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Fa shion Hubs for Japanese Streetwears Japan is already known for its great fashion trends and the amazing ways of their styles. They are now being known to have the same levels as what other European and western designers has. Japanese streetwears are now extending its unique styles and design in the international fashion industry. Since the day that some of the Tokyo designers had their spotlight in Paris in the 80's, Tokyo streetwears have been catching the attention of fashion audiences internationally. Visiting Tokyo will help you catch up with the latest streetwears in the country today. There are many places in Tokyo that offers designs that are unique, stylish and rare designs that you can only get in the fashion hubs of Tokyo. With visiting the following fashion hubs in Tokyo you'll surely have an idea on where to shop whenever you are in Tokyo. Shibuya The central place in Tokyo where retailers come and have their supplies for their stores is Shibuya. Most of the young people of Japan crowd to this place and have their new ideas for their streetwears. The major department stores are here and it is nearby Harajuku. Harajuku Is known to be the main fashion hub of Tokyo, where you can find the boutiques that offers high end clothing lines and uniquely designed clothes. It is a place where young people show their new streetwears in their individual extreme styles. Shinjuku It is known as the busiest station in Tokyo, and made it interesting for commercial traffics for years. It has all the small boutiques in the country and are imported brands internationally. Nakameguro It is one of the popular destinations in Tokyo becauseof the different mindset of this station. It is a spot for retro lovers and for people who are interested in vintage clothing. It is also known for the 50's design of the building and the small shops around it. Daikanyama It is the place where less Japanesestreetwear shoppers are found, becauseall the known Japanese clothing brands are situated here. This place is where you can find fashion trends that are more mature and some vintage jewelry that you can find in some small stores. With all the Japan’s fashion hubs you can surely find out all the trends of the Japanesefashion and in how to make it trendy. When visiting these fashion hubs, you can find Japaneseteens showing their new outfits with their extreme styles and design.

Resource Box: Suyo StreetWear provides sophisticated fashion forward clothing inspired by Urban Australian. It make sure that each and every graphic and piece of packaging in it's clothing range is first and foremost a piece of art in motion and aims to bring it to life through the art of fashion. Sign up here at Suyo Street Wear to get Newsletter from us.

Fashion Hubs for Japanese Streetwears  

Suyo Streetwear is an exclusive online clothing company inspired by urban Australia.

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