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Daniel’s Den Together Everyone Achieves More

Annual Report 1st September 2014 – 31st August 2015

Registered charity number 1147172 Company Limited by Guarantee 5303714

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Review of 2014-2015

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OUR MISSON Our purpose to encourage enrich Encouraging andisenriching family lifeand according to family in order to build stronger biblical life principles communities We have a vision to see  Parents and children We have a vision to seehaving

the opportunity to ‘know and be known’ in their local community

 

Parents and children having the People building ‘relationships that matter’ within opportunity tocultural/ethnic ‘know andgroup be known’ and beyond their inParent theirand local community toddler groups being available in all localities

People building ‘relationships that Family life being valued in all levels of society matter’ within and beyond their both locally and nationally cultural/ethnic group


A MESSAGE FROM THE DIRECTOR Message from the Director There is one word that sums up this year and it is BREAKTHROUGH Boost, development, discovery, finding, gain, hike, improvement, advance, leap, progress, find, increase, invention, rise, quantum leap and step forward are just some of the words evoked during the year. Whether it be in mind-set or activity we have experienced many changes this year. In November 2014 we celebrated our 18th anniversary and during an 18 hour prayer marathon we had the opportunity to look back and give thanks, celebrate what is happening now and look to the future. Transitioning from one stage to another ’coming of age’ has been happening for the past couple of years and during the year we rewrote our mission statement. In so doing, we have set out five clear objectives that will form the direction of what we do. These are:

    

Establishing and running parent and toddler groups, recognised as first rate by users. offering parenting support enabling people to recognise the value of parent and toddler groups fostering mutual cooperation and support for toddler groups supporting the choice of stay at home parents and raising awareness of the value they bring to society

This has helped us re-examine what we do and why. The new team of trustees and management team have embraced their responsibilities and this has enabled us as a charity to be more focused. It has been a joy to see our volunteers playing to their strengths whether it be through creativity (Dolly – the milk-able cow - was an amazing addition to our groups), photography, reliability or laughter. Hundreds of families have received a genuine welcome, made new friendships and built community. We’ve tried new things e.g. an over 65’s group including play dough, crafts and singing; and we’ve ended things e.g. Saturday sessions. Our motto Together Everyone Achieves More continues to ring true and we are about to embark on the next 5 years 2015-2020.


PARENT AND TODDLER GROUPS We ran 5 toddler sessions each week throughout Brent, bringing a sense of care and belonging to many families. Having a safe warm place to bring your children means so much to local families and its great to see the toddlers coming with mum, dad, grandparents, aunts/uncles, child minders or au pairs. The range of toys and activities creates a rich learning environment where new friendships are formed and people are developing a real sense of belonging. These are the sessions we ran each week.

 Tuesday 9am-10.30am @ Elsley Primary School  Tuesday 9.30am-11am & 11.30am-1pm @ St Michael and All Angels, Stonebridge  Tuesday 1pm-3pm @ Gladstone Park Primary School  Wednesday 9.30am-11.30am @ St Andrews, Sudbury In addition we ran a 6th session every Friday morning from January –July 2015 in the former Children and Families Information Service shop in Chesterfield House. This was part of the Big Local initiative and with funding from Near Neighbours we were able to offer a Pop Up toddler group followed by lunch and then a lunch and social activities for the over 65’s (as requested following our 18th anniversary prayer marathon). This was a demanding venture (of our volunteers’ time and energy), during which we made many new friends. There were a number of surprises which included feeding the homeless who we discovered living under the building during one of our fire drills. We were also blessed with food donated form the local Wenzels bakery and it was a joy to see kindness being spread on the streets – as we had prayed. The creative activities with the over 65’s was inspiring; one lady called Chris who was so reluctant to ‘have a go’ at the beginning ended up painting and even creating a potato head model. The funding for this project has come to an end but the work continues. We will continue to serve the families of Wembley Central through the group at Elsley and there will be a monthly drop in lunch and activities at St Michael and All Angels church – part of Route 18.


CASE STUDY Mary and Ocean meet Petruta and Ryan Petruta knew nothing of Daniel’s Den until she was given a leaflet on the High Road by Jo. She came along with her son Ryan and bumped into Mary, Ocean’s grandmother and also Special Guardian. Mary is a local lady who lives round the corner from this new venue. She had recently become fully responsible for the care of Ocean and was wondering where she could go with her. Mary suffers from severe arthritis and is unable to get on the bus with the pushchair. She wanted somewhere she could walk to and one of our former mums at the local school told her about the Big Local. Mary was delighted and came with her friend Linda. They joined in all the activities and as the friendship grew between them and Petruta, Ryan and Ocean too became buddies. There has been the sharing of birthday presents, advice and telephone numbers and a real sense that for all of them a valuable friendship and support network has been formed. This is something we see happening in all our groups; it is wonderful to see people from different backgrounds (in this case Irish and Romanian) forming friendships that matter.

PARENTING POSTCARDS We yet again ran a parenting course at Elsley School and endeavoured to share the set of 12 postcards throughout the year. They have words of encouragement, something to think about, things to do and so much more. Postcard 1: You are the best parent for your child Postcard 2: Dealing with disappointments Postcard 3: What do children really need? Postcard 4: The need for love Postcard 5: The power of words Postcard 6: 4 magic words to teach your children Postcard 7: Routines Postcard 8: Talking and Listening Postcard 9: Handling challenging behaviour Postcard 10: Eating Postcard 11: Memories Postcard 12: Investing time


CREATIVITY & SENSORY PLAY This has been a major feature of the year as people have shared ideas … Here are just some of the things created …

‘Touching, smelling, hearing, tasting and seeing … all and more were engaged in many of the things we did!



The highlight for many was Daisy the cow, who was created by Hermina. She could even be milked and this evoked memories of milking cows back home for some of our parents

“Love singing time, playtime toys. Love Coffee as well, very happy with health visitor (Dentist) etc.”

“Very very close to home, friendly staff and other parents.”


18TH ANNIVERSARY In November we celebrated our 18th anniversary with an 18 hour prayer marathon. We ran a Daniel’s Den Praise at St Andrews and explored the story of Daniel and the lions’ den from the Bible. This story is where the name of Daniels Den comes from. Daniel was a man of prayer and because he prayed he ended up in a den of lions. He prayed and he was saved from the lions! I liken this to many of us who pray for a child and when our child is born, we feel like we’re in a den of lions – scared and wondering if we will survive yet another disturbed sleepless night or pile of nappies/bottles etc. We believe prayer is important and have people all around the world praying for us – including you! Lion masks were made, a lion cake eaten and the famous Daniel’s Den Praise song was sung. After this some of us took the nine prayer batons around Brent, praying for all our venues and then in the evening there was a special time of thanksgiving for the past 18 years.

VISITORS We welcomed many visitors during the year including Dyanna from Brent who came and did mini health checks for us; Mahdi from Brent CFIS; Fiona from the Library service; speech therapist; Sharon from dental health plus others


VOLUNTEERS Volunteering is a key feature of DD and our groups would not exist without the invaluable help of our volunteers. We like to think we create a culture for volunteering and we encourage everyone to do what they can – Together Everyone Achieves More. If you would like to help out more please let us know – there are lots of things that need doing and not necessarily during the sessions.

In May, 5 of our volunteers received awards at the annual Brent Active Citizens ceremony in recognition of the years of volunteering they have done. Congratulations


WEMBLEY TICKETS We continued to receive tickets for a couple of England matches last term and I know many families are thrilled to go to Wembley for the first time!

‘Since going to the match at Wembley my son has become obsessed with football – watching it and playing it’

GIVING AND RECEIVING These are two special activities at Daniel’s Den and we like to think that everyone has the opportunity to experience both, whether it is through conversation, friendship or things. Many donated to a local foodbank during our harvest week. Funny Bunny loved presenting a huge box to Tesco to be passed on to the Brent Food bank – making a difference for families in our community. We also had a collection for the victims of the earthquake in Nepal as a number of our families are from this amazing part of the world. One thing we like to do is give the opportunity for people to donate toys and clothes they longer need . One of our families was living in a very difficult situation so the gift of a pair of crocodile wellies was very gratefully received and worn!


FARM VISIT Sadly we were unable to get the funding to go on a visit to Willows Farm but we did manage to meet some farm animals at Elsley Primary School by kind invitation from the head teacher. It was amazing to get so close to the animals to stroke them and one of our mums even got fertiliser for her garden.

PICNIC The annual Brent Parent and Toddler Network picnic took place on Sunday June the 7th at a new venue - King Edwards Park Wembley. The weather was fantastic and it was such a joy to see so many families coming along to share in the games, face painting and The Big Sing. Many passers-by learned about toddler groups in the borough and people are already talking about the picnic next year. We think this may be in yet another of Brent’s glorious parks. More than a toddler group … For many people, Daniel’s Den is a local toddler group ‘down your street’ where you can meet other families and build community. This is true but it is so much more. Daniel’s Den is the lead organisation in the Brent Parent and Toddler Network. This has a website of key information, offers a support network/training for toddler groups in Brent and is expanding to reach out to toddler groups in London. We have been involved in research carried out about the work of toddler groups and have featured in local and national publications as well as being interviewed on radio and speaking at conferences. The experiences that happen week in week out have an influence far beyond Brent. We are particularly keen on promoting the importance of parenting and especially making the opportunity to stay at home for the essential early years as priority.




With an informative face book page and daily tweets, we endeavour to keep people informed about what’s going on … why not follow us?

THIS IS WHAT PEOPLE SAY.... Thank you for sharing your feedback re what you like about DD and what you would like to see taking place. Things you like, include: ‘The info gained from organisers. Being able to meet people in a friendly environment’

‘I love the atmosphere. I have been coming over a year and I and my child are safe and comfortable. All the staff are like family—friendly, easy to talk to and have the children at heart’.

‘Everyone is very friendly and the structure and routine means my son is relaxed and happy. He looks forward to coming. Thank you’

‘Friendly Staff, Excellent arts & crafts ideas ‘


The head teacher of Elsley commented ‘Daniel’s Den is a wonderful resource to connect people within the community, offering a non-judgemental place to support parents in addition to the actual child-centred activities.’

Things you would like to see include: ‘Encourage carers to intervene with their child, more fruit, more slides, fancy dress, colouring books, outings, parent & child fancy dress to raise money.’ ‘Could add a few slides, fancy dress for kids, add more stories like the colour book ‘

‘Maybe once a month mum could come dressed in the same costume as the kids and we may do a competition for fun and raise some money.’

‘Staff to encourage parents/carers to observe & intervene with their children more i.e. preventing toy snatching, accidents etc ‘

‘Outings would be nice ‘

‘More fruit for the kids’ ‘Maybe some colouring sheets with numbers and shapes and letters. ‘



Roman Catholic 16%

Buddhist 3%

Nanny 4%

Parents 0%

Relative 1% Father 10% Grandparent 1%

Sikh 1% other 1%

Christian 29%

Relgion or Faith

No religion 8%

Muslim 23%


Hindu 17% Mother 84%

Judaism 0%

White: Italian White: Turkish Yemen 1% 1% 1%

Any other ethnic Group: Arab 1% Any other ethnic Group Burma 1%

White: Irish 4% White West European 2%

Any other Mixed Heritage 10%

White other 13%

White Eastern European 3%

White & Black Indian 1%

Asian: Indian 28%

Ethnic Origins

Chinese 1%

Black: Somalia 7%

Black: Other Black African 3%

Asian: Pakistani 10%

Asian: Nepali 3% Asian: Other Asian 8%


There are many outcomes from our sessions which will never be known eg new friendship groups leading to reduced isolation, space for children to run around and develop gross motor skills in ways not possible in cramped living conditions. We are hoping to look at ways to measure our outcomes in the coming year. However, we know this year that: 

one mum lost over 2 stones in weight as a result of having a health check in one of these sessions

another mum shared how her sense of isolation has gone and how much happier she feels in herself.

NEXT YEAR 2015-2016 There is such a sense of expansion taking place in DD for the coming year and some of the things planned include:  Monthly visits to Play Wembley—By popular demand we will be running an extra DD session on the second Friday of every month. £2.50 a session for DD members  Conference for all toddler groups in London  A new Daniel’s Den in Yorkshire!!  Fundraising—This is going to be one of our priorities so that we can do more than we do, eg a trip to Willows Farm  Being a voice for families locally and nationally, recognising continually that together everyone achieves more.


We could not do what we do without the generosity of others. We have a small group of regular givers and others who participate in fundraising activities. We have run cake stalls and continued with the sale of our personalised plates and original song books.

CAKE SALES We had one of these once a term to raise funds for Daniel’s Den. We are a charity and receive no funding from the government. It’s been great to see the children loving the new tunnels at Elsley and Gladstone Park, bought as a result of this fundraising

PLATES This is a popular form of fundraising

2015-2016 Fundraising events already planned for 2015-2016 include: Friends of Daniel’s Den Meal Out

Saturday November 14th – venue to be confirmed Mini Mile sponsored run On Sunday September 27th two former members of Daniel’s Den will be running in this event in Ealing. ‘We are always looking for fundraisers and volunteers to join our team and welcome any fundraising ideas in the year ahead.’


Over the year we raised £18,389.26 which is less than expected! Other income (incl bank interest) 5%

BPATN 0% Fundraising 3%

Session Fees 12%

Events and trips 1%

Planned Giving 14%

Income Schools 33% One off donations 11%

Grants 21%

Payments and expenditure were as expected and in total £25,040.15 was spent. This chart shows how the money was spent during the year. Insurance Governance costs 0% 3%

Donations 2%

Events and trips 1%

Other expenses 1%


Office rent and expenses 21%

Expenses Staff costs 52%

Parent and toddler session costs 12%

Staff/volunteer training 7%

If you would like a copy of our full financial accounts please contact Thank you for all your help and support this year. Ron Herbert—Treasurer


Anonymous donors Big Lottery Cake bakers and buyers! Near Neighbours Brent CVS, Wenzels Bakery, The Big Local Regular givers

St Paul’s Ealing Volunteers who give their time


Director: Jo Gordon

Like us on Facebook: DanielsDenTogetherEveryoneAchievesMore

Trustees: Ronald Herbert Bea Simpson Phello Ekango Peter Kearney

Follow us on twitter: @DanielsDenUK Visit our website:

Registered UK charity number: 1147172

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Company Limited by Guarantee: 5303714

Phone: 02089086986 07436273844

Registered Office address: 38 Berkhamsted Avenue, Wembley, Middlesex HA9 6DT

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Annual report 2014 2015  
Annual report 2014 2015