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Strategies for Productive list-building- Adwords for list building What is the one similarity with all successful AdWords strategies? All of them contain keywords that are productive for your list building.

What do I mean by productive? Effective: having the desired effect; efficient: having results in a shortest possible time. Now, productivity is the combination of effective and efficient.

A lot of people either have one or the other in their AdWords strategy. But if you want to stand out in your Adwords strategy, read on!

1.It’s in the numbers Successful AdWords will have keywords numbering to 300 or more. What?! I hear you say. But you aim is to have substantial web traffic and also to have advertisements on your website that generates money yes? If so; you will need 300 keywords, at least. Fret not, I will teach you how to go about doing this.

2.What’s the theme? Firstly, you will need to know your own website. Sounds like common sense? However, take a look around cyberspace and you will see countless websites that seems to have conflicting messages in one website address. If your

website is about giving love advice, don’t deviate away from it and start giving weight loss advice also. It will make your website less credible as compared to another one that focuses on just one topic.

3.300 Once you have established your theme, create a short list of specific AdWords that talks about this. For example, if your website gives love advice, your keywords would be “dating”, “dating rules”, “dating tips”, “dating rules” eg… you get the idea.

However, you will then need to have more keywords that branch out from these few main ones. As metioned, about 300 more. So, how does anyone go about accomplishing this seemingly impossible task?

Enter the Google Wonder Wheel. You can find this on the left-hand side under All Results when you do your search in Google. All productive AdWords strategies are backed with well, productive keywords.

When you use more keywords, you will be able to reap the benefits from your AdWords strategy and it will let you obtain the kind of outcome that you desire. You will then be on your way to earn the amount of money you envision.

Daniel Ong has vast personal experience in online marketing. He has helped drive traffic for many in their online business and and also has consulted many on this field. Are you lost and have no idea on how to start with conducting online business? Claim your Free eBook to know about the latest strategies on how you can improve your online business.

Strategies for Productive list-building- Adwords for list building