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Have you ever heard about the legend of Bigfoot? Let me show you how interesting this history could be, in fact it is considered for many people the biggest stories in the world. It Is well known from

There are many places where people claim to have seen it or

Canada to Russia and many officially reports has been received about unexpected sightings, although the legend is as old as the indigenous that lived in North American, it is still one of the most important mysteries even today. People who claim to have seen it say that is a kind of big and wild animal that lives alone in the forest. Here some facts that will make you came to your own conclusions. heard about it, especially in North America, but also The Amazon, Australia and in the Himalaya, actually in this place it is called “Yeti�, it is presumably seen in locations far from civilization. In 1851 there was a special case because some hunters ensured that they saw it chasing cows, but when the creature saw the hunters it fled the scene leaving footprints in the mud, the hunters took a photo, then

print to send it to the officials as evidence of what they saw, then the story becomes in the most popular mystery in the world, Not only for this sighting but also because it prompted more reports about these encounters. From North American to Russia the legend is well known because it was transmitting

through the oral narrative from early generations who lived in those places. Since then, it has been drawing many people attention for mainly two reasons, first the media made the story in a global phenomenon and second the avalanche of reporters that people maid to affirm they have seen it. It kept the attention of everyone everywhere, this legend is older than the indigenous that lived in North America, the evidences confirm that they

knew about the existence of Bigfoot. Reporters of the sightings describes the creature like a big wild animal around 2 feet, that walks on two legs with shaggy and brown hair all over its body, with an unmistakable roar, you can find many videos with testimonies in internet or unpublished interviews that supported his thesis. Remember that this legend is well known around the world and for many people it is considering the biggest in the world, for that reason there is a good amount of information in books, internet and even in UFO magazines, the evidence will make you came to your own conclusions.

THE PANDORA´S BOX Did you know that long ago the Olympus gods created a small box that would contain all evil of world, here you will know what happened to the box and the misfortunes that brought to the world A long time ago, Mount Olympus was a place of peace and harmony, but one day a god gave man fire, his name was Prometheus. Zeus was furious because he had announced that man didn’t deserve fire. As punishment, Zeus ordered him to live on earth and take care of a Little box to fulfill part of their punishment, but Prometheus did not know the dangers that were inside that box.

Once upon a time, a long time ago, in Mount Olympus, the highest mountain in Greece, gods were all happy and everything was normal on earth. On the other hand in the highest tower of Olympus there was a mysterious little box, Zeus was the only one who knew about the existence of this mysterious box. Gods always were in the main hall of Mount Olympus thus never discover the box. Since the creation of the earth no god or man was aware about the existence of this box and it would be delivered only to someone beening guilty of gross disobedience. Prometheus was friendly with all creatures in the world. One day Prometheus decided to steal the fire that symbolized light in the Mount Olympus and then he gave it to man so Zeus was furious because he considered that man would not deserve it because they would not know how to use it and that would unleash great battles on earth. Prometheus deserved a punishment, at that time Zeus decided to order him to take care of the box and protect it with hislife but Prometheus had to fulfill this punishment on earth. but that was just the beginning, Zeus create a woman able to woo Prometheus for

stealing the box and then opening it, but no one knew what was inside the box. Its name would be PANDORA.

Pandora would be a perfect woman then Zeus ordered the gods to give her the best qualities. then Hephaestus gave her a beautiful body and sensible delicate skin. Athena dressed in the best clothes, Apollo gave her a delicate face with blue eyes and red mouth, finally Hermes gave her the gift of sensuality and mischief. Fortunately Gods plan worked. Prometheus at the same instant he saw Pandora, was deeply in love with her. Earth was filled with light by fire and humans were happy .Prometheus lived in a small beautifu house . Pandora know it that Prometheus was a god and that he must be punished, but Prometheus was very friendly and honest. Pandora fell in love with Prometheus.

From that moment, Prometheus married her. After a timely Zeus ordered her to search for the box. Nonetheless, Pandora was victim of curiosity opening the box and lightning came out of the box, The sky darkened and Zeus came down from Olympus very angry at Prometheus because his wife had opened the box and ordered him to never ascend to Olympus again. Pandora realized that the gods had everything planned and that had created her just for the final punishment of Prometheus. In that moment Pandora ran around the world and told him what has happened to all the people who will inhabit the world. At the time Pandora opened the box, the sky darkened and thunder out of the box. Pandora weeping inconsolably because Sadness, anger, envy and other evils that had escaped from the box. The world would be full of misfortunes. When Prometheus know what had happened, he try to close the box but all misfortunes had already left the box. But one thing had remained there, HOPE and this save the world. Therefore Prometheus forced her to carry the box around the world. Pandora did it in order to tell humanity that all was not lost, that the box contained the hope and while there was hope in the hearts of people the world would be safe. This myth is very interesting and is common in Greece, grandparents told it to children so do not forget that hope must always be kept with us.

APOLLO AND DAPHNE The Greek Mythology is a collection of myths and legends belonging to the ancient Greeks that attributes to Gods and heroes, the nature of the world, the origins and meaning of it. They were part of the religion of ancient Greece like the Apollo and Daphne myth. Apollo was the god of the sea and music, Zeus’ son and of Artemisa’s brother. Daphne was a nymph, daughter of God Peneo. The path of Apollo and Daphne will join by Gods.

Maybe you've heard about many myths and legends that your grandparents or parents might have told you, horror stories or stories with a message. Well, today I am going to tell about one of the most important myths of Greek mythology. This myth is about fantastic stories of Gods and magnificent beings to whom the origin of the world is attributed and all the things we know today, many people interpreted this story as a clash between virtue (Daphne) and lust (Apollo). This myth was originated many years ago when people were seeking for answers about the origin of the world – there is not an exact date -.

Apollo was cursed by the young Eros (God of love) after that Apollo mocked him for playing with a bow and arrows. Eros took two arrows, one of gold and one of iron. The golden one inciting love, and the iron one inciting hate. With the iron arrow shot the nymph Daphne and the other shot Apollo. Then Apollo was inflamed with love for Daphne, but she hated him instead. Apollo pursued continuously,

asking her to stay with him, but Daphne continued fleeing until the gods intervened and helped Apollo. Since Apollo caught her, Daphne cried his father for help. Suddenly, her skin became tree bark, leaves and her hair arms were her branches. She stopped running as her feet were rooted in the earth. Then Apollo hugged the branches, but even these were reduced and contracted. Since he could not have her as wife, He promised to love her forever as his tree and her branches would crown the heads of heroes. Apollo used his powers of eternal youth and immortality so the tree was always green. Since then, the leaves of the bay laurel tree have never known decay.

According to the story as you can see people wanted to find a meaning to things through the myths and legends, for example in this case because the bay leaves are always green, this type of explanations or stories about the origin of all, influenced the way people think. Although the myths does not normally leave us a message, I think the story of Apollo and Daphne leave us one very important, that "love comes when you least expect without looking for it," we must be patient instead of after something that will never be for us.

some of the most remarkable aspects

The Minotaur

of the story.

I have seen a lot of films where you see the Minotaur, a creature with head of a bull, which terrifies children and women. His legs finished In two hooves. Furthermore, from the two paws emerge a torso in shape of hairy animal which finishes in a human shape with human arms. But also, he has horns on his head, and his eyes are red, and reflect the pain, violence, and hunger for human meat. His hair is black, like a moonless night

. A

creature with these characteristics Since I was child I heard of a creature

only can show evil.

with the head of a bull and the body of a





characteristics of a bull too so called Minotaur. In fact, a lot of movies have been based on this story and Greek legends, with stories of gods, kings, damnations,




other bloodcurdling things. The story is very interesting, can you imagine a creature that was born from a relation between a woman and a bull by a punishment of a god, I cannot imagine

The Minotaur is son of Pasifae, wife of

that. In addition he eats human meat,

a Creta's king, called Minos, who was

but only young women and men.

crowned king with the help of the god

When you listen this story, you will


not believe that, will you? Well here

Poseidon gave a beautiful bull to





Minos to sacrifice him in his honor;

aversely Minos hid the bull and killed

children and grandchildren to interest

other instead. As a result, Poseidon

them in books and reading. Moreover,

made that Pasiphae fall in love with

it’s also a very dark history, that could

the bull, and of this relation was born

scare away even they strongest men

the Minotaur. Therefore, Pasifae made a wooden box in shape of a female bull, to have sex with the bull. At that time, the king Minos commanded to do a labyrinth to enclose the Minotaur, in this place, the people had to offer seven virgin men and women to the Minotaur, as food. Until one day, the creature was killed by Teseo, the Atenas’s king.

The Minotaur occupies an important place in the Greek Mythology, his shape animal and human, his origin, the mixture between kings, gods, wars, make this myth the best story. Still his image persists until our days in





films. Is a full story of adventures and curious things, that you can tell your

NAZCA LINES If you travel to Perú, you should visit the Nazca Lines, as it is one of the most surprising and mysterious places in South America. The site brings together different kinds of myths and legends that have remained in people minds forever, but surprisingly there is not answer for this creation so far. The most popular theory indicates that many years ago there were two gods who fought for a woman and gave origin to the mysterious lines. When you are there you can access various touristic plans to contemplate this beautiful scenery. Well, Nazca is a town in Perú, located in the state of Ica and it is famous for hosting Nazca culture on its territory; a pre-inca culture during the II B.C and the VI AC. This culture is noted for making symbolic ceramic figures and stylized them with lots of color. It has a warm and dry climate throughout the year and the average temperature is 25 degrees Celsius. The Nazca Lines are a series of geometric shapes and drawings on the sand such birds, lizards, pelicans, spiders, etc. Some of them just as big as a football fields. According to the Legend, Tunga was the God of the plains and he fell in love with the Illakata wife who was the God of the mountains. One day, Tunga visited to Illakata and brings him gold, fruits and liqueurs; and after celebrating for several hours, Illakata was poisoned and fell into a deep sleep, therefore, Tunga takes this opportunity to seduce and steal the Illakatas’ wife. After several days, Illakata awoke and with his booming voice

called fugitives; and before the sunrise he caused a big earthquake. As a matter of fact, Tunga and the woman died and they became a huge sand dune that now is known as Cerro Blanco, located in front of Nazca. While Tunga was converted in sand mountain called Cerro Azul, a seaside. It appears that this place is where Nazca culture was born and the lines in honor to the Gods and Mountains were created.

In addition, scientist Erich von Dテ、niken indicated that the first Nazcas Lines were traced by aliens and the followings for the indigenous. On the other hand, the German Maria Reiche explained that they were a big solar calendar based on solstices and the location of the stars, however, the American Jim Woodman stated that the Nazcas flew in balloon, and they created the lines for orienting themselves in the desert.

In conclusion, the Nazca Lines are a mystery unresolved because many scientists gave their lives for studying it and they did not find an answer. You should visit that place and discovering it by your own, you will not repent. You can access a different touristic plans for seeing the awesome scenary, for example, you can take a flight for 90 minutes over the Lines for only $120US, lunch included. I can recommend it because it is very cheap. Do not miss it.




he Mohan is the most known and important myth of Tolima (Colombian State), as he possesses great and amazing treasures. Presumably, he doesn't want to share his riches but apparently you can bet and win a little bit these treasures. Do you want to know how?. This myth dates from the era of the Spanish conquest, our ancestors ensure he was an Indigenous sorcerer who foretold the Spaniards arrivals’, the exploitation of population and the sack of riches that they will bring, and that he preferred to hide on the jungle since then. His appearance and name vary according to the region of country and some people say that he is the rivers god. He likes chase younger girls trying to make them fall in love with him, he also hypnotizes and steals fishers’ baits'. He can be a playful spirit, but you should be careful when you sail through Magdalena River or you could be victim of his spell. Do you believe that The Mohan was really a shaman or witch Muisca?. This name comes from the Muisca voice "mojas". The Chibchas had many shamans called Mohanes and they were the main trouble of Spaniards in the fight to evangelize indigenous; consequently, they were chase fiercely for the conquistadors until they kill almost all them. We don’t know if fortunately or unfortunately one of them got shelter at the forest, but he left his people to fate, and he was condemned by gods to roam through rivers, especially for the Magdalena River that is the most representative of Colombia. At the Tolima Region is where more people have seen the horrible Mohan or Poira like some usually call him. To reinforce its origin we will talk about its appearance.

Some people say the Mohan looks like a supernatural man and it is impossible for the laundress can resist his enchants. In addition he has a magnificent voice and he plays the guitar and flute wonderfully, therefore he hypnotizes young girls with his singing. He is a tall man, with tan skin, stocky and dark long hair. Nevertheless another people describe him like a dreadful man, with a beard and long and abundant hair, aquiline nose, black eyes, gold teeth, long fingers and sharp nails; likewise in another towns is an animal, he looks like a panther. Even he can transform in a fisher and merge among inhabitant. In contrast with scruffy appearance, The Mohan lives in a spectacular palace in depth of rivers and has a lot of gold and gemstone that belonged his ancestors, which he protects from white man since he escaped from Spaniards. Nevertheless some inhabitants ensure that at nights in holy week can see the lights of different colors illuminating on the forest showing the place where to find the Guaca or treasure, but to win the Guaca you should defeat the Mohan tearing his clothes. This myth have been kept in the mind the Colombians enriching our culture since centuries ago. This article was wrote to show our readers the importance of know about and oral expression of our country that although have gone lost strength in the new generations, this magazine try to create conscience and multiply the legacy our grandparents.

MADREMONTE Grandparents say that when the wind blows hard in the field and the rivers begin to overflow is because the queen of thick forests has appeared, how can we stop her fury? Madremonte is one of the most interesting folk tales and myth from Antioquia and Colombian's central Andes, it is also known as Madreselva, Ghost of Mount and Mother of the hills in Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay. It’s the story about a mysterious woman who terrorizes peasants in the region. They narrate a lot of stories and anecdotes about her and the amazing way she punishes people who dare to challenge her. Is that much the peasant’s fear that they so call her "the queen of thick forests", as she rules the winds, rains and all vegetation worlds. Farmers and loggers tell a lot of things about her interesting physical appearance and the traditional life of this horrific woman. She has long hair, dark face and blue eyes, her clothing is very strange because she usually use elegant clothes with big hats, but a especial characteristic is that she wears many green leaves all over her body, besides she does not have shoes. Furthermore, Madremonte loves the big stones by the rivers to build her bedchamber by brook’s birth. Some say they have heard her mimic sound of crickets in the summer evenings and when she chases fireflies on moonless nights. In particular, people say that when the rivers overflow, causing floods and strong squalls is because the Madremonte is bathing in the headwaters of the rivers. Her principal role is to protect nature of anyone who tries to harm it but, how does she do it?. Rumors say that she punishes those who invade her territory and defend r the boundaries (de que), making them get lost that is how Suddenly, people do not see paths anymore and begin to be covered by vegetation, they can see that mountains change their shape and the persons got dizzy and they often sleep for

several hours. Moreover when they wake up, they are lost. In addition, she punishes unfaithful and wicked men, while children that invade her territory are spirited away or hidden behind waterfalls therefore they are never seen again. Also, another malign attributed to the Madremonte is water-born diseases. When people get sick from water from the river, it is because the Madremonte has washed her hair in the head waters of the river. For example, my grandfather says “We couldhear her terrifying among the trees, and then they saw a silhouette that gets lost in the woods, but no one has ever seen her is a shadow of a mossy face�. In summary, Madremonte is one of the most famous myths that exist in all South America, principally in Colombia. IN this story we can see how culture is expressed and customs of one part of this beautiful country and the interesting way how people talk about a person who has not been seen clearly. In the middle of this story there is a moral that teach us tolove and care for nature, furthermore unfaithful people are punished because they are not careful with their family. So, you are invited to travel to the wonderful Colombian's mountains, but you should be careful with your actions because Madremonte always will be watching you!.


For hundred years people have talked about Egyptian stories. Others have written about them, have made movies, or and in general people might know something about pyramids at least. But for years a few people have been investigating the true beginning of Egypt. One of those is based on the Osiris legend the beginning of Egypt. Based on envy for Egypt throne, goddes, death, a betrayal and revenge compound it, a really exiting story.

Aproximately 6000 years ago, at the Nile river was born one of the most important ancient civilizations of history. Researches says that its pyramids, rituals, social structure and its discoveries were incredible, so it was the first King of Egypt Osiris. Osiris was the eldest son of Nut, Nut was the goddess of heaven, and his father was Guieb god of the earth. When Osiris grew up inherited the throne

of Egypt, but he had a brother his mane was Seth and he couldn’t conceal his envy to the King. As a result of the Seth’s wicked mind, one day Osiris and his brother were in a party and Seth talked with his brother and asked him to get into a coffer , Osiris accept the

challenge. Suddenly the chest was closed, in other words Osiris fell in a trap. Then Seth threw the chest to the Nile River. But Osiris had a witch wife her name was Isis, she found the body of Osiris and rescue it. However Seth Heard about it and went to cut the body into fourteen parts the Osiris body, that was really macabre. Consequently Seth was the new King of Egypt.

Isis recovered the body parts and with a spell put it together. Meanwhile, Seth has governed Egypt. And through Annubis god of assamble Osiris came back to life and was the god of death, actually

Isis never hasn’t been with her husband in the earth. However was a revenge, Osiris sons Horus set a fight with Seth to take the throne. After of a terrible combat Horus recovered the kingdom of his father. Did you know that Egypt has the has an important touristic place to overlook the Nile and dedicated to folkloric and cultural shows and a harbor with a capacity of 3 floating hotels, it is the welfare provided by Horus Anchorage (built in 1986 AD) to serve the Tourism and Nile Cruises in Assiut. In another context, from my point of view, Osiris story stories had a violet context because it talks about envy, a traitor brother who cheated on his parents to kill Osiris. In the other hand a wife that felt a real love for Osiris, but in particular a strange death that was so macabre. However you knew the beginning of Egypt by others stories, but now you could tell people an existing story that you could enjoy as well.

Nordic mythology Nordic mythology refers to northern Europe people beliefs, although that wasn’t disclosed from gods to humans. One of the particular facts about this culture is the way they see universe or the world in general for example it explains how various places are habited by the different creatures, heroes, gods, kings, and so on, basically, how the world is divided. On the other hand, the Nordics believe in human sacrifice, however there are similarities with the Christianity, for example they also have priests and faith centers that somehow influences modern culture; for this reasons we should know a little about Nordic Mythology. In the Nordic mythology, the world is represented by a disc situated in a branch of YGGDRASIL's tree, that tree is divided in nine worlds including our world. In Respect to our world, it is divided in three parts: the top one is ASGARD joined by a rainbow called BYFROST. In the second place in the middle is located MIDGARD, human’s home and it is the world that we know. Finally in the lower is located NIFLEN, a dark and cold place where the dead lives, is similar to Christian hell. In conclusion the Nordic world is like the Christian world with more gods, humans and devil; but in the Nordic mythology exist many gods.

For the Nordic mythology, there are three supernatural groups: the AESIR, the VANIR and the JOTUN. On one hand the AESIR and the VANIR were gods venerated for the Nordic breeds, on the other hand he JOTUN were the dangerous creatures for humans. First of all, the AESIR were gods who lived in ASGARD, such as THOR, god of thunder, BALDR god of beauty, TYR god of fighting, and so on; they integrated an assembly where ODIN was the most important god. Secondly the VANIR was another god, but more pacifist, for example the god of the wind, sea forest and the nature forces. Finally the JOTUN were like the titans and giants, they were monstrous creatures but rich and wise, and Gods benefited from them. There are similarities between Nordic old belief and western new belief. For instance the division of the world, but from another perspective, while we see the existence of heaven, hell, old Nordics they were other worlds. However there are contrasting aspects, for the Nordic mythology there were life in another planets, furthermore humans believed in many gods, in fact the Nordics worshiped a god for each nature force. This is very interesting because when I read the stories about fighting between gods and another creature and about the places of the world, and the universe I can feel these legends like reality, although it is only in our imagination.

Grandmother's stories  

"Myths and legends around the world"

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