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My Name Is: Daniel Felipe Ochoa Grade: 10ยบ1 Teacher: Sonia Lopez

My story am Daniel Felipe Ochoa I was born on 13 September 2000 in Bello (Ant) to 3:45 pm in the hospital Victor Cardenas (Marco Fidel Suarez) my parents are Hernán Alonso and Sandra Elena from small I have lived in Girardota up to 14 years in the Ceiba. From very small I have suffered asthma is very uncomfortable because I can't make certain sports and I stirred very easy and when I give crises I should lead to emergency to be nebulizado but for convenience I send a inhaler I should use and helps me a lot. I was baptized to 3 months born my godparents were my maternal grandparents now only I have to my godmother that is my grandmother because my grandfather and Godfather died ago 6 years. I began to crawl to 8 months to 14 I desprendí walking and give me blows playing with my cousin and a neighbor with them I’ve shared from small. To 3 years I entered garden where he played, sang ate, I spent 2 incidents not serious but not yet the omissions was where I learned to share with others compañeritos and to make a little independent when my breast I had was quiet with the teacher and other friends. My favorite toys were cars and animal’s plastic (cow, elephant etc.) that even I keep and I have good collection. From small I like to see play athletic National I consider myself a good swollen and all that I have the opportunity I’m going to Stadium. Cars I like because my dad from very young has been driver bus and when you had to the House to Wash I came out with a bucket and rag to help you clean and sometimes we wore ride to many places in one of them I had the opportunity look closely at Buffalo which is similar to Bull there was where was born as a great attraction for animals that's why every time we were going out wanted I bought when I saw not always me the bought but still I have many. For the 5 years I entered the pre-eschool to the educational institution Colombia with profe Nancy, excellent profe. Also has this age I was often care an aunt, since my mom was working on an institution of children family welfare, my aunt was that attending meetings of the preschool from there have been a child obedient. To 6 years pass through the degree first with professor Flor castrillón with her study two consecutive years first and second I had no problems as it is a teacher that shows with much love and is very well their students. 8 years in the degree 3 with a professor I don’t liked your way to teach physical education. As it was not the most appropriate. I remember also at that age my family took me to know Guatape and the most fun was have uploaded to the top of the Stone peak where does not appear to easily by the amount of scales but as above we could see and see cute landscapes of the place. What do not forget when small is that I took a Recreation Park and all children happy is amused in all rides that had in the place and I fear not I did I was looking and nonriding.

The October 31 I disguise up to 8 years although this celebration has no age because up adults do I think there is more normal when one is small like now I only placed a mask and I leave only by recocha on change in Christmas if I like to go out and part of the novenas of bonus, I like to adorn the House and turn the lights as Christmas is the best time Of 9 years in the degree 4 with professor Martha with which I had no problems since my performance was good was a teacher compressive and students understand each with ease Of 10 years in the degree 5 with professor Ligia this was a degree where and we felt the largest of the day that's why some of my fellow thought they could do disorder but I don't shared this attitude The day of my birthday I’ve never had celebration I only buy a cake and clothing, zero piñatas, ice cream etc. but I’ve never thought nothing bad I do not accustomed to those celebrations. At that age holidays were fun I liked go to where the paternal grandparents living in Cisneros ant to where it was also a premium with played and bothered up to put of malgenio to my grandmother but I spent time and I realized, I also had to where my maternal grandparents living in Barbosa ant where a cousin asíamos pranks we put Moody to my grandmother and aunts. Something that not eh had the opportunity to do is go to know the zoo is planned several times but for different reasons damaged output I hope to know this year. Now I am largest no longer I encourage you to go where my grandparents. Grade 6 between 11 years all went straight to the degree 10 but in 2016 I had some difficulties and not reach the objectives academic for life circumstances my dad could not be several years with migo my mom and I decided to wait it because its presence is very important to me that's why did the first Communion to 12 years and confirmation the following year where of godmother chosen to a premium my mon. From small I have been very shy only so far I have been changing as before not involved in class now I do more often I consider myself helpmate, timely, respectful, honored and honest. I like to relate with people positive and entrepreneurs. From time to time I go to the gym because helps improve the health, have a good physical and to have discipline, I like to see football but would like to train football lounge. the relationship with my parents and my sister is good and the rest of my family I’ve never had any difficulty I like to read books I leave a good teaching in life I serve for later and see television but I would like to change the TV any sport. Sometimes I’m contestón but I think it's not how to accept and respond as it when I say something is my own well and why they want the best for me but in general hear what you tell me. I am the older brother of the House of grandchildren and nephews and I would like to be an example to follow, my aunts and uncles have never had nothing to feel my before I admire and tell me that follow well and I don't let influence by anyone actually think the same as my goal is to graduating, follow studying work and help my parents,

In the Easter I don't like go see and part of it because of the large crowd of people prefer see the movies Jesus TV and on Sundays go to mass I think is well. When I encourage you my dad takes me travel in the bus to where works are very few times because I would not encarrilarme with driving car as it is a work very risky and stressful longing do something total mind different. Meals more I like it's Rice with chicken the salad, meat, the sweaty and porridge, which I must not consume are soft drinks ice cream because of my problem of asthma but occasionally I buy my ice cream Something that my breast highlights in my is that when has needed go out and leave me alone few hours can do it with confidence not my custom carry friends to the House and less when my parents are not when touches to care to my little sister. I think for my future study, make a course barbershop but not dedicate to do this if you do not to go gaining more knowledge, have my own business, studying automotive mechanics, and one of my older dreams is traveling the world go countries, meet new cultures relate with people who I’d like to be like them, they are positive, emprendo Res and whenever noting in their goals, dreams and business, I want to know and enter a igloo, walking snow-capped mountains, have my own home, my cars, businesses and support financially my family with the help of God everything arrive. The animal that I feel identified is the Wolf as it is an animal acting silence and that I admire for its strength to move on to the difficulties is the Lion the two always generate respect your presence. My favorite color or which I feel more comfortable is the White. What more I avoid do is to discriminate to people either by physical defects or any other disability because no one is perfect by or free you happen an accident. In my free time I like listening to music, see matches football, read, go jogging, go to the gym, go out with my friends. This is my story to my 16 that I have I find myself repeating the degree 10 although the moral of being promoted to grade 11 that the goal is to graduate in this institution in which studied age 12 where I have learned of teachers and managers to be a person responsible able to make things good and succeed.

My story  
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