. It is an orange smell. A squash and pumpkin smell. It tastes like cinnamon and Can fill up a house in the morning Can pull everyone from bed in a fog. Food is better in November Than any other time of the year. —Cynthia Rylant

Please join us at our Holiday Open House Nov. 7th, 4-8 pm with champagne and hors d’oeuvres and at the Holiday Tables at Mark Arts Nov. 7-10th

Nelson Designs offers assistance in the full design of your home or office. Visit our showroom, bring pictures, or call for a consultation today. Our desire is to make you happy with your choices and enjoy the process of transforming your house into your home!

8340 E 21st St • The Shops at Tallgrass • 613.3450 • Autumn 2019


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Jackie & Bill’s Drapery & Interiors

You Deserve a Beautiful Smile!

Thank you, Wichita! Smile Design Center Complete Smile Enhancement Packages Teeth Straightening Professional Kör Whitening

316.942.2044 3135 W. Douglas Wichita, KS 67213 Mon–Fri 9–5:30 Closed for lunch 12:30–1:30

Sat 9:30–12:30

Your local family-owned dental office Dr. Lowen Leatherman, D.D.S., P.A. Dr. Aaron L. Leatherman, D.D.S. Doctors of Dental Surgery

Kerry, Jackie and Zana Custom Window Treatments — Call for a Free Estimate

316.685.5121 | 3837 North Woodlawn


Clearly in a League of Their Own The Assistance League of Wichita wins the prize for being the most proactive nonprofit group in the area.


ost charitable organizations have one or two irons in the fire year ’round, but the Assistance League of Wichita boasts several annual community-based outreach programs: Operation School Bell®, Bear Hugs, post-secondary scholarships, special events promoting community participation, and the Assistance League Thrift Shop. In case you haven’t heard of the Assistance League, well, it’s one of Wichita’s best-kept secrets. Here’s some history: In 1984, a group of dedicated women, taking the slogan “the power of a generous heart” to heart, formed the Assistance Guild of Wichita. Two years

later, the Assistance League of Wichita became the 75th chapter of the National Assistance League. In the 30 years since, the Assistance League of Wichita has followed the vision of its founding members and grown into a well-recognized organization supporting diverse philanthropic programs in Wichita. The Assistance League Thrift Shop, centrally located at 2431 E. Douglas— the southwest corner of Douglas and Poplar streets in Wichita—provides nearly 60 percent of the organization’s annual budget, and, as a side note, the

Assistance League® of Wichita Presents Gingerbread Village at Exploration Place •

shop continues to increase in sales each month. Staffed solely by volunteers, the thrift shop makes sure that donated items are of good quality, clean, and fairly priced. Some say the Assistance League Thrift Shop is the busiest and friendliest such shop in the Wichita area! If you’d like to make your own donations to the Assistance League, please be aware that the volunteers accept only undamaged household items, gently worn clothing, and small electrical appliances in working order. (No mattresses, televisions, computers, printers, cars, large exercise equipment, baby furniture, or infant car seats.) And make sure any donations are made during business hours; items left outside afterhours may be damaged by inclement weather. Operation School Bell® is arguably the Assistance League’s major outreach endeavor. This philanthropic program is for students enrolled in kindergarten through high school in the USD 259 school district. Selected by school staff members, these kids get a shopping appointment, go to a local retailer, “shop” for new clothing, and leave with a huge bag of new duds, wide grins, and a renewed sense of selfconfidence. Since 1985, this success-filled program has fulfilled the dreams of 3,000 students annually—and more than 81,000 Wichita-area students to date.

The Assistance League of Wichita is also a huge fan of scholarships, which are awarded each year to qualifying USD 259 graduating seniors. Students apply for these vocational scholarships through their high school counselors. These scholarships provide tuition, textbooks, and supplies for the Wichita Area Technical College and Butler County Community College. More than 250 scholarships have been awarded since 1988. Still another program funded via grants and donations is Bear Hugs, a project near and dear to Assistance League members. This outreach effort provides brand-new teddy bears, journals, sketchpads, and tote bags at area hospitals to child victims of abuse, so that they’re able to make sense of events affecting them. Since 1997, some 3,600 teddy bears have been lovingly distributed. It’s estimated that, in 2017 and 2018 alone, the Assistance League of Wichita has returned some $412,000 to the Wichita area, served well over 3,500 people in the Wichita community, and have given more than 28,000 volunteer hours. Amazing. But that’s nothing compared to the regionwide presence of these compassionate individuals, who wholeheartedly believe in “the power of a generous heart.”— n For more information, please contact or call 316.687.6107. They’d love to hear from you!

Front Porch the

autumn 2019


The Art of Cultivating Simple Pleasures and Living Well

Welcome to The Front Porch Wichita! We invite you to join us as we share ideas for homes and gardens, swap some recipes, meet some interesting people, and chat a little about this and that. And if you happen to have a front porch that you’d like us to see, please write or call us. We’ll be more than happy to stop by, and maybe even sit a spell. To view on-line, please visit: Support your local businesses whenever possible. Please let participants know you saw them in The Front Porch Wichita!

Editor: Kathy D. Heaton Copy Editor: Kat Schneider Contributing Writers: Cathy Clausen, Kat Schneider Contributing Graphic Designer: Hai Tran Publisher: Patrick D. Wherritt

A weekend for families to build houses and lifetime memories. Saturday, November 9th, 10 am–6 pm and Sunday, November 10th, 11 am–5 pm. Inaugurate your holiday season with the Assistance League of Wichita’s 25th Annual Gingerbread Village in partnership with Exploration Place, 300 N McLean Blvd.


This fetching front porch in east Wichita exhibits a delightful study in contrasts. The generous concrete planter features a graceful Renaissance design in bas-relief, but the sculpture behind it evokes an Arts and Crafts motif, as do the adjacent contemporary square planters, the decorative metallic rails, and the foursquare pattern within the front door. By Steele’s Landscape, 640.7083.

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Autumn 2019

The Front Porch Wichita

From mainstream furnishings to custom capability, with styles for every taste and a variety of budgets, we’re here to inspire and collaborate. F, A, R, A, L,  M. Throughout my career it has been an honor to be recognized for our outstanding service, collaborative design, and quality home furnishings. Voted “Best in Service” for over 2 years in a row, dozens of 5-star reviews, and numerous WABA awards for design, I strive to serve my clients with the best the industry has to offer. I look forward to serving you,

Jeff Cohlmia

FrontPorchAd Winter 2019 FLC v3 typeoutlined.indd 1

1719 N. Rock Road, Ste. 109 Located behind Natural Grocers in the Rock Road Business Center

316.689.8585 Call today for a free consultation

10/20/19 9:54 PM

Holidays are to be enjoyed with your family and friends. Let Cindy’s Cleaning & Detailing Services get your house ready for all the upcoming festivities. We’ll make every corner shine, hand wash your fine crystal, polish your silverware, and assist with your table setting. Cindy’s team is happy to clean, organize, and pack all your holiday decor too.

You can feel safe and secure with Cindy’s Clean Team maintaining your home with professionalism and attention to details. Those who rely on Cindy’s team always find it a joy to come home! CINDYSDETAILING.COM



The Pleasure of Letters I thank you, dear Mr. Browning, from the bottom of my heart. You meant to give me pleasure by your letter . . . –Elizabeth Barrett

There’s something about sending and receiving handwritten notes or letters that elevates communication to a meaningful art.


ow long has it been since you’ve shared your thoughts and feelings with family or friends, and what better place to do so than in your own personal letter? You may recall receiving letters from an aunt, a parent, or a friend. Maybe there was something about the paper it was written on that caught your attention, which reflected their personality. It made you immediately recognize it as coming from them. Or perhaps it was the handwriting. Whatever it was, it made you feel special. You knew they had taken the time to put their thoughts down in their own hand, and if it was written on their own personalized stationery, you felt honored. You may not have known what made the difference, but you knew when you felt it in your hands that it was something It is easier to let yourself be authentic and share your feelings naturally in a comfortable, relaxexceptional. Fine quality papers have their own unique body, weight, and even texture, ing space. Create an atmosphere that lets you get in touch with what you are wanting to share however subtle, which make them distinct. in your letter. There are aspects of vulnerability to letter writing, but those are the best parts. Although much has been said about the lost art of writing as the digital age has gone into full swing, fine paper continues to withstand the test of time. The fact that people receive dozens of e-mails daily makes a handwritten note even more significant. It tells the person receiving it that you made the extra effort and took the time to choose your stationery and consider your words. Handwritten notes are also a pleasure to receive, because they give a person the opportunity to spend time with your phrases, perhaps going back and rereading, contemplating, and enjoying the message you sent. In the same way that the clothes you wear project an image, the words you write, and the paper you use, are expressions of your style. Investing in a quality, personalized, fine stationery is a way to communicate with elegance and grace. Make sure it says everything you want, but don’t worry about what you’ll write. Whether it’s a quick note, a simple card, or an informal letter, the thoughtful expression of your handwritten message will always be appreciated. In the warmth of your own home, a comfortable writing place encourages you to be creative. The accouterments of letter writing can evoke memories of simpler, less complicated times, when letter writing was a necessity, and an art. The texture of a fine paper can enhance the handmade feel of a letter. The touch of a soft, one hundred percent cotton piece of stationery adds a certain warmth, and random flecks are telltale signs of recycled papers that add an instinctive earthiness to your message. Parchment or translucent sheets of stationery impart an Old-World or romantic touch, and matching envelopes reveal a regard for detail. The tactile nature of a fine paper reflects the work of a caring hand, to be read and shared. Hand-written letters often become keepsakes, bound in ribbons, kept in drawers and boxes, an illuminating historical record. A letter can be gratifying for both the writer and receiver, bringing those who are physically absent closer. The written word is concrete and specific, unlike the fleeting words of a telephone conversation, and can be re-read. Although it takes more than a little effort to write a letter, if producing the letter is more materially enjoyable, then reading it will be pleasurable as well.— n For a memorable impression, choose from the extensive selection of quality cards, invitations, and all things personalized—including fine stationery—from Maxine’s, now in their new location at Douglas and Oliver. A mainstay in Wichita for over fifty years, Maxine’s is the place to go to find a style that says, “This is me,” one that you’ll delight in using for years to come.

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Nail color trends have migrated toward a range of darker, moodier polishes. In tune with Mother Nature, fall has arrived and with it a whole new lineup of staple classics and unexpected shades to decorate your nails. The change comes with updated takes on the deeper fall classics—and a definite accent on the amazing range of greys and mauves. That doesn’t mean there still isn’t an occasion when you’ll want a deeper shade of red for a particular event, but Lacquer Nails invites you to embrace the Season of Hygge with these new soothing colors. Gift Certificates are always a perfect choice to give a spa treat to your special someone.

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Of all the choices you make this holiday season, choosing to shop with independent, locally owned businesses will have the biggest impact on our community, and on you. That’s right, when you shop our local stores, you’ll have the experience of being someplace, not just anyplace. You’ll discover one-of-akind businesses that offer a much broader range of products, and you’ll experience some of that old-fashioned hometown feeling that gives Wichita its distinctive character. Many shops will be hosting open-house events, and all are hard at work to give you the very best. It’s a great opportunity to meet the owners, get an early start with your shopping, and immerse yourself in the holiday spirit. So get out of your old shopping routine and rediscover our hometown. You’ll be surprised by how much fun you have. Experience Wichita. Spending your dollars here keeps our city growing strong!

Autumn 2019

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HARDWARE, HARDWARE, HARDWARE We have hundreds of doorknobs, dozens of handles, hooks and brackets and specialty hardware like hinges, door knockers, and door bells.


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Autumn 2019


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The Art and Craft of Home, from cover. The term “Arts and Crafts” refers to a style of furniture design. Its companion in architecture is the bungalow, whose popularity paralleled the rise of the Arts and Crafts movement, and whose essential simplicity was the ideal partner for that movement’s unadorned furnishings. Arts and Crafts artisans used the best-quality wood possible, usually quarter-sawn white oak. Devotees of this style can recite from memory the rest of the drill. Straight, simple lines. Substantial yet well-proportioned overall. Little, if any, ornamentation. Usually leather-upholstered. And, above all, precisely handcrafted, because such understated pieces would show any imperfections of material or workmanship Continued on page 12.

Above: The fabrics of the front porch glider settee echo the warm colors of this bungalow’s classic Arts and Crafts stained-glass windows.

Right: Copper lampshades, period subway-tile backsplashes, a small cabinet whose glass front features a fetching gingko-leaf pattern, and meticulously crafted oak columns, trim, and cabinetry are just a few of the era-appropriate details that grace this quietly spectacular kitchen.

In the dining room, the simple, almost austere, lines of the stained-glass breakfront and chairs are softened by the delicate patterns of the stained-glass chandelier and the ultra-natural wallpaper, which features real leaf embossments.


Autumn 2019

The Front Porch Wichita

Introducing Karastan

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Quiet Spaces

A Moveable Peace Now that summer’s temperatures have become more temperate, and summer’s light no longer bleaches everything white-hot, and the season has turned toward autumn’s more muted shades and shadows, it’s time to go walking.


es, walking. Walking in honor of autumn. Walking to celebrate the season come ’round again. Walking to find yourself afresh in the quiet spaces of your mind. Depending on the scope of your ambition, you may decide to walk around your neighborhood and, perhaps another time, beyond, to see what’s been going on while you’ve hidden from the relentless, endless summer heat. Take your time. Walk slowly, even leisurely, because this isn’t a race. Remember, the goal is to discover whatever the landscape provides, offers up, reveals. You’ve always wondered, while driving by, what’s up that shy, shaded road. Today, walk on over and find out. You’ve pondered, hurrying by too many times to count, about where that little leaf-strewn stream begins. Today, try to discover the source. In Victorian times, walkers typically investigated all sorts of little things they came upon, such as ant colonies, wildlife tracks, and leaf patterns, and then documented them, all for the simple pleasure of learning and sharing something new about nature. Leave your cell phone at home, or carry it (turned off) only for an emergency. Remember, you’re seeking out the restorative quiet spaces of your mind, which you’ll never find if you’re constantly plugged in to the ever-present cacophony of the modern world. Take your portable media player if you must, but be aware your playlist may clash with the serenity you’re seeking. And on those days when it’s not so pleasant, walk indoors on a treadmill. Again, slowly. You can lay in a stock of walking DVDs. The on-line company offers a remarkable and inexpensive series of 30- and 60-minute “virtual walks,” including walks around Italy’s Isle of Capri and along the Amalfi Coast, and the picturesque countrysides of Ireland and England. They promise that you’ll see something new every time you take a walk. Although walking undoubtedly has exercise benefits, you’re looking for something else: connecting with, drawing from, breathing in the natural world, which has always been humankind’s wellspring of inspiration, relaxation, and rejuvenation. Look at the way the sun backlights that row of late-summer geraniums. Observe how oaks, having dropped their acorns for squirrels to find and bury, now seem to relax, gathering strength from the cooling earth for over-wintering. Be inspired by those Victorians of long ago, and stoop to examine the quietly fading colors of fallen leaves. Gaze upward, and notice that the changing angle of the sun’s rays, in the turning of the seasons, makes the light of an autumn sky different from summer’s. Walk on, discovering anew the serene primal source of your own quiet space.— n Autumn 2019


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The Art and Craft of Home, from page 10. Accompanying household goods, including mica lamp shades, stained glass, tiles, copperware, lighting fixtures, bookends, vases, ceramics, mirrors, hardware, textiles, china, and pottery all bore the additional hallmarks of Arts and Crafts style: the use of natural materials, abundant floral and foliage motifs, and graceful curves that served as counterpoint to the plainness of a home’s larger pieces. Defining the features of the bungalow is a little more difficult. Early on, it featured a single storey, an open and simple floor plan, exposed and hand-hewn beams or rafters, a lowpitched roof, and a large front porch. But a quick look at books on bungalows reveals that the exception often proves the rule when it comes to defining one. Details, details. Undaunted, these two forged ahead to design a unique synthesis of Arts and Crafts and the simple but charming bungalow—and in so doing, to exemplify the art and craft of home. — n

If you want a golden rule that will fit everything, this is it: Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful. —William Morris

"Details, details."

Above: This contemporary bungalow is a study in striking contrasts that work beautifully. In the living room, modern recessed lighting artfully complements this home’s traditional boxbeam ceiling, and the straight, plain lines of the homeowners’ period Stickley furniture amiably coexist with the ornate configurations of a 19th century German hand-painted cabinet that originally held silver tableware. Top, left to right: Sporting a multi-leaf motif, a Pennsylvania cast-iron fireback crowns the backsplash above a state-of-the-art range. Shimmering mirror tiles, timeless granite, and an antique Oriental vase comprise a small but elegant hallway still life.


Autumn 2019

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anie Chisholm Designs started out in 1978 as a professional window covering installation service and custom drapery workroom, branching out in 1994 to sales of all facets of custom window treatments. They pride themselves in offering quality products at competitive pricing, quick turnaround, child/pet safety consciousness, and professional measuring and installation.

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Health & Fitness

The Space Within

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meditation exercises provide you an increased ability to concentrate. By teaching you how to relax, yoga promotes sound, restorative sleep. It improves strength and flexibility of the mind as well as the body, it concentrates your attention, and it frees your spirit. Hatha yoga is an equal-opportunity regimen, in that nowadays you can learn how to do it in a classroom or in your home, although it's always good to have the personal guidance of a yoga instructor. DVDs, web sites, and books abound, as close as your nearest bookstore, magazine stand, public library, or on-line. But no matter the source, the very best thing about hatha yoga is that through it you can discover a dimension within, and for, yourself, whether in the company of others or alone, and for a while let your body, mind, and spirit exist, serenely, restoratively, in the exquisite calm of your very own, private, peaceful, quiet space. Once you start looking, you’ll find an abundance of physical locations where you can learn hatha yoga: at yoga studios; at YMCAs and YWCAs; through the City of Wichita’s Parks and Recreation program; at one of WSU’s Division of Continuing Education’s non-credit classes; at health and fitness centers; at many local churches and hospitals; through KPTS public television, which features a 6 a.m. yoga program; and at the Wichita Public Library, which has several yoga DVDs available for checkout with your library card.— n

Yoga had definitely gone mainstream in this country, touted as “a way to bring peace of mind in a jangly world.” Well, there’s a little more to it than that.


here are many modern variations on the ancient practice of yoga, ranging from bikram yoga, to power yoga, to laughter yoga, but perhaps the most accessible form of yoga is also the most familiar to American ears: hatha yoga. At the most elemental level, a hatha yoga class involves some slow-paced stretching, simple breathing exercises, basic poses, and relaxation techniques. Virtually anyone can benefit from yoga: mothers and pregnant women of all ages, out-of-shape male and female Baby Boomers alike, and seniors concerned about arthritis, poor circulation, and the loss of flexibility, come to mind. The physical benefits derived from the practice of yoga are indeed real, but of at least equal value are the advantages that yoga conveys to your mind and spirit. One source describes hatha yoga as a “near-perfect fitness routine” which includes improving flexibility and mobility, correcting posture, increasing circulation, boosting the immune response, alleviating joint and back pain and stiffness, facilitating better digestion and breathing, increasing stamina and balance, and encouraging weight loss. The list could go on. But, more importantly, these physical benefits reap powerful mental and spiritual rewards. The regular practice of hatha yoga releases many physical tensions arising from hours of sitting, both at work and at home. By increasing the supply of oxygen to the brain, yoga gives you more energy and vitality, and its

Autumn 2019

Hatha yoga can be as simple as a few easy movements made with the support of a chair. There is no reason to be intimidated by yoga, as with any new fitness regime, everyone has to start somewhere. And for many, that may be the most they may ever be able to do. There is even yoga for elderly confined to wheelchairs. The whole idea behind hatha yoga is to move toward a position as comfortably as possible—no strain and to remember to breathe. But the most important lesson about the practice of yoga comes from a friend and long-time yoga practitioner, Arlene Phillips, who says, "The first step is getting to the mat."


The Front Porch Wichita

Totally Nuts for Nuts! Finally, summer has given way to autumn, and squirrels are celebrating the season’s turning by busily scouring trees and feeders for nature’s nutty windfall.


urns out that squirrels instinctively know what major research studies tell us. Nuts are a nutrient powerhouse. And while the squirrels are gathering nuts, we’re gathering recipes for nut-filled pies, cookies, and cakes. Pecan pie and walnut cake are traditional mainstays of the holiday season, but we wanted to try some recipes that use other choice, but often overlooked, nuts. So we scoured the Internet and select food magazines and found a treasure trove of recipes. We settled on three featuring Brazil nuts, hazelnuts, and pistachios, and they’ve proven to be such hands-down favorites that we’ll be preparing them several times throughout the upcoming holidays. We begin with an easy-to-make, deliciously creamy, Brazil nut soup, a popular dish derived from Brazilian cuisine. The almost decadent richness of Brazil nuts, combined with this recipe’s other ingredients, makes for a delectably hearty soup. Brazil nuts are packed with selenium, and just one Brazil nut a day meets dietary guidelines. Holiday dinners are always the right time to take a little time to create something that’s as festive to look at as it is tantalizing to taste. This savory tart is highlighted by hazelnuts, which provide its pleasantly crunchy topping. Brazil Nut Soup Roasting carrots with maple syrup—another seasonal staple—creates a sweet yet tangy dish. The added benefit: Hazelnuts are high in manganese and copper. Dessert is a holiday fruit cake featuring pistachios, one of the oldest nuts enjoyed worldwide. Archaeological evidence dates the association of pistachios and humans to as early as 6,000 BC. The positive benefits of the pistachio include heart health, successful weight management, protection against diabetes and hypertension, and improved digestion. Also good for your health are the vitamins, minerals, fats, and protein found in pistachios. This cake is also chock-full of sweet pears, semi-sweet chocolate chunks, and just a touch of orange zest, all of which create a celebration for the taste buds. To make sure every taste is totally satisfied, there's also a traditional nut pie, made with walnuts rather than pecans. All in all, we find the health benefits of nuts take second place to the tempting tastes, from smooth to spicy to sweet, that are possible with nature’s autumn bounty: Nuts!

Brazil Nut Soup 1 cup Brazil nuts, roasted 4 cups vegetable broth, divided use 1 1/2 tablespoons Healthy Heart non-dairy butter 1 1/2 tablespoons all-purpose flour 3/4 teaspoon salt 1/2 teaspoon freshly grated white pepper, plus additional for serving 1/4 teaspoon freshly ground nutmeg 2/3 cup non-dairy soy creamer, or almond milk (not low-fat) 1 1/2 teaspoons fresh parsley, chopped finely

In a food processor, grind the nuts, pulsing on and off, until they are finely ground. Reserve in the food processor. Heat the vegetable broth over medium heat. Add a ladle of the

broth to the food processor, pulse until smooth, and set aside. In a medium saucepan, melt the non-dairy butter. When it has melted, remove the pan from the heat and quickly whisk in the flour, making a simple roux. Return the roux to the heat and continue whisking constantly, until it begins to coalesce and pull away from the sides of the pan. Add the remaining broth to the roux, continuing to whisk, about a cup at a time. Add the nut mixture to the roux and season with the salt, white pepper, and nutmeg. Add the non-dairy soy creamer. This soup is delicious when first made, but it can easily be prepared the day before serving and reheated over low heat. Taste and adjust the seasoning, ladle into four soup bowls, top with additional white pepper and chopped parsley, and serve. This recipe was adapted from

By Kathy Heaton Photography by Patrick Wherritt

Maple-Glazed Carrot, Mushroom, and Hazelnut Tart 12-14 carrots, peeled and cut in half lengthwise 3 tablespoons olive oil, divided use 1 teaspoon salt, divided use 1/3 cup plus 1 tablespoon maple syrup, divided use 1 sheet Pepperidge Farm® Puff Pastry, cut into 4 pieces 3-4 shallots, very finely diced 3 cups Crimini mushrooms, very finely chopped or processed 1/2 cup chopped and roasted hazelnuts, divided use 3/4 cup Tofutti® non-dairy cream cheese 2 tablespoons fresh tarragon leaves, chopped, plus a few leaves for garnish

Maple-Glazed Carrot, Mushroom, and Hazelnut Tart

Preheat the oven to 400 degrees. Cook the carrots in a saucepan of boiling water for approximately 4-5 minutes, until just barely tender. Drain and carefully toss the carrots with 2 tablespoons of the olive oil, 1/2 teaspoon of the salt, and 4 tablespoons of the maple syrup. Spread the carrots out in one layer on a parchment-lined baking sheet. Bake for 20 minutes, turning once. They should be nicely done, but not mushy. Set aside. Place the four pastry rectangles on a parchment-lined baking sheet. Score a 3/8th-inch border. Prick the center areas with a fork and bake in the oven for 12 minutes. Set aside. Sauté the diced shallots in the remaining one tablespoon olive oil over a medium-low heat until thoroughly soft, being careful not to brown them. Add the Crimini mushrooms and continue sautéing the mixture until the mushrooms are tender, the moisture is cooked out, and the mixture is fairly dry. Remove the mixture to a large plate to cool. Process a third of the mushroom-shallot blend with 1/3 cup of the chopped and roasted hazelnuts, the non-dairy cream cheese, the 2 tablespoons of fresh tarragon, and the remaining 1/2 teaspoon salt. Be careful not to over-process; the mixture should remain fairly coarse. Put the mixture into a large bowl and stir in the remaining mushroom-shallot blend. Gently press down the centers of the puff pastry pieces with the back of a spoon. Spread 1/4 of the mushroom-shallot blend inside each pastry and lay the glazed carrots on top. You may need to trim the carrots to fit, but they will shrink a bit when baked, so you can also tuck the ends under the pastry edge to fit. Drizzle 2 tablespoons of the maple syrup over and repeat with the remaining three pieces of puff pastry. Return the pastries to the oven and bake for an additional 12-15 minutes, or until they turn golden. To serve, sprinkle with a few tarragon leaves, drizzle the remaining tablespoon of maple syrup over, and top with the remaining chopped and roasted hazelnuts. This recipe was adapted from Good Food magazine, December 2013.

Tips and Techniques Roasting Nuts While you can probably find roasted nuts for these recipes, we strongly advise you to purchase raw organic nuts and roast them yourself. The rewards are many: The aroma of freshly roasting nuts wafting through your home, the ability to precisely roast the nuts to perfection, and avoiding nuts with a rancid taste, which can happen if they are roasted in mechanized seed oils, or if they’ve been sitting on a shelf too long. Additionally, if you roast fresh nuts yourself, you retain their heart-healthy monounsaturated fat. After several attempts at roasting the nuts first and then trying to rub their skins off, we discovered a better way to peel pistachios, hazelnuts, and Brazil nuts. Boil them. That’s right, blanch the nuts in boiling water first; this will loosen the skins so they can easily be rubbed off with your fingers or a tea towel. After they are skinned, place them on a baking sheet in the oven to roast. It takes 10 to 12 minutes to roast


Fresh Hazelnuts, or as they’re called in Oregon, Filberts, are appropriately called a tough nut to crack!

Recipes continued on page 15.

each type of nut, but they each do best at different temperatures. The smaller pistachios prefer a low 325 degrees, hazelnuts roast nicely at 350 degrees, and the larger Brazil nuts roast best in a hotter oven of 400 degrees. Regardless of the type of nut, you’ll want to stir them at least once to toast evenly, and keep your eye on them for the last few minutes to avoid scorching. Generally, once they begin to give off fragrance, they are close to done. Warning: Cool them for a moment or two before taste-testing. Roasted nuts fresh from the oven are hot!

Egg Replacement in Baking You can replace eggs in baked goods in a couple of ways. One way is to whisk 4 ½ teaspoons Ener-G Egg Replacer with 6 tablespoons of water. Another way, which is preferred for this fruit cake, is to mix 3 tablespoons of plain white vinegar and 3 tablespoons of water in a high-sided small bowl. Add 1 tablespoon of baking powder to this vinegar-water blend, which will immediately bubble up. As soon as the bubbles begin to subside, add to the batter.

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Ultimate outdoorscapes expertly designed for every season and style


ince time began families have gathered before a crackling fire in the evening to discuss the day’s events and bask in the warmth. Treescapes can create a custom fireplace, fire pit, or a designer fire table that is not only a one-of-a-kind work of art but will become the center of your family’s social interaction creating memories that will last a lifetime. Their custom fireplaces and fire pits can be constructed in any size or shape that you can imagine. Treescapes also has a large selection of fire pit tables in stock. Fire pits can be wood burning or gas with ceramic logs or sparkling glass media of your choice. Plus, they now feature an amazingly beautiful selection of granite fire tables with glass wind guards. So get ready for the cooler evenings with fire and furnishings with owner-operator and chief designer David Martine’s signature “over the top” style that is reflected in every aspect of his business. From the friendly and knowledgeable expert design staff in the showroom to the talented and skilled production crews in the field.

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Totally Nuts for Nuts! from page 14 Because this time of year you can never have enough pie, we also offer a favorite made with American Eastern Black Walnuts, grown right next door in Missouri.

Pistachio, Pear, and Chocolate Loaf Cake Pistachio, Pear, and Chocolate Loaf Cake 1 1/3 cups all-purpose flour, plus additional for flouring loaf pan 1 teaspoon baking powder 2/3 cup fine sugar, also known as caster sugar Pinch of salt 2/3 cup coconut butter, not coconut oil, plus additional to grease loaf pan Egg replacer for 3 eggs (See note, page 14.) 1 cup dairy-free Enjoy Life semi-sweet chocolate Mega Chunks 1 medium-sized pear, peeled, cored, and diced into pieces no larger than 1/4-inch 1 cup roasted pistachios Zest of 1 orange, finely chopped

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Grease and flour an 8-inch by 4-inch loaf pan and set aside. Put the flour, baking powder, caster sugar, salt, and coconut butter in a food processor and process until just combined; you don’t want to over-process the mixture. Mix the egg replacer in a small high-sided bowl and add the baking powder to the vinegar-water mixture. As soon as the bubbles begin to subside, pour it into the processor and pulse a couple of times. Spoon the batter—It will be quite thick—into a large mixing bowl. Add the chocolate chunks, pear, pistachios, and orange zest and mix until evenly distributed. Spoon the mixture into the prepared loaf pan and bake for approximately one hour. To see if the cake is done, insert a wooden skewer in the middle and see if it comes out clean. You’ll want the cake to start to brown, but remove it from the oven just before it starts to pull away from the edges of the pan. Place on a cooling rack for 5 minutes. Run an offset spatula or a table knife gently around the edges to detach the cake from the sides of the pan. Place a rack over the top of the loaf and flip it upside down; the cake should slip out easily. Turn the cake over and allow it to cool completely. If you prepare the cake the day before serving, be sure it has cooled completely, then loosely cover it with plastic wrap and leave it on the rack overnight. When it’s ready to serve, cut the cake into 1/2-inch-thick slices. Place two slices on a plate and enjoy with your favorite tea or coffee. This recipe was adapted from Vogue Entertaining + Travel, Autumn 2000. Martillo Créme Brulee Dishware, Spice Herringbone Striped Napkins, Gold Woven Table Runner, and Woven Rattan Napkin Rings available at Pier 1 Imports, Bradley Fair, 1800 N. Rock Road, #100, 315.0330.

Autumn 2019

There are good nuts and there are great nuts, but the American Eastern Black Walnut is the ultimate nut. Native to the central and eastern United States, Eastern Black Walnuts are wonderful when used in cooking and baking. They have a robust and distinct flavor that sets them apart from the more widely known English Walnut. Nutritious, flavorful, and good keepers when refrigerated or frozen, black walnuts are a tasty addition to everything from appetizers to desserts. They are not only delicious, black walnuts are nutritious too. They are relatively low in saturated fats, have no cholesterol, and are high in polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats—the good fats—which can lower “bad” cholesterol levels without damaging good cholesterol. Black walnuts also contain iron, minerals and fiber, and no sugar. They provide the nutritional benefits of tree nuts that are enjoyed in the nowpopular and healthy Mediterranean diets. Recent studies have indicated that people who eat nuts once a week have twenty-five percent less heart disease than people who avoid nuts completely. And because nuts are included in the meats, poultry, fish, and dry beans food group, they can be enjoyed every day while they promote good health. Black Walnut Pie is another perfect holiday dessert.

Black Walnut Pie 3 eggs, lightly beaten from Ener-G Egg Replacer (See egg-replacement on page 14) 1 tablespoon lemon juice 1 cup light corn syrup 1 teaspoon vanilla 1 cup dark brown sugar 2 1⁄2 cups Hammons Black Walnuts 1⁄4 cup butter, melted 1- 9 inch pie crust

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Check the pie crust to be sure the edges are at least 1⁄4-inch to 1⁄2-inch above the rim of the pan to prevent the pie filling from bubbling over the edge. Gently combine all ingredients in the order listed. Stir enough to begin dissolving the sugar, but not enough to incorporate air into the filling. Do not beat, or the pie will have air bubbles on the top instead of black walnuts, spoiling the glossy look of the glazed nuts. Pour into the unbaked pie crust. Bake on a cookie sheet one hour, or until the center of the pie is no longer loose and the black walnuts are browned. Serve either hot or cold, but for the best appearance, allow the pie to reach room temperature before cutting. Whipped cream or ice cream is a wonderful addition. For a gourmet treat, serve this pie hot.

Recipes and information courtesy of Hammons Products Company. To discover more about this ultimate nut, visit the web site of the world’s premier processor and supplier of American Eastern Black Walnuts for both food and industrial uses— Hammons Products Company at

Black Walnut Pie 15

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Liveability is defined as “the degree to which a place is suitable or good for living.” There are no neighborhoods in East Wichita that are more “liveable” than our Brookfield and Elk Creek communities. Beautiful, spacious homes with 13 different floor plans to choose from. No steps to trip you up. Great neighbors with like interests. A beautiful clubhouse with work-out room, heated pool and pickle ball courts. If you want to live the good life, it starts in an Epcon community.

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Those in the know go to Auto Smart for all their automotive needs: delivering the best service and repair of all vehicles—new or classic! Discover this family-owned business and experience for yourself their authentic, friendly, welcoming atmosphere and—best of all—integrity, value, and superior service.


lthough humble about what he and his company have contributed to Wichita, the owner of Auto Smart is very proud of the people who make up his company and the work they do. Everyone is concerned with finding a good auto repair facility. That’s why once you do find people you know you can trust, you tell your friends, and come back. The company’s technicians have been with Auto Smart for years. That’s one of the reasons he continues to have a loyal following. Knowing your mechanic may not mean a lot to some people, but over the years we’ve realized that the better you know the people who work on your car, the more you can trust that repairs will be done as perfectly as possible. That’s the kind of service customers have come to expect from Auto Smart, and that’s just fine with them. “Our business has always been more like an extended family,” the owner says. “We feel the same way about our customers. They stop in one day a stranger, and soon they become a regular.” The owner’s loyalty to his employees also contributes to the success of this business. In fact, recently, he licensed his K-15 location to his long-time friend and loyal employee Biff, his son Zach, as well as Auto Smart’s former technician, Isaac, on his crew. Regardless of which Auto Smart you visit, you’ll find all the technicians adhere to the highest standards. The Automotive Service Excellence (ASE)-Master Certified technicians use today’s latest automotive technology, and are equipped to handle all repairs on foreign and domestic cars and trucks. They know that your vehicle is a major investment, and that your family’s safety is riding on its performance. That’s why they care for each customer’s vehicle as if it were their own, keep records of all service and repair work, and notify customers via e-mail when routine maintenance should be scheduled. Like many automotive technicians, the Auto Smart crew also has a special passion for what are now referred to as “Classic Cars.” “We can work on anything from the car you drive everyday to your classic custom vehicle. But for those who drive a classic, or are looking for authentic repairs and restoration to these ‘oldies, but goodies,’ we’d like them to know that we’re ready to meet their special needs,” says the owner. Most importantly, however, is Auto Smart’s strongly held commitment to provide reasonable and quality automotive maintenance and repair services with the best warranty—3 years parts and labor—and the highest regard for ethics and fair treatment for all. In fact, it’s a part of Auto Smart’s Mission Statement, along with their promise to never make money a higher priority than the safety and satisfaction of their customers. Whether you bring your automobile, truck, or classic car to Auto Smart, Inc. you’ll find an entirely different attitude—a business you can rely on and where everyone is always welcomed with a friendly smile, free wi-fi, and freshly brewed coffee in their clean, comfortable waiting room! Give your vehicles the best service at Auto Smart, Inc., Wichita’s local family-owned and professional automotive repair shop, located at 5751 W. Central Ave., on the corner of Central at I-235, 942.2200. Open Mon–Fri 7:30–6:30. Auto Smart proudly sponsors Kansas Honor Flights. Every For Internet specials be sure to check out their month they match up to $500 of donations at their business. website, 16

Wild about Mustangs! We think the better you know the person who works on your car, the more you can trust their work. So let’s get to know Steve Ross, one of Auto Smart’s service technicians. Working with cars is more than a job with Steve Ross. You might say that to Steve the sounds of a smooth-running engine is like a heartbeat—cars are in his blood—they’re a part of who he is and make him feel alive. And, although he loves working on all makes and models, when it comes to his personal choice there’s nothing that compares to the sweet sound of a Ford Mustang. Currently the proud owner of six Fords, five of which are Mustangs, his collections ranges from a 1973 Grande (an automatic) with the notched back in a Gold Metallic, to a white with orange stripes 1990 LX, a stunning Laser Red ‘96 Cobra, and his new personal favorite—a black 2014 Mustang GT. Since his first car at the age of 14, a 1968 Ford Galaxy 500, Steve has loved working on every aspect of cars. His knowledge and respect for the industry did not go unnoticed by Auto Smart owner, Scott, when he first met Steve while he was working at Pep Boys back in 1993. Scott offered his a job at Auto Smart and the rest, as they say, is history. Now an ASE Master Technician, Steve is another hard-working member of the Auto Smart family. His specialties include engines, suspension, and brakes, but he especially enjoys diagnosing electrical problems. Although the fix may often be simple, finding the source of the problem is the real challenge, and he likes the fact that no two situations are ever the same. In his spare time, Steve enjoys taking one of his Mustangs out for a drive. And while most of his rides keep him in the greater Wichita area, when time permits he heads out of town to discover scenic roads elsewhere. He’s enjoyed cruising along Lake Shore Drive in Chicago and climbing Pike’s Peak in Colorado. When asked what might be an ideal trip ahead, he says, “Well, I might drive down to the Gulf and check out the roads along Galveston’s beaches.” In the meantime, you’ll find him at his next favorite place, under the hood of any make or model car searching out answers and fixing the problems for Auto Smart customers, many of whom have also become like family over the years.

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Homes, Gardens, Interior Design, Classic Autos, Wildlife, Art, Yoga, Lifestyle