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Package = Product Problem Statement

Where is Society Now? Globally people are reacting to a state of overwhelmed confusion we have too much and we know too much But 2012 will also see the world prepared to enter a new state of wonder - pushing against boundaries and looking to be awed Consumers will feel able to engage with and search for superb design, awe-inspiring technology and products that really enhance our lives There will be increasing desire for amazing products and communications that are beautiful, but also offer incredible performance (instead offering beauty at the expense of great performance) Finding this balance will be the consumer’s big challenge to the creative industries The internet has given birth to a fast-reacting and multi-contextual glocal consumer We’re watching as the generations most strongly shaped by the digital revolution become the key influence on how the 21st century looks and behaves Many feel we are finally saying goodbye to the old millennium, and preparing to embrace a new world We’re setting out to build the foundations of the new millennium by taking the best of the past and reshaping it for a very different world Big economic and cultural shifts are happening - around the world we’re working out how to make them interpretable and actionable for our industries

WGSN Consumer Research 2012




Future Now


Lighten the Load


Explore the Unexpected

Open Source World

Key Factors

Key Factors


Need to De-Tech

Risk & Daring

Correct and Decent

Power of Now

Ask the Big Questions

Home as a Lab

Rich But Useful Engagement

Anywhere, Nowhere

Balance Between Wonder and Reality

Over the next 18 months consumers will feel more and more desire to actively reduce the amount of technology in their lives and replace it with more human connection, human skills and nature

Richer human engagement will be a priority in 2013. From a marketing point of view, this is something the industry has been grappling with for a while and the issue will continue into 2013

Create a product and/or experience that allows people to

De-tech & Interact Meaningfully with the people and world around them.

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