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will of God” - Ro “The happiest place to be is in the

lland Baker

Traveling Across Brazil, December & January Over the months of December and January I led an Iris Harvest School team of students to our four Iris Bases across the nation of Brazil. We worked in the favela’s (slums) with the poorest of the poor, worked with drug addicts, drug and gang leaders, prostitutes and the lest of them. We were able to have a big Christmas party in the middle of the slums where we invited all the poor to come and we served them food and treated them like royalty. We were able to see a 13 year old girl who was selling herself on the street come off the street with us.

We saw many healing’s and

What’s Next?

miracles but my favorite part was the moment in the picture above. Going to to trash dumps of Rio De

Returning to the Middle East for more work amongst the Syrian

Janeiro, where people live. Giving food baskets and preaching the

Refugee’s in Jordan and the pioneering of the Iris Relief work

Gospel, leading people Home. We

there. Also scouting in other Arab

were able to preach in many local churches seeing the Bride reawaken

nations for His Kingdom purposes. More info on that soon to come.

to her first Love. It was a powerful outreach and we saw many lives

Thank you for all your prayer and support.

transformed, especially our own. So much fruit came out of our time in Brazil.

Together Serving Him, Daniel Salameh - - 350 Beckley Hill Rd. Barre, VT 05641 USA

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