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ROCKETSGO.ORG MISSION Rocket City Scholarship Granting Organization is a non-profit, located in Huntsville, AL, providing scholarships to help children launch their educational voyage and navigate their future.


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Dear RCSGO, We write this letter to say thanks. RCSGO did the big thing to grant our child's scholarship. We will pray & hope God blesses all of you. We appreciate all of your help. God bless you all!

ABOUT THE ALABAMA ACCOUNTABILITY ACT Funds donated through the Alabama Department of

Specifically, the Accountability Act provides a tax

Revenue website can be designated to Rocket City

credit to individuals and corporations who contribute to

SGO, which provide educational scholarships to

a Scholarship Granting Organization such as Rocket

qualifying families whose children may be attending a

City SGO. Donors may register with the Alabama

failing school. Rocket City SGO distributes scholarship

Department of Revenue website and reserve their tax

grants directly to qualifying schools for the benefit of

credit. The SGO will then confirm receipt of the

eligible students identified by the schools. The Alabama

donation and communicate to the state that the

Accountability Act of 2013 gives parents of Alabama

donor is eligible for the tax credit.

K5-12 students the flexibility to choose the school environment that best serves the unique learning needs of each child.

For those individuals subject to Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT), this tax credit can result in a substantial tax savings. Consult a tax adviser to learn more.

WE BELIEVE IN THE NEXT GENERATION As Alabama’s only Huntsvillebased SGO, we are committed to improving education in the community. We are acutely aware of the significant needs of students attending a failing school. Of the 76 failing schools in the state, 2 are in Huntsville.



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You can make a difference when you keep your donation dollars local! To inquire further, please email:

Rocket City SGO Annual Report  

Rocket City SGO Annual Report

Rocket City SGO Annual Report  

Rocket City SGO Annual Report