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At 70, Perkins Returns to Coach at Junior College

Pop Queen Flaunts Her Toned Maturity

Japan Faces Costs of Closing Reactors

International Herald Tribune THURSDAY, AUGUST 30, 2012



New Urgency on Airport Plan for Britain’s Cameron LONDON — The idea has been kicking around for nearly 70 years, and now it is Prime Minister David Cameron’s turn to confront it: whether to support the building of a new hub airport on the Thames estuary east of London or to shelve it again, even as projections for future air traffic show London’s existing airports seizing up under the strains within 20 years. Related The proposed airport comes in at least two verPeter Macdiarmid/Getty Images sions. The most ambitious A plane headed to Heathrow, where congestion has long spurred debate over whether to build a new airport. is advocated by Norman Foster, one of Britain’s most celebrated architects, who has called for an inteMOSCOW — A woman in retaliation for her work now banned National Bol- Ms. Osipova was arrested grated air and high-speed described by antigovern- in opposition to Russia’s shevik Party, in the city in 2010 and convicted in rail hub built partly on reclaimed land adjacent to ment activists as a “politi- longtime paramount lea- of Smolensk in western 2011 on charges of poscal prisoner” was senten- der, Vladimir V. Putin. Russia, and later became sessing and selling heroin. the Isle of Grain, on the ced on Tuesday to eight The woman, Taisiya vOsi- part of Other Russia, a She was originally senten- south side of the Thames years on prison on drug pova, 28, and her huscoalition of opposition ced to 10 years in prison. estuary about 40 miles from central London. charges that her supporband, Sergei Fomchenkov, groups, led by the writer Costs of the project, ters say were fabricated had been active in the Eduard Limonov.

with new road and rail connections and a new barrier across the Thames that could double as a protection against surging tides and as a new fivemile-long rail link to the estuary’s northern shore, range from $80 billion to $100 billion. It would be the costliest project of its kind in Britain’s history, and might take until the middle of the century to plan and complete. The prime minister must ask himself whether he is man or mouse,” Mr. Yeo said in an article in The Daily Telegraph. with Mr. Cameron’s leadership among the Conservative Party’s parliamentary backbenchers, have pushed the issue into the headlines again as a new political season approaches. Suddenly, London’s airports have become a touchstone political issue.

investigate last month The Palestinian leader after findings by a Swiss Yasir Arafat in 2003, a laboratory suggested that year before his death. Mr. Arafat may have been exposed to polonium A French court will open 210, the same radioactive a homicide investigation isotope used to poison a into the 2004 death of the dissident Russian former former Palestinian leader spy in London in 2006. Yasir Arafat, left, French Mr. Arafat died in a news media reported French military hospital Tuesday. Mr. Arafat’s on Nov. 11, 2004, after an widow, Suha, petitioned infection that was never French authorities to identified, according to

medical records. There have long been suggestions, however unspecific, that he may have been the victim of foul play. The Palestinian Authority, which has agreed to exhume the body for analysis, welcomed the French decision, Saeb Erekat, an aide to the Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas, told Agence France-Presse.

U.S. Reports That Piracy nal forces and increased Off Africa Has Plunged vigilance by the shipping

Syria’s Assad Says ‘Time Is Needed’ in Fight Against Rebels

Russian Activists Criticize 8-Year Drug Sentence

Italy: Vial of Pope’s Blood Is Stolen on Train The police say a vial containing the blood of Pope John Paul II was stolen Tuesday from a priest in Italy, but recovered by authorities several hours later. The theft occurred aboard a train where the priest was carrying the vial from Rome to a su-

burb where the relic was to be put on display. The railway police said the vial was found in a stand of reeds and grass near the railway station in the seaside town of Marina di Cerveteri, where the thieves may have disembarked. .

Jamal Aruri/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

From the Fringe in 1992, Buchanan’s Words Now Seem Mainstream

The United States Navy credited aggressive Twenty years after Patrick patrolling by internatioJ. Buchanan spoke at the Republican convention of a “cultural war,” his views are more common than controversial. Feel the Loathing on the Campaign Trail Angry moms, petty tweets and one reporter’s naïve dream of finding meaning in sauerkraut. NEWSSTAND PRICES

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India RS 30.00 Indonesia RP 24,000 (PPN Incl.) Jakarta RP 24,000 (including PPN) Japan Yen 200 (Tax included.) Macau P 22.00 Malaysia RM 7.50 Maldives US$ 3.80 Manila Peso 100.0

industry for a decrease in piracy in the waters In a television interview, around the Horn of Africa. President Bashar al-Assad rejected a proposal to create buffer zones in the embattled country, and framed the conflict as a “global and regional war.”

Many Hands Patch Together Syrian Rebels’ Arsenal

network of tradesmen and businesses have helped to piece together an arsenal. CURRENCIES STOCK INDEXES OIL New York, wedNesdaY 11:00am wedNesdaY New York, wedNesdaY 11:00am


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