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calendar of events | daikaiju attacks | letter from the editor 9.30.13 - 10.13.13



letter from the


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the informer


What the Hell Is This Thing?


hat you see here is the product of an idea that burned into my skull and consumed my brain: Creating a magazine that I would want to pick up and read; a magazine that tells me what I need to know, entertains me and most importantly, one that makes me want to grab the latest issue. Our town is full of amazing artists and musicians sick with talent and ambition, creating an influx of dynamic events and shows and openings – but due to sporadically updated websites and overwhelming Facebook invites, they often pass us by. We need to ensure this doesn’t happen. We need a friendly watchdog. A voice advocating real, local culture with a reliable calendar. A go-to source functioning as both a guide and promotion of Lexington events. This is what led me to create The Informer. I’m sure that many of you see these sorts of publications when you go outta town. Louisville has LEO, there’s CityBeat in Cincinnati, The Stranger in Seattle, yada, yada, yada. They are a valuable voice in their communities and I feel that

voice is almost silent in our city. That’s where I envision The Informer grabbing a Jimmy Hart style megaphone and shouting, “Hey baby! Here it is! You want it, it’s right here waiting on ya! You dig!” So here it is. Some of this information is old, but it’s a prototype and a promise of issues to come. As you read, you will see an email address (theinformerlex@gmail. com). Use it. Send me your event info, thoughts, ideas, conspiracy theories, critiques, gossip, artwork, pictures of your pets, whatever. For now you’ll have to settle for an online version. (Unless someone out there knows someone who knows someone who’d be willing to help a certain someone out.) Ultimately my dream is to create the Informer on a weekly basis and in printed form, available to the fine citizens for free at numerous establishments. So go ahead. Don’t be afraid. Read it and quote the great astronaut Gus Grissom, “Fuckin’ a bubba.”

Big thanks to Kelly Weidman and her awesome editing abilities and the people that let me chew the fat with them about this. May we continue to chew on it. - Daniel Morgan

music charts CD CENTRAL


Top Selling Music Week of Sept. 23-29, 2013

Top 30 09/29 - 10/05/13

1. Drake – Nothing Was the Same 2. Kings of Leon – Mechanical Bull 3. Gov’t Mule – Shout 4. Chvrches – Bones of What You Become 5. Mazzy Star – Seasons of Your Day 6. Deer Tick – Negativity 7. MGMT – MGMT 8. Elvis Costello + the Roots – Wise Up Ghosts 9. Nirvana – In Utero 10. Jason Isbell – Southeastern 11. Neko Case – the Worse Things Get, The More I Love You 12. Man Man – On Oni Pond 13. Sarah Jarosz – Build Me Up From Bones 14. Au Revoir Simone – Move in Spectrums 15. Dream Theater – Dream Theater 16. Earl Sweatshirt – Doris 17. Janelle Monae – Electric Lady 18. John Mayer – Paradise Valley 19. Valerie June – Pushin Against a Stone 20. Touche Amore – Is Survived By

01 Elvis Costello & The Roots - Wise Up Ghost & Other Songs 02 Dr. Dog - B. Room 03 Man Man - On Oni Pond 04 Body/Head - Coming Apart 05 Arctic Monkeys - AM 06 Street Gnar - Shrine EP 07 The Blow - The Blow 08 Chelsea Wolfe - Pain Is Beauty 09 King Khan & The Shrines - Idle No More 10 Neko Case - The Worse Things Get, The Harder I Fight, The Harder I Fight, The More I Love You 11 Deer Tick - Negativity 12 Satellite Giant - Heed No Nightly Notices 13 Dent May - Warm Blanket 14 Frankie Rose - Herein Wild 15 Obits - Bed & Bugs 16 Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Blue Record 17 Chvrches - The Bones Of What You Believe 18 Wau y Los Arrghs - Todo Roto 19 Cid Rim - Mute City 20 Crocodiles - Crimes Of Passion 21 Jacuzzi Boys - Jacuzzi Boys 22 Franz Ferdinand - Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Actions 23 Those Darlins - Blur The Line 24 Bill Callahan - Dream River 25 Joanna Gruesome Weird Sister 26 Grooms - Infinity Caller 27 Elvis Presley - Elvis At Stax 28 The Clash - Hits Back 29 Kitten - Like A Stranger 30 The Dodos - Carrier

of e th

word week

Widdershins Definition: in a left-handed or contrary direction; counterclockwise Example: Alright, go widdershins of me

9.30.13 - 10.13.13



Daikaiju Attacks One Girl's Harrowing Experience Into the Surf-Rock-Sweat-Soaked Abyss

Photos By Ann Sydney Taylor

By Kelly Weidman


n any given weeknight, after on the picking up a fresh scene bag of saturated fats on my way home from the office, I like to slip into something more comfortable (WINK) and gently fall into a slumber-coma instead of shoving the ol’ ham hocks into my going-out trousers and stumbling into the night searching for love/ music. But when I see enough “buzz” on the “internet” about a “show” that my “crush” will be “attending,” I’ll forgo my evening snack for our bustling metropolis and take in some culture. This is not what led to my presence at the Daikaiju show. It was an accident, born of three ill advised post-work gin and sodas and an overheard conversation about a nutball surf-rock conglomerate coming to the Green Lantern. Talking points included “masks,” “shirtless,” and “loud,” and unless you’re referring to sex where I am a willing, if slow moving, participant, I don’t gravitate towards those elements for a good time. But against all odds I found myself at the Daikaiju show, or, as I 4


the informer

now refer to it, the night of I Need Some Valium, Friends. Because I’m generally terrified of any function promising unfamiliar circumstances, I googled Daikaiju to fortify myself. Taken directly from their website: “Premium action heroes deliver most high rocket music! Special reverb skill combo for full impact! Loud sonic boom for earful pleasure! Beautiful radiation of hyperdimensional springy sound creates divine psychic wind for your special defense!” What this told me: Daikaiju demonstrates adept ironic usage of broken English, primarily seen in poor Japanese-to-English translations. Also: nothing else. I soldiered on. My hard and fast “flee if more than ten people you don’t recognize are in the room” rule was violated by the giant crowd of strangers I encountered at the Green Lantern, writhing wetly around four masked men (?) I identified as Daikaiju. And I TRIED to flee but was quite literally stuck to the floor thanks to a wicked combo of sweat/spilled beer/emissions from what I assume was my spontaneous ejaculation. Fear-induced orgasm is a real thing, people, and if you want to experience it, go to a Daikaiju show.


his is where I should say something like, “Daikaiju displayed dynamic guitar riffs (aside: what are those…?), clearly influenced by xyz, mixing blah with blank, creating a fresh atmosphere of etc.,” and, ”They’re heavy on the reverb, but not to a fault,” (What does that even MEAN, right? I’m just a girl). I will not do this, as I can’t speak to anything with authority besides snack foods and navigating the unemployment system in not one but two states (But seriously, Daikaiju IS heavy on the reverb, but not to a fault). I will, however, say this, and I say it for those who would guess surf rock is that gentle ukulele stuff playing in the background of idyllic beach scenes in 90s teen movies, and who are blissfully ignorant of the bullshit musical hierarchy pioneered by a lot of really talented but annoying self-proclaimed Authorities on Music (you know, the Normals): I wouldn’t listen to Daikaiju in my apartment or my car or when working out or mourning the loss of the American middle class or during any activity where most of us listen to music. It would throw me into a dream world of stress-fueled erotica. But if they ever come to Lexington again, my ass will be there, and so should cont. on pg. 7 N


the informer’s:

keeping you in the know. got some info to dish?


Fridays in Oct.

Midnight Horror Returns to the Kentucky Theatre


hat better way to kick off the Halloween season than midnight movies at the Kentucky Theatre. This year they are treating us with Alien (The Director’s Cut) Oct. 4, Army of Darkness Oct. 11, Shaun of the Dead Oct. 18, and ending with The Thing Oct. 25. An added bonus is Saturday matinees at 1pm. What I’m encouraging you to do is dress to impress. Hey buddy, you got a little red on you.

Oct. 5 - 13

Friends of the Library Booksale


he Friends of the Library bookstore are having a HUGE book sale running from Oct. 5 13. Hardbacks are priced at a $1 and paperbacks at $.25. Wow! Children’s books are specially priced, as are other items: albums, CD’s, videos, magazines, typically there are more than 100,000 items available. Geez! Also check this out, the last two days are special: Saturday is 2-for-1 Day, and Sunday is Bag Day. Each paper grocery bag full is just $2. (They provide the bags.) Let’s start hoarding some books. (Like I don’t do that already.) All this is happening at Family Circle Drive (Just off New Circle Rd., past Sam’s Club going towards Liberty Rd. Turn right on Family Circle Dr., building on right.)

Be On The Look Out! October 17th @ Singletary Center: WRFL and Vespa Lexington Present: The Nief-Norf Project Percussion Ensemble Michael Gordon’s “TIMBER” An evening-length work for 6 amplified 2x4s October 23 @ Natasha’s: Holly Williams (Yes! His Granddaughter) October 24th @ Busters: Will Hoge October 26th @ Cosmic Charlies: COME AS YOU AREN’T (PIXIES, NEUTRAL MILK HOTEL, BLACK SABBATH) Downtown Thriller Parade @ 7pm

Fri. Oct. 11

Wax Fang vs. Mad Anthony


ometimes the gods smile upon us and other times (if not most) they stick us with a dilemma much like this one. Louisville’s Wax Fang make their return to Cosmic Charlie’s riding a wave of success. Recently Scott Carney scored an episode of American Dad that also featured Wax Fang’s song “Majestic”. Then there is Cincinnati’s Mad Anthony, who are making their triumphant comeback to the Green Lantern after suffering some unfortunate luck involving a terrible traffic accident which led to injuries. Proving they are just as tough as their rocknroll sound, they’re back with a full band and ready to make your heads rattle. The choice is’ll be developing a clone so I can be both places.

Sat. Oct. 12

Lexington Lexington Blocktoberfest


locktoberfest is making its return to Al’s Bar & Sidecar on Saturday the 12th. Beginning at 6:30, Blocktoberfest is featuring an awesome lineup, consisting of: Big Fresh, The Tallboys, Oh My Me, Ellie Herring, The Butchers, J. Marinelli, Soft Vision, Dr. Midnight, Time & Temperature, & DJ Jess Saxon spinning wax outside all night long. Also get your feel from a Country Boy Keg and Stone Cross Farm Sausages. The party lasts all night long so bring your big boy or girl pants.

October 30th @ Green Lantern: Daikaiju Attacks Lexington! 9.30.13 - 10.13.13



calendar of events

monday 9/30 Anderson Cooper @ Memorial Coliseum Sarah Jarosz @ Woodsongs

tuesday 10/2 Northside Sheiks @ Willies Yheti, Fleece, .Archie, Chaos Good @ Cosmic Jessie Laine Powell @ Natasha’s

wednesday 10/2 EKU Theatre Presents “Crimes of the Heart” Zach Deputy @ Cosmic Cult Film Series: Texas Chainsaw Massacre @ Al’s Shonna Tucker & Eye Candy with Joe Rollin Porter @ Willies

thursday 10/3 St. Christopher Is Not A Saint Anymore @ Downtown Arts Center Maura O’Connell @ Natasha’s Studio Players “Dracula Bites” @ Carriage House Theatre BCTC Theatre Presents The Laramie Project @ Actors Guild Kentucky Hoss Cats w/ The Local Honeys @ Willies

friday 10/4 St. Christopher Is Not A Saint Anymore @ Downtown Arts Center Rebel Riot Revue and Vagabond Opera @ Cosmic 9 to 5: The Musical @ Woodford Co. Theatre Alien (Midnight Movie) @ KY Theatre Dwight Yoakam @ EKU Center for the Arts Corey Smith @ Buster’s BCTC Theatre Presents The Laramie Project @ Actors Guild Infected/Heevahava/The Enders @ Green Lantern Sundown Service @ Lynaughs NoLi CDC and Shaker Steps Present: The New Bums (Ben Chasny & Donovan Quinn) at 6pm at the Shotgun House Project at 132 York Street 6


the informer

saturday 10-5 St. Christopher Is Not A Saint Anymore @ Downtown Arts Center 9 to 5: The Musical @ Woodford Co. Theatre Easy Rider Castlewood Cross Series Freak of the Weekend Part 2 @ Cosmic Charlies West Sixth’s 2nd Annual Oktoberfest @ West Sixth 4pm Etta May @ Comedy Off Broadway BCTC Theatre Presents The Laramie Project @ Actors Guild Paper Bridges/Josh Nolan and the bad Painters/The Rooster’s Crow @ Green Lantern Oldsmobile 60s-70s Outside Agitators @ Natashas Sun Street, Summer Smoke and Farnsworth Live @ Al’s Bar

sunday 10/6 St. Christopher Is Not A Saint Anymore @ Downtown Arts Center 9 to 5: The Musical @ Woodford Co. Theatre West 6th Clothing Swap & Silent Auction @ West 6th Jeffrey Lewis and the Rain @ Cosmic Charlies California Guitar Trio @ Natasha’s

monday 10/7 Natasha’s Presents Artist Collective: Featuring Seth Murphy, Joe Drury & Derek Feldman - 7pm Electric Six @ Cosmic Charlies

tuesday 10/8 Northside Sheiks @ Willie’s Poetry In Motions 6th Birthday @ Alfalfa’s

wednesday 10/9 Reckless Kelly @ Buster’s Gravy @ Cosmic Charlie’ Daniel Martin Moore on WRFL Live @ 9pm

thursday 10/10 Angel Olsen / Pillars & Tounges / Jovontaes @ Cosmic


yours. Because any band who can so precisely identify and produce the sound of ridiculous sin (the best on the kind!) for hours on end is worth scene any cover charge and my undying cont... support. And I don’t mean, like, murder-your-mom type sin, or march-for-pedophilerights type sin. I mean the tell-your-boss-fuck-you type sin. Or the sleep-with-your-best-friend’s-boyfriendand-be-better-at-it type sin. Or the shoplift-from-theSalvation-Army-when-you’re-loaded type sin. You know, smoking cigars. Staying out late. Cruising. The harmless and fun depraved behavior your Ma warned you about.


his is what you need to know about Daikaiju: They’re loud. They’re all instrumental (duh). And they’re the band to see if you want to experience surf rock at its most offensive. You will witness your sensible neighbor rip off his shirt, gyrate a-rhythmically, and ignore the hot (very possibly nude) girl next to him in favor of stroking the biceps of a masked guitarist. You will sweat profusely and fling your strategic fat-hiding jacket aside, spare tire be damned. You will likely have a panic attack and NOT

Charlie’s Prognosticator / Terv Terv / Between The Tide @ Al’s St. Christopher Is Not A Saint Anymore @ Downtown Arts Center Them!/Middle Class Mischief/Loaded Nuns/ Tinderbox circus sideshow @ Green Lantern Les Miserables @ Lexington Opera House “Toast” Film Screening @ Natasha’s Paleface with Bear Medicine @ Willie’s “A Music So Subtle and Vast,” an exhibition of new photographs by the artist Carey Gough @ Institute 193

friday 10/11 Mad Anthony/Electric Citizen @ Green Lantern Wax Fang/Nativity Singers @ Cosmic Charles Daniel Martin Moore @ Natasha’s Driftwood Gypsy / Boku & The Image Afro Beat Band @ Al’s Bill Heid / John Morland / Bear Medicine / Egon Danielson @ Willie’s Army of Darkness Midnight @ KY Theatre St. Christopher Is Not A Saint Anymore @ Downtown Arts Center 9 to 5: The Musical @ Woodford Co. Theatre

daikaiju attacks

CARE because Daikaiju sounds like a diseased heart beating. You will observe your friends experiencing hetero-flexibility. And you will like it. When the lights came on and the masks came off and Daikaiju was no longer four sweat-slicked, shirtless hot bodies creating an atmosphere akin to how I picture a weird, more scary version of hell and instead became four balding Ordinaries making bad fashion choices, it was time to ask myself the important questions: Did I really see my former landlord frantically humping a guitar? Are orgies really that much better when accompanied by terrifying masked musicians who are probably someone’s dad? Did I masturbate in public with a drumstick? For the answers to all this and more, join me in worship. Services begin when your sweat stops tasting like runoff from your business casual and starts tasting like semen of devout psycho congregants determined to get your pants off and your ass to church. Praise Daikaiju. You may know Kelly from: Her brief but well-recieved stint as a groupie for several little-known bands in the Lexington, KY area circa 2005, or her wildly popular personal blog, written under a nom de plume (as to not offend the sensibilities of her Ma) that she will only reveal upon strenuous and obscene begging.

Les Miserables @ Lexington Opera House

saturday 10/12 Rough Customers / Middle Class Mischief @ Cosmic Charlie’s Robert Frahm Band Lexington Lexington Blocktober Party @ Al’s Year of October @ Green Lantern PARADISE WAITIN’: A JOHN PRINE HOOTENANNY benefitting KENTUCKIANS FOR THE COMMONWEALTH @ Willie’s St. Christopher Is Not A Saint Anymore @ Downtown Arts Center 9 to 5: The Musical @ Woodford Co. Theatre Les Miserables @ Lexington Opera House March Against Monsanto @ Fayette District Courthouse, 2pm

sunday 10/13 2nd Sunday @ Legacy Trail 2:00-5:00p.m. St. Christopher Is Not A Saint Anymore @ Downtown Arts Center 9 to 5: The Musical @ Woodford Co. Theatre Les Miserables @ Lexington Opera House

Calendar Submissions We are always on the hunt for more info. That’s where you come in. Want to have your event listed in the informer...well, here’s what you do... email

theinformerlex@ or call/text

859.904.3042 We are standing by ready for what you got. This calendar is to keep you informed so you’re always in the know and aren’t left standing out in the cold all by your lonesome.

YOUR AD HERE Help Make it Legit • Classified Ad • Menu Specials • Local Sex Lines • Service Work • Tutoring Whatever it is that you do, The Informer is here to help. 859.904.3042 9.30.13 - 10.13.13



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