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Industrial Designer


CONTACT Daniel Orbach 2818 Stratford Ave Cincinnati, OH 45220

6.2011 – 9.2011 847 363 3241 2009–2011



Chamberlain Group Elmhurst, Il Responsible for blue sky concept development based upon incorporating new technologies into existing products. Additionally, worked on U/I design, design research, and strategy for assorted projects.

Alias Studiotools Solidworks Rhinoceros Keyshot2 Adobe CS5 Microsoft Office Rudimentary HTML Model Making Rapid Ideation Fluent in Hebrew

Camp Ramah Conover, Wisconsin Worked in the shop and taught campers how to use various woodworking tools. Lived in a cabin with campers and worked with them on a daily basis.

EDUCATION 2009–present


University Of Cincinnati Cincinnati, OH College of Design Architicture Art and Planning Industrial Design, Class of 2014 GPA: 3.86/4.0 Highland Park Highschool Highland Park, Il Graduated June 2009 GPA: 4.10/4.0 [weighted]

ACTIVITIES/INTERESTS Junior Secretary: IDSA Chabad of UC Bearcats for Israel Write on for Israel Fellow University Honors Society Tutoring at Hughes High School Principal Clarinet: UCSO Ultimate Frisbee Close up magic Solving Rubik’s Cubes and other puzzles

RECOGNITION 2009–2011 2009 2008

Lewis Franklin Palmer and Marjorie Stewart Palmer Scholarship Cincinnatus Scholar (all years) AP Scholar with Honor Illinois State Scholar Deans List: All Eligible Quarters

Daniel Orbach | 2

clarinet reed cases don’t work­, it’s time for a change


What is a reed

anatomy of a clarinet


Lower Joint


{ }

The mouthpiece Interacts directly with the player. Sound is formed here. The reed rests on the mouthpiece

The cane plants that create reeds are harvested and cut

Three reeds are created per cylinder. the reeds are filed down to almost paper thin at the end

The reed structure is made of xylem cells, which contract and expand with moisture input

Upper Joint

why is a reed important

{ }


The reed sits flush on the mouthpiece face and vibrates when played

If the reed warps even slightly, it won’t be able to sit properly on the mouthpiece. this inhibits tone and response.

When the mouthpiece and reed interact properly, music can be made.

Daniel Orbach | 4


A poor surface storage can cause the reeds to warp while drying.

The humidity, and rate of change of humidity within the reeds can cause the xylem cells to warp.

Playing reeds too often can cause warpage.

current market evaluation

humidity control

surface quality Daniel Orbach | 5

FEATURES&BENEFITS Double sided design holds reeds on either side of the glass Memory foam strip to keep reeds in place

Dual hygrometers show humidity on either side of the case

Humidipak integration Holds over 10 reeds per side

O-ring for a perfect humidity seal

Use of glass allows for reeds to be stored on both sides.

Daniel Orbach | 6


The case’s unique construction allows for two modules that are mirrors of one another to sandwich together over the glass, creating environments that can me individually humidity controlled, so that you can keep reed that are being broken in separate from reeds that are being played regularly


Top Cover

Top Shell


Bottom Shell

Bottom Cover


Daniel Orbach | 7

Daniel Orbach | 8

laying bricks should be more comfortable


Additional Research Spade is too long fo r the handle

Potential Stress point during prolonged use.

Ability of little finger to wrap around handle.

Ulnar deviation is key.

Found a study with ten subjects, three different trowels and fifteen different motions. This is the result of the study:

Handle grip did not allow for turning of the trowel without slipping

Needing to push downward with the trowel to mix using finger muscles to grip. Fingers extend beyond handle Butt of handle digs into flesh Micro muscles for macro movements

Handle is too small for the hand, causing the fingers to wrap around the handle and become too stressed

Subjects reported less forearm fatigue with a handle angle of 19 degrees

Subjects did not prefer a circular handle profile, opting instead for a slightly oblong design Daniel Orbach | 10


Daniel Orbach | 11


Tail flare helps keep hand from slipping A more aesthetically pleasing curvature

more balanced handle to spade proportion

longer design allows the user to choke up on the handle

Taller profile engages the correct muscles

Daniel Orbach | 12

Its time Ultimate Frisbee got its own shoe


“It hurts when someone lands on my foot”

What is Ultimate Frisbee?

Endzones and a field over 100 yards long are reminiscent of a football field.

The Sport is Growing: Paid Memberships To The UPA

A pivot foot, fouls, and a need for jumping ability are what basketball brings to the table

Fluid player movement, passing and game rhythm are similar to soccer

Measuring the Forces on Different Cleats While Turning


Oval Shaped Cleats Are

safer Than circular ones Outer turn 0



Starting run

Outer Zigzag

Inner Zigzag

Inner turn

It’s apparent some cleats matter more than others

Daniel Orbach | 14


A shoe needs to protect its wearer from getting stomped on, much like a turtle shell.

The ciruclar shape of a frisbee could be an interesting design element

Design Requirements youthful styling high performance gear high percieved value something unique brand ethos highly visible

according to the world global style network, brightyl colored sportswear is in trend, with brands like adicolor leading the charge

Daniel Orbach | 15

Daniel Orbach | 16

Gaia Ultimate Brand

protective cap prevents injuries when you get stepped on

Dual Density PU cleats dont hurt others feet

New onelace system wraps all the way around the shoe

Efficient blade cleat layout based on quantified research

Daniel Orbach | 17

Daniel Orbach | 18

Soldering is a complete mess, it shouldn’t have to be this way.


black box some u/i cheap stand for price temperature control

cheap sponge separate stand no u/i iron is attatched

cohesive form gigantic detatchable iron cheap sponge to clean


$ cheap sponge no third hand flimsy iron stand lack of tether on cord

Iron is held directly above unit, making it unstable.

Not enough hands to perform a simple soldering operation.

longer cord cohesive form separate stand outdated u/i

A cheap sponge doesn’t always clean everything off, and when it does it ruins the sponge.

multiple irons massive box lots of controls carrying handle

Iron tinning becomes a necessity when the temperature of the system isn’t properly maintained.

Flimsy board casings rattle around during soldering, which only complicated what is already way too much.

Daniel Orbach | 20


Hi, I’m Dave. I have a steady job, so I need to use this everyday

white collar work

Can it look better than the black boxes out now?

snazzy tie I know how to solder. if this isn’t good I’ll know

Electrical Engineer

Something durable and long lasting would be nice

do-it-yourselfer What about one station for home and work?

plays guitar and modifies RC cars in his spare time

Daniel Orbach | 21

a portable, flip style station

a less portable station, holder separate from electric unit

a boxier electronic unit, with wire wraps around the bottom Daniel Orbach | 22


LCD u/i telescoping iron holder with closed loop control

roatary push dial control

folding cable holders

more ergonomic iron with a heat resistant grip pad

cables clip onto boards

magnetized power outlet

sponge/brass shavings holder

Heatsync has internals bossed to it so vents are not needed. it also takes in the heat from the cables

Daniel Orbach | 23


Station is the only current design with a flip top system. This allows for maximum portability without sacrificing quality.

A sleeker, more ergonomic, redesigned Iron features a unique mag-safe power outlet as well as a heat resistant yellow overmold.

Alligator clips attatched to 10 gauge wire can support a board or act as a heatsync to relieve heat distribution

The telescoping Iron holder has registration to ensure the iron won’t wiggle around. It also features closed loop control for maxiumum temparature stability

Portability is further enhanced with retainer clips for the electrical cable, so it can be wrapped up while being stored or moved

Daniel Orbach | 24





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pre junior yr

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