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creature with these characteristics

The Minotaur Since I was child I heard of a creature with the head of a bull and the body of a





characteristics of a bull too so called Minotaur. In fact, a lot of movies have been based on this story and Greek legends, with stories of gods, kings, damnations,




other bloodcurdling things. The story is very interesting, can you imagine a creature that was born from a relation between a woman and a bull by a

only can show evil.

punishment of a god, I cannot imagine that. In addition he eats human meat,

The Minotaur is son of Pasifae, wife of

but only young women and men.

a Creta's king, called Minos, who was

When you listen this story, you will not

crowned king with the help of the god

believe that, will you? Well here some


of the most remarkable aspects of the

Poseidon gave a beautiful bull to


Minos to sacrifice him in his honor;





aversely Minos hid the bull and killed I have seen a lot of films where you

other instead. As a result, Poseidon

see the Minotaur, a creature with head

made that Pasiphae fall in love with

of a bull, which terrifies children and

the bull, and of this relation was born

women. His legs finished In two

the Minotaur. Therefore, Pasifae made

hooves. Furthermore, from the two

a wooden box in shape of a female

paws emerge a torso in shape of hairy

bull, to have sex with the bull. At that

animal which finishes in a human

time, the king Minos commanded to

shape with human arms. But also, he

do a labyrinth to enclose the Minotaur,

has horns on his head, and his eyes

in this place, the people had to offer

are red, and reflect the pain, violence,

seven virgin men and women to the

and hunger for human meat. His hair

Minotaur, as food. Until one day, the

is black, like a moonless night

. A

creature was killed by Teseo, the Atenas’s king.

The Minotaur occupies an important place in the Greek Mythology, his shape animal and human, his origin, the mixture between kings, gods, wars, make this myth the best story. Still his image persists until our days in





films. Is a full story of adventures and curious things, that you can tell your children and grandchildren to interest them in books and reading. Moreover, it’s also a very dark history, that could scare away even they strongest men

The minotaur  
The minotaur