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Tolerance First, what is tolerance? Tolerance is the capacity to endure pain or hardship: ENDURANCE, FORTITUDE, STAMINA. The act of allowing something. Tolerance is a vital thing for our daily life, we need to learn how to promote tolerance because if we do not know how to live with tolerance there will be a lot of problems. Based on “American flag stands for tolerance” I need to say that there has a lot of problems indeed the government can`t put in jail someone who is making use of freedom of speech on the other hand the man cannot burn the flag like he did because he is misbehavior with the state and that is a very bad thing. I can say that the government can make a letter to the man expressing the way they are feeling with that action and they can have a speech to make the man understand, what did he made bad. Based on “The lottery” I can say that is not a story how I spected to be it was a weird story because first is like a lovely story but with the time we can see, that the lovely story that it used to be it changed, the lottery kill people that`s why some villages want to take off the lottery. But the organizer of the lottery missed a little bit of tolerance and brain to think that what he is doing is very bad because he need to put in the shoes of that poor people, if he put in someone shoes, he will understand the problem and maybe he will take it off. To conclude we can say that tolerance is a very important value without this value a lot of problems are going to make it bigger with the time because we cannot understand what`s happened with some others. We need to remember it what are we doing to other people to take note if we like that others make us what we do to them, we need to start to apply that value and convert it to a knowledge, that`s why tolerance is very important.



We cannot learn about nature in books, neither in magazines nor in the school. The only way to learn about nature is living on the highest top of a mountain or on a desert island.

We cannot say something is fabulous if we Do not try it. Nature can be the best Teacher of someone because it teaches you In every condition, Nature is something grate.

You need to travel, learn, discover, even If it means you need to make Stupid things to prove something. Nature is life.

Nature is something span less, it is something That we cannot describe with words, You need to live it, to understand it. It is the wonderful thing on the world.


Soldier Daddy Š Published on February 2006

To you I may be very small Or think I don't know much at all I've learned to grow up rather fast With so much future and not much past I'm just two years old but often sad I want so much to hug my dad He's protecting us from far away His life on the line everyday I watch my mom and see her cry I already know but still ask why? Her heart is hurting yet she tries to smile And we hold each other for a little while I'm still young yet very wise I have my fun but realize My soldier daddy is brave and strong I pray his deployment won't be long




There in New Zealand lives a humble family, their house is not as big as the richest ones but is not as little as the poor ones, their house is weird in size is middle, it doesn`t has color they think that they don`t need colors in their life to be happy, “scientifically the colors are important because they express part of our life” and they are humdrum. The father has 35 years old, he works on a supermarket and he is from New Mexico, the mother has 30 years old and she works at a hospital. They have a son, he has 10 years old and he study elementary school. The school´s name was passionate academy, the academy was conformed by very poor people but the son Joe everyday helps the poor people, he sometimes gives them money to they can buy their books, pencils, erasers, markers. The father of Joe is everyday helping and telling him that he need to learn how much more because you will have better opportunities and you may have a bigger house, a better car, and maybe beautiful woman as your wife. He woke up early on Monday to go to school he loves to learn, with him is always Ximena his best friend, she isn´t rich but she isn´t poor and she has a good heart she is always helping others maybe not with money but always with the school. He know her because she lives next to his house and they go to the same school because it´s very close to them house, the father of joe always look for efficient things, he doesn´t like to spend much time in stupid things. Well the next day he went to the school as a routine and that they happened something. The director called the father of joe because he failed mathematics, the father came very angry with Joe but he need to face the problem as the adults. The director told the father that his son is not accomplish his homework, projects and he is not studying for the exams, the son came to his house sad but he told to his father that the problem was not the homework, because he knows how to do it on the other hand he failed the exam because he want, he knows how to answer but he doesn´t want to answer correct. On the next day, all of them were working, studying and as always Joe with Ximena playing when the desks where they are, start moving very hard to one side and other they thought that is was a little earthquake in the next days the mini earthquakes continue but they continue thinking that there’s no problem.


And on the next weekend something strange happened a big crack appear on the middle of the yard of the school, the children were in shock they didn`t know how to endure all of them was scared with tears on their eyes in fact the teachers suspend the classes for the next weekend because of the accidents, the parents approved the notice because that kind of accidents put in danger the life of our children and we like them alive.

On the next day, the power of the earthquakes is increasing by the time Joe is very scared and he always ask to his father if they are going to die, somedays he went to Ximena`s house well most of the time he was there. But one night while they are sleeping a lamp fell down and all of them woke up frightened, immediately he took the phone and called Ximena, Ximena told him that she is okay only she has a broken window but that is all. Okay have good night and try to sleep, tomorrow will be a better day. At the next day, a person comes to repair the window and well, Joe`s family need to put in the trash the lamp. They saw in the news that a big earthquake is approaching that they need to take care of the papers, the important ones, and they need to prepare with a hand lamp, batteries, walkie talkies, and a big rope, and obviously, they need to know first aid and the cautions that they need to take. They started to learn all that they heard well, at least what they could. In the night, they went to bed, but now with fear, because they know that in anytime the BIG EARTHQUAKE could appear and can destroy anything. In that night, nothing happened it was quiet and very shiny because of the stars and the moon, while they have time they need to prepare for every moment because it will be something very bad.

More less at 12:00 o clock something big is happening the earthquake lash a city 10 kilometers from there and it was approaching very quickly and the news tell that we must to be prepare because now it`s real and we have it on our shoulders, he went to Ximena`s house and all their family too and all of them take her hands and start to pray because now it`s horrible and it`s like a nightmare. When the moment comes, they run outside to the middle of the backyard and all of them close their eyes take their hand stronger and the earthquake take more less 45 seconds. But that 45 seconds destroyed every corner of the city, every fu**ing 7

corner of the city, they were crying because it`s amazing how can a disaster can change the life of a person in an instant a very quickly instant to be accurate 45 seconds the most large 45 seconds of my life, all of the houses are in ruins and all of them are sad but the father of Joe take up her face and scream we are not the richest persons but we have a great family and we are people who fight for what we want are we going to keep going or do we are going to give up with this stupid things. Someone rich heard that words and talk to him alone, he told Ryan you can give this kind of speeches and I will going to pay you very good, what do you said do you accept or no?

Ryan accept but he put a condition the condition was that if he gives free speeches to the rich people he will not pay him in fact he will help with new materials to recover the lost things of the poor people. The richest man accept and he start on a sunny Monday and he “works� in something he likes that is help other people to they can accomplish what they think. In few days he has a very good salary and he give free speeches to the poor people and well they can see how does the people advance only with motivation with daily motivation. Sometimes what we really need is only a jog a lovely jog, we are humans and we need to act like that, we need to help each other. Joe and Ximena continue being friends and the school opens again and there`s not more poor people there is only people working to be better every day.



Learn all that you can to god or pray because you are a Sweet ladybug That you will fall



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