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Samsung 3D TV

In order to enjoy three dimensional content in your own home you will need to invest in a decent 3D TV, some glasses, and a source of 3D TV programmes. While pretty much all manufacturers of televisions offer at least one range, it is the Samsung 3D TV range that really stands out. They tend to utilise Active 3D technology and as well as the TV you will also find 3D Blu Ray players and glasses made by the Korean manufacturer. Consider the size of your Samsung 3D TV carefully. Many people buy sets that are too large for the room in which they will be placed and this can detract from the overall viewing experience. This is even more pronounced when watching 3D because there is an optimal viewing angle and distance. By the same rationale, it is also important that you choose a set that is big enough to provide the quality and experience that you are looking for from your viewing experience. The Samsung 3D TV typically uses Active 3D technology. This is the more advanced of the two types of technology, the other being Passive technology. Generally, you will experience better looking results from Active sets but you will also have to pay more for the glasses while also buying replacement batteries for them. The cost of the glasses have come down but this is still a consumable that you wouldn’t necessarily consider when buying a TV of any sort, especially if you have kids or pets that are prone to sitting on the glasses. Every Samsung 3D TV available works as a normal 2D TV as well, and you will usually find that there is a great range of quality features such as Smart TV or a built in Freeview HD Tuner. Do consider the 2D viewing properties of the TV because you won’t be spending every hour consuming three dimensional content. While the list of films and even TV shows available in 3D is growing there is still only a limited amount available. In order to enjoy any amount of 3D content, though, you will need a content source. Sky subscribers that take out the full HD package receive access to what is currently the only 3D dedicated channel. Occasionally you may receive free weekend passes to try out this service and you can always check to see what is on to determine whether it is worth it or not. 3D Blu Rays are available and these require a 3D Blu Ray player – fortunately, Samsung make a range of these too and they also offer additional features. Samsung is well known for the manufacture of high quality and attractive TV sets. As well as a selection of both LCD and LED TVs you can also find high quality Samsung 3D TV sets. These, combined with a source of 3D content and the required glasses, enable you to view all of the very

latest in three dimensional content; you can enjoy an experience like visiting the cinema whenever you want.

Samsung 3d tv  

In order to enjoy three dimensional content in your own home you will need to invest in a decent 3D TV, some glasses, and a source of 3D TV...