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The most  Comprehensive  yet               Cost  Effective  Technical  Service                 Available  from  a  Single  Source     Around  The  World  

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CONTENTS   Introduction    -­‐    03   Buildings  and  Structures  Pathology    -­‐    05   Ports  Infrastructure    -­‐    07   Power  and  Water    -­‐    09   Bridges  and  Tunnels    -­‐    11   Oil,  Gas,  and  Petrochem    -­‐    13   Corporate  Real  Estate    -­‐    15   Shopping  Malls  and  Car  Parks    -­‐    17   Nuclear  Industry    -­‐    19   Analytical  Materials  Testing    -­‐    21   Project  and  Technical  Management    -­‐    23    


The Most  Comprehensive  Yet     Cost  Effective  Technical  Service     Available  From  a  Single  Source  


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Introduction THE  CONCRETE  AND  CORROSION  CONSULTANCY  PRACTICE  LTD  was  formed   to  meet  the  needs  of  buildings  and  structures,  owners  and  managers.  A   requirement  was  identified  for  total  independent,  specialist  consultancy   services,  not  tied  in  any  way  to  contracting  companies  or  material   manufacturers.  Our  advice  is  based  on  knowledge  of  the  defects  and  the  best   course  of  action  for  the  building  or  structure  and  our  client.     The  practice  is  made  up  of  staff  totally  dedicated  to  our  company  and  the   services  we  offer  with  many  years  experience,  gained  on  projects  around  the   world.   Construction  is  an  international  and  capital  intensive  activity  with   infrastructure,  homes,  trade  facilities  and  utilities  constantly  being  built,   renewed  and  expanded  to  meet  the  needs  of  people  and  business.  However,   it  is  an  unfortunate  fact  that,  with  the  passing  of  time,  all  structures  will   eventually  degrade.  Structural  degradation  is  often  accelerated  because  of   the  use  of  outdated  design  codes,  substandard  workmanship,  poor  quality   materials  and  exposure  to  a  harsh  environment.   It  is  well  known  that  integrity  of  structures  can  be  severely  challenged  in   tropical  areas  of  high  humidity,  in  atmospheres  with  high  concentrations  of   acidic  gas  and  in  marine  or  salt  bearing  environments.  Structures  exposed  to   such  adverse  conditions  will  degrade  faster  if  the  initial  design  did  not   adequately  consider  the  factors  which  could  impact  on  durability.   Early  and  on-­‐going  corrosion  and  structural  surveys  of  at  risk  structures  will   provide  structure  owners  with  the  data  required  to  make  informed  decisions   regarding  the  remediation  necessary  to  achieve  a  cost  effective  service  life   extension.  As  an  independent  organisation  working  solely  for  the  owner  of   the  structure  and  not  a  contractor,  the  Concrete  &  Corrosion  Consultancy  is   uniquely  placed  to  make  entirely  unbiased  reports  on  structural  condition  and   recommendations  for  cost  effective  remediation.  Our  teams  carry  out  these   services  across  the  world  from  the  cold  conditions  of  the  arctic  countries  to   the  heat  of  the  middle  and  Far  East.   We  are  a  dynamic  forward  thinking  practice  using  the  cutting  edge  of   technology,  both  testing  equipment  and  computer  software.  Our   international  range  of  clients  find  our  approach  refreshing  and  reassuring  and   in  most  cases  (98%  when  surveyed)  we  are  called  on  time  and  time  again  to   work  with  repeat  clients.     We  believe  that  only  when  in  possession  of  all  the  relevant  information  can   an  informed  decision  be  made  regarding  a  successful  repair  strategy.   Comprehensive  informative  reports  are  as  important  as  the  testing  carried   out  on  site.  All  reports  are  in  colour,  are  factual  and  are  supplied  in  hard  copy   and     CD-­‐ROM  format.     Our  technicians  are  trained  in  industrial  roped  access  and  confined  spaces   techniques  meaning  we  can  inspect,  test  and  make-­‐safe  buildings  and   structures  quickly  and  economically  without  the  need  for  costly  access   systems.    

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Buildings and   Structures   Pathology  


The  Concrete  &  Corrosion  Consultancy  Building  Pathologists  are   experienced  in  determining  cause  of  structural  distress  in  all  global   environments.  Whether  the  form  of  distress  is  due  to  quality  issues,   corrosive  environments,  seismic  activity  or  simple  human  error  The   Concrete  &  Corrosion  Consultancy  Practice  Ltd  have  the  staff,  the   diagnostic  test  equipment  and  the  experience  to  accurately   diagnose/quantify  causes  of  distress.  The  Concrete  &  Corrosion   Consultancy  Practice  Ltd  state  of  the  art  analytical  laboratory  is  capable  of   turning  around  both  high  &  low  volume  laboratory  testing  quickly  and   competitively.     The  Concrete  &  Corrosion  Consultancy  Practice  Ltd  offer  clients  the  most   comprehensive  yet  cost  effective  service  available  anywhere  from  a  single   source.     Material/element  site  samples,  whether  dust,  cores  or  ‘lumps’,  are  taken   by  The  Concrete  &  Corrosion  Consultancy  Practice  Ltd  Building   Pathologists,  referenced  on  site  and  put  through  the  in  house  test   laboratory  for  analysis,  thereby  assuring  clients  of  a  fluid  and  high  quality   service  throughout  the  entire  process.     Laboratory  analysis  includes,  but  is  not  limited  to:  -­‐     Steel/Metals     Type  identification,  corrosion  resistance,  strength,  and  chemical  analysis.     Wood     Type  identification,  quality,  hardness,  age.     Concrete     Petrography,  micro-­‐analysis,  carbonation,  chloride,  compressive  strength,   chemical  analysis,  HAC,  ASR.     Bricks/Mortar     Chemical  analysis,  strength,  mix  proportions,  make-­‐up,  petrography.     Most  other  built  environment  materials  including  coatings,  screeds  etc  are   tested  and  evaluated  by  our  laboratory  including  failure  cause   investigation.      



Ports Infrastructure  


ACROSS THE  WORLD,  FROM  HAMBURG  TO  HONG  KONG,  marine   structures  have  more  to  contend  with,  in  respect  of  performance  in  a   highly  aggressive  environment,  than  any  other  form  of  structure.   Marine/salt  water  environments  are  among  the  most  aggressive   encountered  by  reinforced  concrete  or  steel  structures.    The  need  to  keep   jetties  and  berths  in  almost  constant  use  often  means  that  maintenance   of  such  structures  often  has  a  very  low  priority.     The  Concrete  &  Corrosion  Consultancy  Practice  LTD  understand  the   requirements  and  have  both  the  experience  and  in-­‐house  capabilities  to   carry  out  all  required  tasks  both  above  and  below  water.     Whether  the  survey  type  is  condition,  feasibility,  diagnostic,  intrusive  or   NDT  all  tasks  are  conducted  using  The  Concrete  &  Corrosion  Consultancy   Practice  LTD  directly  employed  staff  and  equipment.     The  Concrete  &  Corrosion  Consultancy  Practice  LTD  understands  the  key   success  factors  to  be:-­‐     • An  understanding  of  the  structure  and  the  environment  in   which  it  stands.     • An  understanding  of  the  client’s  short,  medium  and  long-­‐term   requirements,  including  the  need  to  carry  out  works  without   impacting  on  the  day  to  day  operations.     • Experience  in  all  forms  of  distress  likely  to  be  encountered  and   knowledge  of  remedial  measure  systems.       • Rapid  analytical  evaluation  of  element  samples  in  The  Concrete   &  Corrosion  Consultancy  Practice  LTD  laboratories     The  Concrete  &  Corrosion  Consultancy  Practice  LTD  uses  it’s  dive  team  or   in  house  developed  netting  and  roped  access  techniques  to  access,   inspect,  test  and  report  on  all  structural  elements  above  and  below  water.   Surveys  can  be  conducted  in  sheltered  or  open  water  conditions.  




Power and  Water  


The National  power  and  water  infrastructure  of  any  country  serves  as  the   lifeblood  of  that  country.    Any  National  power  and  water  infrastructure   situated  in  less  than  favourable  climatic  environmental  conditions  runs   the  risk  of  corrosion  driven  failure  in  the  long  term.    The  Concrete  &   Corrosion  Consultancy  Practice  LTD  are  expert  at  determining  cause  and   proposing  effective  countermeasures.     Power  Generation  &  Desalination  Plants     Combined  Power  &  Desalination  plants  are  generally  situated  in   aggressive  environments  with  high  temperatures,  high  humidity  and  salt   water.  Early  and  constant  corrosion  monitoring  of  concrete  and  steel   structures  and  subsequent  data  analysis  will  enable  decisions  relating  to   effective  counter  measures  to  be  taken  and  the  service  life  of  the  facility   extended.  At  risk  elements  of  such  structures  can  be  the  seawater  intakes   and  outfalls,  sub  structures  built  into  a  saline  water  table  and   superstructure  exposed  to  windblown  sea  spray  and  salt.     District  Cooling  Plants     Many  district  cooling  plants  in  the  Middle  East  were  constructed  rapidly   to  meet  the  fast  growing  requirements  of  the  region  and  as  such  were  not   always  built  to  the  highest  standards  and,  in  consequence,  distress  is  now   being  reported.  The  Concrete  &  Corrosion  Consultancy  Practice  LTD  can   survey  utility  structures  and  produce  unbiased  reports  on  structural   condition,  current  structure  life  expectancy,  remediation   recommendations  and  service  life  extension  options.     Water  Treatment  and  Reservoirs     A  Nation’s  health  is  dependent  on  its  ability  to  produce  fresh  water  and   also  to  collect  and  process  sewage  safely  and  efficiently.  Unfortunately,   process  plants  for  both  fresh  water  and  sewage  treatment  are  often   subject  to  damage  caused  by  water  borne  contaminants  or  external   environmental  conditions.         The  Concrete  &  Corrosion  Consultancy  Practice  LTD  is  expert  in   determining  the  causes  of  concrete  and  steel  degradation  and  proposing   remedial  strategies  which  will  ensure  structure  life  extension.    




Bridges and    


Tunnels The  Concrete  &  Corrosion  Consultancy  Practice  LTD  is  constantly  engaged  in   conducting  specialist  bridge  and  tunnel  surveys  in  many  differing   environments;  with  contracts  commonly  being  undertaken  throughout  Asia,   Africa  and  Europe.     The  Bridge  and  Tunnel  contract  types  undertaken  by  The  Concrete  &   Corrosion  Consultancy  Practice  LTD  include  rapid  emergency  make-­‐safe   surveys,  full  structure  condition  surveys,  diagnostic  surveys  and  upgrade   feasibility  studies.     The  Concrete  &  Corrosion  Consultancy  Practice  LTD  bridge/tunnel  survey   teams  carry  out  over  1000  surveys  a  year  across  the  world  and  hold  many   multi-­‐year  framework  contracts.     With  its  specialist  teams,  The  Concrete  &  Corrosion  Consultancy  Practice  LTD   can  access,  inspect,  test  and  report  on  any  structure  offering  significant  cost   savings  using  innovative  access  methods  no  matter  how  inaccessible  a  Clients   survey  site  may  appear.     Chartered  Engineers,  Bridge  Inspectors,  Commercial  Dive  Teams,  Roped   Access  Technicians  are  all  part  of  the  comprehensive  package  that  The   Concrete  &  Corrosion  Consultancy  Practice  LTD  offer  Clients  in  order  to   provide  the  most  comprehensive  service  available  from  a  single  source.     Inspections  of  structures  are  carried  out  to  standards  required  by  BD  63/07   and  the  ICE  guide  to  inspection  of  underwater  structures.     The  nationally  and  internationally  recognised  bridge  condition  indictor  score   system  is  also  used  in  all  reports.     The  Concrete  &  Corrosion  Consultancy  Practice  LTD  install  and  manage,  in  the   long  term,  structural  monitoring  systems  that  permit  Clients  to  receive  real   time  feedback  on  structure  condition  and  diagnostic.      




Oil, Gas,  and   Petrochem  


A large  p roportion  of  all  the  oil  and  gas  facilities  in  the  world  are  situated   in  environments  that  present  challenges  to  the  use  of  steel  or  reinforced   concrete.    Typically,  Oil  and  Gas  facilities  will  be  either  constructed  at  the   marine  interface  or  in  desert  regions,  on  sabkha  soils  with  a  high  saline   water  table.    The  impact  on  any  steel  exposed  to  such  adverse   environments  is  exacerbated  if  conditions  of  high  temperature  and  high   humidity  also  exist.    No  matter  where  in  the  world,  any  Oil  and  Gas   facility,  whether  up  or  downstream,  or  a  process  plant,  constructed  in  a   saline  environment  will  inevitably  suffer  from  chloride  induced  corrosion   to  the  steel  used  in  construction.       Jetties,  piers  and  mooring  dolphins  used  in  the  oil  industry  for  the   necessary  purposes  of  shipping  products  are  particularly  at  risk  from   corrosion  and  the  requirement  to  maintain  such  structures  in  a   serviceable  condition  is  an  imperative.    Similarly,  shore  based   installations,  often  equally  at  risk  from  corrosion  from  windblown  salt   bearing  sabkha  dust  or  a  high  saline  water  table  need  to  be  maintained  in   a  serviceable  state.    In  such  circumstances  and  working  directly  for  the   client,  the  independent  The  Concrete  &  Corrosion  Consultancy  Practice   LTD  will  survey  installations  and  produce  unbiased  reports  on  structural   condition,  anticipated  continuing  corrosion  rates,  current  structure  life   expectancy,  remediation  recommendations  and  service  life  extension   options.    




Corporate Real   Estate  


Large property  owning  companies  throughout  the  world  are  responsible   for  the  upkeep  of  a  huge  portfolio  of  buildings  with  those  buildings  often   being  located  far  from  the  corporate  headquarters.         Whether  as  part  of  pre-­‐acquisition,  dilapidations,  emergency  or  forward   maintenance  planning,  The  Concrete  &  Corrosion  Consultancy  Practice   LTD  condition  surveys  are  designed  to  incorporate  the  entire  building   envelope  and  structure  from  roof  covering,  façade  and  frame  to   underground  structures  such  as  service  areas,  basements  and  car  parks.         The  Concrete  &  Corrosion  Consultancy  Practice  LTD  maintains  teams  of   surveyors  and  technicians  who  can  be  placed  anywhere  in  the  world  at   short  notice.    Such  teams  include  industrial  roped  access  specialists,  who   can  inspect  facades  at  touching  distance  quickly  and  at  a  fraction  of  the   cost  of  other  forms  of  access.       The  insight  provided  by  an  in  depth  structural  survey  permits  The   Concrete  &  Corrosion  Consultancy  Practice  LTD  to  provide  Clients  with   BIM  input  compatible  reports,  Life  care  Plans  and  Planned  Maintenance   Schedules.       Major  Facilities  Management  Companies,  Government,  Private  Real   Estate  Owners  and  International  Banks,  all  trust  and  use  The  Concrete  &   Corrosion  Consultancy  Practice  LTD  to  provide  feedback  on  the  condition   of  the  properties  within  their  respective  portfolio’s.          




Shopping Malls  &   Car  Parks   FAULT  DIAGNOSIS  IN  RELATION  TO  LEAKS  AND  DISTRESS  occurring  in   multi-­‐storey  car  parks,  often  part  of  shopping  malls,  all  form  part  of  the   range  of  services  The  Concrete  &  Corrosion  Consultancy  Practice  LTD  offer   in  relation  to  these  buildings  and  structures.   The  Concrete  &  Corrosion  Consultancy  Practice  LTD  is  often  called  upon  to   carry  out  condition  surveys  as  part  of  dilapidations,  feasibility  or  pre-­‐ purchase  services.   It  is  an  unfortunate  fact  that  large  proportion  of  shopping  centres  and   multi-­‐storey  car  parks  around  the  world  were  “Design  &  Build”  projects;   built  on  cost  grounds  without  thought  for  service  life.    In  consequence,   many  car  parks  have  inherent  design  flaws  including  drainage  outlets  that   are  above  the  deck  levels  preventing  adequate  water  discharge,  faulty   membranes  and  poor  concrete  cover.  

The experience  gained  by  The  Concrete  &  Corrosion  Consultancy  Practice   LTD  in  shopping  malls  and  car  park  inspection  &  testing  have  established   the  Practice  as  a  leader  in  independent  consultancy  field  and  has   consequently  led  to  the  management  of  multi-­‐million  USD  car  park   refurbishments.  






Nuclear Industry     The  Nuclear  industry  has  been  present  for  many  years  now  and  an   increasing  number  of  facilities  are  becoming  subject  for  decommissioning   plans.    The  hazardous  nature  of  the  material  employed  in  the  nuclear   industry  requires  that  the  structures  utilizing  such  material  during  the   working  life  of  a  facility  become  subject  to  a  long  term  decommissioning   plan.    Typically  a  decommissioning  plan  on  a  nuclear  reactor  containment   structure  can  extend  to  100  years  during  which  that  structure  must  be   kept  intact  and  free  from  corrosive  damage.  Many  nuclear  plants,  now   approaching  the  decommissioning  phase,  are  situated  at  the  marine   interface,  locations  which  by  their  very  nature  contribute  to  the   accelerated  corrosion  of  reinforcing  steel  and  consequent  damage  to   concrete  structures.     Our  Managing  Director  was  part  of  an  international  specialist  team  set  up   for  3  years  to  visit  Nuclear  establishments  around  the  world  and  compile  a   critical  technical  compendium  to  be  used  by  all  nuclear  authorities  as   guidelines  for  inspection,  testing,  reporting  on  and  maintenance  of  PFR   containment  buildings  and  structures.     The  Concrete  &  Corrosion  Consultancy  Practice  LTD  also  has  experience  of   decontamination  grade  materials  from  floors  to  structural   repair/protection  materials.     The  Concrete  &  Corrosion  Consultancy  Practice  LTD  are  uniquely  placed  to   provide  the  assessment  and  monitoring  of  nuclear  structures  to  ensure   the  structural  integrity  required  to  prevent  breaches  and  any  consequent   contamination.          




Analytical Materials   Testing    



The Concrete  &  Corrosion  Consultancy  Practice  LTD  maintains  a  state  of  the   art  analytical  laboratory  that  supports  and  compliments  the  activities  of  the   dedicated  buildings  and  structures  pathology  teams.         With  The  Concrete  &  Corrosion  Consultancy  Practice  LTD  in  house  analytical   laboratory  at  their  disposal,  Clients  can  be  assured  of  a  quality  of  approach   and  method  with  all  testing  and  results  publication  undertaken  in  accordance   with  appropriate  standards  and  norms.     The  quality  of  work  and  the  highly  competitive  rates  offered  by  The  Concrete   &  Corrosion  Consultancy  Practice  LTD  have  resulted  in  samples  being   submitted  for  independent  analysis  from  across  the  world.     A  comprehensive  range  of  analytical  tests  are  performed  including,  but  not   limited  to:-­‐     • Petrographic  Analysis     • Chemical  Analysis     • Material  &  Mix  Identification     • Failure  Investigation     • Material  Type  determination     • Hardness  Testing     • Compressive  Strength     • Micro/Macro  analysis  (of  what)     I  think  this  list,  possibly  in  two  columns,  needs  to  be  expanded,  it’s  too  short   and  simplistic.   The  Concrete  &  Corrosion  Consultancy  Practice  LTD  offers  Clients  their   Heritage  Investigation  Service  for  identification  and  advice  on  unusual   materials.  Fast  turnaround  of  results  is  a  The  Concrete  &  Corrosion   Consultancy  Practice  LTD  speciality  with  reports  being  submitted  on  time  and   in  accordance  with  a  pre  agreed  programme.    


Project and   Technical   Management    


AS A  NATURAL  PROGRESSION  TO  THE  SURVEY  and  investigation  services   provided,  The  Concrete  &  Corrosion  Consultancy  Practice  LTD  offer  a  range   of  project  management  services  designed  to  offer  clients  the  choice  ranging   from  limited  technical  management  in  support  of  a  clients  in-­‐house  team  and   QA  input  through  to  our  innovative  ‘Total  PM’  package,  which  includes:-­‐     • Specification  Compilation   • Tender  Documents   • Tender  Process   • Contractor  Selection   • Full  Project  Management  during  the  Project   • QA  Checks   • Valuation  Approval   • Final  Snagging  &  Sign  Off   • Defects  Liability  Period  Inspection   • Future  Maintenance  Plan     The  Concrete  &  Corrosion  Consultancy  Practice  LTD  dedicated  project   management  team  are  experienced  in  the  full  scope  of  tasks  ranging  from   specification  and  contractor  selection,  document  compilation,  tender  process   and  management  of  the  project  to  completion.     All  services  offered  by  The  Concrete  &  Corrosion  Consultancy  Practice  LTD  on   either  a  fixed  fee  or  percentage  of  value  basis.    Service/packages  are  aimed   at  successfully  managing  a  project  within  time  and  budget  to  the  highest   standard.     The  Concrete  &  Corrosion  Consultancy  Practice  LTD  projects  managed  to   date  have  ranged  from  complete  external  repair  and  refurbishment  of  many   high-­‐rise  residential  tower  blocks,  to  iconic  landmark  listed  corporate  real   estate  office  buildings,  to  one  of  the  largest  multi-­‐storey  car  park   refurbishments  undertaken  in  the  UK.     The  type  and  size  of  the  projects  managed  by  The  Concrete  &  Corrosion   Consultancy  Practice  LTD  do  not  change  the  deliverable  –  always  on  time,   always  on  budget  and  always  to  a  high  standard.          




CCCP Brochure  

CCCP Brochure

CCCP Brochure  

CCCP Brochure