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E n Theory of Signs, concepts and classification criteria of Charles Sanders To seek are essential for the systematic organization of semiotics as a scientific discipline and empirical research that derives from it. It is impossible, in the brevity of these pages, develop theoretical reason to fully justify such a claim. They seek to meet a more humble goal, namely the brief presentation of these basic ideas are especially upgradable thought to be ordered. Also outline some of these ideas have already been upgraded, calling attention to the lack of an adequate study of their theory semiótica1, reserving, however, for another further development, the exhibition on the steps of the derivation and critical contrast produced against other theories, such as Ogden and Richard, in particular, that of Ch / Morris, which also come abundant guidelines for the systematization of signs [relatively] formalized. C

hen we say that two words are synonymous, we mean that among them there is a relationship of equal significance, meaning that both can be used to express the same thing. For example, woman and wife are employed on many occasions to say the same, as content and happy. Synonyms can be used interchangeably in any context. Lethal - deadly, unharmed - unharmed, bribery - bribery, fatigue - tiredness, farmer - farmer, immaculate - spotless, are just some examples of situations where you do not care to use one word or another, as with any of them express the same .

Linguistics is the scientific study of both the structure of natural languages and the knowledge that speakers have of them. The word "linguist" is first found on page 1 of Volume I of the work des Choix des troubadours Poésies written in 1816 by Raynouard. The word "linguistics" first appeared in 1883. However, it was not until the Cours de linguistiquegénérale, attributed to Ferdinand de Saussure, when he gave this science birth.1 civil registration

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