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INTRODUCTION On behalf of Appalachian State Advertising, we would like to thank you for allowing our team the opportunity to work with Glidden paint and Walmart. Our main objective is to increase market shares of Glidden paint by building awareness and consideration among our selected target audiences in Walmart stores within the United States. Our new marketing strategy encourages our selected markets to engage with their paint color by recalling a memory or positive feeling they relate to a certain color.

PROJECT SUMMARY Glidden has challenged us to come up with an advertising campaign aimed at two selected target markets: DIY shoppers and price conscience Walmart shoppers. Our campaign aims to increase favorability of Glidden paint among Walmart’s consumer base, it will also build awareness that Walmart sells paint in 3,500 stores across the United States. Based on sound primary and secondary research, our team has put together

Our fully integrated campaign addresses the wants and needs of Glidden and Walmart’s current and potential consumers by encouraging them to choose Glidden over other well-known paint and retail brands; and by raising awareness of the paint department in Walmart stores. The Appalachian State Advertising team is qualified and highly motivated to meet Glidden’s challenge for the 2013 National Student Advertising Competition.

a campaign that utilizes print advertisements, television commercials radio spots, social media platforms, digital advertisements, in-store displays, direct mail, and guerrilla advertising. We will execute this plan by positioning Glidden as a knowledgeable, empathetic, inspiring, and friendly brand while also staying true to Glidden’s brand voice.



INDUSTRY ANALYSIS The US represents approximately 25% of the global paint market but has declined about 30% in both value and volume since 2007 as a result of the market meltdown and economic recession1. The market is expected to expand strongly, rebounding from the declines of the recession-impacted 2005-2012 period1. The demand for paint and coatings in the United States is expected to rise 7.8% annually through 20151.There are three main channels where people buy paint: Home Improvement Big Box Stores like Home Depot and Lowe’s, Specialty Paint Stores, and One-Stop Shopping like Walmart. The type of user, specifically either the Pro/Trade segment or DIYer segment, categorizes paint sales for the industry. Professional painters, the Pro/Trade segment, prefer a specialty store. This is significant because nearly 60% of the paint industry’s sales are made to professionals6; making up 55% of the total paint market1. In 2011, June, July, August, and September were the peak sales months for paint and wall-covering stores6. Interior paint accounts for 32.5% of sales in Paint and Wallpaper Stores6. Some paint manufacturers have their own retail footprint – often referred to as “company-owned stores” like Sherwin Williams, while others (Benjamin Moore) focus only on partnerships with regional specialty stores1. Customer satisfaction is higher among those who purchased paint from a manufacturer’s specialty store, rather than a general home improvement store – possibly because specialty stores offer more extensive guidance on both paint color and the overall project3. DIYers, who make up 45% of the paint sales market1, prefer the Home Improvement Big Box Stores like Home Depot and Lowe’s for their knowledge and accessibility. The Home Depot is the leading retailer in the DIY paint market, representing about one third of all sales1. The ‘big box’ nature of these stores allows for one-stop shopping, yet sales associates strive to offer excellent service and advice5.


• 70% homeowners plan to undertake a home improvement project this spring, along with nearly 50% of homeowners confessing that painting was their most desired need5 • 71% percent of homeowners believe there is a room or area of their house that needs painting right now • 55% of homeowners age 35-54 think they will need to paint a room in their house in the next 6 months A typical home painting project involves the purchase of 4 gallons of paint, at $30 per gallon, and higher satisfaction is reported when the consumers receive advice from the retailer during the process – with respect to painting tips and colors6. Glidden plays in each of these distribution outlets as well as in Walmart (with their Brilliance Collection and Better Homes and Garden by Glidden), which is categorized as a general mass market1. One of the major differences between ‘Big Box’ stores and ‘OneStop Shopping’ is the amount of quality customer service the consumer and receive. Catering to consumer shopping priorities is key to increasing customer engagement at retail stores2. Walmart represents just over 5% of DIY paint sales and share has been declining over time1. In fact, only 66% of DIY consumers are aware that Walmart actually sells paint1. Product developments like 2-in-1 Paint and Primer, a simplified color center, ready-mixed testers, paint chips with coordinating colors on the back have all improved sales for Glidden1. Unfortunately, other companies have followed suit. Manufacturers have even been promoting their paint and primer-in-one products to consumers who buy them assuming they only need one coat. After less than satisfactory outcomes, more retailers are trying to educate do-it-yourselfers on the need to use two coats6.

1NSAC Glidden Case Study 2Demand for Paint to Recover Along with Housing Market 32012 U.S. Interior Paint Satisfaction Study Results 4Sherwin-Williams National Painting Week Infograph 5National Intelligence Report – Lowe’s 6Paint & Wall Covering Stores in all U.S. Markets 2012/2013,, 10Corr, Amy. “Out to Launch.” MediaPost. May 18, 2011. 10 Glidden Style Guide 11Adweek

GLIDDEN ANALYSIS Glidden paint was founded in 1875 by Francis H. Glidden and has flourished since as a reliable and innovative brand with a “do it yourself ” legacy. The Glidden brand was the first to introduce water-borne interior latex paint as well as the first environmentally friendly low-odor, VOC-free, paint. Glidden also created the first ever ceiling paint with a color changing technology that will let you know if you’ve missed a spot. Despite these milestones, Glidden’s market share declined 40% between 2003 and 20081. Since 2009, Glidden has given itself a sleek, new packaging design that not only looks modern but also simplifies the product selection for customers7. Tying in with the slogan, “Glidden Gets You Going,” the brand wants its voice to be associated with being easy & uncomplicated, bold & modern, fresh and unexpected, and of course fun & friendly1. NATIONAL BRAND VOICE

There is a common misconception that painting is a hard and tedious chore. Glidden’s personal goal is to eliminate those preconceived notions and to make the process of painting fun, easy and worry-free. Glidden gives you the expertise and the knowledge to brighten up a room with just a couple coats of paint. Glidden prides itself on having a wide palette of bold and modern colors that are trendy, yet stay true to Glidden’s rich history and classic tradition.10


• Market leader in product innovations • Rated #1 in Exterior Premium Satin Paints by Consumer Reports in 2012, #2 in Exterior Spread Flat paint and rated very highly in other product categories • Ready-mixed testers with built-in applicator (like nail polish) • PPG buys Glidden paint for 1.05 Billion dollars, increasing PPG’s U.S. market share to an estimated 28% from 15%8. WEAKNESSES

• Market share has declined 40% from 2003-2008¹ • Declining sales at Home Depot • Marketing and product neglect has eroded the brand’s equity • Labeled as an inferior paint by consumers • Social networking involvement is significantly less than competitors THREATS

The Martin Agency lands Benjamin Moore account. They also have the Walmart account11. CURRENT MARKET

Glidden’s current market includes 8% of the DIY market, as well as homeowners, and home developers and contractors. Glidden sells its paint at Home Depot and Walmart in addition it its own line of stores. In May 2011, DDB New York and partner ETCETERA launched the first “Everyone Can Paint” TV spot which tied in with the overall campaign, “You Don’t Have To Be A Painter To Love Glidden”1,10. CURRENT MARKET9

• • • • •

DDB Worldwide, NYC Emanate, NYC IMRE, Baltimore, MD Digital Influence Group, Waltham, MA 360 Marketing Communications, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic • Digital Zen, NYC


COMPETITION ANALYSIS Recognizing that paint is an environmentally damaging substance, more retailers are joining stewardship programs and offering to accept unused consumer paint. The paint is donated to other organizations such as Habitat for Humanity or mixed together for use at other nonprofits or industrial sites. June, July, August and September are the peak months for sales1. GLIDDEN’S TOP COMPETITORS

• Sherwin Williams • Clark + Kensington • Diamond Vogel • Benjamin Moore • Valspar The top 4 firms control 60% of the market. At the midpoint of 2012, these retailers reported a 4% increase overall with 4.5% higher demand for paint and 1.3% higher demand for wall coverings. Increased paint demand was highest in the Midwest (6.9%) and South (5.8%)2.

Diamond Vogel has a loyal consumer base in the upper Midwest of the U.S. Their primary consumers include: professional painters, architects and designers, DIY homeowners, OEM/industrial applicators, industrial maintenance contractors and traffic stripers. Markets Served: architectural, industrial, industrial maintenance, traffic demarcation1.

Also primarily marketed through specialty paint and self branded stores Benjamin Moore Paints target consumers that are homeowners, architects, designers, and contractors. Benjamin Moore ranks highest in customer satisfaction with interior paint for a second consecutive year with a score of 790, 15 points above the industry average, and performs particularly well in three of the six factors: application, offerings, and durability2.



An interactive app on the Benjamin Moore website allows you to paint your room online and also offers a personal color viewer. The website also introduced a new Color Flow tool that helps you connect your rooms for an overall harmonious look. Benjamin Moore is also endorsed by Interior Designer Candice Olsen, who also has her own designer collection at Benjamin Moore. Paint samples and orders can be placed online and picked up in store. Benjamin Moore was also the recipient of the 2012 J.D. Power and Associates Award for interior paints9.

Homeowners are Valspar’s main target audience. They have a number of offers and promotions available to customers including free sample coupons, The Love Color Guarantee, and $5 off their signature interior paint. Virtually paint your own house on their website and view different colors of paints on the walls. Many resources are available for the customers by posting how to videos, product finders, and a paint calculator. The company is very involved in many national charities including Habitat for Humanity, National Trust Historic Preservation, and through a partnership with the Chicago Cubs Baseball team. You can also purchase paint samples on their website5.

Primarily marketed through specialist and branded stores6, Sherwin-Williams has an excellent reputation and scored high as a top-of-mind brand in out polling. Their target consumer market are homeowners, paint contractors, architects, specifiers and designers, property and facility managers, and home builders7.

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Behr Paint targets professional products and services and homeowners. Behr ranked second best in a national interior paint satisfaction study with an overall score of 785.9 They also feature safety information for products and the ability to paint your place virtually where customers can see how a paint color will look on their walls. Their website offers a project workbook for customers as well as color samples. Before customers start their project, they can ask Behr specialist for advice on how to get started4.

WALMART ANALYSIS Walmart has been in operation for 50 years and currently operates 3,878 stores spread throughout the entire U.S., with plans to add 219 more in 201310. For the fiscal year 2011, the Walmart U.S. segment produced net sales of $264.2 billion11. The U.S. segment for Walmart accounted for approximately 60% of the net sales for 201211. The top category for Walmart stores in the U.S. is groceries, which accounted for 55% of sales in 201111. Additionally, the Walmart Foundation was named the biggest cash contributor in the United States by The Chronicle of Philanthropy11.

PPG’s market is mainly for professionals and homeowners. There signature brand is Olympic. They have a Color Share website that takes buyers through the whole paint buying process. PPG recently purchased AkzoNobel, Glidden’s parent company, for $1.05billion8.

In stark contrast, Walmart’s share of the paint market sits at a low 9%12. In comparison to Home Improvement stores, which have a 30% Purchase rate and 29% willing to recommend rate among its DIY paint customers, Walmart has only a 5% purchase rate and 4% willing to recommend rate among the same DIY market12. Walmart offers three tiers of quality paint. The highest quality, GliddenPlace Private label accounts for 60% of Walmart paint sales. While Better Homes and Gardens by Glidden and Glidden Brilliance Collection combine to make up the remaining 40% of paint sales12.


Facebook Twitter Likes Followers

Pinterest Followers/Pins

YouTube Subscribers/Views/Videos


Benjamin Moore 430,566 42,068 17,821 / 1,953 773 / 613,732 / 157

Tumblr, Flickr, Google+ Multiple Mobile Apps

Valspar 226,036 3,862 875 / 49 113 / 252,613 / 75

Mobile App, Connect Live Support

Sherwin-Williams 121,480

Mobile Apps,


3,517 / 985

398 / 320,636 / 62

Behr 28,281 12,780 265 / 85 104 / 84,599 / 74

Multiple Mobile Apps Blog Company Websites, 2013


TARGET AUDIENCES All six of these target consumers are current Walmart shoppers. Our team has further summarized our target market into two key consumer groups, DIYers and Price Conscious Shoppers in general.


Renting DIY Shoppers consist of female millennials who regularly shop at Walmart for products including home goods. This portion of DIYers are the least experience painters and the most constrained by budget. They are eager to get their hands on DIY projects but less confident leading them to prefer better service and knowledgeable assistance. Currently 23% of renting DIYers rate Walmart excellent/good, 64% find Walmart convenient, and believe Walmart offers the products they need while still meeting their budget. Still this portion of the target market is more likely to shop at competitors for painting needs – with Home Depot and Lowe’s preferred by more than 50%2.


This portion of the DIY target market consists mostly of females ages 25-34 who are married with kids at home, have average incomes, and own their primary residence. They are active Facebook members. This group also considers interaction with brands on Facebook as something that could impact their consideration for a brand or product in the future. Media wise, Home Decorators watch anywhere from 1- 5 hours a day, listen to radio for less than an hour a day and rarely read the newspaper. However, this portion of our target market is keen on direct mail coupons. Additionally, they tend to seek out products that make them feel comfortable, healthy, relaxed and attractive.


This is the older portion of the DIY target market, consisting mostly of the baby boomer generation. These are homeowners, mainly Caucasian, dislike painting and take on painting products due to more functional than aesthetic reasons. This group appreciates convenience, value, tends towards perfectionism, and are more experienced and confident painters than other DIYers. This portion of the DIY market is focused on simple and affordable. Currently only 10% of this group rates Walmart as excellent or good, with 50% thinking Walmart is conveniently located and offers the products they need within their price range. This target market is also currently more likely to shop at competitors for painting needs with over 50% preferring Home Depot, Lowe’s or Sherwin-Williams2.


HOME IMPROVEMENT/RESTORERS Ad-ology: Audience Interest and Intent, Do-It-Yourselfers 2 NSAC Glidden Case Study 3Ad-ology: Audience Interest and Intent, Home Decorators 4Ad-ology: Audience Interest and Intent, Home Improvement/Restorers 5Ad-ology: Audience Interest and Intent, Price Conscious Shoppers 6Ad-ology: Audience Interest and Intent, Chain Store Shoppers 1


This portion of the DIY target market is made up of mostly females ages 45-54 who are married with kids at home, working with average incomes and own their primary residence. Home Improvement/Restorers are influenced by product reviews. They visit the Internet for an average of 3 hours a day and are active members of Facebook. This group also feels that interaction with brands/products on Facebook can increase their likelihood to consider the brand/product for future business. These consumers watch television anywhere from 1-5 hours per day, listen to the radio for 1 hour or less a week, and read the newspaper once a week. In addition, this target market aims to buy products that make them feel comfortable, healthy relaxed and safe/secure. They also plan to buy painting items for the inside or outside of their homes in the next year4.


Consisting of our oldest target market, ranging in age from 55-64, these Walmart shoppers are mainly married males with children living at home. Residing in a suburban location, they own their primary residence. Making an average income, they buy products that make them feel comfortable, healthy, attractive, relaxed, and fun. They watch 5 or more hours of TV per day, and listen to the radio about 2-3 hours each day. Internet usage is around 3 hours per day. This market mainly uses the Google search engine, and lightly uses social media, preferring the Facebook platform. They see social networking as a way to learn about products and businesses, to make new friends, and to warn others about a business. They read the local or Sunday newspaper weekly, and often use coupons that they received in the mail5.

Mainly consisting of young or newly starting families, this demographic is between 25-34 years old, mainly single females with children at home. These women own their suburban home. They have an average income, and tend to spend money on products that make them feel comfortable, healthy, and relaxed. Media usage of this demographic is fairly broad, spending 3-5 hours a day watching TV, one hour listening to the radio, and more than 3 hours a day using the Internet. This demographic is a much heavier user of social media and use Facebook and YouTube to stay in touch with their social networks. These women read the local newspaper less than once a week6. KEY CONSUMER INSIGHTS

Though overall quite different from one another, our team has found some important similarities amongst our demographics. All of the target markets tend to have children that live in their suburban home. They are interested in convenience, budget friendly products, and one-stop shopping experiences. This is a major factor in their continued use of Walmart stores. Although price sensitive, these demographics are all willing to pay more money for higher quality products. They are also interested in the philanthropic activities of companies and are often willing to switch brands to support a charity. Purchase patterns of these demographics are decided through convenience and price conscience factors. All of the demographics often use coupons that they receive in the mail. They use the Internet frequently and primarily use Google for their search engine and Facebook for the social media. These consumers often use social media sites to learn about products and businesses, and share favorable product experience with their friends. They are somewhat reluctant to use credit cards online, questioning the security online websites offer. Most of our consumers have a standard mobile phone and listen to local AM/FM radio.





In pursuing primary research for this campaign, we conducted a nationwide online survey of 363 representatives of our target market. From the 25-question survey concerning attitudes and behaviors towards painting we were able to gain some important insights into the purchasing process as well as points that could further inform our marketing strategy. As a result of this research, we found that the large majority of our survey respondents listed color selection, price and reputation as their top three factors in making a decision about a paint purchase. Overall, the survey respondents scored these factors as very important or most important. Recommendations from others rated as the fourth most influential factor. In our survey we asked the target market “When you think of paint, what are some of the brands that come to mind? Please enter as many as you can think of or ‘none’ if none come to mind”. With 318 responses, only 50 listed Glidden as one of their top three top-of-mind brands of paint. None of listed Glidden as their first.

65 out of 325 listed Walmart as one of their top three top-of-mind paint purchasing destinations. Nobody surveyed listed Walmart as their first. Walmart Paint’s Glidden’s competition was listed: • Home Depot 185 times • Sherwin Williams 129 times • Lowe’s 120 times Additionally, when asked what brand or brands of paint they bought at Walmart, only 3% of respondents recalled purchasing Glidden at Walmart and only 12.5% of respondents were aware Walmart sold Glidden Paint. Of those respondents who had bought their paint at Walmart, when asked what prompted their purchase of paint at Walmart 58% said price, 87% said convenience and only 6.5% indicated that paint selection was a major motivator with nobody choosing to buy paint at Walmart due to knowledgeable sales people. The data collected from this online survey allowed us to identify awareness of the paint section at Walmart and lack of knowledgeable assistance for Glidden paint at Walmart as current weak points for Glidden and something we will aim to improve. SIDEWALK INTERVIEWS

• Behr 99 times

To get a better feel for the Walmart consumer, we conducted sidewalk interviews outside of a local Walmart location. In these sidewalk interviews, we found that out of our respondents:

• Valspar 86 times

• 91.5% had painted interior/exterior of home/apartment

• Benjamin Moore 79 times

• 61% had heard of Glidden

Glidden’s competition was listed: • Sherwin Williams 151 times

However, only 11% of those surveyed had a specific brand in mind when they last purchased paint showing us an opportunity to influence brand choice.

• 83% were aware Walmart had a paint section • 42% were aware of Glidden at Walmart

Another question included in our online survey was “What store names come to mind when you think of buying paint? Please enter as many as they can think of or ‘none’ if none come to mind”.



Color, The Secret Influence by Kenneth R., & Cherie Fehrman 2What Drives Immediate and Ongoing Word of Mouth, Jonah Berger and Eric Schwartz 3BzzAgents, Malcom Faulds 1

When informed that Walmart paint did in fact sell Glidden paint, 61% said that knowing Walmart sold Glidden would influence their future painting purchase decisions. The sidewalk interviews helped us to identify that most Walmart shoppers had painted the interior or exterior of their home, solidifying them as a DIY market. These interviews also backed up our previous idea that there was a need to focus on the awareness of the Glidden Brand as well as the paint section of Walmart.

SECONDARY RESEARCH The identification of color as the number one factor in choosing interior paint led us to do more research about color. There are no shortage of studies on the impact of color and color theory. We decided to narrow our focus on the use of color in advertising and the emotional influence of color. We found valuable color insights such as the fact that “color accounts for 60 percent of the acceptance or rejection of an object”1. Aside from our research on color, we also did research concerning the reach and importance of word-of-mouth. A study from the Wharton School of Business indicated that product samples generate the greatest increase in discussion and gave further insight that branded giveaways in campaigns often led to a 15% increase in word-ofmouth. The study was able to infer that “countering consumer expectations can be a powerful tool for getting consumers to talk about a brand”3. The article continued, “Authentic recommendations from a friend of ‘someone like me’ are far more influential than anything a marketer can buy. In a world dominated by social networks, consumer buzz can make

a brand stand out amidst the noise and reap real-world profits”3. The understanding that word of mouth is ever important guided us to include social media and various bloggers in our media plan. FOCUS GROUP

After working through several creative strategies, we settled on the two solutions that we felt best addressed our communication goals. We organized a focus group of 20 members of our target audience to solicit feedback. With their input we were able to further develop our creative approach. “They have terrible service, you’re lucky to find an associate and the associate, if you do find one, is not knowledgeable” – From a one on one interview


CREATIVE STRATEGY Painting is an experience, not a chore. Painting should be inspiring, expressive, and evocative and by no means something that is painful or tedious. Home owners should be able to communicate and relive their emotions and experiences through the painting process to create fun, new memories. The “Communicate Your Color” campaign speaks to our target market’s motivation for finding new ways to make painting a fun experience rather than another tedious home improvement chore. In addition to helping our target audience embrace a new perspective on the painting process, we will convince our target markets that Glidden is an empathetic, knowledgeable, inspiring and friendly brand that is superior to competitors. We have developed this strategy by tying in singular, nostalgic memories relatable across each of our target market platforms to show that painting can be easy and fun. Our tagline, “Memories by you, Colors by Glidden” will ensure consumers that painting with Glidden is an experience, not a chore. OBJECTIVES AND GOALS

Increase awareness and consideration for Glidden’s paint offerings at Walmart by • Convincing target markets that Glidden is a knowledgeable, empathetic, inspiring, friendly and traditional brand. • Influencing and engaging consumers through eye-catching and inspiring advertisements that convey the painting process as a fun experience. • Increasing brand perception among Walmart Shoppers that Glidden paint is sold in store through in-store advertising and incentives. • Raising awareness that Glidden supports the Susan G. Komen Cure for Breast Cancer. POSITIONING STATEMENT

Glidden is the only paint brand that uses its innovative background, knowledgeable specialists and traditional values to inspire and guide its consumers through the painting process. Glidden offers consumers the experience and inspiration they need for any project, big or small, at a convenient location.



The print advertisements for this campaign feature scenarios our target market can easily relate to. Each advertisement relates the positive memory of a specific color to choosing a paint color. Each advertisement is uniquely tied to a positive feeling, experience and memory the consumer can relive with color. This ties in with our overall creative strategy, “Communicate Your Color” because it encourages consumers to relate their color choice to a memory. In addition to asking customers to buy paint based on a positive feeling our ads also reassure them, through body copy, that Glidden is knowledgeable, empathetic and friendly through explaining why they should choose Glidden paint.



Since our research has revealed that most of our target market listens to 1-2 hours of local AM/FM radio per day, we have decided to utilize this medium. Our 30 second radio ad, like our print ads, will relate a positive memory of color through music. Since television is a popular medium among our target market, we will feature a 30 second television spot that follows a nostalgic mother painting a wall a shade of blue that takes her back to momentous occasions throughout her son’s life. This ties in well with how a positive memory can help one communicate their color.

$100 dollars or more on their purchase. We will also place shelf markers throughout the store in relevant places. DIRECT MAIL

Through direct mail we will target the campaign’s fifteen key states as well selected persons through Walmart’s mailing list. Having already shown DIY interest, these consumers will receive a postcard coupon for $10 off a gallon of Glidden paint. This incentive acts as an actual postcard that the person can mail to reach another potential customer. The postcard shows that painting can be a memorable, fun experience that the consumer will want to show off to their friends.



In Walmart we will set up displays behind assembled furniture such as cribs, sofas, entertainment systems etc, that will showcase Glidden paint. This wall will serve as inspiration for consumers intending to buy home related products. A second tactic will print coupons on the back of Walmart receipts when a consumer purchases DIY, home improvement or home décor related items. The coupon will feature a $5 off your next Gallon of Glidden paint when consumers spend


Through our campaign Glidden will support Breast Cancer Awareness during the month of October by encouraging consumers to purchase a quart sized can of Pink Carnation door and trim paint. 100% of the profits of pink paint sold will go to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Campaign. Each can of door paint will come with a pink ribbon decal.

Length: 30 Title: Color a Memory MUSIC: Transatlantique by Beirut.

A mom is shown painting a wall in her home. The viewer’s attention is drawn to the color of the paint she is using. She steps back to pause and look at her work.


She has a flashback to the day her son was born; the baby wrapped in a blanket the same color as the paint.

ANNCR: (VO) Clutch hitter…

Another flashback to her son playing baseball; the uniform featuring the same color as the paint.

ANNCR: (VO) Daughter in-law…

The last flashback shows her son, recently married standing next to his bride; her tiara and his boutonniere are the same color as the paint.

ANNCR: (VO) But it might as well be.

Present day shows the mom finishing up with her painting. With a nostalgic look on her face she stops and walks out of the room.

ANNCR: (VO) Memories by You, Colors by Glidden. The last shot shows a close up of the Glidden paint can with the superscript “memories by you, colors by Glidden.”

Radio Product: Glidden Brilliance Collection Title: Italian Cooking Length: 30 seconds Voice: Color is to the eyes what music is to the ears. So just because we call our paint color “Terra Cotta Rose” doesn’t mean your kitchen can’t say… MUSIC: Song “Mambo Italiano”(5 seconds) ---fade to background--Voice: With over 200 colors in our collection, Glidden paints offers quality and affordable paints for every style of home. Our Brilliance Collection features a two in one paint and primer and can be found at Walmart stores nationwide. Memories by you, Colors by Glidden. MUSIC ---fade in---- “Mambo Italiano”--- fade out


SOCIAL MEDIA A strong social media presence is very important to our campaign. Social media replaces customer service in a more effective and engaging way than typical customer service representatives. Social media is a nonthreatening, community oriented outlet that consumers can be more comfortable interacting with. Through a strong presence on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Klout, Youtube, and Promoted blog posts Glidden will interact with its consumers in ways that they can not in stores. By utilizing these outlets we will be able to create online word-of-mouth (WOM) as well as creating a friendly, knowledgeable and empathetic brand voice that will engage online users. FACEBOOK

It would benefit Glidden to be more active on Facebook. Glidden’s activity on Facebook is far less than its competition with only around 16,000 likes, with only a reach of 45 people. In our campaign, Facebook will act as a helpline for consumers to share problems and questions related to their painting experience. In addition to creating a non-threatening forum for communication. Glidden’s Facebook page will also feature weekly tips, promotions, news on product innovations and contests. We will also utilize Facebook advertising. TWITTER

The purpose of Twitter is to track trends and to engage followers with interesting content. Currently Glidden does not utilize Twitter as much as its competition. So far, Glidden only has 3,985 followers which is significantly less than most of their completion. Glidden can utilize this platform by tweeting links to their related social media pages and sponsored blog posts. Another way to track WOM and to develop brand consideration is to use hashtags to monitor trends such as #MyGliddenMemory, #ItsAColorfulLife, #CommunicateWithColor, and #PaintingProblems. Another initiative our campaign will take is asking followers to ‘Retweet’ selected content and the first 25-50 tweeters will win a Glidden gift card. Another approach is to pay for promoted tweets on Twitter that will reach selected demographic user’s by featuring amusing content



Klout rewards online users who are influential on various social media platforms by sending users free gifts from sponsored companies. For example, if online users are strongly influential in the DIY market or home décor category, Glidden will send the most influential users a quart of paint rewarding them for engaging in viral WOM and enabling them to try Glidden products. YOUTUBE

YouTube is a great place to have a friendly and fun relationship with the online community and by uploading silly videos and commercials of Glidden paint we will increase spontaneous WOM with the DIY and home décor community. Additionally this will reach consumers that are sympathetic or familiar with the painting process. PINTEREST

Pinterest is growing rapidly and will eventually outgrow Facebook. Since the biggest influencers and influenced on Pinterest are the DIY community, this is the perfect outlet to engage our target market. Alike the rest of Glidden’s social networking sites, Glidden is far behind the competition in terms of pins (only 219 pins), likes (0 likes), and followers (611 followers). By posting helpful tips, tricks and content related to painting, Glidden will increase WOM when its content is shared frequently on other’s Pinterest boards. Glidden will have a Pinterest board for each nationally recognized Holiday as well as ideas for certain rooms of the house, tips for non-home owners, DIY related crafts, etc.



Glidden is not currently utilizing Instagram. As a picture oriented social media app, we feel Instagram would be an ideal place for Glidden to grow its social media following. This application also lends itself to being a place where Glidden customers can quickly and efficiently share pictures of projects they have completed using Glidden Paint. On Instagram, we would incorporate hashtags such as #GliddenColor, #MyGliddenMemory, #ItsAColorfulLife, #CommunicateWithColor, #PaintingProblems and #NoFilter to encourage customers to post unedited photos of their freshly painted walls. The best consumer photos of the week can be featured on the Glidden Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook sites to provide inspiration for other DIY customers.

Our research revealed that our target market enjoys getting news from companies that they subscribe to. We would work with Walmart’s email list. We will send monthly newsletters featuring a “project of the month” and “tip of the month” as well as other promotions and events. We will also feature customers who have submitted their projects on Facebook or Twitter.

INTERNET ADVERTISING Our web banner and side bar advertisements will follow the same theme of recreating memories through color and will be featured on websites such as Facebook, Better Homes & Gardens, Service Magic, Home and Garden Television, Homes and Gardens, and iVillage Garden Web which are the most viewed webpages for our target market. INTERNET RADIO

Our campaign will utilize Spotify and Pandora radio stations as well as creating painting playlists to get consumers in the mood to paint. Refer back to our radio and television commercial scripts for further information. This is a YouTube video storyboard centered on Glidden paint names. The story starts out with characters drinking a little too much “Bold Sangria”. Then the story progresses to have the man “Husky Grey” and the woman, “Sexy Pink” meet. The romance continues with some “Red Rose Bouquets” and finally progresses to their wedding featuring “White on White” and their Honeymoon (“Bermuda Bay”). The story ends with the characters setting in a “Country House Blue” and having a daughter “Sweet Baby Girl”.



Our goal is to reach Glidden’s target market segments; DIYers and price conscious Walmart shoppers to raise their awareness and push consideration for Glidden’s paint products at Walmart. The Glidden “Communicate Your Color”Campaign is a national campaign, but will focus heavily on more localized advertising in states where there are a large number of Walmart stores. We chose the top 15 states with the highest number of Walmart Superstores1. • Texas (327) • Florida (197) • Georgia (139) • Ohio (132) • North Carolina (131) • Illinois (123) • Tennessee (108) • Missouri (107) • Pennsylvania (105) • Virginia (99) • California (99) • Alabama (93) • Indiana (92) • Michigan (82) • Louisiana (81) These states account for 1,915 of Walmart stores or 54.7% of U.S. Walmarts. These states are home to 61.3% of the U.S. population8, and since 2011 the demand for paint has increased in Midwest and the South7. The largest concentration of home improvement shoppers are found in 9 of these 15 states. 2


DIYers, home decorators and home improvement restorers read magazines about their hobbies and/ or leisure interests1. The national magazines that we will advertise in will be:

• Better Homes and Gar• • • •

dens Magazine, Circulation: 7,626,000 4 Good Housekeeping, Circulation: 4,614,000 RealSimple Magazine, Circulation: 1,975,000 Martha Stewart Magazine, Circulation: 1,972,000, House Beautiful, Circulation 842,000 5


DIYers are more likely to view primetime TV 2, and admit to watching 1 to 5 hours of television daily1. We will run 30 sec spots 1-2 times a week during primetime [Monday-Saturday 8-11pm and Sunday 7-11pm] on national broadcast and supplement that with substantial cable buys. • CBS 5.9 GRP • The Discovery Channel 0.8 GRP • ABC 5.3 GRP • The History Channel 1.4 GRP • TNT 1.8 GRP • HGTV 0.8GRP [Nielson] • USA 2.0 GRP


According to our research, our target audience listens to AM/FM radio3. We will purchase spots on local stations with the best coverage within our 15 states

16 MEDIA 2 Nielson 3 Ad-ology 4 5 2020: Marketing Communications LLC 6 7 8 2012 US Census Data 1


With the help of Walmart we will get mailing lists of 100,000 addresses (x3) within our 15 states for 1 direct mailing in May, July and September. The postcard will include a coupon for $10 off of one gallon of Glidden Paint. PROMOTIONAL EVENTS/PR

Our Pink Door Campaign will be during the month of September. We will only advertise in-store in our target states. We will use displays, informational pamphlets, and shelf advertising for the campaign in the paint section and in the front of the store. IN-STORE POP:

An easily addressable opportunity we have found for Glidden is customer awareness of the paint section in Walmart. We will do a mock-up nursery displays in the baby section and mock-ups of different rooms in the furniture section to create inspiration. We will also place shelf markers in the craft section, paper sections, and food sections. We will also work with Walmart to coordinate printing a coupon for $5 off a gallon of Glidden paint on the back of their receipts for Walmart customers whose receipts total over $100 and/or have bought products from craft, home, and paint supply sections.


We will use Google Adwords as our main search engine advertising using Cost Per Click pricing. The words that we will use are based on trending search engine words related to painting6. We have chosen 6 words that are trending higher in search frequency on Google and that are easy enough to associate

with Glidden. The words are: “inspiration”, “paint”, “how to paint”, “paint shop”, “paint colors”, and “paint shop pro”. We will purchase spaces for banner ads and vertical skyscraper space by CPM impressions depending on the traffic the websites receive daily. We will be able to adjust this throughout the campaign. • Better Homes and Gardens*, 1,277,000** • ServiceMagic, 910,000 • Home and Garden Television, 865,000 •’s Home and Garden, 648,000 • iVillage GardenWeb, 521,000 2 *Websites that were visited the most by Home Improvement Audiences [2] **Unique Audience Number [2]


One of the most trending forms of non-traditional advertising is sponsoring posts on blogs. We would provide incentive for sponsoring posts by supplying bloggers with appropriate amounts of paint for their projects, and a $50 stipend for Glidden paint in return for their posting reviews of Glidden’s performance on their project. Our target market reads blogs regularly3. • A Beautiful Mess (* • The Art of Doing • Stuff ( • Bower Power ( • Centsational Girl ( • Ana White ( • Vintage Revivals ( *[Apartment Therapy Website Top DIY blogs]


Social media is a great tool for creating a relationship with our audience. Statistics show that 70% of social media users will be influenced by hearing about other people experiences, 65% will learn more about certain brands/products/services, 53% will compliment brands, 50% will express concerns/complaints about


their experience with a brand or product, and 47% will share money incentives from companies for rewards. Social Care, which is customer service via social media, is a rapidly growing way for companies to build a large brand loyalty base, 47% of social media users are engaging in social care, 70% of users participate in it monthly2. We will utilize the advantages of social care has and invest in keeping up with our customers. Of social media users, 1 in 3 prefer using social media as a way to contact companies as opposed to calling them. The reason that we have chosen to advertise on Facebook and Twitter, is because 29% of customers will contact the company via their business Facebook page and 28% will use their personal Facebook page to contact the company. On Twitter, 14% will mention a company on their personal account without tagging them and 13% will tweet to the company’s twitter account. In general, our target audiences are frequent users of social media sites and admit that interaction with products and brands through these mediums encourages and influences them in later purchase decisions3. We want to invest in getting Glidden more recognition on social media. We will sponsor PPC ads on Facebook leading users to find out more on our Facebook page. We will target our audience by setting the ages as 25-64, residences of our 15 target states, with high school or higher education, have mentioned interest in crafts, do-it-yourself projects, creativity, painting, and home improvement, and those who like Walmart’s page and our competition’s pages.

We will use promoted tweets with offers such “The first 25 to retweet this will receive $10 OFF their next purchase of Glidden paint” or “The first 10 to retweet this will receive a free gallon of Glidden paint”. We will also take advantage of promoted trends by using the following hashtags: #communicatewithcolor, #gliddenmemories, #gliddencolor, #glidden, etc. We will promote the Glidden account on twitter pages, gleaning our target audience from those who follow our competitor’s accounts and the Walmart account. as:

As painting is a very hands-on activity, we feel that YouTube is a great way to get apprehensive customers engaged by using how-to and DIY video updates. We feel that Glidden should continue to evolve its YouTube Channel and relate to customers using the look and feel of “Communicate Your Color” campaign. We include the costs of hiring writers, directors, and actors and would also renting spaces, or offer to do a project for a Glidden customer. EMAIL

Our target audiences revealed that they do enjoy getting news from companies that they subscribe to3. We would work with Walmart to get a contact list of customers. We will send out monthly informational newsletters and will feature a “Project of the Month” that has been submitted on our Facebook or Twitter. This will allow us to promote events that Glidden will be a part of. We will also include a printable coupon in the newsletter to encourage customers to start a new project and buy paint, as most of our target market is price conscious3.

SOCIAL MEDIA FLOW: ONLINE SOCIAL Facebook Twitter Pinterest YouTube Email







September 2 Nielson 3 Ad-ology 4 5 2020: Marketing Communications LLC 6 1

RADIO: $50,000 per month Production:$ 10,000 Total: $260,000

IN-STORE POP: Pink Door Campaign: Production In-store Advertising (September): $100,000

MAGAZINE: Better Homes and Gardens: $466,000 x2=$932,000 Good Housekeeping: $59,000 x5=$295,000 Real Simple: $196,000 x4=$784,000 Martha Stewart: $158,000 x3= $474,000 House Beautiful: $121,000 x3=$363,000 Production: $200,000 Overall Total: $3,048,000

INTERNET: Ad Words: $25,000 per month=$125,000 Web page Banner Ads: CPM Banner Ads: $12 average for 5 websites Total: $100,000 per month= Total: $500,000 Total: $625,000


Online Video Production: $60,500 BLOGS: Sponsored Blog Posts: $2,000 Banner Ads on Blogs: CPM $8 Total: $10,000 Total: $12,000

TELEVISION: $919,000 per month Total: $4,595,000 Production: $500,000 Total: $5,095,000

SOCIAL MEDIA: Facebook Ads: $20,000 per month, $100,000 Total Twitter: $10,000 Total: $110,000

DIRECT MAIL: 3 mailings: 100,000 pieces per mailing Production: $100,000 Postage: $27,000 Total: $127,000

EMAIL: Newsletter with Promo Offer: $12,500 over 5 months Total: $62,500

a Sponsored Posts

MEDIA FLOW ONLINE AD PLACEMENT SEM (Search) Google Adword CO. SITES BH&Gardens ServiceMagic H & G TV iVillageGarden BLOGS abeautifulmess artofdoingstuff bowerpower anawhite vitagerevivals


a a


a a a



a a

a a











TRADITIONAL MEDIA FLOW BROADCAST TV ±$2.5M CBS ABC CABLE ±$2M Discovery History TNT USA HGTV MAGAZINES BH & G Good Hskpg. RealSimple Martha Stew. House Beaut. DIRECT MAIL Mailings


CAMPAIGN EVALUATION Our objectives are to help Glidden build awareness and lasting favorability among three target segments; DIYer Shoppers, current price conscious Walmart customers. Through an increased share of voice in new and traditional media and a salient message our integrated campaign will drive our main marketing goal of increasing market awareness and consideration and thus the overall market share across the DIY market. Our goals are to raise Glidden’s Awareness from 66% to 75% and push consideration from 23% to 40%. This will increase Walmart’s overall market share in the DIY market. In order to set a baseline, we will employ an independent research service to do a pre-launch survey of our fifteen major target market states. This initial survey will sample our target audience’s brand awareness, advertising recall, media behavior, brand attitude, and purchase intent. We will use this as a baseline to measure the results of subsequent surveys of the same markets in the middle of our campaign and at the end of the scheduled campaign. Comparing these results will give us a strong indication of what reach and affect our campaign is achieving and of any adjustments could be made. We will also be monitoring the major market indicators for paint sales overall and at Walmart. If at the midway point we see (through survey and sales) that our midway goals are not being met, we will adjust our media buy to address these deficiencies. ACTUAL EXECUTION


We will monitor the click-through rates of banner ads at the various online destinations included in our media buy. Banner ads at each online destination will be coded in a way that allows us to determine the most successful venues for the campaign’s message. Much of our campaign pushes consumers to online destinations for more interactive experiences. We will register page views and actions to evaluate the effectiveness of various media to drive online activity. We will be able to respond to this real time feedback in an efficient manner, modifying buys, placement, and evolving messaging. We will employ various services to monitor Glidden related trending chatter through various social media outlets. Increases and decreases in chatter and ratios of positive and negative messaging will give us some insight into the impact our campaign is having on our target market with its engagement in social media. REAL WORLD OBSERVATION

At a sampling of Walmart stores we will position researchers to evaluate the effectiveness. These researchers will observe the behavior and interactions of the consumers. They will survey and dialogue with shoppers in the paint and home improvement areas of the store. This will give us rich, detailed data of our consumers’ behaviors and expectations. We will also employ researchers to observe how customers/shoppers interact with our in-store displays and promotional materials to help us better customize these communication devices to their specific needs and wants.

We will follow up on actual execution to make sure the ads we placed appeared in the proper media vehicles, and within the agreed terms. To make sure our expected frequency and reach were met we will examine the ratings of the programs to make sure they met our expectations at the time of purchase. If the ratings prove to be substantially lower we will pursue a make-good settlement on behalf of the client.



Nam firmis bonvenam ia? 2quem auro maio, cut ad inteatis capernume moltord iurordit, conius et C. Nihilis comnement. Nam nos, opublina, ublicaucer pat. Gravemu 1



Kelsey Hensley

Dan Owen

Nicole Hyczewski

Sarah Robb

Katie Hodges

Kory Rozich

Thank you for your consideration. Appalachian Advertising’s “Communicate Your Color” Campaign has been an invaluable learning experience for our advertising team. We believe we have created an effective integrated campaign and evocative message that will accurately address and respond to the Glidden Walmart challenge. For their time, assistance, and expertise, Appalachian Advertising would like to extend a Special Thanks to the following: Roger Bodo Roger Bodo Meredith Adams

Appalachian State – NSAC Plansbook  
Appalachian State – NSAC Plansbook  

Appalachian State's Plansbook for the National Student Advertising Competition sponsored by Glidden Paint