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==== ==== Imagine you could stop smoking without any discomfort! Would you? This is the secret that the drug companies don't want you to know about: ==== ====

'Hmmm... how to stop smoking the easy way. Who is this guy kidding,' you may be thinking, 'there is no easy way to stop smoking.' Well I beg to differ. This method worked for me eight years ago and I haven't as much as touched a cigarette since let alone put one in my mouth. I will tell you the secret later. The only thing that you do need is to want to stop smoking. I don't mean 'should give up' or 'being badgered to give up' I mean really want to give up. There is really no point in trying if the will to stop smoking is not there. You will just be wasting your time. You will just end up feeling anxious and frustrated and certainly not committed. You will start again almost as soon as you stop. I wanted to stop smoking before my 40th birthday. I had set that as my goal. They say that it takes ten years for the effects of smoking to be clear from your body and I wanted to be clean by the time I was 50. I wanted to enter my 50s, commonly known as the minefield of life, with every chance of reaching my 60s,70s and so on. Obviously, if you continue to smoke then the chances are that you won't and certainly not with a clean bill of health. I wanted to enter middle-age being able to enjoy my children growing up and later on being able to appreciate my grandchildren. I don't want to be a hindrance to them. I know how much I still appreciate my parents despite them being in their 80s'. They live independent lives together and are still able to spend time, enjoy time and help out with my children and I want to be the same. I began smoking at school when I was 14. Peer pressure I suppose, but I really enjoyed it and did right up to the day chose to stop smoking. I made a number of half-hearted efforts to quit, including, at one time, hypnotherapy, but to no avail. Patches, chewing gum. I tried to stop smoking on an impulse once at New Year but a couple of days later I was back on again. And No Smoking Days ...those days that you don't know are here until the actual day itself. No, it may work for a few days but not for good. What you need to do is set a target date to stop smoking maybe three or four months or more into the future. A significant date for you as my 40th was for me. Have this date in mind but subconsciously try and bring that date forward a little bit maybe to a period three or four weeks before. The last thing you need to do is be anxious about it. Remember, you must really want this. It is you that wants it and not your partner, children, parents or friends. By bringing that date forward a few weeks it prevents you focussing on the exact date too much and it presents you with a window within which you can stop. And now for the secret, a secret that I very rarely see or hear anyone suggesting. At the time you

set your end date to stop smoking make the switch, switch to Ultra Low, to the Ultra Low nicotine variety of your favourite brand. I don't mean Low, I mean Ultra Low. If your are used to Medium or High levels of nicotine you must switch to Ultra Low. I know you will say that it will be like smoking fresh air but within a week or so you and your body will get used to it and it will feel like you are smoking your normal cigarette. I happened that way for me and it will work that way for you. The nicotine level in your blood when you stop smoking is the most important factor in being able to give up easily. If the nicotine level in your body is low when you stop smoking then the actual chemical that causes the addiction is in extremely small quantities. Therefore, any likely effects of withdrawal symptoms are minimised. So you need to build up to the day you stop smoking. You have your actual date and you have your window a few weeks before. Aim for sometime within this window and don't leave it until your actual date. You don't want to start getting anxious. If possible, make the period of smoking Ultra Low longer. This will help reduce the addictive nicotine levels in your body even further. I actually gave up six weeks before my 40th birthday and I started the process four months before. The day I stopped smoking, I had a last cigarette in the morning and decided that that was that. I threw the rest of the packet away and until this day, nearly eight years later, I have not given smoking a second thought. So to be absolutely clear, plan well in advance and switch to Ultra Low to rid your body of nicotine. Then the withdrawal symptoms will be minimal and it will prepare your mind and body to cope easily with the best thing you could ever do.

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==== ==== Imagine you could stop smoking without any discomfort! Would you? This is the secret that the drug companies don't want you to know about:

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How to Stop Smoking the Easy Way  

Imagine you could stop smoking without any discomfort! Would you? This is the secret that the drug companies don't want you to know about: h...