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What You Should Know About Working As A Winemaker International Wine Jobs


s the world economy gradually strengthens, the wine industry is expected to do well again. In this regard, we can expect to have a gradual increase in the demand of winemakers. Also called vintners, winemakers process and blend grapes to make


How to get into this job Most people who enter this profession usually start as assistants to chief winemakers. There are no set entry requirements to become an assistant vintner, but many employers prefer those who have a Bachelor of Science degree, diploma or certificate in winemaking. Winemakers get skills on job, and one of the most important skills they need to learn is how to smell and taste test wines. As with most winery jobs, those who have good understanding of Math, English, and Science subjects, especially chemistry, find the most fulfillment in this job. Experience in vineyards, laboratories, breweries, dairy factories, as well as wine sales, tasting, or serving can increase your chances of getting into this wine and spirits job. Like other wine careers, winemakers need to have an appreciation of wines and winemaking, have good communication skills, have an eye for detail, can work well under pressure, and skilled at business, management, and marketing. Those who succeed in this field have above average sense of taste and smell. Common tasks Winemakers have several roles. For one, they work closely with viticulturists or grape growers throughout the growing season to check for grape quality and quantity. After grapes are harvested, winemakers process them to make wine, develop new wine varieties and continuously find ways to improve their products. They also need to make sure that they meet legal standards and specifications, like alcohol levels and packaging requirements. Aside from processing grapes, winemakers may also need to manage winery workers and maintain winemaking equipment and machinery. They will also need to market and sell wine.

In small wineries, winemakers also carry out the tasks of viticulturists. Interested in international wine jobs? Go here. Salary For this kind of job, salary is usually dependent




winemakers who manage teams of winemakers can earn more than 130,000 USD every year. Assistant winemakers usually earn about 50,000 USD annually. It is typical for winemakers to buy into wineries and vineyards which can substantially increase their income. Working conditions Winemakers work outdoors and inside laboratories or offices. They usually have a 40-hour workweek, which can go up to 100-hour workweek during harvest season.

What You Should Know About Working As A Winemaker  

Competition for local and international wine jobs can be keen, and having the skill set desired by the employer will greatly increase your c...

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