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Do you remember the last time you travelled somewhere far away and came back with a unique pair of shoes that remind you of your travels every time you put them on?

Heritage doesn’t Tear. Nor can Character be Produced. Ever Attempt to Copy Tradition? Passion isn’t Synthetic either. It’s Quite Unique. So are you.

Origins of

Civitavecchia, Italy 1641‌

La Sambuca ‌For centuries, East and West have shared common trade routes. In ancient times, merchants travelled for months to bring the best of their land to customers around the globe. When travelling, ships brought along bottles of a liquorish flavored drink which was commonly used to seal the deals in Europe. The Liquor was later known as Sambuca.

Today, in appreciation of the many centuries of commerce, La Sambuca brings the best of Europe to you. A collection of products and Brands of supreme quality and innovative design, with a touch of excellence, all rolled into one.

Values La Sambuca is about TRADITION and CRAFTSMANSHIP , handed down for centuries from father to son. A true passion for delivering the best possible result to delight every single customer making every creation is truly unique. La Sambuca is about QUALITY, we search every corner of the globe to find the best products for you. At the same time, we create new avenues for true craftsmen to take their products global, at a low cost and minimal risk. La Sambuca is about INNOVATION. Combining the best of heritage with a clear vision of what’s in style, an awesome combination that is extremely rare in the current mass market approach to fashion. La Sambuca relies on the voice of our COMMUNITY. We listen closely to our community, and each one of our customers can influence our product selection.

Join us!

Daniel Owner and CEO

What we strive to achieve at La Sambuca, is a travel experience that brings you a collection of unique products that last “forever� and make you feel amazing every time.

La sambuca values updated 2014  
La sambuca values updated 2014