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Industrial Design Portfolio Summer 2011


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Current Address

102 winona road

45 w. university ave 90-254a2, turner hall cincinnati, oh 45219

highland park illinois,



847 363 3241



Sketching/Rendering Adobe CS5 Microsoft Office Woodworking Google SketchUp Alias Studiotools Bunkspeed Keyshot2 Solidworks Fluent in Hebrew Distinguished Volunteer for Friendship Circle: 2008 Distinguished Musicianship: 2009 AP Scholar with Honor: 2009 Illinois State Scholar: 2009 Deans List: All Eligible Quarters Lewis Franklin Palmer and Marjorie Stewart Palmer Scholarship Fund Recipient: 2010 university of cincinnati

:: cincinnati, oh

College of daap :: Industrial Design :: 2014 gpa : 3.85/4.0 highland park highschool

Graduated June 2009 gpa : 4.10/4.0 [weighted]

:: highland park, il



Junior Secretary:idsa Chabad of uc Bearcats for Israel Write on for Israel Fellow University Honors Society Tutoring at Highes High Principal Clarinet: ucso


:: camp ramah :: 2009-2011

Worked in the shop and taught campers how to use various woodworking tools. Lived in a cabin with campers and worked with them on a daily basis. lifeguard

:: jcc :: 2006-2009

Worked at an indoor pool three times a week on lifeguarding duty.

Bowling Ball Box Using nothing but corrugated material, create a bowling ball box/package.

Consider weight of ball graphics space ecomonmy of template walker lock tab aesthetic appeal



Orthographic Views [1/4 Scale]: Bowlin

Side One

Side Two

Tesselation Side Three

Animal Mask Using nothing but bristol paper, construct a paper mask, including an instruction sheet for assembly.

Consider Properties of Bristol Activation of space Ease of assembly Theme of Stravinsky “Firebird�

Solution Firebird with an “Art Deco� twist.

Instruction Sample Parts List Head Strap




Assembly ! Take care to orient parts as shown in instructions ! Fold scores ALL THE WAY. Do not gingerly fold them. Folds: Left Wing

Folds: Right Wing

Folds: Head


Fold 90 deg.


When Folding the creases at the bottom of the wing, take care to curl them towards the front of the wing

Fold Towards (Valley) Fold Away (Mountain)

Folds: Tail

Turn the page!

Soap Bar Design a soap bar for a middle aged woman who is a dog-breeder and trainer on a farm in Kentucky (American Fox Hounds) who suffers from dry skin and has a love of traditional Appalachian remedies and folklore.

Research Research showed that this target market would be most likely to purchase a soapbar that empowered them, and was dissociated from centralized authority (think Wal-Mart). In addition the product should be high class while still maintaining an organic feel.


Consider Suiting market needs Innovative concepts beyong “soap� packaging branding lifecycle of product



Lye, Glycerin, Essential Oils, Palm Oil

A soap bar that gives life


Six different scents, all based on Appalachian herbs.

// Soap packaged in planter // Seeds of scent included // While using soap, plant seeds in planter // When soap is finished (1-2 months) you have a sprout // Make a garden!

100% organic Soap bar package is a planter Seeds of the soap scent included in tag While using the soap, grow the scent of the soap


high class yet earthy feel

Ingredients: Lye, Glycerin, Essential Oils, Palm Oil // Creating life // Growing your own herbs // Some scents Energize // Some scents Renew

Scents Chamomile+Spruce Citrus+Mullein Peppermint+Oatmeal Jasmine+Herbs Basil+Daisy


Caring for your plant Who we are Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Sed fringilla tempor posuere. Curabitur a diam id orci feugiat rhoncus. In hac habitasse platea dictumst. Sed


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rendered in Keyshot2 orthographics from Solidworks

Family of form: Chess Set. You are to design a family of chess pieces including the King, Queen, Knight, Bishop, Rook, and Pawn. Build a prototype of at least three of the pieces that you feel best represent the design concept for the set. You are to draw from traditional roles in the game, a broad range of theme opportunities, endless alternatives in craft and manufacturing techniques, as well as artistic interpretation

Initial Ideation

Consider Mateirials Gameplay changes Traditional versus non traditional pieces Manufacturing processes Design aesthetics

Process After doing some initial sketching to explore aesthetics, came up with eight ortho sets to show final directions.

Orthographic refinements

Final Direction

Materials Lime green cotton fabric Cocobolo wood

Objectives Traditional play Positive/negtive interplay Increased value over time

Watch Project

Objectives Demonstrate iterative sketching Photoshop rendering


Objectives Demonstrate iterative sketching Photoshop rendering Design a basketball shoe for an NBA star



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